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I'm sorry it didn't work out. You might be able to go back to being friends. I've often managed to keep ex boyfriends as friends. I've had some limited success with finally dating men I'd known for years but wasn't close friends with them. I'm currently alone so nothing is working out right now.

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I almost missed a gem.
Posted: 11/9/2012 7:21:05 AM
Despite the "warm fuzzies" that the rush of emotions bring to OP's new "love", overall, statistically, this type of situation fizzles out.

If it works, more power to you...just know the odds are slim it will turn into a LTR.

Being from Vegas I've got to say that when you bet (and that is what most decisions in life are) you must be prepared to leave the table with nothing. Ready for that ??

Further, if you get over the shock value of Boondock's comments you'll see the truth behind it, although brutal as it is. Ignore at your peril.

These types of arrangements are usually temporary landing zones for both parites involved. It's a built in comfort zone before one of you leaves the "nest" after wondering "what were we thinking".

Be sure to give us an update @ 6 months and @ 1 year.

Hopefully you beat the odds.
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