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You have a fair argument as long as you are one that doesn't believe anything until it is proven by "todays" scientists. You do not know what tomorrow's scientists will unfold. I am more of an abstract and forward thinker. I could never correctly state that it is scientific fact that the stars and planets have anything to do with our personalities or our personality tendencies, but I do personally, believe in the possibility of things not proven to me. You say that the evidence/studies/research proves otherwise but these studies and whatnot are often influenced by the people conducting them and perhaps there are important "facts" that get omitted, twisted, etc. I do actually believe there is new research in the horizon that will start to make a shift in our ways of thinking. I don't usually like to say that because I don't know names or credentials, so please don't ask...this is an opinion of mine. I think more from the heart than the mind and I believe I have very strong intuitive skills that I have finally learned to tune in to and listen to because I believe it is the best guide for my life. Where do I believe intuition comes from?....The Universe, or Multiverse, of course :) I am a Pisces, after all!

Sure, anything is possible. We might discover that eating bananas while standing on a dead fish allows us to teleport to other worlds. I just don't see any reason to believe or to even assume that astrology has any potential to be true. They have been testing astrologers and none of them can come up with better results than guessing. Wouldn't a person's genetics, family, and daily environment play a bigger role in the development of their personality? I'm open minded about the whole multidimensional universe and other realities. I love reading books about things like Salvia Divinorum or DMT, but I'm not going to fall for quackery.
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