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^^^ You are connecting things together that are not related in a cause and effect way (which is what the folks who are taking advantage of you want you to do).

People were driven to food stamps by the huge economic downturn, which was caused by greedy, irresponsible people who played games with the unregulated portions of the banking, loans and loan resale markets.

The trillions spent, were given mostly to those same people, by both Republicans and by Democrats, because they altogether had already set up the system in such a way (through the Reagan-era deregulation of conglomerate forming ownership establishing 'too big to fail') that the only other option was to permit complete collapse.

The relatively small amount of job growth is due to the fact that these same people have been working hard to reduce the purchasing power of the American customer base, thus restraining demand, thus restraining job growth.

If in fact, the government HAD actually just handed that money out as spendable cash to the peasantry, we might have actually had more job growth, as a direct result in rising spending by the customer base.

But instead, the rich and the powerful have hypnotized people like you, into thinking that when THEY have more cash and less responsibility for their actions, that through magic alone (which the Reagan era proved was B.S.) everything will get EVEN BETTER.

Stop lying to yourself.
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The debates
Posted: 11/25/2012 12:31:33 AM
Well I enjoyed the debates.

Now that the American people have spoken, I think it's time for the Republicants to stop obstructing and do what they were sent to Washington to do. I think if they are not going to work, they should not get paid and definitely should not get any medical benefits while obstructing.
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