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Joined: 10/13/2012
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Do I have a chance ?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)

I can have sex, but I just don’t like it.

I'm wondering exactly what it is that you don't like about it? Is it the messiness? The penetration? Do you achieve orgasm? Have you ever had an orgasm?

Curious minds...

Without knowing the answers to those questions, I believe anything is possible. Granted you may have a more difficult time finding an accepting partner as most people like their partner to be responsive and enjoy sex together and not just using the other person's body as a tool for masturbation. It can drag down a relationship if one has a healthy sex drive and one does not.

Joined: 10/22/2012
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 11/2/2012 3:57:29 PM
I cant beleive youve not been treated right in the sexual aspect....Ive been with woman that were of an older age and never have had an orgasm.....woman need preparation....there are some who are what I call on the edge in that way but not for what your looking for their out there but its your search....Im a firm believer that in a relationship the physical along with other aspects are the glue that holds things together...good luck in your search!
Joined: 3/4/2012
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 11/3/2012 12:23:23 AM
Fox - with all due respect, you don't need an asexual male; you need a counselor... be glad it is not a medical issue - there's hope for you yet :)
Joined: 7/17/2012
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 11/3/2012 12:12:45 PM
w/out sounding like a shrink.WHAT Happened?..with all the sexual liberation today..dont worry about it....find a guy who shares to same ideas.......thay are out here they just are not upfront about it because it is embarrassing and if that fails call me
Joined: 5/13/2012
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 11/3/2012 12:52:00 PM
Age has nothing todo with active sexuality. If you don't like sex, then you never liked eather. may be something wrong did happen to you that prevent you from that. Most people who have sexual abnomalities are attached to other pyschological issues that can be resolves if they find a right undesantanding partner. I am sure everyone have a life partner out there, even if it seesm not coming too soon. Hold on and wait, and open to possibilities, without compromising your safety and life.
Joined: 11/9/2012
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 11/21/2012 12:28:40 AM

I would not say anything about your problem up front and leave it until you are at least connected to someone, if that happens.

Really? So waste days/weeks/months of your partners life by keeping a secret that with MOST normal men is a deal breaker?
I thought that at this point in our lives ( I am 52) we were all adults and could be honest.
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 4/7/2016 6:10:55 PM
Do I have a chance want to meet up
Joined: 3/19/2016
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 4/8/2016 7:46:33 AM
My guess it that you do have a chance. I am a man who avoids sex. We are out here but there is a catch...

A woman that goes around making a point of how much she dislikes sex is seen as utterly unlikeable, even by someone like me. There are a ton of older men who are done with sex. Problem is that they are also done with petulant, frigid women. If you don't provoke them then everything is cool. Just don't bring up the subject and you'll be okay. Along the way, you will have to deal with men who ask. Unfortunately, the world is full of them too. Eventually though, you are bound to run into one who will never ask.
Joined: 6/6/2015
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 4/8/2016 8:55:38 AM
Do a search for an asexual dating site.
Joined: 3/22/2015
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 4/8/2016 7:01:55 PM
If you are 54,healthy and don't like sex there has to be a reason and probably can be sorted out with the right lover. Most men want sex but if you connect with a guy with sexual problems and of a certain age, companionship only may work. He may be looking for the domestic goddess who will cook and clean. However if you say upfront you are not interested in sex I doubt you will see the guy again unless he is quite old.
Joined: 12/20/2014
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 4/8/2016 11:43:53 PM

do I have a chance to find male partner if I don’t like sex?

Yes, but a slimmer chance than it might be otherwise. I believe there's someone for everyone. It just takes some of us longer than others (possibly longer than a life span) to find them.
Joined: 10/17/2015
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Do I have a chance ?
Posted: 4/9/2016 2:39:25 PM
WELL then you might try finding a blind guy who likes having sex with a hole in the wall....another who likes to talk about nothing....bimme a break you people
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