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Long Distance Online Dating...How do you do it properly?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
I think since you are already planning on leaving your current location, what you are considering makes a lot of sense. Let me describe my last experience dating long distance here on POF.

I came back on here after the end of a 4 year relationship with someone I met here. I wasn't meeting anyone locally, so after 6 months I decided that since I was already retired due to disability, there was really no reason to stay here. So I planned & took a couple of trips & met several interesting men from here (& other sites). I wasa reading a thread by a girl friend here about the difficulties in dating when disabled. I saw a man who repsonded & his photo really caught my eye. So I read his profile & immeadiately added him to my favorites list. That was 2 years ago in late August. He got in touch with me, we talked every day (Yahoo & Skype). I arranged to visit him for a month in November. As soon as we met in person, we both knew. We've been married since January & are currently living together in Canada (he's originally from Idaho). We had 5 visits in that 1 & 1/2 years, 1 month each, with 2 months in between. It was incredibly difficult at times, but totally worth it!

I wish you all the rest, OP. Good luck!
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Long Distance Online Dating...How do you do it properly?
Posted: 11/11/2012 2:45:52 AM
The one that got away was an LDR; 4 hours away. We had a successful relationship for 5 years until he moved over 2,000 miles away. Then I had another LDR that didn't go well at all.

Communication is key and establishing boundaries is critical. Trust will be tried, more than likely, so keep a check on your emotions. It's good that you've been talking for a few months; it sounds like the interest to have a meaningful relationship is there. Respect for each other's time is also very important. Don't get into a one-sided relationship where one takes the other's time or personal responsibilities for granted. But, an hour away isn't too far of a distance at all.

Good luck to you!
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Long Distance Online Dating...How do you do it properly?
Posted: 11/14/2012 2:08:05 PM

Long distance friendships are extremely easy and common. Long distance love, requires people who are not caught up in regular contact with each other, who's sexual hunger level is moderate enough to survive regular scheduling problems, and who are just fine not knowing what the other person is up to day to day.

this is exceptionally well put. I travel to hawaii often from canada (near half the year). never thought about having a relationship there, but I ended up meeting someone that I really like. the above description fits me perfectly. I think it has to fit you perfectly and feel right to you in order to be able to thrive in such a situation.
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Long Distance Online Dating...How do you do it properly?
Posted: 11/17/2012 12:53:03 PM
My sweetie is long distance. Like really far away long distance (days travel - by plane). It's not easy, requires patience, communication and trust.

We have had to compromise on talking every day. While I am an early bird (and in turn he is a night owl) there are days where all we can do is text. When we are together we sync our time schedules. The most we can go without seeing each other (on skype) is a few days. We spend more time talking on the weekends. That said, if either of us is having a bad day all we have to do is send a message and we make sure we see each other that day.

We plan for our time together. It's not easy for either of us to have to wait to be together again, but we both know that this is just a step in our relationship. So, we both are learning a lot more patience. :-) That said, we are planning on when he'll move here, permanently. So there is an end-goal (and date) - not an open-ended hope this works one (laughing).

There are little things we do that keep the romance alive. A picture, a card, a trinket, a text with an inside meaning... little things, which have great meaning. We are both clear and realistic in our expectations. I don't expect him to always know what I'm thinking and he shares as well.

A final thing that I feel is important - we express gratitude to each other for each other, frequently. We let each other know (communication) that we treasure the time we get, that we adore each other and that while this is hard it's not going to be this way forever.

I wish he lived only an hour away - we talked about that before... and he said, if he lived an hour away he wouldn't be living an hour away - he'd happily commute that hour... :D
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