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Joined: 7/10/2006
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Yeah, you got "negged".

It's a pretty puerile manipulation technique and it fell down like a ton of bricks with you, OP, because your self-esteem is not high enough, to put it bluntly.

If you had been a bit more confident it would just have got you more interested in a bid to "prove him wrong" and get his attentions anyhow. Hey, it's puerile, but guys do it because it works and it's way cheaper than taking her to dinner and a screening of "Twilight: Breaking Bank" to get her hot and bothered over Pattinson or whatever Bieber clone women are drooling over these days.

You are so worried about being overweight that you could not handle the comment and decided to play "moral outrage" and "victimhood solidarity" with us. Look, you are still thinking about it and posting about it the next day, for F-'s sakes, and asking for a pity party.

As for the "bullying", um, you're not a 14 year old or made of porcelain. A "scar on your heart", please, spare us the melodrama, do not be telling us the mean girls at school never called you fat before?

If he tells you that if you lost 20lbs, you'd be hot, that calls for a response along the lines of, "Well, if you had the "game" of a man you'd be getting some, instead of getting chumped and blocked by *fat* girls like me" and then blocking him.

Oh, and for the record? It's 10 lbs, not 20. Feel better now?
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Bullying Acceptable!?
Posted: 11/26/2012 7:30:34 AM
Bullying is not acceptable and is now illegal since a law against bullying was passed this July 2012 against it, but we will see how the Police handle it. It is considered harassment. Just Block Him. Often the whistleblowers get in trouble for speaking up. I speak from experience. I was treated similar from a cop. On phone he was polite and conversation flowed for hours and when I met him he would not look at me. The pic was current. He insulted me in person and stated that he cannot look at me. I look same as my pic on computer. He was hypercritical and would not want to be with someone like this. We all get old......apparently he does not. He told me he is staying with his girlfriend. Then I went on computer pof and he is still searching....He lied and his headliner is that he is looking for honesty.
Joined: 10/25/2012
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Bullying Acceptable!?
Posted: 11/26/2012 7:39:42 AM
^^^^ Having someone get annoyed because your photos are old and you have dyed your hair a different color and changed your hairstyle is NOT bullying. He felt you mislead him and he was peeved. He didn't want to go out with someone who could not see that they may no longer look like the old photos they had posted.

That is NOT bullying. No matter how many hours people talk on the phone before meeting, it will NOT eradicate a different appearance than the one they show via photos.
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