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You don't need a personal trainer. You just need to be motivated.

Personal trainers aren't simply for motivation. Some people have the motivation but don't know what they are doing. When I was working as a trainer most of what I did was designing exercise programs and showing people how to workout. Most people in gyms today don't have a clue of what they are doing, or what they are doing is unsafe.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 1/23/2013 8:48:26 PM

Doing heavy squats increases your ability to do heavy squats, it in no way increase "real world" performance as I am pretty sure that is not even a measurable thing and something you just made up.

Unless you perform jumping, or running in the real world. Because squats actually do increase your performance in those areas.

Know now what else does those things?

Running and Biking.

Wow, running and biking increases bone density?

Running and biking increase vertical leap?

Running can increase sprinting to a point, in regards to neurological patterns.. getting your stride down and such. However squats add more. That's why olympic and collegiate sprinters squat.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 1/24/2013 3:55:05 AM

Wow, running and biking increases bone density?

Running does, certainly. Biking, not really. In fact, competitive biking has been shown to decrease bone density.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 1/24/2013 12:21:08 PM
Yeah, I assumed from his quote that he thinks both of those do all of those things.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 1/24/2013 2:54:03 PM
OP, I am not sure where you live, but if there is a community centre nearby, see if they offer a gym membership. I live in Richmond Hill, and here, they offer a gym membership for $235.71/year (I think tax is included.) or $390.95/year for a gym membership plus swimming membership. This is way cheaper than GoodLife, Extreme Fitness, etc... so take a look at your local community centre.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/10/2013 11:26:22 AM
i haven't read much in this thread but i get the jist of it and with personal trainers you don't always get what you paid for. i'm certified myself with cptn here in Ontario and was certified 10 years before that with issa and before that within a provincial certification course but even that doesn't mean squat if you can't apply your knowledge in a practical manner and for christ sake your trainer should look like a trainer or atleast have relatively low bodyfat and good posture.

almost all big chain gyms are more about their trainers being sales people than effective trainers which is why i turned down goodlife twice because i was disgusted with how morally low they sink to guilt their members into over priced contracts when a high percentage of their trainers couldn't recognize proper form if their life depended on it so i'm going to try it privately some day as i'm a trainer and not a professional salesman.

what EVERY program any trainer puts you on should focus on supporting proper posture so your trainer should mention a term such as scapular retraction very early on in your program and also explain what it is and why it is important. Your trainer should also be encouraging such exercises such as full squats and deadlifts, if not perhaps there is a reason such as an injury or a lack of flexibility which can all be improved with time, and last but not least your trainer should be educating you on why they are prescribing what they are and how it is getting you to your goals faster than if you did not have a educating their clients it always provides future openings for new trainees or old clients to come back for refreshers so to speak. if you see a trainer training thecsame person for months on end don't feel affraid to ask the client how they have improved within the past few months, how often is their program changed, what nutritional information was he/she given etc

...and remember all the information even the best trainers in the world have can be found FREE on the internet, it's all about trial and error even for the trainers, however we have the advantage of knowing dozens of exercises right off the top of our head if something isn't right or equipment isn't available, also a good trainer will show you good form and also show you bad form and why it is bad and how it affects the results of your overall program.
...but that isn't everything, a good trainer can also be viewed as a councilor, motivator, confidant and an ear when the client just has to vent inbetween sets etc.. they have to know the difference between training an A type personality versus a B type.. some clints like to be drilled hard and some like encouraging words and continually need to be pushed but without hurting their feelings so they will indeed come back.

i hope this clears some issues up.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/12/2013 2:44:30 PM
Until I moved in July, I was payin $140 a month for a "gym" memberships....if you think $29.95 is bad, stop by your local Crossfit affiliate.

IMO, it was so worth it though. I had free unrestricted access to multiple personal trainers (all certified); one was also a licensed physical therapist, one had multiple certifications in Olympic lifting, one was a former Navy SEAL (retired) and was just tons of fun. I had free access to the building from 5am to 8pm, I could go in and lift, or do a group WOD, or do my own WOD during those hours. There were exactly 8 machines in the building; five rowers, two aerodine bikes, and a stair climber that no one used. Everything else was a combination of open space and various "tools" (slam balls/medicine balls, gymnastic rings, pull up bars, etc). If we wanted to run, we ran outside! I really miss that place (and the disposable income I had to be able to pay)

Now I just paid $89.95 for three months at my local conventional gym--180 fitness. I hate it. Forget having some kind of "structured" work out, because there is 1 machine for every 20 members. and no gym is complete without more than its fair share of creepy old guys.....
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/23/2013 12:34:46 PM
There is no reason for anyone to hire a personal trainer.. unless you're after PEDs.
Most of these so called "experts" are a bunch of clueless clowns who done some little 2 week PT course.

And unless you're a steroid abusing bodybuilder or pro athlete, then there is no reason for you to be going to the gym at all. Get yourself a couple of adjustable dumbbells and workout at home or a park. If you can't comfortably do the basics and bodyweight exercises like pushups, situps, pullups..... why go to the gym for? To walk on a treadmill? You pay money to WALK?
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/23/2013 12:40:23 PM
And to those of you who are not sure how to exercise or whatever else (and think you need a PT)..

It's free.. and knows more than any PT.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/23/2013 1:05:41 PM
^^^^^ for the most part you're right however most of the trainers i know wouldn't know the difference from an anabolic from a container of creatine. ya i took a bunch of 2 week course etc..but i had to just to say i was certified. what the certification doesn't tell people is that i studied and practiced this sh!t for about 25 years give or take. What people should look for in a trainer if they choose to go that route is their confidence in their knowledge and they should have lots of it and look like they uses it. as for all the information being free on the internet that is absolutely true but lets be honest, if your a gym virgin or fairly knew it can be overwhelming and completely frustrating not knowing where to begin. it would be like trying to teach a blind man how to perform brain surgery and wondering why they can't grasp it since all the information is right there.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/23/2013 1:18:55 PM
^^ I never wrote that ALL PT's can provide their clients with PEDs. But hiring a PT (or 50 of 'em) is a good way of (eventually) getting PEDs.
And YOU might've practiced the sh*t for 25 years.. but these days.. all I see is a bunch of clueless 18yo PTs (thanks to the government with all their "become a personal trainer today" sh*t, all over the net and tv).

So I am ENTIRELY right.. not just "for the most part" right lol.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/23/2013 1:47:36 PM
mighty big leap from picking up iron to diddling around in someone's head.

i have seen the new folks come in and how they kinda wander, horrible form, ect...
it would pay for the very new to get a few lessons and a routine to follow.
many trainers seem to want to over complicate things too. overwhelming the uninitiated to keep them in fear and "needing" the help.
a new trend I've seen is the gyms where people move bricks and shovel dirt, roll tires and do some hilarious calisthenics.
so.... maybe picking up iron is akin to brain surgery for some folks.

not sure why this is such a big deal. some sound like it really hurts them that there are people you can hire to help yourself. there is so much bogus info out on the net..... someone that's taken (and done well in) college courses with nutrition, physiology, anatomy ect... will help the beginner.

I would look for someone who's got what I want.... as in: not some short toothed 18 year old, or some mediocre average joe 40 year old.
Someone that is active in their sport and excels or someone who HAS the physique I'm aspiring to.

once a person is comfortable in the gym- they don't need a trainer. they need motivation.
when the regulars and meatheads see your work ethic and transformation, they will become friendly and offer tips and things that work for them.

bottom line- when you're tired and your arms feel like rubber and your guts are not sure about keeping your lunch down and you feel like you gotta pee and you just might, right there.... you don't need a trainer, you need fortitude.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/26/2013 6:37:59 PM
I paid $90/month for a gym at one time and I thought it was worth it because it was so close to work. You could pay $20/month for a gym membership and if it's so far from you that you rarely go then are you really saving anything? No.

That said, 24HourFitness was a great gym, I thought. I think it was $20 a month. I think I might have paid $90 for maybe four or six sessions with a personal trainer there and it was well worth it. And I did this for a period of nine months.

My suggestion is to go to a personal trainer once per year for about four to five sessions. They'll evaluate you, listen to your goals and help you find the exercises that you can do when you're not with them. Then, work out alone for the next four weeks and meet up with them again. They'll assess your progress, perhaps give you new exercises and you continue from there. I went from 23% body fat down to 13% body fat in six months from having a personal trainer. If you were to put a price tag on that how much would you pay?
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 3/1/2013 2:27:53 PM

I would spend the time finding something that works for you. But in a very real way. Take the time to research the budget that works for you. How much time a week you want to spend exercising.(etc.) There are plenty of workout programs that require no weights. There are some that require few for full complex moves like kettlebells. You need to get really specific with what you want, how want to look, and researching it and the lifestyle to maintain it.

Weight Loss and Strength Training for lean muscle are two very different phases.

Are you looking for Visual Aesthetic Improvement or Physical Functional Strength? Improving your visual aesthetics has to do very much with caloric intake, bodyfat %, BMI, figuring out your golden ratio measurements for your height and bodyweight.

Personal Training can be beneficial if you have one who's on the same page. A trainer that works with top tier athletes and strength training, will not be beneficial for someone who's trying to lean out and drop weight and maintain in a more ordinary setting. A trainer should be able to construct a program that is sustainable to YOUR lifestyle not theirs. And you should be able to do it with or without them.

Look at the person who's training you. Are they in shape? What experience do they have? Do they answer your questions? Do you get results? Two weeks to a month is the longest you should test a trainer. The last thing you want is someone who can't reach their own goals training you.

But with that said are you doing what their recommending? No slips?

"Real World" weight lifting, transcribes, in my experience, to Firefighters, Cops, Soldiers, Construction Workers people who deal with very physically demanding lifestyles.

These things alter depending what you personally are looking for. Be it a gym. Simpler way to stay fit. But knowing what you want will save you the most money. So define what you want. Take the time to do it for yourself.

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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 3/1/2013 2:44:19 PM
Go with what this guy said!!

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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 3/1/2013 4:17:57 PM

Weight Loss and Strength Training for lean muscle are two very different phases.

One thing that I am confused with and maybe it is just the way it is worded with regards to the use of the term "lean muscle".

From what I understand, muscle tissue can be differentiated by type, but that only relates to size and function and not the amount of fat that may be contained in or around it, as that is due to your diet not your work out type.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 3/1/2013 4:27:13 PM
Yes. a low-fat low-calorie diet makes us leaner.
However the result without exercise can be to become scrawny.
Stick figure thin can be attractive in a lady.
Not so much in a guy.

So to be lean and muscular you need a diet
and an exercise plan to acheive that.

Some folks however want those huge muscles.
Thick arms.
thick neck.
thick legs.
thick chest.
Thick everything.

That takes a different diet and exercise program.
For that a person would have to eat more to bulk up.
And do alot more reps and more intensive weightlifting.

I think that is what he was getting at.
There are different methods for different results.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/5/2015 7:51:58 AM
Well, I haven't visited the forums in awhile, and did a thread search on UFC gyms, and couldn't find anything, either. So, I'm going to add to this thread. . has anyone had any experience with joining a UFC gym. .as in you were able to see faster results? (I'm eating pretty healthy, watching portions, lots of veggies, nuts, lean protein --fish, and minimal to no grains/dairy, small amounts of dark chocolate, just want to get body fat down) I'm thinking about trying out a one month membership. . just to kick start things even more. Just was wondering if anyone had tried being a member of a UFC gym, and what your experience was like. . .
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/5/2015 10:13:31 AM

...has anyone had any experience with joining a UFC gym. .as in you were able to see faster results?

I have been to a couple of them and for the most part they are full of douche bags and wanna-bes.

(I'm eating pretty healthy, watching portions, lots of veggies, nuts, lean protein --fish, and minimal to no grains/dairy, small amounts of dark chocolate, just want to get body fat down) I'm thinking about trying out a one month membership. . just to kick start things even more. Just was wondering if anyone had tried being a member of a UFC gym, and what your experience was like. . .

You would literally be wasting your money if you think going any type of gym will change your bf%.

Your BF% is determined by a combination of your genetics and your diet.

The amount or type of exercise you do does not determine your BF%.

As it seems you are falling for the "if I do what they do I will look like them" myth.

Just keep eating health food and also try to have a healthy attitude and stop chasing esthetic goals.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/5/2015 11:13:50 AM
My kid went to a BJJ gym for some time run by a mature individual,I thought it was good but I noticed that he did get into a lot of streetfights,which was why he got booted.I think you're too old JP.Try to find a smaller gym where the owner cares.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/5/2015 11:33:11 AM
HFX, thank you for the constructive criticism, and for the advice. Yes, I think I will stick to a boot camp trial class. As for chasing aesthetics. . that's living in southern California for you. I'm attracted to people who take care of themselves (not a gym rat, just someone who likes being active), so I have to become what I want to attract.

As for "calguy", seriously, should you even be speaking of being old? By your nickname, I assumed you were my age. . someone's in a little denial,referring to themself as a "guy" when you are near 60?Hmm, a little more tact, is that too much to ask? . I think you're too old? (And someone --who's younger than me recently told me that she thought I was her age--30) I think I was going to hold off anyway, just from reading the reviews. Ok. . maybe that explains why I kept getting messages from mid to late 50's men from another site, even though I'm only willing to date +6 years max. Ugh, thanks for reminding why I should keep chasing aesthetic goals. . really, no picture and you're calling me old? Yep, that's why I have laser photofacials lined up, so I don't look "old". Why is it always the users who don't have photos are the ones who have the least tact? :P

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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/5/2015 12:18:50 PM
I didn't know you were sensitive about age,I'm not.38 is too old to start getting slammed if you're not really fit.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/5/2015 10:32:46 PM
I feel women are judged more on their appearance (especially if they're not with someone). .so I have to delay the aging process as much as I can. .by staying out of the sun,wearing sunscreen getting laser photofacials, trying to eat as clean as possible. Actually, even if I were fitter (and I 'm not going to bother defending myself against someone who has no photo) I'm on here for the forums, because frankly, my luck on the dating portion of this website, has been sh**ty, attractive men, but very shady. And yeah, you're probably right. . getting slammed would cause damage to the body even more, accelerating the aging process. There's a reason why I don't have full body photos, and wear baggy clothes in the photos I do have. and.not for the reason people automatically assume. . .but because why bother, given the past?
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/5/2015 11:46:24 PM
Personally, I don't ever go to the gym. I have found I can get a great workout at home with just some free weights, a small exercise bench and a yoga mat. I have an extensive collection of workout DVDs that I rotate. All it takes is 30 minutes a day. The exercises I do are HARD, but super effective. Much better to go through 30 minutes of hell but get real results instead of phoning it in at the gym for hours and wasting tons of money. Just my 2 cents.

PS: my favorite are all of Jillian Michaels DVDs, especially Ripped in 30. Got me back in shape after my two pregnancies in no time. And I'm "old", lol.
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Personal trainers and gyms
Posted: 2/6/2015 4:31:00 AM
^^^^^^^^While I can make myself do things at home I do find I work harder around others.
Probably all combined.

Even my old dog walks quicker/longer at the park if her "friends" are there too.
She actually ran yesterday to try and show the "younguns" up apparently.

The exercises I do are HARD, but super effective. Much better to go through 30 minutes of hell but get real results instead of phoning it in at the gym for hours

^^^^^^^Absolutely true.Even 20 minutes is better for us intense than an hour of MEH.
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