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What if O.J. didn’t do it?Page 4 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Hilarious, call people racists then claim all leftist do this or that. LOL. Like I said, you are not any good at the manipulation you are trying to pull. As for daughters, all you had was a son, then it was two sons away in military school, now there are daughters too, yes it's true, no one has any idea who you really are. But back to the rape topic, your support of rapists is appalling. As for who you really are LOL why in the world would it be so amazing that we couldn't take it. That was truly pathetic.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/3/2017 7:22:07 PM
Well hey, Dee, I just figured I'd use your own tactics like when, for instance, throwing around your bigoted comments about transgendered individuals or others you are bigoted about, you tell those who disagree with you that you're sorry that they must have someone you're bigoted against in their family. Who knows why you're such a bigoted piece of work about so many things. If you were one of very few, your comments could be overlooked. The trouble is there are are far too many like you and it deserves pointing out at every opportunity lest it leaves your kind believing any silence is agreement.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/3/2017 7:38:56 PM
"You'd be amazed at how the tone, focus and hostility of the responses to what I posted changed"

I have to admit, but for your photo, I would never have taken you for a self loathing, angry black woman. Instead I would have guessed you were an angry, racist white woman...still dipsy though.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 12:56:51 AM
more ad hominem in absence of substance.
green does not look good.

from all versions.


support of rapists?
support of not persecuting people not proven guilty of anything.

military school?
whose sons went to military school?

and leftist is a race?

and the angry, self hating jew projects again.
it is ok to be jewish. it really is. just accept yourself.
it is a new year. (wunk)

and more lack of originality from the gang.
copying someone they loathe. me. ha.

i am a stranger on the internet.
don't get so stressed out and angry about my opinions.

"feeeeling" someone is a rapist or "feeeling" someone is a double murderer is not proof or evidence and is a not a basis upon which to send someone to jail.

anyway, early flight. later.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 6:03:12 AM
Dee, you have only yourself to blame..making either the dumbest or contemptible statements over the years here, you have proven you are simply neither a nice, decent, nor likeable person. And that Dee is the bottom line about you.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 9:18:41 AM

"There are various analyses of the evidence. Some find that it was lacking. Detectives, actual police detectives, have said that there was no evidence"

You're mistaken or those detectives aren't familiar with the mountain of evidence in the OJ case.

Do you honestly believe the LA cops got together to frame OJ? You can't believe they planted his blood at the crime scene (where would they get it?) and his and his victim's blood inside his vehicle.

"But, hey, we will never agree on OJ."

Oh, I think if you watch the mini-series or do a little research, we'll agree. I think you have an open mind (if ya want to) and you're intelligent (rare for Republicans - tongue in cheek).

Our King Troll, your nemesis, isn't too bright - obviously. I'd bet he couldn't count to ten without getting nine numbers wrong. (Without help or an open book - of course.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 9:26:54 AM

Oh, I think if you watch the mini-series or do a little research, we'll agree. I think you have an open mind (if ya want to) and you're intelligent

LOL, you are relying on a television mini-series to draw a conclusion about the innocence or guilt of OJ.

Our King Troll, your nemesis, isn't too bright - obviously. I'd bet he couldn't count to ten without getting nine numbers wrong. (Without help or an open book - of course.

Dee is the resident King Troll. You on the other hand are the resident pathological liar, the sad guy who is angry and envious of almost everybody smarter than he is, better off than he is, and who have control over their own lives while you had virtually none working for years in those ship yards . But I do get it... having no control of your own life does tend to make people depressed and theory has proven that over and over . So sad for you.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 9:34:03 AM
"do you honestly believe LA cops got together to frame OJ?"

>>>boy, you'd hate to think so...but they seemed to get together to beat hell out of Rodney King. Are there other episodes that haven't been caught on camera? People like to say the jury got OJ off in response to the racism they've seen from cops...where would anyone get that idea from, seems to be from left field if it didn't have a glimmer of truth. someone knows the truth, b/c they were there...and we weren't there.

I guess it will officially be the "Crime of the Century", b/c we still talk about it and all the conspiracy theories that surround it.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 10:29:14 AM
Always with the flight...are you an airplane? LOL.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 1:59:12 PM
Dayna, Cameltoe, poppata and the rest of you...I never thought it would happen, but it appears there may be somebody out there you are more obsessed with outside of President Trump and yourselves..... that somebody would be Dee!!

I read on the MSNBCHUffingtonpostobamaisGodblog today that President Trump has her on a personal retainer. That's probably why she travels so much.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 6:18:49 PM
LOL oh poor person, just like Dee and John, your shots are feeble, no one feels anything but laughter at your insults. When is John going to speak about the Trump people using their private email accounts usages? When is Texas living the USA, not so American is that. We're you going to leave America too, or we're you going to jump ship on Texas?
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/4/2017 8:07:53 PM




Was some part of this discussion deleted?

"""Do you honestly believe the LA cops got together to frame OJ? ""
Immaterial as to whether he is guilty or not.

Cops frame people every day.

"Frame" is not the right word here.

I am not as vehement as this guy but here is one take on the issue::


1. His demeanor during and after the murders; after learning of the murders and during the whole course of this trial.

2. His actions after learning of the murders, particularly his rush to get home, leaving the golf bag in Chicago.

3. His willingness to give the police an interview without his attorney present; to give a blood sample; and his defense of the presence of firearms in the Bentley. Why would he be so willing to give blood samples? Why was he ignorant of the murder weapon, or the blood on the Bronco?

4. His general character and his situation before the murders. His children and family have stood by him. Most of his friends have done the same. The ones who haven't seem to be out for the money and notoreity. He continued to contribute to the poor neighborhood in which he was raised long after gaining success. He contributed to many charitable causes. He was also very charitable to his in-laws who all turned against him, with the exception of his mother-in-law, before he had a chance to defend himself. Yes, he had physical conflicts with Nicole, but their's was a mutually physical relationship, and he was not a habitual abuser. His first wife stated that OJ had never abused her in all their years of marriage. OJ had everything going for him. His career and finances were going great. He was always very busy. He had other romantic interests, and a loving family and children. He had no motive to commit these murders.

5. How could OJ, suffering from both OA and RA, and having multiple major surgeries on his knees, kill two younger, fit persons without showing visible signs of a struggle? Both Maltz and Huizenga diagnosed OJ as having both RA and OA and no witnesses were presented refuting their claims. The lymph node surgery and medication given in jail confirm this. OJ was unable to even curl a 20lb. sandbag, or to shuffle cards on the day of the murders, how could he dispatch two people who worked out regularly with barely a scratch? If you look at the two bodies they are covered with wounds, and they show strong evidence of hard fought struggles. The knife cut in Goldman's shoe; the bruises on his knuckles, and the blood under Nicole's fingernails all point to them having injured their killers.

6. Suffering from arthritis, OJ would never have chosen a knife as the murder weapon, especially with guns around the house. In almost all instances of domestic homicide in which a gun is available, the murder is commited with a gun. It doesn't matter whether the cases are premediated or not. In OJ's case he had even more reason to use a firearm. Even if OJ were to plan a murder with a knife, he would never select tight fitting gloves like Isotoners as they would have made a firm grip very difficult. Golf gloves are much better designed for this purpose.

7. No evidence was found in OJ's possession, or in the limo, on the plane, in Merril's vehicle, in the hotel, or on any of the autographs or bags. All the evidence was collected from areas, or on items, that the police and lab personnel had easy access to for tampering. Where are is the murder weapon(s), the bloody clothes and shoes?

8. OJ's alibi must stand. No reliable witnesses can dispute it. No one saw OJ leave his house, in his Bronco, or at the scene. All we have is OJ's statements and the testimony of Rosa Lopez who stated that the Bronco was still there after 10pm. The murders could have been commited between about 9:50 to shortly before 12:15, so for more than half that time, OJ had an airtight alibi. Nobody in their right mind would have planned a murder with the time remaining. Would anyone go to murder someone with less than an hour to go before having to catch a flight? OJ never called the house to make sure NBS was there and didn't have the family over. What would he do if the children walked out after the murder was committed? How would he be able to dispose of the evidence? What about all the things, including himself, that would have to be cleaned up? He could not be sure that the limo driver would not see him return and park the Bronco because there is no way he could know exactly when the limo would arrive.

9. OJ had not engaged in any activity in the months, weeks, days or hours prior to the murder that suggests he was planning a murder, was violent toward Nicole, or was even angry with Nicole. The testimony of Denise Brown, Steve Garvey's ex, et al was impeached by the video taken after the recittal, and by the testimony of a number of defense witnesses. There was no evidence that OJ had struck, harassed or even had a serious argument with Nicole in the months leading up to the murder. The attempt at reconciliation was initiated by Nicole not OJ.

10. OJ was trying to call and see Paula that night. Why? If he were obsessed with killing Nicole why would he being trying to contact Paula, and later Gretchen Stockdale? Why go out for burgers with Kato. Shouldn't he have been trying to contact Nicole?

11. OJ would have been better off using the Bentley: it was smaller, darker, quieter and had tinted windows. If he did use the Bronco, he should have parked inside the gate.

12. OJ would not have left the residence with the door and the front gate wide open and his children in the house.

13. I found it doubtful OJ would have committed the murder with the children in the house.

14. OJ would not have let Kato the dog run loose through the neighborhood.

15. Kato's constant barking even after the murders suggest strangers were at the house.

16. The wet blood on Kato's legs when Schwab saw him at about 10:55 suggests that he had recently left the scene (within 5 minutes). Unless he stayed at the house for over 5 minutes after the murders had ended, the killings would have taken place before 10:45 and the thumps heard by Kato.

17. Given the timeline, OJ had no opportunity to dispose of the evidence if he was the killer. The idea that OJ threw the evidence away at the airport seems preposterous, and there is no evidence of this.

18. OJ's bags were never searched or collected by the police, suggesting they knew there was nothing to be found in them.

19. No Bruno Maglis or Aris Isotoners similar to those used in connected with the murders were collected from OJ's residence. There is no evidence that OJ owned either of these types of apparel. The exception on the shoes is the famous photos which could have been fakes--even the FBI photo expert admitted HE could not be 100 percent sure ANY photo had been tampered with, considering today's advanced technology. A family friend, Tom McCollum, came forward and said Nicole had given him gloves as a gift at the same time Nicole had purchased gloves at Bloomingdales in New York.

20. No cuts were seen on OJ's outer knuckle on his trip to Chicago. OTH, the cut was seen when he was returning to LA.

21. The gloves worn by OJ in the videos and photos were bunched up near the wrists and often had bulges similar to those made by hand warmers. The supposed murder gloves were too small for OJ, and were likely bought by Nicole. There is no evidence she ever gave them to OJ, and another pair of brown Aris gloves were recovered from OJ's which might be the pair shown in the exhibits.


a. No blood spotted until six weeks after collection despite repeated examinations. Drs. Lee and McDonnel testify that the blood should have been seen.

b. Blood has 1,350 nanograms of DNA; more than all the rest of the evidence and comparable to a reference sample despite the fact that it was not preserved and subject to repeated examination.

c. Evidence of EDTA from preserved blood was found on the sample.

d. Evidence was presented of wet transfer stains on the third surface of the sock, inconsistent with a transfer at the murder scene, OR with a foot in the sock.

e. Strap evidence on video suggest socks were moved.


a. Blood not seen for three weeks after the murder, and after the crime scene had been torn down, despite being in a place that should have been placed under the strictest examination.

b. Levels of DNA significantly higher than stains that were collected three weeks earlier and preserved.

c. EDTA for a preserved sample.

d. Levels of EDTA similar to that found on the sock, despite supposedly being exposed to sunlight, metal and paint for three weeks.


a. Fuhrman spots near invisible spot of blood near bottom of door while it is still dark and with only a tiny flashlight.

b. Fuhrman spots bloodstain on part of door that can only be seen with door open. He claimed that he never opened the door.

c. Certain blood stains discovered very late in the investigation were not seen by a number of witnesses who searched specifically for these stains.


a. Highly unlikely and suspicious placement of one glove at the murder scene under a plant and the other at OJ's residence.

b. No trail leading to glove suggesting it was brought their by Fuhrman.

c. Fuhrman states glove at Bundy appeared moist. The blood would have already been long dried unless Fuhrman had stained them with some wet blood from a pool of blood or under one of the bodies. As long as the blood is protected from air it stays moist.

d. Fuhrman lied about the time the picture was taken of him and the glove at Bundy. He stated that it was taken at about 7:30 while it was clearly still very dark out. Sunrise was at 5:41. There were actually two pictures taken, according to the LAPD photographer, Rokhar: one in the dark at about 4:00 a.m., and a second at around 7:00 to 7:30 a.m. in the daylight.


a. Fuhrman's racial hatred and statements that he planted evidence before.

b. Statements by Fuhrman that other officers had also planted evidence and had commited other misconduct.

c. The LAPD's illegal entry onto OJ's property.

d. Vannater's lies in getting the search warrant, and for his reason on going to OJ's.

e. The fact that Bruno Maglis and Aris Isotoners are perfect plants because they are rare and easily traced to the defendant, but highly unlikely items to be chosen for commiting a murder.


a. Heidstra heard two male voices that night, but he heard no screaming, yelling or fighting after that, he did hear what he thought might be an argument between the two men but he wasn't sure whether they were arguing. He then heard a gate slam. This all took place in about 15 seconds. This suggest that the murders had already ended and that their were two male murderers who had just left the scene. Otherwise, we have to assume that OJ killed Goldman in less than 15 seconds (over 33 stab wounds, and other assorted wounds).

b. Nine identiable but unidentifed prints were found, many outside in the front of the house.

c. Unmatched blood was found under NBS's fingernails, on her thigh and on the steering wheel in the Bronco.

d. An unidentified Caucasian hair was found on one of the gloves.

e. Sydney Simpson heard hear mother crying and "Mommy's best friend" but never her father.

f. OJ denied committing the murders twice in court, and he is the most believable person that has yet appeared in court.""""""

Then there is the little detail of the jury finding him not guilty.

Or perhaps, one of the few people that I know who still says that he is not guilty doesn't think that he is intelligent enough to have gotten away with it.


Anyway, this whole thing began with wondering whether people will let him live in peace or continue to haunt him about the crime for which he was NOT convicted.

Doesn't seem like it.

And the authorities knew this.

That is why the said that they would release him on one day and then released him in the dead of the night on another day.

They were afraid that people who think that he should not have been found not guilty for murder would have tried to murder him? Ha.

Anyway. . .

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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 6:10:08 AM
^^^ perhaps you forgot....but a civil jury found he did it after hearing all of the evidence. What this means is by the greater weight of the evidence, he more likely than not is guilty of murder. Very sad for those who still worship the brain damaged cretin. Of course, any court case can be debated after the fact, but the system likes finality.

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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 6:36:40 AM
Dee, I followed the OJ trial (recorded it at the time) and read at least 3 books about the evidence afterwards.

You provided a very large (mostly opinionated) smokescreen written by a bias OJ fan. Kinda like the nonsense proving Trump is a Nazi, among other things. Anyone with an open mind, honest, and with common sense can see through it.

I'll respond to one of the numerous smokescreens you provided. Clearly your source is attempting to deceive by insinuating OJ cut his finger in Chicago.

According to OJ, he cut it while getting ready to leave for Chicago (about the same time his wife was being brutally murdered). OJ doesn't even know how he got that long gash (obvious knife wound) running down his middle finger. That makes sense to YOU? For some strange unknown reason, the prosecution DID NOT admit this key interview into evidence. The jury didn't see or hear it.

Here's what your source wrote:

No cuts were seen on OJ's outer knuckle on his trip to Chicago. OTH, the cut was seen when he was returning to LA.

The murderer dripped blood from his left side while leaving the murder scene. That blood matches OJ's blood. OJ's left finger was cut. Do YOU actually believe that's just a coincidence? Come on, Dee. You're a smart woman. Ya gotta realize that's damaging evidence and your source was trying to hide it with a very weak smokescreen. He was implying OJ cut his finger in Chicago.

The following is part of the actual transcript of the OJ interview with the cops shortly after returning from Chicago. If you doubt the transcript, here's the full recording of that interview.

VA: How did you get the injury on your hand?
OJ: I don't know. The first time, when I was in Chicago and all, but at the house I was just running around.
VA: How did you do it in Chicago?
OJ: I broke a glass. One of you guys had just called me, and I was in the bathroom, and I just kind of went bonkers for a little bit.
TL: Is that how you cut it?
OJ: Mmm, it was cut before, but I think I just opened it again, I'm not sure.
TL: Do you recall bleeding at all in your truck, in the Bronco?
OJ: I recall bleeding at my house and then I went to the Bronco. The last thing I did before I left, when I was rushing, was went and got my phone out of the Bronco.
TL: Mmm hmm. Where's the phone now?
OJ: In my bag.
TL: You have it...?
OJ: In that black bag.
TL: You brought a bag with you here?
OJ: Yeah, it's...
TL: So do you recall bleeding at all?
OJ: Yeah, I mean, I knew I was bleeding, but it was no big deal. I bleed all the time. I play golf and stuff, so there's always something, nicks and stuff here and there.
TL: So did you do anything? When did you put the Band-Aid on it?
OJ: Actually, I asked the girl this morning for it.
TL: And she got it?
OJ: Yeah, 'cause last night with Kato, when I was leaving, he was saying something to me, and I was rushing to get my phone, and I put a little thing on it, and it stopped.

VA: We've got some blood on and in your car, we've got some blood at your house, and sort of a problem.
OJ: Well, take my blood test.
TL: Well, we'd like to do that. We've got, of course, the cut on your finger that you aren't real clear on. Do you recall having that cut on your finger the last time you were at Nicole's house?
OJ: A week ago?
TL: Yeah.
OJ: No. It was last night.
TL: OK, so last night you cut it.
VA: Somewhere after the recital?
OJ: Somewhere when I was rushing to get out of my house.
VA: OK, after the recital.
OJ: Yeah.

TL: Understand, the reason we're talking to you is because you're the ex-husband.
OJ: I know, I'm the number one target, and now you tell me I've got blood all over the place.
TL: Well, there's blood at your house in the driveway, and we've got a search warrant, and we're going to go get the blood. We found some in your house. Is that your blood that's there?
OJ: If it's dripped, it's what I dripped running around trying to leave.
TL: Last night?
OJ: Yeah, and I wasn't aware that it was...I was aware that I... You know, I was trying to get out of the house. I didn't even pay any attention to it, I saw it when I was in the kitchen, and I grabbed a napkin or something, and that was it. I didn't think about it after that.
VA: That was last night after you got home from the recital, when you were rushing?
OJ: That was last night when I was...I don't know what I was... I was in the car getting my junk out of the car. I was in the house throwing hangers and stuff in my suitcase. I was doing my little crazy what I do...I mean, I do it everywhere. Anybody who has ever picked me up says that OJ's a whirlwind, he's running, he's grabbing things, and that's what I was doing.

Dee, you weren't aware of that police interview - right? Unlike a few of the others on this forum, I believe you're capable of distinguishing between facts and imaginary tales. Many here believe Zimmerman was yelling for help 4 seconds and one second prior to shooting the teenager. I'm confident you and I know that doesn't make any sense.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 6:52:16 AM
"Unlike a few of the others on this forum, I believe you're capable of distinguishing between facts and imaginary tales."

How sweet of you to give Dee the benefit of the doubt. You are a real gem. Even Dee though should consider the source. You are more full of tales than any other poster on pof. Tell us thet story again where somebody touched a live wire, was vaporized and left a crater in the ground. I loved that tale.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 7:25:35 AM

Hell yeah we are going to secede!!
What do you think that "rainy day fund" is for??
With everybody already packing here in the great state of Texas, we won't need a military.
You know, we have an open-carry law here

The plan is already in place. Whenever we get the next muslim president, Texas is outta here!!

Bob Wills will always be the king!!

I'm a constituent, I am allowed to say these things...
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 8:49:52 AM

this is not personal. so i won't make any assessment of your intelligence.

as i stated, i am not as gungho as that guy. but it was an interesting perspective, a perspective from which you challenge one aspect in detail based on evidence not introduced.


""For some strange unknown reason,""

happened a lot in that trial.

if it was so damaging, which i don't see, why not introduce it?

again, we just have to disagree.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 9:03:11 AM

Hell yeah we are going to secede!!

Secede from the greatest country EVER?\

if it was so damaging, which i don't see, why not introduce it?

Given how long that trial was, how the heck do you know if it was or was not introduced? Even if you watched the entire thing, it happened 25 years you remember all of the details of the trial? How do you know it was even admissible evidence?
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 10:52:40 AM

"if it was so damaging, which i don't see..."

I'm surprised you don't see how damaging OJ's confessions are: he cut his finger about the time his wife was being murdered (by a sharp knife), he doesn't know how he cut his finger, he dripped blood inside his Bronco, on his driveway and inside his house. His words!

"you challenge one aspect in detail based on evidence not introduced. huh."

Are you suggesting if it wasn't introduced, it shouldn't be considered? A discussion isn't a trial inside a courtroom. You realize that. The facts and accuracy should be important factors.

Of course there's a lots of evidence that proves beyond all doubt OJ murdered his wife. If a person doesn't respond to valid proof of guilt, there's no need to discuss any of the other evidence. Clearly your mind is made up. A 'gut' feeling - right?

My opinion is based solely on hard evidence including facts not presented to that first jury.

I kinda think you're being a little false-hearted. Your woman's intuition is telling ya - OJ did it - right? But you're not convinced because you don't trust the cops.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 4:32:01 PM
Ironically -
Simpson was selling his personal memorabilia to hide his assets from the Goldsteins and their multi-million dollar civil suit judgment against him. In the process of wheeling and dealing on the sly, some of it got stolen by a dealer who Simpson knew. He was about to walk scott free but when he was recorded as saying ‘nobody leaves this room” kidnapping charges sent him to the big house.

If he wouldn’t have been cagey about illegally selling the stuff, he never would have gone to jail.

There are reports of him hiding $10 million in off shore accts. not sure I believe them.
It’s also been reported his NFL pension grew to $600,000 during incarceration. Not sure I believe that either. I think a lot of people will be watching closely how much money he spends. And if he doesn’t attempt to make anymore income, that could be telling. Actually maybe not. I wonder if the Goldsteins get part of his income forever. The NFL pension is protected by law and I would think his social security is too. But it could be that any earned income would go to the Goldsteins.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/5/2017 6:53:09 PM
Harvey Weinstein would be another one...
I thought there would be an entire thread on him now. Not a word though.
What a shock.

Am I looking in the right section???
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/6/2017 6:02:26 AM
he's . . . well. . . you know. . .

( pick one of three categories)

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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/6/2017 7:46:11 AM

Harvey Weinstein would be another one...
I thought there would be an entire thread on him now. Not a word though.
What a shock.

There you go again. Harvey did not have sexual relations with those women. As a producer, part of his job requires him to make sure breasts are real. Ambra Battilans called the police about an incidental psychical exam of her breasts. As if her breasts were never fondled before. She went to see Harvey in a business capacity. Dah!

That 22 year old hottie also accused Mr. Weinsten of sticking his hand up her skirt – but he never admitted to that, but how else would he really know if he's dealing with a woman? He did apologize and promised not to grab her again.

“The Battilans' case was taken seriously from the outset, with a thorough investigation conducted by our sex crimes unit,” said a spokeswoman for DA Cyrus Vance Jr. “After analyzing the available evidence, including multiple interviews with both parties, a criminal charge is not supported.”

The DA’s office had doubts about the case from the get-go. Since the beginning the DA has been working hard to bury this case. She wasn’t a good victim. She had some skeletons in her closet. One source said. "Battilana had had an affair with the elderly businessman, identified only as “Mr. $,” who paid her to be with him when she was younger than 18."

Moreover, Mr. Weinstein said, "I am sorry, I have changed and I've progressed. I am going to fix how I deal with women." In addition, he is seeing a therapist and also being advised by Lisa Bloom, a famed advocate for women.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/6/2017 9:48:04 PM
101 "this is not personal. so i won't make any assessment of your intelligence."

Oh I'm sure you've made that assessment. You're just not sharing.
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What if O.J. didn’t do it?
Posted: 10/7/2017 7:36:54 AM
Flick, I don't want to hear about Weinstein here, let's concentrate on your being beaten by cops in three separate incidents before you were 19, twice to beat confessions out of you, once to force you to disclose the location of a beer party. And let's hear about that secret, clandestine beer party the cops were so interested in. ROFLMAO.
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