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This is sad, if some of you were closer I would invite you over to my folks place for dinner, I have a buddy coming over, he has no family and my mother threatened to beat his ass and mine if he didn't come over for Christmas dinner, but that is the way she is , she doesn't believe anyone should be alone during the holidays.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/26/2012 4:31:29 PM
The ex got the kids this year for xmas morning. So I was alone from 5pm xmas eve until 2pm the next day. I had a guy I have been talking to that wanted to get together. I just didn't think 2 people being lonely getting together was a great idea. So I passed on getting together. I was sad and miserable, but that will pass. The guy took it good though every other guy went on a rant he was understanding. It was great when the kids came home. Until I had to unpackage their toys. Damn twisty ties, clear rubber bands, molded in plastic, tape, string, thread and welded shut in hard plastic. Trying to drive us crazy.

Not I got a a sick kid running a really high fever.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/27/2012 9:36:52 PM
Add one more to the list!
I was alone but kept myself busy all day. Actually had some snow later in the day.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/28/2012 3:43:03 PM
When u saying spending xmas alone as in no families whatsoever or just being alone in the sense no special someone?

I am single and prefer to spend all the holidays by myself. Merely cuz when u spend it with someone, u'll remember that holiday when u and the other person were together and memories will resurface.

For example, last year for new years, i spent an entire week with my ex. We spent the new years together and had a very memorable time together that I'll never forget.

This new years I'm sure I'll remember him and the time we spent together. And this is the reason why I rather be alone on holidays so they are no memories for me to remember.

Not sure if that's sad but it helps me.

I've always spent my holidays alone even if I had someone. I made the mistake last year by spending it with my ex..too many memories there.

So sometimes it's not good to be with anyone on holidays. It's best to spend holidays with family. Cuz u'll never remember that memory cuz it'll always feel like it's normal! Unless of course there's a huge fight than ur shiet outta luck! LOL

Hope u had a great xmas! Happy New Year
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/30/2012 3:27:27 AM
I spent $800 on myself for Christmas.. no regrets
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/30/2012 8:22:01 PM
im same alone not a good thing i feel for u
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 1/5/2013 9:16:39 PM
OP: why do you say that you accept the fact that you will always be alone? Is that what you want?
You dont have to always be alone OP.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/25/2013 6:11:40 AM
I won't be alone BUT there are actually stores open, movie theatres, restaurants & IF someone wants to NOT BE ALONE...they can go to venues that are open & maybe even find other "alone" folks!
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/25/2013 12:57:41 PM
The OP is long gone from his posting history, but alone does not have to mean lonely. Even if you have no immediate family the life you choose is the one you get.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/25/2013 2:46:53 PM
"Even if you have no immediate family the life you choose is the one you get." = Christmas in the tropics for me.
Joined: 2/14/2013
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/26/2013 1:26:09 PM
I've spent exactly one Christmas alone, and I swore never to do it again. I love a mixture of chaos and silence during the holidays. The chaos of family eating, laughing and debating...the silence when I make my way to a solitary corner to rest my eyes. I typically travel for the holidays but will be spending the holidays with my boyfriend's family this year. We'll see how that goes. *worried* Heh.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/26/2013 10:40:28 PM
I see no reason why anyone has to be alone really. I can't figure out if those with this malady are extroverts or introverts. I'm ok mellowing out a few days--that whizzes by. When I was in the 'burbs I felt more lonely. Go to a city--see everything, eat the best food, see films, art, buy stuff etc. Maybe all that stimuli will satisfy that need.

If Christmas feels so terrible it could mean you neglected that social side all year and so Christmas can underscore that. I wasn't of a religion that celebrated it, so I don't have associations. Maybe you could write generally in a journal what would make it meaningful for you today, list those things, break it down to specific, doable things and set out the next few months to pursue it. Writing in general could alleviate seasonal depression.

If I really wanted human contact I think perhaps--start a group or get a friend to start one-could be knitting, food/coffee tours, tv/film/pool, or walking tours, shopping, whatever your thing is. Sure, you could join one if that's easier, too.

Isolation for some people feels terrible, others just see it as a needed break from people and madness. If your whole year has been like that, well some may take it as negative reinforcement. But don't blame the holiday. It's just a day. It's up to you to define what's meaningful about the holiday, without comparing yourself to others, and to celebrate it in a way that makes sense for you...
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/26/2013 11:03:20 PM
I mostly spend my time alone, through out the year, it does get lonely, and you have hopes that maybe one day someone can share Christmas with you
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/27/2013 4:00:53 PM
I'll be spending tomorrow which is Thanksgiving alone, and it's looking like it'll be the same for Christmas. I have no family remaining. And my friends are either married, or have girlfriends, and so they already have someone to spend the holidays with. And I don't like to impose. And this isn't the first time being alone during the holidays. I'll be ok. But I'm hoping that I can find someone for next year's holidays, as well as all the other days of the year.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/28/2013 8:16:44 PM
Hate, hate , hate Christmas. It's become just a day to get through. Making an effort this year, though. Have a great trip planned. I like the lights, the music, the food, etc....It is tough to get through, but it's doable.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/29/2013 2:23:33 AM
"So you can magically find a partner in the short time before Christmas? "

I didn't say "partner". I said humans vs being solitary, being active vs stuck at home, unless you prefer it. How does one have a social life if stuck at home?

"Eating the best food, watching films, art or buy stuff sure, that can be done, but one is still alone."

Is suffering, being bored and unhappy better? If you don't like any of my suggestions, they obviously don't apply to you. Apparently doing anything "alone", isn't worthwhile enough.

I guess I'm insensitive to suggest one might feel better actively living life, doing what one likes, with or without a partner. I definitely could not date anyone who cannot be alone and enjoy it, but then I can only deal with independent spirits.

People who needed attention 24/7--maybe others like that, but not me. When I encountered that, I noted these guys didn't sleep enough, didn't regularly exercise, seemed to have not enough interests or motivations, all they did was work and expect the SO to provide attention. Some are ok with that, but it's foreign to me.

I have to wonder what is so terrible about "being alone", at home or in town? If your own company is depressing to you, why should anyone else be interested?
Joined: 3/10/2013
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 11/29/2013 11:22:09 AM
My brother and I (both single and childless) are all that is left of our family. Missing family Christmases, we decided to create our own new tradition. For many years now, we have hosted a Christmas Eve party for our friends who do not have family nearby. That group has solidified into our extended family and support group. We invite all to the charming candle-light service at our church. Some come, some don't. We gather, drink Tom & Jerry's (hot alcoholic eggnog), nosh, open silly gag gifts, and retire to the kitchen and stuff ourselves. The party has morphed over the years in size and menu, but we all love it and won't give it up.
Joined: 8/22/2013
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/2/2013 11:27:06 AM

I have no family remaining. And my friends are either married, or have girlfriends, and so they already have someone to spend the holidays with. And I don't like to impose.

I too have more married/partnered friends/co-workers than single ones. I seriously wonder if your friends would look at you as an imposition. I am betting they would not at all!

Maybe I'm lucky but I've always had several invites from coupled up folks; the more the merrier kind of thing. I've spent the last 2 Thanksgivings (my college aged kids traditionally go to their dads) with a good friend, her live in love and both their families. Very enjoyable. I bring pies and appetizers and can serve as a diversion to some of the family stuff. Going home to my quiet/clean house was actually sort of ... nice :)
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/3/2013 10:42:03 PM
I spent last Christmas alone, other than going to the nursing home to spend a little time with my dad. First Christmas alone. First Christmas after my divorce. It was rough. My dad isn't here anymore, which is sad to me. I will be thinking of him. But taking a trip to New Orleans to visit friends and then the train to Georgia to spend some time with my brothers and their families. An adventure!
Joined: 6/27/2013
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/7/2013 11:48:09 AM
No other people with me on Xmas. Not alone; my dogs are with me and it's fun to give them special treats.

Occasionally it's warm enough to hike on Xmas. Almost nobody else on the trails.

Insecure coworkers often try to bully the independent people who don't spend the holidays with other people.

The winter solstice means a lot more to me than Xmas.

Xmas means I don't need to check the mailbox or see how my stocks did.
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/10/2013 11:39:14 AM
I'll be alone XMas as well, which is fine. I have a week and a half off with pay, so the holidays are going to be exceptionally appreciated. Time to garden, day trips, relax, do some painting, etc. I always see the holiday season as a "wind down time" from the very busy bulk of the year. A fire log, egg nog, old movie..sounds great!
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/13/2013 9:09:11 PM
Gosh sounds pretty terrific. I guess it's perspective. If your feeling down about the holidays go to a friends house and participate with them. Volunteer, attend a new activity, go to an event and develop a new perspective. I have spent plenty of holidays alone and actually had a great time. No I'm doing the family thing but I would be fine alone.

I fix a great meal, talk to my family on phone, have some great movies and drink/snacks and enjoy. Catch up on things that you enjoy doing. Write a gratitude journal that day of what makes your life count. Exercise then you can't possibly get depressed with all those positive endorphins in you. Here's hoping this year that you take that step to make it a joyous day for you.
Joined: 1/13/2012
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/18/2013 12:34:13 PM
I've spent many Christmas's alone and I prefer it that way, I'd spend them all alone, if I could. It's not that circumstances forced it, either. I chose it.
Joined: 2/14/2013
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Spending Christmas Alone
Posted: 12/18/2013 12:50:23 PM

my dogs are with me and it's fun to give them special treats.

Haha, I'm serving both of my sweeties steaks. Yes, one of those sweeties is my dog and she's getting her own t-bone. She was fit when I picked her up from the rescue...she's now chubby. No dieting on Xmas for ANYONE!
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