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I suspect yesterday I hit the point where my love/hate relationship with this place reached the of 'wtf am I spending my time on here for? sharing details I shouldn't with strangers, trying to give my own perspective when no one really wants to hear that? lol, clearly I'M the moron here'.

I hear you on the love/hate.
But you chose to share details, so you need to own it.
IF no one wanted to hear your perspective, it was because it was warped.
If you really thought he was so wonderful, why gripe about a man you just started dating & then expect everyone to say he was wonderful, when clearly he was not?

I've long suspected that there are several posters that are here, by design, to stimulate conversation.

These veteran forumites represent the many differing perspectives on dating.

Extremists - gender bashers and single forevers

Men promoting going for the quick fvck asap

Swarthy gentleman with silver tongues that all mothers would like to meet

Women seeking sexual liberation

People chasing the fairy tales

Women putting a price on it

I could go on ad nauseum but you get the idea.

Clooney, great post
facetiously (for the un-enlightened) Ka-Ching!
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Break-Up Line: We Grew Apart.
Posted: 12/4/2014 5:02:49 PM
I have found in dating that frequently "we just grew apart" is the explanation for their divorce that people like to give to make them look and feel better than the more truthful answer - I was cheating, I am abusive, I am an alcoholic, or my personal favorite - my spouse lost their job and couldn't pay the bills for me anymore.
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