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Joined: 12/19/2012
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It is good to know everyone goes through the same pain. It does not make it any easier, but it makes it easier to swallow. I have my own story of pain, very similar, but it is my private story. Airing it will not make it easier, but my ex fiance of 8 months left me 3 months ago. Yes, I broke the rules, made an idiot of myself chasing and texting her, which only drove her away and made her stop all contact. I have been told it is the power of the pouch to put it nicely. Once someone gets into your heart and head, well it is very hard to get them out ...
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Need help getting over her.
Posted: 2/11/2013 10:08:04 PM
I was with a girl 18 months. We had a band together, we traveled the states together playing music. We were engaged , i took her V card and it was perfect. She left for a vacation in Israel for 2 months, she never came back that was 1 year ago this weekend. After 5 months apart she said I am not coming back, you can come here but I have a new man. She dumped me right there 7 months ago. For months I tried getting her back, reminding her of our music, our band and all we shared. I did so much for her, adopted her dogs, sold her stuff and sent her a total of $2000 of her money and I never saw her after that day I kissed her goodbye at the airport. 2 months ago she emailed me, saying she had sex with this new guy and was engaged to him, all within 4 or 5 months of dumping me, her first and her ex-fiance.

I tell you guys this because there is always someone out there who has it rougher then you. I have it rough, but someone is going through something worse. I feel pain all the time still over this loss but still have hope it will be better and you should to.
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Need help getting over her.
Posted: 2/12/2013 12:14:03 AM
Wow @WOU89 ..thats messed up foreal. Some women are really ****ing nuts.
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Need help getting over her.
Posted: 2/12/2013 9:12:47 AM
I know what your going through except I had 9 year marriage and two kids invested. It's all about starting over and that can be a difficult thing to do. I tell myself this every day and its difficult. I took an extra job to pay for the divorce and stay busy. Now with 1.5 jobs, there's no time for anything else. (some people say its unhealthy to get this absorbed into work... they may be right!)

Stay strong, one step in front of the other. Many of us are walking a similar path.
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Need help getting over her.
Posted: 2/12/2013 7:13:55 PM
@ xOohwee

Its indeed rough, but as I am trying to say to the OP you cant let it take you out completely. The world goes on and so must you, even if your alone for a long time you gotta have hope.
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Need help getting over her.
Posted: 2/12/2013 9:49:46 PM
I knew a man some years back who told me the day before his wedding his fiancé left him for his best friend. He told me he had gone to the airport to pick up her parents and when they got home, the girlfriend wasn’t there. They waited for a few hours for her to come home and finally, she called to tell him she wasn’t coming back.

I also used to work with a woman whose husband left her for her maid-of-honor the day after their wedding. She was pregnant with their daughter. She later married a friend of her ex-husbands’ and had two more children.

Even though I have had my heart broken, I am very thankful I have never had such a bad experience of betrayal.

I really wish I could understand what makes people so cruel to the people they claim to care about.
Joined: 1/9/2013
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Need help getting over her.
Posted: 2/13/2013 5:20:52 AM
Reading all of these stories make me not even want to find a relationship now wtf. Might as well be trying to murder somebody if you want to hurt them that much emotionally.

Then you go and try to get her/him back and all of a sudden you're the evil one. Sigh :/
Joined: 12/12/2012
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Need help getting over her.
Posted: 2/13/2013 2:19:34 PM
^^^^^^Ya Right?^^^^^^^
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