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I look at a couple years older to 5 years younger. I think you have more in common when you stay closer to your age. At 62, I don't want to try to keep up with a much younger woman.

In that narrow time span as opposed to widening it some, I don't agree. I mean, sure, 62 vs 22 -- obviously - lol. But I think having toddlers, having teens, having all kids moved out, having no kids VS the other -- plays a bigger role than a 10-15 year age gap, when both parties are solidly past their mid-20s.

I think the main motive isn't about what-we-have-in-common, even though we'd like to believe it is. Just as there's many people who are roughly our age +/- 4 years who are Clearly Don't have much in common, there are people 10-15 years older or younger who do have a lot in common. Moreso than actually date (with serious intent).

So why is there that big difference between those that have a lot in-common with a large age gap VS the # who actually date with serious intent, even when the looks are a-okay by each other's standards in the present? Because of Aging. A 25 year old may think the 45 year old guy is great looking and is -- but turned off because "he's old", and IMO, rightfully so by the concept... because what is he going to look like in 10-15 years VS she? Then another 10-15 years after that, is she going to want to have to take care of him? Factor in the at least slight disdain toward casual dating relationships & peer-watching noticing that clear age difference despite there still being attractiveness -- and it becomes a no-go.

If our bodies/health/looks aged 10x slower once we hit 21, things would be a Whole lot different. IMO, the automatic notion that we'd-have-less-in-common thing would go out the window to a large degree. Nobody could care/tell about a 32 year old dating a 72 year old. It'd be the same as the guy being 4 years older by our visual standards. And that's pretty much what it boils down to -- looks & health (and the forseen of each down the line).
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Youngest/oldest person you would date?
Posted: 10/4/2016 7:15:55 AM
Just ended a long distance relationship with someone quite a bit younger than me. She wanted me to quit my job and move there. It just didn't make sense in this economy. Now that we ended, I want someone closer to my age. Someone with grown children, I'm not interested in raising kids again. Someone with their affairs in order. Good job, own home etc.

I'm looking to retire in 12-14 years and I'd like to have someone in a similar situation.
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Youngest/oldest person you would date?
Posted: 10/6/2016 2:26:48 AM
Well, I'm only 18 so the youngest I'd go is 18... :P

In all honesty, I'd go as old as 30-35, but the only people in that old who message me almost always seem to be sexual so I just avoid it and put ranges lower. I don't seek out anyone in that age range because the average person likely isn't interested in having a relationship with someone that much younger; and I get that. Seeing how much I changed from just 14 and 18, I know that the future has a lot in store. Most folks seem to have rapid change from 14-25, so... yeah. Still. If we found common ground and had enough similar interests, I wouldn't dismiss them.
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