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I'm just one guy, sure, but I sure as hell never needed viagra or testosterone, and still don't.

Check back with us in 4/5 years.
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Lost Libido
Posted: 1/20/2014 4:59:00 AM

Porn sets up unrealistic expectations and can damage IRL relationships and libido towards real women.

As somebody who has watched their fair share of porn, it hasn't damaged my libido at all. I can't speak for those who have an addiction to porn.

I have kept my expectations realistic and see porn as a supplement to a healthy sexual relationship. It's a snack, not the main course.
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Lost Libido
Posted: 1/20/2014 5:12:32 AM
the answer was no every time

Meaning you have never had sex before.

I'd lose my libido too, if that was the case, by 26.

(Oh geez,you are now 28 and this thread is 2 years old! DOH!)

Seems to be you feel defeated and so does your penis.

If you give up trying to meet women,how can you ever resolve this issue?
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