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^. I think the man was referring to behaviour . A well behaved dog or a well behaved child reflects on the owner/parent and the same applies to poor behaviour. And I agree with him. I don't want to be around a brat child or a brat dog.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/16/2016 4:50:58 PM
Do the pet and owner need to have matching outfits? You wouldn't want to have the two outfits clash and be mismatched.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/16/2016 5:00:06 PM
Rusticman - I so agree with you
No dogs in my bed :)
But my Lily can sleep where she wants. She and I can't dress alike, her legs are too short
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/16/2016 5:15:05 PM
OP (or the OP's friend...I can't remember) should just not permit the crazy dog into his home.
They can meet at her place and he can decide how he feels about her pet as the relationships develops, or not.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/16/2016 5:15:22 PM
a badly trained and behaved dog needs to stay home. That she has not trained him properly, is on her.
the dog is her substitute child probably and anyone else would always be second best. She needs to leave the dog at home when visiting, it is extremely inconsiderate and rude. I would be stipulating that. She may well take umbrage at whatever is said and so be it. She may choose between him and the dog, that is a chance he has to take.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/17/2016 2:59:34 AM
Dogs on dates? - I met a few dogs when I was dating.

I'm sorry, what was the question again?!
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/18/2016 8:26:43 PM
quiverandashiver- There are people that probably think I go overboard with how much I love my dog.
He sleeps with me and is spoiled.
HOWEVER, I don't see this person as a responsible dog owner.
She has not trained it properly.
She also takes it with her everywhere with her as if that's ok with anyone who invites her over.
That is not the dogs fault, it's the owners fault.
If I met someone who was not ok with my dog sleeping in the bed, he is trained and would sleep on the floor if I made him and that is what I would do.
I would NOT put him outside.
I consider keeping him off of the furniture and out of the bed as enough of a compromise and it's one I would make.
Let's forget this is an issue about the dog for a moment.
The larger issue here is respect.
She is NOT respecting his home, nor is she respecting him, THAT is the issue, not the dog.
There are limits and this woman has passed them and then some.
I think your friend needs to tell her how he feels and if she can't compromise AND make the dog behave, he should call it quits and move on to someone who respects him.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/18/2016 8:32:56 PM
Much of this problem is probably because the dog is mean, bites, and is destructive.
Lots of this issue would be alleviated if it was a truly friendly, happy, tail-wagging dog.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/18/2016 8:46:39 PM
Canandaigua- A correct observation. ^^^^^^
What I MUST add, is that friendly, happy, tail wagging dogs are often thanks to responsible, loving dog owners.
As much as I love my dog, I know he's a dog.
I got him as a puppy, he's a mix of lab and rottweiler, with (possible) some bird dog. (we aren't sure, but I AM sure about the rottweiler, he has the distinctive marks above his eyes, hence his name-groucho).
When I adopted him, on sight, I knew the rottweiler was there and I HAD to train him right, so that is what I did.
This is a subject I can get on the soap box about.
People should NOT adopt a dog if they are not willing to take the time to train it properly.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/19/2016 9:11:17 AM
The dog—in it's own way—behaved more rationally that she did.

He shouldn't have to ask her to stop trampling on his personal and professional space. And the biting? Any woman with an ounce of sense or regard for others would have gone home, apologized profusely, and made whatever ammends possible.

This was beyond a faux paus; we all commit bloopers. But someone so blind to what others might be thinking/feeling is not someone I'd want a friend to spend a lifetime or an afternoon with.

Interesting also that he's afraid to speak? He considers her a life partner, but they've never solved a problem together constructively?

If I had to guess.....your buddy is a decent guy, but lacks confidence. He doesn't get much attention from women. So he's grasps at whatever chance he has. He doesn't know he can leave, take his balls with him, and do much better.

He's attracted to her because she IS confident. She's so confident she will dump a man if he has any standards about how she treats him.

My guess is that she can be fun, dress up, and be nice when she wants to. But that will go out the window after he marries her and there's no easy way out.

Tell your buddy I think he should run.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/19/2016 9:29:07 AM
Some lady posted somewhere that she was turned off when her date gave her a big hug, and then mentioned his dog having a flea problem.


I thought that was funny.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/23/2016 11:27:40 AM
By all means. muslim repellant. PDA works too. Nudity works best. Just sayin.
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/23/2016 11:34:21 AM
^^ you crack me up sometimes dude..
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dogs on dates
Posted: 2/23/2016 12:37:19 PM
As in anything....both people need to be on the same page about their pets.
Pets are like children, when they're spoiled and don't have manners they are hard to endure.
Of course, if it's MINE you're talking about...I get defensive.
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