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ok....this post did go off topic

I got some of my info from the move "Happy" directed by Roko Belic

OT:God is the creator of all things, and we cannot know exactly God,...
we cannot prove nor disprove God.
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What is god?
Posted: 2/2/2013 8:34:56 PM

That which is the foundation, manifestation, and potential of all that exists, has existed, or could exist - ie, that which contains all possibility, including both reality and nonreality.

Alternatively: God is that which contains all things, and as a definition is a limiter of an "is" vs. an "is not", is without definition. Something that is without definition is not a "thing", and thusly God is not a "thing", but "no-thing" in the grandest sense - similar to how the entire universe contains all things in the universe, and is thus not itself within the universe, as its boundaries would necessarily not be IN the universe.

Proposed is that God necessarily exists, and is without a maker. From the fundamental principle of reason, "Nihil est sine ratione"- "Nothing is without reason", it follows that any thing necessarily has a cause, from which any thing may be expanded both forwards and backwards in an infinite series of causes and effects that are inextricably sewn together, such that any individual thing necessitates the entire universe, past, present, and future. Further, it implies its inverse, that "no-thing exists without reason", that is, that something that is not a thing itself (and thus is without definition) positively exists, and does so without reason or cause.

Vedic knowledge refers to the "reason" for existence as lila - play; "the universe exists for the hell of it".
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What is god?
Posted: 2/3/2013 5:49:36 PM

Well we are ruled by the very greedy, who control the government, who in turn direct the military, police, and security forces, who define the laws for the majority, who as the BANKERS stated are doing GOD'S work. Know you place, downtrodden insignificant ones!

Once there was the divine right of KINGS, not it the divine super rich who influence us all, through media, educational and other indoctrinations.

So the downtrodden, the hopeful who could have better lives are herded into thinking, just like the story of the KINGS NEW CLOTHES that something is really there. In that story, like the believers today there, saw what they wanted to see, the beautiful clothes, as redemption is seen as is the glory of HIM, MR.Male GOD, and the corpse western believers is full of life, proves one thing.

One can shout all one wants, but when dealing with the downtrodden deaf and blind, who infuse their vacuous, mundane, predictable ritualistic lives with the concept of hope, where tomorrow salvation, or something must happen to make it better, mix it with the alcohol of hope. So they all want saving, maybe love or sex might be a better fix than the temporary bottle of hope?

I say let the lemmings believe what they want, wrap themselves in whatever ideology they wish, continue the crusade between the faiths at the moment, so they can all be consumes in the blood bath in the arena of smashed dreams.

Pity them for they understand nothing more than they were taught, and a little knowledge is all they need to feel they have meaning to lives of frustration. Limited lives need somewhere to feel they can be free, and had not suicide been conveniently classed as a sin, the living dead would now be ashes, saving humanity the bother of putting up with them.
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What is god?
Posted: 2/3/2013 9:14:37 PM

Science is to blame if they use inadequate measures to arrive at definitions.

This is false. Did science attribute the "occurrence of having a bigger brain" to being superior? No. Those who made the definition did. The scientific method was only used to acquire the measurements themselves.

If every white person was "factually" deemed more intelligent than any other race, then logically, when you're looking to hire for a job, then you should show preference to the white guy, because he's scientifically better suited to the task. Problem there is, what is deemed as fact has changed many times over many years as human understanding evolves.

A fact is something that is absolutely true under a certain frame. It cannot change. If you say that "every white person are factually more intelligent than any other race" then they are more intelligent. You cannot change that as you please. If someone thinks that something is a fact, now that is different. I think this is what you are referring to. Again, this wouldn't be a true scientific way of doing things; to "think" that something is a fact. Either it is factual, false or a matter of probability.

The size of a brain has little to do with intelligence or "superiority", there is far more that goes into a brain than just the size, such as the firing of the synapses, etc, etc, etc. I'm pretty sure as well that the white person bigger brain thing is simply a myth btw.

I never said the contrary. We all know that whales have bigger brains than humans and yet they can't do what we do. I also agree that the bigger brain thing is most likely a myth. All I said was that if you define superior as having a bigger brain then that is what it is. Take no offense in any words that I said. I don't personally define superiority this way nor do I think that white are capable of achieving grander things than black.
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