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^^^ :)

I'm glad someone else doesn't define happiness as being taken care of by a government authority. It seems that this is the most significant reason religion survives. No one has an expectation of God providing a happy meal. If you want to eat you are working for it. That was a slightly flippant response but the amount of spoiled child syndrome and the expectation that life should be easy or your not happy is not beneficial to the survival of the human race.

There are threads here on spoiling children and it's funny how the same people that demand being provided for food, housing, and basic life necessities look so down on people that earned their own money and provide for their own family with things that are considered not 'necessary'.

The inability to understand the reason why capitalism exists is also astounding. Even China couldn't keep it away. It exists for a reason and that reason is resource management and human nature.

The same people that cry out in anger against corporate influence and power through the power of money and capitalism beg for the creation of the largest and most corrupt corporation that can possibly exist, the government, to be in total control.

I don't know what lesson in life these people didn't learn or were not taught but as long as it happens in Europe first I think there is about to be a wake up call that magical thinking doesn't just apply to having a belief. Having that little place filled with something reasonable helps it from being taken over with the magical thinking that life is supposed to be easy and someone else and their money will fix it.

Self determination and the ability to take risks improves society. Taking that away requires force. Giving it away requires leftism and progressiveness. Hope and Change.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 4:49:26 AM
About ½ of us still want capitalism and a free enterprise, while the other ½ want socialism. We are extremely polarized, and it seems that with the type of problems we have there can be NO compromise.

FYI: The USA already is a combination of socialism and capitalism.

The real problem that I see that exists, is with people that can see a balance with the two as they seem seems for the most part to have a a cable news level education on economics.

They think that it has to be one or the other, and fail to understand that those social policies are important to everyone, as they save money in the long run and they create a safe and prosperous society so the capitalists can prosper.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 5:35:28 AM
Capitalism at it's core, is NOT a philosophy or a political governing mechanism, it's just a tool to help us organize certain standard aspects of human interaction. It has BEEN politicized terribly, but the reason why China and all the other allegedly communist states always had capitalism in their roots, is because it IS really just a mechanism to facilitate the exchange of goods and services in an organized way.

Socialism could accurately be called a FORM of capitalism. It really isn't a total departure from it.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 9:37:24 AM

Paul K: good list. I haven't checked them all, but it's probably accurate. It also supports exactly what I was trying to point out, that someone in the present, can't make a valid judgment about either party, based upon what they did and supported long ago.

Indeed, it is a fact that after 1865, the white supremacists in the Southern states labeled themselves Democrats. It wasn't until the latter half of the twentieth century, when the Democrats decided to take the lead in the Civil Rights agenda, that the Republican Party finally began to gain support down here. And this is again, not something that I see as a coup for the GOP.

If you go back and look, you will see, I hope, that the point I was making was NOT that the Democrats are now, or have ever been saints. I was pointing out, in an entirely factual manner, just as you have about the Democrats, that the party of Lincoln is NOT the present GOP.

Each of our largest parties have switched places on many issues, over the history of the country. Heck, there was a time when both of our modern parties ancestors were in the SAME party.

The point is, that was then. This is now. Again, it is not valid to claim that modern-style Right Wing people were the ones who brought an end to Slavery.

No one said "modern-style right wing"... what was said was Abe Lincoln of the Republican Party.
Your choice to use "modern-style right wing people" as a slur is disappointing.
You seem to suggest that "modern-style right wing people" are racist?

So Igor, what is the cut off point, what period of time disengages a party from its past?
If Lincoln is no longer a Republican can Kennedy be considered a Democrat. Remember he raised taxes.
What about Obama isn't he against starting wars yet the history of 20th century Democrat Presidents was to start wars. Certainly in the first half of the century.
i.e. Kennedy/Johnson -Vietnam, Truman- Korea, Roosevelt - WWII, Wilson -WWI
I think Americans would be a lot more happy with less Dem Pres' starting wars.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 10:36:47 AM

And I can name a few European countries too and look at their situation eg: Greece, France, Spain.

and when you look deeper in those place, like Greece for example and you see that the rich have not been paying into the system at all while profiting from it, you will start to understand were there problems stemmed from.

I hope you are including Schools too, look at the schools and what they are taught about economics look at some of the Profs and their liberal thinking.

There really are no words to respond to the level of derp, other than a face palm.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 1:05:21 PM
Ref post 40, by PGL7:

What I responded to, was this statement:

<div class="quote">didn't the "political right" (Republicans) free the slaves?

The Republicans of 1860 were not the "political right" Republicans.

As for your questions, I think you may have inadvertently confused what you were trying to say...I never said "Lincoln is no longer a Republican." What I did imply, and would say, is that the Republican party of today, chose NOT to maintain the heritage they have occasionally pretended to, from those such as Lincoln, and later of Teddy Roosevelt (some Republicans wanted to claim not long ago, that since the National Parks system was set up by someone who was elected as a Republican, that the GOP of today, could pretend to be "environmentally conscious and friendly", regardless of the fact that they did nothing else to demonstrate that).

I dislike "clever" arguments, and that's what I took the " didn't the "political right" (Republicans) free the slaves? statement to be. Plus, as I reported, it is factually false. Most "clever" arguments are.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 1:44:52 PM

oh so now I'm ignorant because you dont agree with my post? gotcha well then instead of insulting prove me wrong?

It is no that I just do not agree with your post, but to say that Greece is in the situation it is in because of socialism is an epic fail at understand Greece's economy and is a message that is frequently repeated on right wing base media outlets.

well what do you expect from a country that employs 42% of it citizen in some form of government jobs and the other half doesn't pay taxes, do you blame the rich or do you blame the laws the politicians set out?

When you understand that the rich make the rules then you will start to understand.

Government jobs doesn't produce wealth or create jobs the exception is government jobs, government jobs cost money or am I too ignorant and not seeing it?.

So jobs are not jobs when they are done by people why work for the government, and in no way help to keep money flowing through the economy?

and yes I would say you are correct, that you are too ignorant to understand that it is not like that.

Government jobs provide essential services that people need and without those your world would be a very different place and I think many people fail to understand how they help everyone and fail to see how those services help reduce costs in the long term.

This is a very simple understand of how an economy works, and one can find many examples of such.

Just look at what happened in Texas when they defunded planned parenthood, they saved some money up front, but now are facing much higher costs as the result of that defunding as the number of unwanted pregnancies has gone up and in about 15 years or so you will see more crime and other related things with regards to unwanted pregnancies that are forced to be carried to term.
 Double Cabin
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 2:10:59 PM
Modern Liberalism? Is that where we are since this country has moved so far to the right in the last 32 years? Ronald Reagen wouldn't be elected today, he had a more "liberal" record than Obama raising taxes far more often and TRIPLING our deb[with Bush 41] in a growing economy while this President did a puny stimulus in response to the worst financial crisis in anyone in this thread's lifetime. You know Roosevelt and those congresses injected the equivalent of 10 Trillion bucks into an economy of 100 million people while this President did a third of that into an economy of 300 million people, right? We had surpuls projections for years until the "Neocons" got a hold of the pen for the checkbook in 2001. There was nothing conservative about them, they knew they'd get rich bankrupting the country.

Modern Liberalism: We sure could use some of that in earnest instead of the hypocritical, deceitful "conservatism" of today. Where's Ike, Barry Goldwater, or any other real American when you need them?

Our great nation is enormous. Happiness is what we make of it. If we let ourselves become just another addict of the culture of consumption then happiness is sure to suffer. If we live with purpose beyond material preoccupations we can be far more tomorrow than we were yesterday.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 2:13:07 PM

The Republicans of 1860 were not the "political right" Republicans.

All things change and evolve.

As for your questions, I think you may have inadvertently confused what you were trying to say...I never said "Lincoln is no longer a Republican."

I know that and you refused to admit that by your "clever" definition that Kennedy is no longer a liberal of today.

What I did imply, and would say, is that the Republican party of today, chose NOT to maintain the heritage they have occasionally pretended to, from those such as Lincoln, and later of Teddy Roosevelt (some Republicans wanted to claim not long ago, that since the National Parks system was set up by someone who was elected as a Republican, that the GOP of today, could pretend to be "environmentally conscious and friendly", regardless of the fact that they did nothing else to demonstrate that).

Are you implying that the Republican party of today is racist?

You cleverly avoided my questions so let me rephrase.

Is it factually false that the Democrats ended segregation.
Is it factually false that the Democrats started Universal Health care in the USA?

Now, Obama who just lowered taxes, be considered a liberal based on your history rewrite!

You can't redefine the Party's based on individual decisions made during the course of history.

You have to measure people and party's in history against the times they are in.
The Republicans under Lincoln led the way for the emancipation of the slaves and Kennedy led the Democrats to end segregation. Both events happened many years ago and both Parties have changed since.
You can't rewrite history by measuring it against a a moving timeline.

As for happiest country it's all subjective isn't it?
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 2:20:00 PM
Its interesting to note that a good portion of these countries have socialistic stripes.
Canada makes into this list!

Canada...Socialistic....Ahahahahahahhaha poor mixed up lil fella
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 4:15:57 PM

Second I didn't say Greece's problem was because of Socialism maybe re read what I actually said in message 39.

Then what where you implying?

No Aristotle, its you that doesn't understand , if the rich made the rules do you really think Obama would actually be president? Or Steven Harper prime minister or David Cameron in the UK?...

Yeah, because what you fail to understand is the different between the rules and an election, though if you where paying attention you would have noticed that there was a large group that attempted to change the rules to favor their candidate, but lucky most of their efforts where squashed.

You make me laugh you really do Aristotle love the thinking that you know it all but really what you dont know can fill a book, I think honestly you better take a refresher course on economics, government jobs cost the tax payers money and we know how good most government services are run eg US Postal service comes to mind but that is another topic.

Such a basic 10 grade myopic view of economics and the role government workers play.

Though I really wish there was a way you could get your wish and see what it would be like if there was limited to no government and live under the complete rule of corporations as it would be funny to watch when you started to understand how good you actually have it because of those things and how sh*tty your world would get with out them.

I love how you say the rich should pay its fair share but you fail to post what is fair share?

Fair share, is the same as everyone else. Why is that concept so hard for you to understand?
So get rid of caps on contributions and everyone pays the same % on income and all income is treated equally.

...I know you think Obama is God and can do no wrong but he is just as crooked at the next politician waiting in line for his job but at least he protect his rich " democrats" friends right?

You think you know, but in reality you do not have clue and are just making assumptions.

I guess some of these low income women will have find somewhere else to get abortions , so the number of unwanted pregnancies has gone up and that is the fault of Texas Government?

Yes it is, as it is a direct result of the defunding and a prime example of how many right wing polices end up costing the tax payer more money in the long run.

...nobody wants to take responsibilities for the actions anymore, maybe if some of these women would not use the clinic as their personal birth control, and im not talking about women who were sexually abused, raped or anything horrific like that.

Good point as poor people clearly are poor because they are just lazy and should be punished accordingly by have to deal with that unwanted pregnancy.

Yep that will sure teach them, and so what it is ends up costing 10X more in the long run and continues the cycle, you taught someone a lesson and that is really what matters.

I like to see the data on how many abortions they performed and the circumstances behind it, how much of the tax dollars went to perform abortions, how many health services did PP provide, such as mammograms etc.

I can tell you that the vast majority of those abortions where performed because they where unwanted pregnancies.

Now if you had a better understanding of social economics, you would know that it is cheaper to terminate and unwanted pregnancy than it is to take care of a child, and also more than not, a high cost associated with a child this is the result of an unplanned / unwanted pregnancy that goes beyond just the cost of raising said child, and that cost is paid by society.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 5:50:32 PM
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 7:01:01 PM

Directly from Forbes

But this is the source -

It would be interesting to see a debate on the facts, so here they are -
Prosperity Index Methodology
What data makes up the Index?

The Prosperity Index is the only global measurement of national success based on both income and wellbeing. Our econometric analysis has identified 89 variables, which are spread across eight sub-indices. By measuring prosperity holistically we are able to identify and analyse the specific factors that contribute to the success of a country.

How are the rankings created?
To build the Index we begin by looking at the current academic literature on economic growth and wellbeing. From here, we go through numerous stages of analysis and calculation before we arrive at the final Prosperity Index scores and ranks. This includes selecting the variables, standardising values, applying weightings, and more. The step-by-step guide provides details for each of these stages.

The Eight Sub-Indices
Sound and stable economic fundamentals increase per capita income and promote overall wellbeing. The Economy sub-index measures countries’ performance in four key areas: macroeconomic policies, economic satisfaction and expectations, foundations for growth, and financial sector efficiency.

The sub-index demonstrates that the outcomes of sound macroeconomic policies, including robust domestic saving rates, low rates of inflation, and low unemployment, have a positive impact on average levels of income and wellbeing. It further shows that investment in physical capital, high-tech exports, and a competitive economy attractive to foreign investment, are essential to boosting per capita income.

Positive expectations about the future of the economy and satisfaction with living standards contribute to the overall wellbeing of a country’s citizens.
A strong entrepreneurial climate in which citizens can pursue new ideas and opportunities to improve their lives leads to higher levels of income and wellbeing. The Entrepreneurship & Opportunity (E&O) sub-index captures these effects by measuring countries’ performance in three areas: entrepreneurial environment, innovative activity, and access to opportunity.

Low business start-up costs and a positive perception of a country’s entrepreneurial environment contribute to improving citizens’ economic prospects and overall wellbeing. The sub-index also evaluates a country’s ability to commercialise innovation and measures the technological and communication infrastructure that is often essential to successful commercial endeavours. It further provides a snapshot of access to opportunity by tracking inequality and by asking citizens whether they believe their society to be meritocratic.

The E&O sub-index builds upon research on how entrepreneurship drives innovation and generates economic growth, and the positive effects that result from an individual realising his or her entrepreneurial potential. When a country improves the likelihood that entrepreneurial initiative will pay off and individuals experience the satisfaction of entrepreneurial success, a society’s prosperity increases overall.
Well-governed societies enjoy higher levels of economic growth and citizen wellbeing. The Governance sub-index measures countries’ performance in three areas: effective and accountable government, fair elections and political participation, and rule of law.

Stable and democratic governing institutions safeguard political and economic freedom and create an environment of civic participation, leading to higher levels of income and wellbeing. The Governance sub-index assesses levels of government corruption and competition, and citizens’ confidence in the honesty of elections, the judicial system, and the military.

Government stability and accountability benefit citizens’ wellbeing. Further relevant factors include people’s perception of how well the government addresses poverty and preserves the environment. Academic research has found that, in general, political freedom, strong institutions, and regulatory quality contribute significantly to economic growth. Effective, fair, and accountable governments increase public confidence, and, ultimately, result in higher levels of life satisfaction among citizens.
Education is a building block for prosperous societies. The Education sub-index measures countries’ performance in three areas: access to education, quality of education, and human capital.

The Education sub-index illustrates how access to education, as measured by enrolment rates, allows citizens to develop their potential and contribute productively to their society. In addition, it shows that human capital stock, measured by the average levels of education in the workforce, encourages research and development, and adds knowledge to society. Citizens’ perceptions of the educational opportunities available to them are also key to assessing the quality of education in a given country.

This sub-index is inspired by research on economic growth that has found human capital to be an engine for growth, making a case for the non-diminishing effect of education on rising GDP levels. Academic research also shows that basic education enhances peoples’ opportunities to increase life satisfaction.
A strong health infrastructure which enables citizens to enjoy good physical and mental health leads to higher levels of income and wellbeing. The Health sub-index measures countries’ performance in three areas: basic health outcomes, health infrastructure and preventative care, and physical and mental health satisfaction.

The Health sub-index evaluates countries on the basis of indicators that reflect strong health infrastructure, such as rates of immunisation and public expenditure. Countries are also assessed on average life expectancy, rates of infant mortality, and undernourishment. The sub-index further includes measures of individual satisfaction with health, and the effects on health from environmental factors such as water, air quality, and environmental beauty.

Researchers have found that self-reported wellbeing and self-reported health are strongly and significantly correlated to a society’s overall health, further fostering human capital creation, which is favourable to higher economic growth. Mentally and physically healthy citizens are the bedrock of a productive workforce, which in turn increases levels of income per capita.
Threats to national security and personal safety jeopardise levels of income and wellbeing. The Safety & Security sub-index measures countries’ performance in two areas: national security and personal safety.

A stable social and political environment is necessary for attracting investment and sustaining economic growth. When citizens worry about their personal safety their overall wellbeing suffers. The Safety & Security sub-index combines objective measures of security and subjective measures of personal safety. Factors such as instability resulting from group grievances and demographic pressures limit GDP growth. Similarly, the opportunity to express political opinions without fear of persecution, and feeling safe walking alone at night, are positively correlated with higher levels of wellbeing.

When people and basic institutions are unsafe and unstable, capital, investment, and people flee. Academic research shows that organised political violence such as coups or civil war, as well as crime and mistrust stemming from poor social cohesion, hinder economic growth. In addition, an environment of fear and uncertainty negatively affects life satisfaction.
When citizens enjoy freedom of expression, belief, and organisation, as well as personal autonomy in a society welcoming of diversity, their country experiences higher levels of income and wellbeing. The Personal Freedom sub-index measures countries’ performance in two areas: individual freedom and social tolerance.

The Personal Freedom sub-index captures the effects of freedom of choice, expression, movement, and belief, on a country’s per capita GDP and the subjective wellbeing of its citizens. It also assesses how levels of tolerance of ethnic minorities and immigrants impact countries’ economic growth and citizens’ life satisfaction. Societies that foster strong civil rights and freedoms have been shown to enjoy increases in levels of satisfaction among their citizens. When citizens’ personal liberties are protected, a country benefits from higher levels of national income.
Social networks and the cohesion a society experiences when people trust one another have a direct effect on the prosperity of a country. The Social Capital sub-index measures countries’ performance in two areas: social cohesion and engagement, and community and family networks.

This sub-index evaluates how factors such as volunteering, helping strangers, and donating to charitable organisations impact economic performance and life satisfaction. It also measures levels of trust, whether citizens believe they can rely on others, and assesses how marriage and religious attendance provide support networks beneficial to wellbeing.

Empirical studies on social capital have shown that citizens’ wellbeing improves through social trust, family and community ties, and civic group membership. Similarly, societies with lower levels of social capital have been shown to experience lower levels of economic growth. And so the term ‘capital’ in ‘social capital’ highlights the contribution of social networks as an asset that produces economic and wellbeing returns.

The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index Table Rankings
The Table can be ordered by Rank or Country, or any one of the 8 sub-indices

Explore the data

2012 Findings

It'll be interesting to see if the facts ^^^ have any effect on this debate, or whether the usual recycling of personal opinions, discredited factoids, and irrelevant red herrings just continues.

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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 7:38:45 PM
thanks AA....the movie I was referring to was Happy
although I also did watch the other one.

lots of reading here in this post.
did anyone agree on the top 1o happiest countries?
are we talking politics or happiest citizins of the country?

is this a fleeting joyous happiness or an all around fullfilling day to day feeling?
just to break it up here...
yesterday after getting my laundry done I jumped up and down and said YAY my laundry is done I am sooo happy.
fleeting I must say.
but it sure felt good. lol
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 7:53:40 PM

The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index Table Rankings

Okay... Sure, we are #12 overall and in comparison of size and diversity is that catastrophic? What's the problem? No where does it say the US is a failure. Being #1 is just a Utopian goal not likely ever achievable at our scale. Can things be improved, yes. Does that mean anything is gained from this list... not really. Dropping from top 10... Thanks current administration. You built that.

When referring to the U.S., the language of the report had a somewhat dire tone. It claims that "the American Dream is in jeopardy," and "the national ethos of the U.S. is under threat."
Well, who is it under threat by? Could it be the incredibly loud voices that say it never existed or was a fraud and should be abandoned?

In fact, the U.S. economy sub-score dropped to twentieth and its personal freedom score dropped four points to fourteenth, just above Uruguay
I could have swore that the most hated group in the US is saying that freedom is in jeopardy and is getting less every day under current policies.

So, what is the point of this... other then blaming everything going wrong on the people that keep saying this is happening?

Red herrings... The US is in crisis caused by the ideologies currently in power. Half the country voted for them so it isn't surprising it isn't improving. Then comes the typical game... "America isn't as great as it use to be so we must remake it" which the past 30 years of remaking it has slowly declined it to the point is at now. But it's those other guys fault... the ones that say to stop screwing with it because you have no clue what you are doing.

Progressivism is regressivism. Self evident.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 8:52:40 PM
I went to quite a bit of trouble finding all the links I used re: each of the 10 "happiest" countries, but I don't think anybody read them. Shame on you all -- LOL.

My main point was that ALL the countires are are "doing so well" from socialism have governments on the verge of collapse, because their hand out programs are virtually unsustainable. The links come from well known and credible publications -- not some wing nut job blogs.

Believe me, as you speak of Greece. Having your government collapse is NO DAMN FUN. Didn't everybody see the riots going on in the streets last summer? People going buck wild over having to sacrifice a few dollars in retirement (age 50!) -- or retire a few years later. When I see that, I know for sure that most people were as ill informed about the economic plight of their county as Americans seem to be. And we are the WORST, overall.

Switzerland was the only country doing well, and it's economy is primarily free enterpirse.

The one that escaped collapse used "austerity" measures" to pull out of the fix they are in. And those measures were HARSH.

My second point was that the socialized medicine programs are a failure.

My last point, re immigration was this: European Countries are suffering just as much as the U.S. from foriegners moving in illegally to take advantage of their social hand out programs. That is the final straw on that camel's back. Many illegals are posing a huge crime problem. The citizens don't like it one bit either. Yet, everyone, from everywhere else, seems to point the finger at the U.S. and cry "Racism" (they ASSume that all illegals are Hispanics, when we acknowlege similar problems.)

I know a lot of people on POF hate Margaret Thatcher and throw in insults when I quote her. But I'm going to quote her again: "The problem with socialism is that we run eventualy run out of everybody else's money".

In the U.S., our National Debt has tripled over the last 10 years (and that means since the Dem's took over both houses of Congress --- so forget blaming George Bush). And it's growing by the millions everyday. Even the The problem is not so much Socialism -- it's a HUGE welfare state. And NO "welfare" is NOT a CODE for Racism. 1/2 of the country is being subsidized in one way or another. And they of all are all different colors. While others -- of all different colors succeed.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 10:05:42 PM

I went to quite a bit of trouble finding all the links I used re: each of the 10 "happiest" countries, but I don't think anybody read them. Shame on you all -- LOL.

The links come from well known and credible publications -- not some wing nut job blogs.

I looked at the ones you referenced for Australia first, since they, obviously, interest me most.
The first took me to a story about immigration in Denmark featured in 'The Brussels Journal - The Voice Of Conservatism In Europe' dated 'July 2005',
In other words, a pre-GFC story, sourced from an agenda website, that has nothing to do with Australia.

The other link was to was to a news story about a very small, very local, example of social conflict. It blew over within a few days and was replaced in the news by some other sensational story - a dog born with two heads or something. Or maybe it was the riot at an out-of-control party that was even bigger than the one you seem to think indicates the imminent collapse of Australian society.

My main point was that ALL the countires are are "doing so well" from socialism have governments on the verge of collapse, because their hand out programs are virtually unsustainable.

It depends on what you mean by 'socialism', but with regards to the list in the OP, that ^^^ simply isn't true.

In fact none of your 'conclusions' are supported by reference to anything objective, they are just opinionated assertions.

Believe me, as you speak of Greece...

Greece isn't even in the top 10. It's 49th.


Progressivism is regressivism. Self evident.

Gosh, that's got a nice ring to it...
I bet you'd love these -

War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/22/2013 10:27:18 PM

Gosh, that's got a nice ring to it...

I knew you would like that.

It's actually pretty easy to assume your response now. Pick out the simplistic variation of the argument but ignore the primary basis.

If the US has been becoming progressively 'progressive' then how can the loss of status in 'happiness' in this study not be attributed to that?

I don't really give a crap about what works in Norway. the US is not Norway. Life and people and cultures are not homogeneous and what works in one part of the world does not specifically require that it works in every other part. The interesting part of all the 'expectations' that defined happiness in the study are really the traditional values of the US with a few exceptions for government provided benefits. There are specific trusts required for health coming from government that do not work with the US. But, that requires understanding that it is just not the culture. Also, there are freedom and liberty and who the hell pays for it but... whatever... We are not Norway, nor Sweden. There is a loss of independence in the US and it shows in the study. That isn't news to half the county.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/23/2013 5:11:46 AM

yeppers I was warned about debating with you, You like to bait people , post your links to opinions and if they dont agree with you they are ignorant of the fact, you bait them and report them to the mods, Ive read some of your posting history so I see the pattern, so I'm not going to fall for it.

Aww that's cute you are part of a group.

And the large group you are referring to " lobbyist" so what? its been going on since the industrial revolution , does it make it right ? no but if your hero Obama is a hypocrite when it comes to lobbyist, Obama's 2010 State of the Union speech, he said "We've excluded lobbyists from policy making jobs or seats on federal boards and commissions." Despite that, some lobbyists are working in his administration under certain exceptions to the president's executive order.

Why do you call Obama my hero?

How did you come to this conclusion, or are you just trying to make stuff up to cover the fact that you really don't have anything logical to say?

I like to know what your degree is in?

I have a masters in spotting bullsh*t.

so what you dont live in Texas you're on Nova Scotia so what why is your boxers in a knit?

I would like to respond to that, but have a hard time understanding what language you are using here. Possibly in the future, please try and use English when attempting to make your point, and maybe a comma or two.

I have no Idea why Gov Perry cut out the funding, quite honestly I dont care either he has his reasons take it up with his supporters or administration.

I would guess it has something to do with the fact he thinks there is an invisible sky wizard pulling the strings.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/23/2013 6:44:26 AM
Not falling for your baiting and stick to the point , assuming you have a point so what does Gov Perry cutting the funding to PP have to do with the subject title or do you just like hear yourself talk, sorry I mean read your posting?

It was in response to a poster with a limited understanding of the role that government plays in their lives, and how a government that allocates funds to social programs actually have a happier population, for one due to the fact that it is money well spent.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/23/2013 8:18:00 AM

You probably do not even know the difference between a Dixiecrat and a Democrat

Raises hand...I do...I do...

A democrat is a democrat while a dixicrat, ever since the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, has changed affiliations and now is a republican.
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/23/2013 8:51:03 PM
^^^ hahaha

Gallup, however, went straight to the source. It compiled its list by asking 1,000 people in each of the 148 nations surveyed five questions about whether they experienced a lot of enjoyment the day before and if they felt respected, well-rested, laughed and smiled a lot, and did or learned something interesting.

Gallup found that 85 percent of adults worldwide felt they were treated with respect all day, 72 percent smiled and laughed a lot, 73 percent felt enjoyment most of the day and 72 percent felt well-rested.

Well, no wonder we are so far down the list. Progressive stands for 'lack of respect', and protests, and work stoppages, and riots, and vandalism, and theft of property, and well you are too fat, you smoke too much, you are not educated enough, you use the wrong language, you believe in wrong things, you must accommodate MEEEEEEEEE me me me me me me me... me me me me me me me me me me... me me me me me me me.

spoiled brats are never happy ;)
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/23/2013 9:21:43 PM
The reason this stupid article even made it to print is so that the population would feel that unhappiness is based on lack of material things, and if they don't demand the governments to save their butts with step by step, fck me over, help lines to being an entrepreneur, then it's all their fault. ( for not paying for their ideas to be stolen under the patent office rules of course). The author (or spin doctor) who wrote this, is using some fancy b.s. accounting to give the impression that those with, should be willing to give up some, those without, should get off their asses and do it their way, (because they're deprived)and those unhappy should blame themselves or the administration for letting them down. They are saying, LET US IN, WE KNOW WHAT YOU NEED> what a bunch of crap.

This b.s. comparing means nothing, all it does is distract that we are all getting fcked over and it sidetracks us with lies that location or a type of governing has something to do with it. We don't need to be governed! Do not think that choice a is better than choice B. Choose self. All these families in control are corrupt.

Should we move now? See the light on who is best to tell us what to do? Give up our natural ways so that big company's can make things "right" for us? BE happy being ALLOWED to do things? Shoot to kill to kill? fck this. IMO this kind of crap should not be read.

The places that didn't make any list (because they are not in the spotlight until we go after their resources) are probably the happiest living their simple self sufficient lives.

Don't let these greedos and the spinners and the media and the globalists fool you.

This is propaganda.

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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/23/2013 9:41:31 PM

The places that didn't make any list (because they are not in the spotlight until we go after their resources) are probably the happiest living their simple self sufficient lives.

You have an incredibly naive and way overly romanticised view of what it means to live a "simple self sufficient" life. You can bliss out all you want but eventually you're going to need health care and that means either you, or the tax payers you live closest to are going to have to pay for it.

Just curious though, what are some of the places that didn't make the list?
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Top ten happiest countries
Posted: 1/23/2013 10:41:37 PM
I have health care and haven't used it for years. Prevention saves me a lot of hassle.

The times I did use it, (every time) I didn't need to but didn't realize it back then. I was naive.

Forests have most of the medicines you'll ever need, that is why the pharma company's are roping areas off.

Do you want me to make a list of the country's that didn't make the list? I'm not going to waste my time. Feel free to do that if you like.

What I'm saying is don't fall for the lie that we need "stuff" to be happy and don't leave the decision in greedos hands about what we need/want. We need our health, a warm dry bed, loving people, HEALTHY food, fresh clean air and clean water, a sense of self worth and a creative healthy mind. If we have these, we can create any bonuses.

Without these basic things we won't be happy, not matter how many t.v.'s or cars or running around we do. So, don't sacrifice any of these REAL needs for short term so called happiness that some peon is trying to sell. The price is too high if any of it comes at the expense of any of these.
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