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I feel any sexual experience should be a mutual one, for mutual gratification, otherwise it seems kind of meaningless to me.

As someone else pointed out -- you making the other feel better should make you feel positive, at least to some degree. Otherwise, yes, you have a one-sided mind. If you only Like making them feel better when you're in the mood (mutual exchange in the moment) -- that doesn't mean you don't have a selfish mind. Remember that. When one's in the mood, it's natural to desire to see them enjoying it as you are -- even if they're a ONS.

By your rationale, you're in the same boat as someone who wouldn't want to give their BF/GF a 5 minute shoulder+back massage to work out a few kinks, because you weren't in the mood to do so. There's a difference between not being in the mood to do so when it's brought up, and it being a really bad time & place to do so.
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One Sided Sex?
Posted: 4/5/2019 6:27:14 AM
Just FYI Terone Gordon firefighter is married now just this past weekend and still on pof and wants sex from ladies still and I told his wife and the stupid girl don’t believe me after I sent her pics and text messages of me and him and still don’t believe me! Poor girl SO NAIVE AND INSECURE AND STUPID!
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