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When a man is really into u, he will not make u feel insecure, but he will make u feel safe. Men and women use the word insecurity as a weapon to form self doubt in otherwise normal people who have a keen sense and are intune with themselves

Really? I tend to agree more with this.

Wow, I just read the replies above me.....good lord, they only dated two weeks. The he gets sick, and if he had the flu or that stomach virus that's going around, either of those will knock you on your butt. The last thing you're going to do is worry about texting someone that you've only known for 2 weeks! And one can "make" you feel insecure unless you let them. Especially after dating for only 2 weeks.

You are in your mid-thirties, people have lives, sometimes things happen in their lives and they don't feel like talking to anyone. If you don't have a life to live in the interim this is not anyone's problem but your own.

I'm talking with a guy I've reconnected with from high school. He is a long-haul truck driver. It should take us a hundred years to become reacquainted with phone calls getting interrupted and seeing each other when he comes through this way. I'm not going to sit around and worry about why I haven't heard from him if I don't for a few days because you shouldn't be talking to someone every single day when you first meet them anyone, that's fast forward to a relationship and skip the dating period. Whether anything is salvageable with this guy is up to him, but you should maybe try to take things a little more slowly the next time and you won't be imagining a relationship exists because you slept with him. From his perspective, your reaction to the silence was pretty selfish if he felt like hell.
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