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'd be telling my son that his mom is a bit off anyway and wouldn't lie about my non belief. Then I'd do some deprogramming when I have him and work on getting custody with only supervised visits for her.-

Haa! I like the way you think Dame...I don't really lie to my son ,he knows I am not happy with his god but untell I can spend some serious time with him other then this bull shit one weekend a month thing I don't want him to be unhappy living with his mother.He already knows she is a bit off but seems to do what he can to keep her happy cause he all ready knows that if she is happy his life is a bit less stressful.
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Parents Religion
Posted: 2/20/2013 10:40:39 AM
He already knows she is a bit off but seems to do what he can to keep her happy cause he all ready knows that if she is happy his life is a bit less stressful.

Good, then he's not too far gone. Try to make sure that his appeasing mom is a temporary exception to self expression and logical thinking if you can.

Science world, dinosaur sites, labs, astronomy lookouts all would be on my list of things to do with him. Reading books that explain other ways besides creation too.

There are many who survived wack job parents, just make sure he has a few normal influences and in time, he'll figure it out. He'll figure it out quicker if you don't appease, and not hide from him the truth either. (not happy with his god is not the same as there is no god).
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Parents Religion
Posted: 2/22/2013 7:19:30 PM
I have read a few of these posts. Some seem on point. Personally, my parents introduced myself and my siblings to the christian beliefs. But, didn't force it upon us on a daily basis. Rather they allowed us to investigate and compare with other theories. Including scientific beliefs. And, through further belief structure study. I am led to believe that those missing years of "Christos Messiah" which is the Greek translation of his Aramaic name "Yeshua". May have been actually spent travelling into outlying asian and african areas. Absorbing some of the aspects of their beliefs. Such as the forgiveness of buddhism and the correlation of a natural society.
Then perhaps, upon return to his own society of birth. He may have perceived a hipocrasy of his own politicised hebrew society. So,much like even society of today. The powers that control the populous seeing a potential challenge to to their control over the people. Strived to eliminate that offending element. That time by enrolling the assistance of the invading outside forces-the romans.
Then as history indicates. The Romanic society first persecuted. Then embraced the Christian beliefs. But, not before politicising and skewing it. Hence, the creation of the "Holy Roman Empire". In doing so,many aspects of their previous pagan beliefs were transformed into the accepted norms of the "Religion". I say religion because, it is at that point no longer a belief or faith. Rather an enforced or indoctrinated absolute. However, I am not striving to only illustrate the conflict of just that particular belief. There is many conflicts of facts with other modern "Religions".
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Parents Religion
Posted: 2/23/2013 8:42:00 PM
Oops..I think I made a small mistake in my last post. In using the term "Christos Messiah". I actually mixed it up. I believe the thought was, that in Greek the name was written as Jesus Christos-or Christ. In Aramaic I think it is " Yeshua Messiah". The other thoughts and points still stand.
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Parents Religion
Posted: 2/25/2013 9:43:34 AM
My father was raised Baptist, but was non practicing. My mother was raised Shinto, but also did not practice after my birth that I know of. I was sent to an Episcopalian affiliated school for 12 years and was also taken to church during my childhood, by friends of the family who were Methodists. I LOVED the little grape juice communion trays there, but honestly, this was my favorite part of the Methodist church experience...
Early Christian exposure did influence me to the point that I tried to believe in God and thought if I was not "good" I would go to hell etc. But, I developed problems and had issues with Christianity and eventually moved away from the Christian church. I will let my child walk her own spiritual path, answering questions she may have to my best abilities and taking her to any religious ceremonies she may wish to see. In the end I believe it should be her choice, not mine.
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