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Tons of other such social institutions, large and small, return no commercial profit, immediately or other wise.

I agree completely. Unfortunately, the prevailing idiocy is ruled by people who refuse to accept that anything not within their limited business model, exists. If it doesn't result in actual spare change landing in their pockets, it isn't of value to them. Hence the opposition by some to public education, health care, avoiding poisons in the environment, etc.

Oh, and "critical" does NOT mean negative. Movie "critics" are NOT simply nay sayers, telling you about all the bad things, and nor is any critical thinker just looking for problems.
Critical thinking for the masses, a new frontier...
Posted: 2/10/2013 2:36:30 PM

The real problem with our society is that people like you have a weird idea of what critical thinking even is. You said -

Would aesthetics and sexuality be a thing of the past?
Would people who are more in tune with their rational logic aka Vulcanic dispositions be better suited to represent common society? Supposing common society is more elevated thinkers would that in turn dissipate the amount of emotional thinkers? Wouldn't society in general be less feeling?
Mankind was meant to feel and emote as much as think.

As I said, whatever it is that people believe that critical thinking is such that they'd wonder about the above a very destructive element in general.

How in the world would aesthetics and sexuality possibly be diminished by critical thinking? How in the world do you see a responsible critical thinker as being 'vulcanic' and unable to 'feel'? What exactly do you believe 'emotional' thinking is??
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