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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)

I am in no hurry to go to jail... and I prefer, always have, older women.

I said tutoring, not sure why would you go to jail for that.
Older women probably won't know as much "slang" as my daughter does.
And I also wondering about GTO..But still stuck on DYHMILANMY..Nobody answered me about that..
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 2:17:20 PM
If you're gonna divorce yourself, I think it's best to have a pre-nup.
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 2:23:35 PM
I would just text back GTHYSI LMFAO
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 2:30:00 PM
My response (once I figured out wtf he meant) would have been to say, apparently not at all.
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 2:33:24 PM
Number one, there is nothing wrong with having a phone conversation and wishing someone happy birthday. Honey, you should be thanking your lucky stars that this douche went on his merry way because you have avoided what could possibly have been a lifetime of dealing with exceedingly childish and petty behavior, whoohoo.

Someone will show up who one, won't text you any asinine shit, ever, he won't be afraid to tell you how he feels, or manipulate you by withholding those words. That guy's worth waiting for, this one, not worth crossing the street.
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 4:24:31 PM
I don't really like to express my feelings either, and if they are there It would prolly take a girl's departure to acknowledge them. But with that texting 'DYKHMILY' would be the wrong way to reengage her.
DYKHMILYNLHS (now let's have sex) would be my agenda...
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 5:10:48 PM
GTO is the first three letters of the handle of the poster she was responding to, lol! Be Here Now. . . .

The answer to the original question would be: Yes. Not at all. Go away.
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 5:34:19 PM

So imagine u're in a relationship, s/he never verbalises their love for u.. being critical or just indifferent... then the elationship ends and they send u a text msg with DYKHMILY?" (Do you know how much i loved you?). You pull them up about it what the hell they meant by that, why now? And they don't own up and just ignore it...

How would u feel?

Humored. (Someone was drunk-texting or off their meds.)

Would u be pissed?

No, I don't waste that much emotion on those who aren't worth my emotions.


Happy to be rid of someone who's clearly not worth my time.


Yep. Relieved to be rid of someone who's emotionally bankrupt.

~OP~ I'd suspect that person had too many and chalk the text up to a night of drunk texting. I'd not take anything written in acronyms seriously. That's just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high-schoolish for my taste. JMO
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/7/2013 6:10:57 PM
thank you, iconoclast :) you put a smile on my face

for the bored, GTO doesn't stand for "gas tires oil", its "gran turismo omologato", Pontiac stole the name from Ferrari.

back to our regular programming, already in progress...or just process...
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/8/2013 1:04:10 AM
Ergh, thanks for the replies guys.
and esp packagedeal thank you...

Well spoke to him yesterday after a week of silence. He started off aggressively, then started to talk normal about his week's happenings. When he had to go, i asked can i call him tomorrow. He said yeah call early morning. So, I did. No answer. After a few atempts he said to quit calling him, he's changed his mind and hung up.

This is the text msg he wrote last night... he said "Didn't u read my msgs?" I said yes, but u didnt say dont call me tomorrow

I think I've either got autism, retardation or I cannot read between the lines ... or im in denial... or he's inconsistent... can someone help interpret this for me. :(

OO is him CC is me... XYZ is blocked out names

OO: Hey...yeah...hmmm. The more i think the more i think i hope ur good with ur decision n that ur happy at it. Nothing is in concrete ever.

CC: I never understood what u mean by "decision". So ill say yes I hope so too.

OO: I mean ur actions. The more i think of it....the more i really realize how much i loved u....internally...and XYZ is right....she owes this marriage to u...
Cos if it wasnt for loving u so much i woulda just led u on for a bit n when i had enough just had another girl on the side...then go single...whyd i get desperate after i loved once....she does owe it to u...shes right

OO: coulda been so different. There were really no obsticles now i look at it. Well, thats fate i guess. U love freefall and u end up falling into somebodies arms who had them open all along. I if i never loved freefall i woulda never fell vulnerably into XYZ arms who happened to be open...

CC: I think u were ready to free fall. I pushed u out of the plane
CC: Next time I guess I'll wait on land for him

OO There is a reason why everything happens. God made me love u...hear you!! Freefall. I didnt even know i did. But looking at my vulnerability n realizing i was freefalling makes me realize....shit i loved her..i became vulnerable at the end cos i couldnt love her....i had to love....i was ready to love i have fallen into arms...but not i guess that is what i mean when i say i hope ur happy with this fate. I cant kid myself....i loved you...if it makes it easier for u to say we woulda never worked then ok. So be it. But i now know i did.

CC: Why'd it take a painful break up to realise

OO I dunno about this whole friend thing. U seem numb....yes numb....controlled. Numb....wheather ur controlled n numb or erratic n emotional i do the same thing....there is no right way to have friendship in our circumstances...i look back at tjis n feel likr wow....XyouX who put a spell on u. Ok..

CC: U no this is wat I feared. I knew I loved u. But wat if I couldn't have u. U fell into arms. I fell to the ground
At least one of us survived right. I'd rather u than me

OO: Hahahaha yeah....nice....write the names ### and @@@ to each other....look at those two little sad souls who lifelessly argued throughout the u think anybody cared?! was just me n u.....

CC: If we can pull off a healthy friendship from this. Or anything positive imagine the reward.

OO: Your justification lacks sunstance and its from a detached by standers viewpoint....i can see those countless tears despite anything....well i saw....but anyway....thats your life now.....this is my life now...XYZ is an angel!

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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/8/2013 2:27:41 AM
I had fun being tortured reading this post IHFBTRTP, I will send you some crossword puzzles to work on.
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/8/2013 2:53:37 AM
Hmm... I guess IWFLTWFOS
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/8/2013 7:35:39 AM
"our deepest emotions do have vowels."

Not in Polish!
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/8/2013 11:30:23 AM
When you figure out that it doesn't matter that you still love him, that you love yourself enough to walk away, you'll change your number or stop reading his texts because you don't want to waste your time on someone who is a manipulative ***hole. Print this out on paper and then read it and consider whether it would remotely be believable as a screen play :)

I wish you kindness to yourself.
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/9/2013 12:28:21 AM
lolololo, i got everybody talking in acronyms!! or LIGETIA!



^^ Thank you for your kind support!
Love myself? I cannot help but beat myself up for my own share of mistakes. Some things, I did in response to his actions, other things, I’m like woah, it’s totally against my values, what the hell got into me?

He says I shouldn’t cry over spilt milk. Well, yes, I suppose there are consequences. But it also takes two to tango. And well, it just didn’t match the ‘crime’. Like, he had come to see me at work, and he got a parking fine. And we had a huge debacle about that. He rang me to tell me, and I obviously was upset that he got the fine and I offered to to pay a portion of it. He was so angry he apparently didn’t hear me say that on the phone, and accused me of not being sympathetic, and demanded I pay half of it, that he is never driving into the city again and if I want to see him, I have to travel his way (I don’t drive but that was always cool with me). This was our second meet up btw. He also didn’t talk to me for 3 days (even tho I persisted over the phone) because I didn’t mms him a particular photo of myself.
I don’t know, I just expected him to be more understanding and stuff because he is a psychologist, and life history wise, we were similar in a lot of ways. It sucks because, if he couldn’t get me, then who can?
Emotions aside, and irrespective of how he treated me, he’s doing very good for himself and people around him. He’s extremely charitable, and I do think I wasn’t up to his standard. But in other ways, I think he lacked in basic courtesy and respect. He is a self confessed sociopath. Very intelligent and all… just, lacks gentles and compassion… which seems to be something I required. But attaining that for myself might mean I’ll have to settle for a mediocre person now, as I am mediocre myself.

You know when you have a taste of the best, it’s hard to downsize? It’s sort of like that situation. From a double storey house to a single bedroom unit.


You Wrote:
“I'm sorry this is so long. Maybe I'm projecting, but I really feel I understand what you are going through.”

Aww :S
No, it wasn’t long at all. I read every word.
I honestly appreciate you sharing your story with me/usl. I guess it’s good to share to ease the pain a little and know at least there’s someone that understands…You know, as I was readin your story, I just wanted to reach into my screen and hug you!

You wrote:
“ I don't know how long you were together with this guy, but I was dating someone for a lot of last year. I was very much infatuated, but it was an intensely confusing relationship. Most of the time, he was extremely detached. He criticized me frequently. Sometimes, mostly when I had had enough, and suggested we end the relationship, he would declare that he loved me, very insistently. “

Yes, same here. We got talking on Feb 15 of last year online, and it officially ended 5 Jan of this year. But our first face to face meet was in Aug. We met a total of 6 times of that whole year.
He wanted me to go Fiji with him (and group) for new years. He was going with the group in first class, and since he informed me late, I had no choice but to book a flight on another plane.

I bought the ticket and half packed my bag a week before departure. The same day he disappeared for a week. Apparently he travelled interstate … apparently he ‘found out stuff’ (a client of a fellow psych apparently got into my fb account and passed on my chat logs with my female friends where I allowed my friends to say negative things about him).… He was evasive with what he claimed. I demanded proof of the chat logs coz it didn’t seem right to my recollection or my searches. I demanded who this hacker was. He never told me.
In that time he called up his ex gf apparently to get ‘clarification’. So he came back 2 days before Fiji and says he wants to break up and Fiji is no longer happening. But after 5 hours of arguing over phone he wanted to give it another chance. He asked me to come along to another group new years party thing here. Again, he said he would come with his friends and told me to make my way there by myself. Ok, so I did. But the loud noise, and phones not workin on new years meant that I could not find him at all. I walked around for 3 hours til 1am on new years trying to find him…. Then went home. Apparently his ex gf was at the venue as well and was helping him trying to find me… apparently him n her were trying to ring me.

Basically, during the second half of the year, he block deleted me off FB coz I couldn’t , I went through another account and saw a profile picture of him and his ex gf cheek to cheek.. I kept questioning him and he made me believe that his loyalty was to me…

“We broke up, finally, on New Year Eve. That was when he told me that, after the last time we spent the night together, he went out and had sex with someone else. Apparently, he was angry, because I asked him to leave early the next day, because I had made plans to meet a friend “

Geez. So he went to a prostitute? How can he simply find another girl the same day and get a root just like that unless it was a total random one night stand thing or what.
It shouldn’t matter what you did. Did he explain his displeasure of you going to that friend? Or he just quietly was angry and revengeful? They think they are justified to do the extreme act of unfaithfulness because they just make assumptions about you and get all anry about it.. and so it’s all your fault now.. ahh, I am sure you went over and over about it in your head… you become your own worst enemy… they may walk away but you still beat urself up about it.

“ For about 3 weeks after the breakup I was subjected to a barrage of texts, which were about as confusing as the ones you just posted (seriously, are you sure we weren't dating the same guy?) . In them he flip flopped all over the place, from saying it was all my fault, to saying how he wished me all the best, to saying how much he loved me. At one stage, he even suggested he could start going to counselling, if it would help us work things out.”

Hahaha, may bee. Although, your dude was eager enough to suggest getting counselling to help you two. Mine is the psych himelf and he believes he has no fault whatsoever. Totally innocent, freefalled into his ex gfs arms. She had the juice he was thirsty. Can’t blame him at all.

“ Because I am a fool, and because I was really attached to him, I got sucked in a couple of times, and started talking about the possibility of getting back together. EVERY TIME I did this, he flip flopped right back again, and would tell me that I was living in the past, and should learn to move on.”

Well, I tried talking to him as friends too… I tried not to get things get to me. He would share her photos and say how cute she was (even while we wee in rs…) he played me some audio of her on the phone… and I couldn’t help but say ‘well, I did the exact same thing too you didn’t appreciate it…” and then it’d be my fault for bringing up the past.
So, I tried harder to be neutral….. then he said it was like no diff talking to a wall or dog (he hates dogs btw).

“I haven't heard from him for two weeks now. I'm doing my best to not contact him, but caved a couple of times. He hasn't replied. I'm 100% certain he is with someone else. He is the kind of guy who always has to have a girlfriend. “

Yeah, I keep telling myself that as well.
I don’t have to believe he’s with someone else. He’s already told me lol. Same night as break up he called her over aparently.

“ This has done my head in , as I'm sure your guy has done to you. Emotionally, I'm pretty screwed. I cry a lot. BUT. I'm not stupid. I can see that his behaviour SUCKED. I've kept those last texts, not out of sentiment, but to reassure myself that I was not the crazy one, the things he said didn't make any sense. He couldn't hold a consistent emotion if his life depended on ti. I KNOW that there is NO WAY a relationship with him would ever be good for me. “

Totally on he same boat with you GeekRomance. Tears and painful memories simply don’t stop…I want to get my hand away from the phone but I keep reaching to it… I cant delete his number coz I know it off by heart anyway lol.

“ So, what I'm doing, and what I suggest you do too, is to ABSOLUTELY, one hundred percent, give up on him. Stop trying to figure out what he felt then, or what he is feeling now. Put your relationship in the past, where it belongs. Its painful, and it sucks, but that's okay, you can push through the pain . Intellectually, you can see that you wont feel this way forever, right? Don't draw it out any longer than you have to.”

I dunno about not feeling it forever. I used to cry and vomit when I was with him.. he’d make me anxious. There’s a big gaping crater hole now….

Anyhow, that’s the way it is…. I appreciate your time to listen as well as everybody else’s… People are so predictably unpredictable.
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/9/2013 12:51:19 AM
CureCurious, you seem pretty great to me. I'm sorry you're going through this but glad you've found these forums.

I hope it's helping you, to talk here. It's done wonders for me. See here:

And I realize there's a lot I don't know culturally, but I do not think you are doomed to spinsterhood. A beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful person like you must still have options. I hope?
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How would u feel about 'DYKHMILY?
Posted: 2/9/2013 8:00:53 AM

Love myself? I cannot help but beat myself up for my own share of mistakes. Some things, I did in response to his actions, other things, I’m like woah, it’s totally against my values, what the hell got into me?

Your words, they are powerful. When you are with him he drives you nuts, you chose to engage in behaviors almost as if you were in a dream and not responsible for your own actions because that is who you morph into around this man.

He's given you a gift, run with it, and find someone who appreciates everything he ****ed about.
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