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Best post on this thread msitgal huge difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming..all this talk of using drug enhancements such as DMT are not needed to astral project, what is needed is self control and lots of practice.

The would be incorrect as people either supplement their DMT from and outside source or they are able to tap into their own source via meditation or similar state.

As DMT is already in us and all living things.

So in essence it is the same thing, people just go about tapping into it in different ways.
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Posted: 4/3/2013 3:10:57 AM
As a child under the age of possibly 8yrs, I have floated around the house but close to the ceiling to avoid the dark shadow people who were reaching up from the floor to grab me. It was a constant dream. There was no fear in it. Just a thought of you can not reach me.
Now as a (hopefully) mature man over 50, I have recently experienced the same but now outdoors. This time no dark shadows were there. It was a freedom of flying with a breeze. It was a time of an absolute challenging change in careers. So this may be just a dream of being let free from the long hours of the previous career. So life like it seemed that when I did wake up, it was with sadness to see the images disappear. Will we ever really know. Even now my mind is wide open.
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:51:17 AM
I've been astral traveling since a very very young age (my earliest childhood memories, in fact). I thought everyone did. I didn't realize it was a unique experience until I became an adult and heard people discussing it. I suppose it just came naturally to me. I have no problem at all doing it. It's as easy and natural as breathing. I never considerd it dreaming because I'm not actually asleep. It's just always been "that place I go". Yes, there's a certain vibration, and it's almost trance like. But I'm not asleep. Someone asked me not long ago, to teach them how to do it. I don't understand how anyone ISN'T doing it. I just close my eyes, look into my eye lids and I'm suddenly pulled in. Keep in mind though, that I've been doing this all my life and had no idea the rest of the world wasn't doing it as well.
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:26:27 PM

Yes, there's a certain vibration, and it's almost trance like. But I'm not asleep
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