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First of all, I am not defending him, if anything I am defending myself. I am trying to give you as many facts as possible and explain the situation. How do I know it wasn't him trying to get her back the first time? Because I saw the texts she was sending him with my own eyes. I did not "pounce" on him at all, he pursued me. I wasn't even sure I wanted to date him at first. It wasn't until after spending some time and talking quite a bit and seeing how well we got along and how much we had in common. And you are right, I should have left it alone after the hotel night but I was emotionally involved at that point. The night he came looking for me to apologize, I should have just left it at an apology and not started talking with him again a week later. That was my mistake. I get along better with him than I have with anyone in many years and I missed that. As for the second time, I can't say for sure but my guess is that when people told her we were together last week, she again came looking for him because she came here, to the local bar where she knew he would be watching the Bruins game, and she lives twenty min./half hour away. It was the night after we were out and people saw us. You think it's a coincidence? You think he would tell her to come there knowing I could walk in at any minute? Who knows? We will never know for sure.

It's human nature to want what you can't have or not want someone you've been with to be with someone else. You've never done that? ever? Maybe she is crazy. Maybe it's both of them. Neither you or I will ever know that for sure, will we? We are all making guesses at some of this, including me. The only difference is that I know the people involved and you are only reading it on a computer screen.

Again, this is real life. People make mistakes, people do things based on emotions sometimes, do things they regret, etc. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. I know a couple who divorced because of cheating, stayed that way for four years and are now happily remarried for may years. Another friend of mine met someone just after he got separated and ended up marrying her. We cannot always control when we meet someone we are possibly supposed to be with, maybe it's the right time, maybe it's the wrong time but without risk there is no reward. If you want to say I am wrong for thinking like this, feel free. Everything in life is not so black and white and easy, there will always be tough decisions to be made. I don't have regrets for getting involved with him, I regret that it didn't turn out better or wasn't at a better time in his life.
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Dating multiple people, to tell or not to tell
Posted: 3/5/2013 10:09:59 PM
Lol Melissa, nice to see a woman say Fleuron is delusional too, as she clearly is. Of course it's no surprise to anyone she'd answer the way she did, she doesn't approach a man, so how can she comment on something she really doesn't have any experience with? Lets not let a little thing like common sense or reality get in the way though.
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