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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives Page 3 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Porn is simply male fantasies portrayed as reality. The industry only produces what's profitable... And in terms of porn affecting peoples sex lives??? Of course it has!!!
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 7/19/2013 10:30:41 AM

The industry only produces what's profitable

The porn industry is running into the same problems that newsprint and news magazines are suffering. With online content so easy to get for free, why buy the professional product?

As for affecting sex lives:
TED talk, Great Porn Experiment. Gary Wilson argues that porn causes erectile dysfunction and impotence:

Make Love Not Porn: Cindy Gallop at TEDxOxford: Default sex education by hardcore porn

As for my personal experience, I've been out of a long term job for 6 months. To me, the pathetic, incompetent economic policies set forth by our current US Administration has done much more to eliminate any chance I have of a sex life than anything pornographic. But I will admit, that's just me. And 8.5% of Atlanta's population.

Break over. Back to the search.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 7/19/2013 2:34:54 PM
I can personally say it has not affected me in a bad way because i know the difference between porno land an real life..

sure you can get your kicks watching it an even pick up a few tricks nothing wrong with that..

i think for some it starts to affect their life when they think they can order up or just demand something from a person that they saw in a flick oh she did this an that an took it like a pro well duh that is what she is getting payed to do

in reality that position is not comfortable an dam near the people in the movie could barely do it..
also the sloppy spitting an slapping an bondage scenes in some flicks uh naw that is something you just dont do to somebody no warning pretty sure even the lady that was getting paid to do it probably did not like it all that much cant you tell by the look on her face..

if a person actually has a good partner but they them self would rather watch porn an be alone an thinks that what happens in the porn world happens in everyday life all day then YES they are living in a fantasy bubble an things in the end will turn out negatively in their life..
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 7/20/2013 7:32:16 AM
I don't mind watching some porn together on occasion, because it really turns men on so why not?


sitting around watching porn on the internet alone for hours, no thanks. I don't get it. Porn is made for men. Straight up sex, no emotional intimacy involved at all, except for when she looks at him as she going down on him. That's why women love trashy romance novels there's more emotion involved.

It can be a very addicting habit and the beginning of the slippery slope. Porn isn't real life and trying to replicate "porn sex" (mechanical, no emotion) with a woman is not a turn on.

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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/1/2013 5:10:52 PM
No. It's AFFECTED them.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/1/2013 5:40:10 PM
I started watching porn at maybe my early teens and I can say that it did affect me.

For one when I started having sex I was very disappointed that most women didn't orgasm from intercourse with me and obviously I thought it was because of my size (since porn stars have 9+ inchers).

So in my early teens I guess you can say that it affected my self esteem and made me shy away from sex as I thought I could never "measure up" to what I perceived as being normal.

Understand we didn't have the internet back then. I wasn't able to go online and find out that I was average size and that the female orgasm is not dependent on penis size (well, it can be but not usually).

As an adult porn enhances my sexual experiences. My spouse and I watch it often together.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/2/2013 7:01:08 PM
I learned how to have sex from watching porn. 14 years old stumbling on my stepfathers porn stash is where I learned everything i knew about sex before I actually had it and I'm sure that's the case for a large amount of young men. After having sex for the first time however you can start to figure out what's acceptable behavior and what's not.

There are plenty of women however that are just are warped because of porn and believe they have to act and talk a certain way during sex because well... that's what pornstars do and that's what turns men on. Me I personally don't like the porn dirty talk, i'm very apprehensive about masturbating on a woman unless she specifically requests that I do it and I don't feel the need to call anyone my dirty whore. I'm old enough to seperate the fantasy from reality and I also know most of those acrobatic positions aren't really pleasing to the woman they just look good for the camera.

Porn is almost everyone stepping block until you learn how to have sex through real world experience and get rid of the unnecessary porn theatrics from your repertoire lol
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/8/2013 2:14:32 PM
I know porn has affected my sex life. Without it, and my right hand I wouldn't have any.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/9/2013 3:01:55 PM
I remember reading about 17 books on oral sex alone, just to learn how to do it different ways.

And I thought my subscription to Golf Digest and Golf magazine was a little much. Only so many ways to swing a club. :) lol
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/9/2013 4:17:22 PM
You'd be surprised, lol

There may be a limited amount of things YOU can do with your stick, but a woman can do much more as it's not attached to her body and she can do all angles. A man has one view and one view only, only one way to place their hands which they got used to. A woman can do more than you can to your stick, and can do two things at a time whereas a man can't.

Same goes for women (orally speaking). If I could reach it myself, I'd still only be able to do a single angel :-(

There are many ways, and probably more to learn *wink*
 L,A, Woman
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/17/2013 11:23:16 AM
Porn can be good and bad. Some of the activities shown are extremely harmful to the female anatomy. So much so that some of the victims of this industry have to get reconstructive surgery. I think it gives men an unclear set of ideas about what is healthy and normal as opposed to deviant and potentially dangerous to a female. The problem is when the two collide in real life. If a woman tells her man that she does not want to do certain things there is a good reason she is saying this and she needs to be respected for her feelings. Think about it, women are the ones that have the most to lose when it comes to a man watching porn. Women again are not dolls but real live human beings with feelings and desires and likes and dislikes. Keep it real, have boundaries with your men and tell them no if you do not want to do something that is unsafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why they have warnings on those sights about health risks! If a guy you are with does not listen to no then you are not with someone that is respectful. If you were to hurt a guy's penis, my guess he would flip out! Women need to have the same gut reaction to the way they are being treated! Due to the fact our organs are internal there is more chance of damage and pain and suffering. Guys have it way easier and they need to learn to respect our bodies and only we can teach them how!
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/17/2013 1:59:28 PM
Porn is like alcohol. Many people can enjoy it responsibly, but there are also a lot of people who develop addictions to it and can have their lives ruined by it.

Just as it is simplistic to say "alcohol is always bad" it is also simplistic to say "porn is always bad." First of all, moderation may be the key. Just as a social drinker may not be doing any harm to himself a person who views an occasional porn here and there is probably not harming themselves either. People who overindulge in porn or alcohol are of course hurting themselves.

Next is the type of porn or alcohol one consumes. Some forms of alcoholic beverages can be benign or even healthy. For example, red wine has health benefits. All things being equal, somebody who drinks red wine ****IN MODERATION*** is healthier than somebody who does not touch alcohol at all. Some forms of alcohol like certain hard liquors and****ails which one drinks solely for the purpose of inebriation are unhealthy.

The same can be said of porn. Some porn may be fun, artistic, creative, or even educational. It can give an individual or couple new ideas for their sex lives or enrich one's fantasy life. Some porn can have no artistic, creative, or educational value. It can degrade people or create unrealistic or unhealthy expectations.

Next can be the individual. Some people have addictive tendencies and should not touch alcohol. Others do not have these tendencies and can safely enjoy alcohol. The same can be said of porn.

Last, one has to have the critical thinking skills and life experience to discern fantasy from reality. People who watch porn need to realize porn is a fantasy world with little or no basis in reality. People who watch porno need to realize that the fantasies that occur in porno do not play themselves out in real life, or at least do not play themselves out in real life on a regular basis for most people.

To a lesser extent, people get sucked into alcohol addiction because they buy into the beer commercial fantasy that all one needs for a good time or a party to erupt is to crack open a can of beer. While many a good time has been had over an open can of beer, there are plenty of miserable drunks out there right now wallowing in their sorrows next to an open can of beer.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/18/2013 12:21:19 AM
My thoughts have already been adequately addressed, except I don't think anyone covered how much subtlety, romance, and seduction have suffered because of the influence of porn. People need to be educated and sophisticated about how to pleasure each other erotically - how to make it a dance - but give me the old classic Hollywood romances where the sexual spark simmered below the surface and took time to build. Rawr.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/21/2013 10:01:08 PM
Aw porn
What did you expect us to turn to when you rescued Gilligan, from an island with Ginger and Mary Anne?
If it is on TV - it is most likely a lie or propaganda - or an ad for a lie or propaganda
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/23/2013 10:44:20 AM
what does porn and golf magazines have in common? Both force you to work on your stroke :)

Perhaps there is a difference in watching Rambo shoot up a place and going, "well, I won't be doing that, that gun costs a few thousand dollars, plus the ammo and Class 3 license" or a car movie and thinking, "well, I won't be doing that, I don't own a car like that" and watching a porno and thinking, "hey, if I could get a girl...I COULD try pounding like a jackhammer! At least I won't risk dying like the other two stunts". I mean, more of our senses of identity are wrapped up in sex than in car stunts or holding an M60 in one hand.

Off topic, I was listening to I think the BBC interviewing a porn actress after a few of her coworker reported being HIV positive. There was a claim that actors refusing bareback scenes would be easily replaced by the studio, so there was pressure to avoid the California law requiring condoms. The actress being interviewed tried to say not so, Joe, but then admitted she rarely used condoms herself, and as the interviewer said doesn't that undo what you just said, she tried to come out with some really bad explanation for why it was OK odds wise for her to not use protection...and you could hear the hesitation in her voice, as if she even knew as the words left her lips, how stupid she was sounding about her own mortality.

Porn has existed forever--like, before electricity. It can help a healthy sex life. It can hurt an unhealthy one. Can it be addictive? sure, for the same reason any drug--coffee, alcohol, etc--can entice you to use more than you intended. if you can't pull yourself back, then your addiction can hurt your partner as much as your smoking or drinking.

does that, therefore, give your partner the right to keep you from a future outcome that MIGHT happen? or are we there for sickness and in health?
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/25/2013 10:07:25 AM

give me the old classic Hollywood romances where the sexual spark simmered below the surface and took time to build.

... and THEN throw in Dorm Sluts Volume VIII and "pork away"! ;)

Porn isn't about romance & courting any more than a users manual to a car is. It's not aiming for that and not applied to it. One can have one medium to enhance one aspect, and another to enhance the aspect of another.
Joined: 2/3/2012
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/25/2013 3:09:35 PM
^^^was it ever?

how do you "court" the pizza delivery gal?

One can have one medium to enhance one aspect, and another to enhance the aspect of another.

is that like dousing them with water before you taze them?
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/26/2013 3:23:31 PM
well, technically, I guess "Female porn" (books rather than pictures) does cover the courting/romancing, such as it is.

perhaps attraction should be expressed as, "guys know what they want, women want to know its safe?" :) lol

personally, I HATE the classic Hollywood romance scenes where the male lead grabs the "Hudson Hawk" female lead, pulls her in, she fights off his kiss, struggles some more, then finally submits. feels too creepy, like sexual assault. but, then i guess its a product of its time.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 9/26/2013 3:52:22 PM
Sex is what you make it. Porn never changed my point of view on how to treat or respect someone, in or out of the bedroom although it has given me ideas that I would not have thought of on my own.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 12/13/2013 1:37:59 PM
At least in my case I can honestly say that it has made me become much more open to more body types...I tend to now look at slightly heavy women or older women with curiosity rather than just dismissing them.

I've seen some MILF porn and almost turned it off but then saw the woman naked and was like; "Oh hells yeah!"

Since that awakening I've dated some older women that I initially thought too thick for my! When they undressed...they were tight and smooth...just bigger...I had no idea.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 12/18/2013 1:24:43 PM
Without porn I would not of been open like I am today. When I was 18 right after high school all I thought about sex wise was getting a woman to marry me so I can have kids.

In fact there was one woman I was in love with that I never thought of having sex with and never thought in a sexual way. I just enjoyed being with her. Unfortunately she did not have any feelings for me in high school and it stunk. I have never found a woman that I feel that way about since. I have talked to that woman this past year but she married to one of my friends from high school and has a daughter with him today. Still being in love with a woman after 16 years but can't do anything about it due to her being married stinks. I really get upset deep down inside when she tells me about her life and how we both had the same interest and likes and dislikes but I know it can never be. She tells me she doesn't have any friends and never goes to town except when her husband lets her. She isn't allowed to come to retail store and shop even though she told me she likes our store better than the local walmart. She even tried to give me hug after she told me she lost her 2nd and 3rd child in a miscarriage and is going to a support group. I jumped back because their were employees in the store that her friends with her husband and I didn't want them to tell him she tried to hug me.

Now at age 34 I only care about having fun in bed and having no kids. Experimenting is always an option.
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 12/19/2013 10:00:46 AM

Now at age 34 I only care about having fun in bed and having no kids. Experimenting is always an option.

You Walmart employees are legendary lovers, I hear tell. :-D
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 12/19/2013 12:50:11 PM
^^^^^^^^^^ Yes especially in the "meat department".....
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Has Porn Effected peoples Sex lives
Posted: 12/19/2013 4:15:18 PM
Huh I don't work at walmart. Never have and never will.
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