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Casual sex and FWBPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
honestly it depends on the woman for me if the sex is really good it'd be real difficult for me to seperate emotion but I'm just being honest on the other hand if the sex was mediocre or bad I would have less difficulty seperating emotion I honestly think this is the case for everyone but what do I know. Put it this way to all the guys and women out there if it was the best sex you ever had could you seperate emotions completely and I think the unanimous response would be "NO" but that's my thought on this.. I've come across women that we're just unemotionally attatched to men altogether so there are those types also some people are incapable of feeling emotion altogether so it's a difficult question.
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Casual sex and FWB
Posted: 12/5/2018 4:29:15 AM
When in a FWB situation....BOTH have to know the boundaries.....and that's a tuff one...because feelings do tend to get in the way and from my experience the only way to go about this would be casual dating from a bar....not regular unless rules are being followed and I have known some who were married to have those FWB's but not a fan of that because it's just plain cheating....either a spade.....course that's my opinion!
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