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Joined: 8/2/2015
Msg: 71
I miss him so much it hurts.....Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Question is: dont you care enough about those other women who also want to be with that guy?

Life is not fare to most and they say it is best to have loved than to never. Every woman should be happy for some duration in their lives.

You need to learn to share things that make us feel good. Thats a problem with this world, nobody wants to share.
Joined: 10/29/2015
Msg: 72
I miss him so much it hurts.....
Posted: 11/22/2015 7:39:34 PM
I know many people who have fallen hard for someone, only to find someone later in life, and fell harder.

I think the key to you, is learning to let the past go. You can't move forward if you stay stuck on that part of your life, that is no longer.

You're stuck on what you did wrong. Focus on what you learned. A failed relationship, is an immaculate opportunity to grow as a person, as you're forced to humble yourself to it.

You're focusing on the setbacks, but through it, there is a part of you that became stronger, and better.

Nothing wrong with seeing a counselor, to learn to let go if you're struggling to find ways. You're through holding onto him, keeping your heart closed, for any potential others who may be able to give you theirs.
Joined: 11/15/2015
Msg: 73
I miss him so much it hurts.....
Posted: 11/23/2015 2:33:36 PM
The love that I had thought would be the one broke up with me a few months back. It hurt to hear her say that she genuinely loves me, but didn't see me as her life partner. We had never had an argument, nor was there ever a need to; just out of the blue she broke it. I sat and reflected and thought:

1. If the love was lost then it may never be there again, so why try and get back with someone who doesn't see you the way as you do them.

2. Love is not just once in a lifetime. Imagine; at the same time and a different location and you found love; the person you fell for would still be out there not knowing who you are.

3. Swing the bat again. My ex and I broke on good terms, and as much as it may hurt seeing her with another, she would want me to be in a happy relationship as I would her. What would hurt is seeing her with someone that doesn't treat her like the special woman she is.

4. What were the consequences and how did the breakup happen? If they were disrespectful to you, then why try and get back together??
Joined: 11/11/2015
Msg: 74
I miss him so much it hurts.....
Posted: 11/25/2015 12:57:14 PM
I was in my early 30s when me and my ex fiancée broke up. I truly loved him and it took 15 years for me to absolutely get over him. One reason is he would pop on FB...contacting my oldest daughter etc. And would say all kinds of crazy things while he was drunk. So made it harder to move on since he tried to maintain contact. But I did love him. I think people that get over people fast and easily were not ever really in love in the first place. It takes time. As much time as you need. But trust me when I tell you this...I wasted 15 years of my life being in love with a ghost. Please don't waste precious time. Try to date and get out there and let him go the best you can. We only live once-don't waste it.
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