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I don't get bothered by breakups either. I've realised long ago men don't take relationships serious, so I now tend to see relationships the same.

Probally why I've been single the last year and a half.

I actually do want to feel more, I just don't know how to.
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Emotional men
Posted: 3/8/2013 9:00:00 AM
Correction: The men that actually get your attention don't take relationship seriously.
Men who would, and are also up to date with their emotions, usually don't get any.
From my personal experience of course.
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Emotional men
Posted: 3/8/2013 9:58:20 AM
Haha, I find it funny how several people read my post as directly comparing loss of a parent and loss of a relationship.

In fact, I was comparing how someone comments on someone else's loss in both situations.

Of course it's relevant. I am not saying anything about the loss. I am saying that it's kind of unfair for anyone to judge others based on their reaction to a situation, especially if those who are judging have not experienced it themselves.

Here it is again,

Your first post makes me think of people who haven't lost a parent, thinking that it is absurd that other people are sad that their parents have passed on. Everyone dies eventually, right? True, but that doesn't mean it is out of character to be sad in that situation.
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Emotional men
Posted: 3/8/2013 6:45:26 PM
There is a line 'n all.. but I kinda like emotional men. They tend to balance me a bit, because I can be somewhat distant and overly intellectual at times. Very few have seen me a blubbering, crying mess. I will never be the one at the end of a relationship, clinging or trying to save a sinking ship.. you want out? There's the door.

That's not to say I have no emotions or can't express them.. emotional men just tend to bring them it out in me best.

intellectual + intellectual = pretty flat and boring. Not a lot of passion.

There have been times in the past though, where it all got too much. I can recall one breakup where he was literally wailing, rocking back and forth on my couch and loudly yelling 'No!! I won't accept it!' over and over again.

It scared the crap out of me.
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Emotional men
Posted: 3/8/2013 7:07:20 PM
^^ I thought you already knew all my secrets? Lol..

No he didn't 'get his way'. He was diabetic, and I thought that he was having a low blood sugar attack or something! At that point, I just wanted him safely out of my house.
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