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Genital herpes HSV 2 is not the exact same thing as HSV 1 and is indeed an std.

They share the same symptoms, can cause the same side effects, and are passed the exact same way.

The difference between them is likelihood more than anything, ie. HSV2 is MORE LIKELY to spread to genitals EASIER, or is more likely to cause certain complications but only by small degrees and pure chance-based stats.

You were making some sense, earlier, but this statement makes none. The relative difference between the two doesn't change the classification of two very similar, and very related diseases, nor does it magically make one "not an STD."

HSV1, or "Cold sores" is herpes simplex 1 aka herpes. HSV2 or "genital herpes" is herpes simplex 2, aka herpes. "Genital" is a misnomer, as HSV1 and HSV2 are both easily passed, in the exact same way, to the mouth, genitals, or anywhere else in or on the body with contact with the sores.

You can get ANY STD without having sex. "What is an STD" is popular classification based on diseases than can pass via sexual contact, and herpes simplex 1 is included, just as are several hepatitis versions and other similar things.

I agree that the stigmas are dumb, but trying to stigmatize what is practically the same disease to un-stigmatize the other version is horribly hypocritical.
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Discolsing Cold Sores?
Posted: 3/14/2013 7:34:02 PM
To abbmcray, GarnerGirl,Beckyml and the Furyan, thanks for your posts, for you guys are far more patient than me when it comes to getting the word out!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
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Discolsing Cold Sores?
Posted: 3/15/2013 8:19:00 AM
Most people have it already and just don't break out. I have met a girl with HSV-1 on the genitals however, so I know that is a possible complication with oral sex if you have breakouts.
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Discolsing Cold Sores?
Posted: 3/28/2018 2:37:51 AM
Honest is honest about anything....
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