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Rumania dates back to the Roman Empire. It was a place colonized by Roman soldiers. These were many times, people from barbarian lands that serve as soldier for the glory of Rome. Rome at the end of their service gave them land for their service. That place was called Rumania. Rumanians tend to be different than other balkan nations, that have a mix of slavic ethycities and the furthest reach of the Ottoman Empire, thus you find Christians and Muslim populations around. Rumanians tend to be very different than say Bosnians and act more like Latinos. Notice also the connection Latinos, latin, Latin, Rome. Rumanian, Rome.
 Della D
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Posted: 3/25/2013 3:00:06 PM
OP, first off, in the dating world never ever do anything you're not comfortable with

To be honest with you, I probably would not even continue contact with someone who asked me out after 5 min. This attitude can not even to be excused by a different cultural background.

You have very reasonable doubts and I suggest to tell him frankly that you do not meet with a perfect stranger without even having gotten a feel for what the person is about before. If he tries to play the racist/prejudice card, don't even dignify that with any reply as that only indicates he's a total moron, so you don't have to worry about how you come across.

If he is not understanding towards and accepting of your very reasonable request, then so be it, no loss to you IMHO.

As to whether the cultural differences would pose any problems, you simply can't know until you get to know him as person.

Take your time, and good luck!
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Posted: 3/25/2013 6:00:32 PM
he is white?...

are you serious? what do you think people from Romania look like? Mr. T?
he likely looks just like you look in your pic.
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