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[QUOTE]'Arm candy,' IMO, is a term for how attractive other people find the person you are with[/QUOTE]


Arm candy as a concept, isn't about how attracted the pair is to each other. It's about the benefits they expect to gain from been seen together BY others. The guy who says that he believes that more women will see him as attractive, if he appears before them with an attractive woman at his side, is talking about the same thing.

And he's right, to the extent that when any of us see anything that looks anomalous to us, such as an ugly person apparently romantically involved with a beautiful one, it is our natural response to try to figure out why. From that, can come the old "he/she must be after his/her money," or "he must have a really big thingy," or "his/her beauty must only be skin deep," and so on.

In the same way, it is not uncommon for people to decide that it you are NOT with someone they find attractive, that there must be something wrong with you. There are several threads with variations of that here, including things like "if someone has never been married, is that a red flag?" or "if someone has been alone for x amount of time, does that mean they are social misfits?" and so on.

Finally, there is the direct economic version of eye candy. Some people who are working to promote themselves, and trying to get ahead in the world financially or otherwise, will often want "eye candy" people next to them, in order to gain prestige, and to appear more powerful to others. This is the classic reason for most applications of "eye candy."

Therefore, with that as the definition, I do very much want a very sexy lady to be with. But I don't give a damn who sees us together, so I would never say that "arm candy" applies to my desires. As I said early on here, it is my primary sex organs which need to be pleased: especially that big one, just above my neck.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/4/2013 1:08:37 PM
A friend of mine explained to me that rich men go for "arm candy" type of women and I just laugh. Thankful this girl doesn't value material possessions. Men get themselves into trouble when they go for arm candy women! It's the personality, connection and chemistry that equal a relationship. Women also get into trouble by putting up being a man's arm candy.
Shallow and this shouldn't even be presented.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/4/2013 4:21:22 PM

Anybody I'm in love with looks like arm candy to me.

That and I'm attracted to what is known as the "plain-Jane" type where makeup only enhances what is already beautiful without. Which is all a bonus to a great personality and mind.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/4/2013 9:06:28 PM
Arm candy for all intents and purposes is a synonym for "human eye candy". Given that, I put it in this perspective:

Friend of mine is also a model railroader. Very picky about how his models look, wants scale size air hoses connecting cars (For looks only), brake rods that can move like a real one (moved by hand though), everything looking real and good to the most minute detail. You know what? He spends maybe $200-$300 per car like this. Locomotives, no clue how much he spends, don't want to know either.

Went over to his house, nothing ran properly. Could move one locomotive only on straight track, his model railroad was just a static display diorama way he had it. I asked why nothing runs, he said he doesn't want to risk any details breaking on the models.

So he has models that look good, heck, look fantastic, but they sit there and are otherwise worthless. And in the end he gets a little down because his railroad doesn't run, mine does, and so does the railroad of every other hobbyist we know.

So one day I had him over, and had a train on the line for him. Most of one anyway. The locomotive was just frame, motor, and gearbox. Cars had nothing above the center frame beam. But the train ran. It ran very well. Told him for all his obsessing over the most minute detail and ending up feeling bad because it won't run, this half-a-train he was running brought him more joy.

Arm candy is about like his exact-detailed models. Looks good, but is expensive, and most of the time, doesn't satisfy your needs. But it looks good. For some this may be OK, others, it is a hollow pursuit. Besides, I can imagine the women who are willing to be expensive arm candy, being just as finicky and hard to please as trying to run some of my friends trains on his layout. Even if you can do it, it's just not worth it.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/5/2013 6:33:45 AM
Arm Candy and she might just shoot your thingies off.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/5/2013 11:18:26 PM
I have a friend that I go out with to shows, plays, and events whenever he's in town.
I think arm candy has such a stilted view now a days.
I like the term beard best.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/8/2013 1:24:39 AM
So...a girlfriend that is hot? Yes please.

Beauty being the only quality that she has going for her? Obviously not.

Seems like too many posters are hung up on the term itself. A hot, smart, sane, compatible partner is still arm candy if you ask me.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/8/2013 1:39:20 AM
Arm candy, hmmm is that something like skittles pox?
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/8/2013 4:10:06 PM
Arm candy is in the eye of the arm-owner.

As long as he thinks a few other things about me, as well, I have no problem being considered arm candy.
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Arm candy
Posted: 5/8/2013 6:21:52 PM
sigungq wrote:

Is this why you're here "Actively seeking a relationship"?

Do you just stalk people's profiles to see what they are up to. I swear every time I see your name in any thread you are calling someone our for being in a relationship yet "actively looking for a relationship".

If memory serves me correctly you called me out on it too. Well dear sigungq for people that are here for the forums only (like myself) it is mighty hard to choose the right option because we are basically forced to choose from A, B or C which is looking for hook up, is looking for a relationship or looking for marriage. But if your detective skills were a tad bit better you would just scroll down a bit and see the actual status of a person (by the way mine says not looking for anything even though the top portion is misguiding and states I am).
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