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I think it's more effective saying Good Morning in person. I'm not a fan of cyber chit chat from machine to machine. If somebody had a fax machine, would send a Good Morning fax instead of talking to the person?
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Good Morning Text
Posted: 6/22/2014 8:48:20 PM
Damn I hate when I go into a restaurant for lunch and I see someone I know and they say good afternoon and smile at me.
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Good Morning Text
Posted: 6/24/2014 9:24:45 AM
That's nothing. The worst is when the hostess says "hi" and then asks how many of us there are... Just assuming that because she said hi, we want to sit down and eat at that restaurant.
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Good Morning Text
Posted: 7/23/2014 7:23:42 PM
NOPE. I can top that. The absolute when you're just walking down the street, in a store, down a hallway, at work, etc. etc., and somebody says, "Hello" to you. Now, THAT really sucks. Do you have any idea the amount of physical and mental energy that takes out of some people? I mean, really? Having to say, "Hello" to people like 5, 10, 15 times per day! Yikes. Talk about, "draining".

And, since we live in the big, bad, world, where every 'stranger' has the potential to be all big, mean, and scary, it would be great if someone would invent..................... like a virtual 'real-world', I dunno, maybe on a kompewter or something, and then you could maybe have like some type of virtual cocoon within that alternative 'real world', where you could be spared from actually having to interact with any big, mean, scary strangers face to face, but could meet those same big, mean, scary people indirectly, in a b@$$ @ckward fashion, possibly for dating, sex, or even relationships. Ya' know, kinda' like the saying, "Add in the middleman". Make the whole meeting process more cumbersome, backward, and complicated. Then, nobody would have to actually like, ya' know, have an actual conversation, in order to meet anyone.

If only...................... I bet it'll happen in my lifetime though. That'll REALLY be great!
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Good Morning Text
Posted: 7/23/2014 8:41:26 PM
"How are you?"


"If I told you, would you care?"

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Good Morning Text
Posted: 7/24/2014 4:13:43 PM
Personally I do not mind these from a guy I am dating. I think it is really cute and adorable.
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Good Morning Text
Posted: 7/24/2014 5:18:11 PM
I love getting "thinking of you" texts. Whether it's "good morning" or just a smiley face, it's a nice gesture. I'm not someone who always carries my phone with me, and sometimes I don't notice a text until hours after it was sent. Maybe that makes it even more endearing. It comes on my schedule; not his.

As others have mentioned, a man who routinely texts but never invites me to go out, seems to be attempting to string me along as a potential backup date or is too shy to make anything happen.


The ability to make things happen is truly sexy. ...
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