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Joined: 2/3/2012
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All around a pig's azz is pork

After reading to the very end.... I get the sense it wouldn't matter if you were a supermodel, your depth is too much to deal with. Lighten up.

The guy said let his actions show you how he feels (because he knows you have trust issues)-
and you now want him to talk about it? label it?
He's gonna quit setting up your tea if you keep it up.

He wants a stress free life.
He wants good luvin.
He wants a samich.

What else is there?
As a very wise woman is fond of saying "fuksamatterwityou?"

congrats on your transformation. sounds like you ought to give up the mental gymnastics and just learn to............ B

keyword density: 1645 words to say what?
me 41
just 18
stuff 10
like 9
how 7
feelings 6

him____ = slightly more than stuff but not as much as feelings and like...
If you want to over think something....
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Please tell me what you think...
Posted: 4/20/2013 11:37:40 PM
wolftxusa66 wrote:

Thanks for keeping your post brief. I apologize for my lengthy reply.

I made the mistake of reading this when I had a mouthful of tea. Now I have to clean up my PC.
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