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Life is an ever changing cycle. I will assume the OP is from what we would call a first world country where we suffer from what we call "white people problems".

We've come a long way in a little more than a century and a half. 150 years ago, I could "own" someone. After it was decided through a war that I could not own a person of color (not sure if neeeegro would get filtered or get me a 3 year ban), women still could not vote in my country until that was taken care of through an amendment. Bonues points for knowing what that amendment was, what year it was passed, and who spearheaded it.

According to the original document, "All men are born equal..." all men that have property and may or may not own slaves. WWII put women to work and there was no turning back.

I watched my mother and my older sister slave away in jobs like cashier and waitress, when, if given an opportunity they could have been so much more. My sister was over 50 before she got her associates degree and I was so happy for her.

Things continue to evolve. In my field, where mathematics is the cleaver, women lose, because at about 4th grade they are still taught to flit their hair, bat their eyelashes, and "be girls". When mathematics is taught on an equal playing field, women do just as good if not better then males. As long as "girls" who are good at math are laughed at, picked on by the popular cheerleader or whatever, it isn't a level playing field.

I am lucky enough to have 3 daughters, two who have already finished university, that understand the value that a proper education brings. There is no shame in them marrying a plumber or electrician that understands local code and works hard. If they marry someone that thinks, I don't care if they snake a toilet, if they come home and can carry on a proper intelligent conversation, that is what counts.

If they would have wanted to rebuild engines, been a bush pilot, green beret, or whatever, I would be 100% behind them.

Like my Gramp used to tell me, God loves women more, indoor plumbing is a LOT harder to deal with. If men had to bear children, there would already be a Redbox. Not for renting DVD's, it would be an at will abortion booth.

All this being said, we still have young girls like Malala Yousufzai, who, in her quest for knowledge and nothing more, not spewing someone is evil or this or that, just wanting an education was shot in the head.

So no, worldwide? Women have it much worse than men.
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 6/5/2013 3:05:15 AM
This is basically the same old 'the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence' argument. Life as either sex has basically the same degree of difficulty. We all have problems to deal with, it just seems that the problems of the other sex are easier to deal with. Not so. Just like there are rich famous people who are miserable in their mansions, there are happy people living in the projects. it all depends on how you look at things, and people are generally as happy as they want to be, despite whatever troubles they have. The OP simply will never get the chance to 'walk a mile in a woman's shoes', as the saying goes, for him to understand better what problems she has to deal with on a daily basis.
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 11/1/2013 5:39:38 PM
Gender is not just the only thing at play here, it also depend on how you look like and all the other characteristics you have. A person with a charming personality , good looks, wit and intelligence can always rise to the top regardless of their gender. I have known guys who are willing to give up their limbs just to have a short interaction with a beautiful woman but will not help an average looking woman. And I have seen women who would bare their soul and suffer abuse for an average looking ***hole. LOL

I do agree with you writersofwriters901 on your opinion about feminist. These same women who often shout about equality are the same women that expects doors to be opened for them yet not willing to open doors for guys or expect guys to help them carry heavy things but would never offer help to a guy. It isn't equality they want but superiority, they wanted to be treated like a princess and the men be their servant.
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 11/9/2013 4:26:27 PM
ok put yourself in this position, You are the boss. You have to hire someone withing 2-3 weeks or pay everyone overtime. Or hire a temp. You have 45 applicants. You've narrowed it down to 3 hot women, one average looking woman and 2 men vastly overqualified that will probably walk as soon as they get a better offer. And 2 men that would be just right. Does your staff need cheering up? Do you? Women go out of they're way to look better, act better, get the job done. No brainer in my book. If one of the 5 women can do the job well she gets hired Unless one of the 2 just right guys has a gift for lighting up a room :)
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 11/10/2013 11:43:40 AM

I had an argument with some women tonight. I really feel that women have it easier than men as a whole. I think feminists would like to keep making women think they have it worse but honestly I don't see it.

Reasons I believe this are as follows...

They graduate at higher rates from university then men.

They are often considered for promotion when qualifications are identical with a man because of their sex.

They are given special consideration because of their sex at work and at college.

Men do not treat women the same as men, they will treat women with a lot more leeway than they do men.

Women are judged by the law far more leniently than men.

This is a generalization and it involves western civilization, not the third world. I know that in many cultures women are still treated in very poorly, but in western civilization, it's time for them to own up to the fact that they are treated better than men.

I was literally cursed at by a woman who tried to cite so many different situations where women are treated differently but all of them were things that were relevant 20 years ago. She was pretty hot too and in her 30's and we were hitting it off till this conversation started.

So my question is this, why do women still try to make it seem like the world is so hard on them. Why are men still portrayed as keeping women down. I actually had one women say that the reason she dates black guys is they understand her plight? I was like wtf are you talking about?

OK it was a shitty night and I now know one more topic not to talk about at a party.

I was going to make this "For Men Only," just because I don't need to hear some lurkers come here and tell me how I'm being misogynistic, Anyone who knows me, will tell you that is far from the truth. I just would like to see men treated with respect and not hear women go on about how so-and-so got a promotion cause he has a penis etc. But hey let's hear what women have to say about this.

I for one think that for the first time in history women are actually having a easier time than men.

Feel free to list some more instances where women have it easier than men. Oh yeah periods and pregnancy are not reasons to argue about how hard it is to be a woman.

Women graduate because they get the marks to do so. If you believe they are getting special treatment, you are judging the system and the professors, and you are quite possible judging them.

If they have it easier I'd like to know how you come to that conclusion. I certainly didn't have it easier. I didn't have it harder either which is cool.

If they get the promotion and are just as qualified maybe it's because the employers are taking other qualifications for the job into diplomacy.

In my experience women are not judged more leniently. We often have to prove ourselves amongst a skeptical group.

There is still an difference of wages and women in management positions. This is not because we deserve less or are less qualified, it's because there is still old school thinking that we aren't as capable as well as bias and judgement of how we must have got special favours to get where we are. (Nudge nudge).

Periods and pregnancy are relevant for some. Some get really ill and it becomes a medical issue.

I would say things are getting better and there is in some places quotas to make sure we have the same opportunities as men and the reason is because they realised the odds were stacked against us before so now they need to make up for it by getting a balanced playing field. When the field is balanced there will be no need for this anymore.

I could say the men have it easier still but I won't because I also don't believe it's true anymore.

I will not agree that women have it easier, just that we finally are getting the same opportunities here.

We still are being led to believe we have to put up with "a little bit"sexism just because you guys are men, and that is just gross. We don't not.

Men and women are different, both offer something, we should work together and help each other out, not prolong this battle between the sexes.
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 11/10/2013 10:21:18 PM
Oh, yay! A thread that combines overgeneralization and the bashing of one gender; in this case women! A totally new topic we have never seen in the forums before!
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 11/15/2013 7:33:00 AM
i'm a guy and i think we have it better than women. we are born without an inherent value, we must go through trials to grow and evolve and build our value from the ground up, we earn what we have, we give ourselves meaning. women can have a "meaningful" life by just getting hitched at 18 and being a housewife, meaningful meaning her genetic heritage carries over. we have the blessing of not having a choice, when we're forced into a sink or swim environment, when we MUST succeed or face genetic extinction, when we're forced into a corner where it's sink or swim, that's where our true potential comes about. just take a look at the last 5000 years of human evolution of civilization and technology, if you wanna talk about primal genetic programming, men did all of that so they could get the girl. if you wanna be a little b*tch slacker with no purpose or motivation in life, then yea it's definitely a better life as a girl, because you wouldn't have to do anything and people would think you have value just for your lady parts, but i think that such a life has little meaning. i'm not knocking on housewives i think being a good and dedicated mother is a very noble thing, the noblest. i am however saying that i'd rather express myself through my passions on top of being a good parent, and being put into a do or die situation will help to drive me forward. after all, if i want the highest quality mother to have my kids i've gotta become the best man i can be, or some crap like that i'm no scientist.

btw the current education system isn't well suited for men so much as for women. men learn best when they run around and do stuff, experience things, hence so many males "have A.D.D.". i don't know what moron decided that all kids will learn all important lessons in life by sitting in a desk until they are 18. tbh it's more of a system designed like a conveyor belt, pushing out mass produced worker bees to work for the hive.

i do think that women tend to have it harder in the workforce. a guy freshly hired starts off as a newcomer, a woman starts off as a girl at work. like someone else said there are people who are skeptical and they have to go above and beyond to earn a "man's" respect among their peers. that being said, you can tell who the hardworking women are by the ones who insist on being treated as an equal and refuse special treatment for being a lady, very admirable imo.

as for feminists, i don't think they're real people. they're just as psychotic as men who treat women like property they just switch up the roles.

btw don't get upset ladies, you already know that there are butthurt losers that hate you because you're too wiley to let him into your pants. both genders have their particular challenges in life, that's it conversation over. trying to have a debate over a subjective experience is among the stupidest things you can do, because there is no answer, it just is what it is.

that being said, i'm totally jealous of how women have their own boobs to play with, yall lucky :(
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 11/25/2013 2:02:58 PM
Nope, women still lack political power/representation, face far greater amounts of sexual violence, are misrepresented in all forms of media, and are commonly degraded for behaviors men are celebrated for. A woman's worth in society is still determined by attractiveness as well, for example you had to add the detail that the woman you wee talking to was "hot" in some sort of label to legitimize her.
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 1/7/2014 4:02:43 AM

Rape is the only part that is exclusively a men's domain, but only because they control their erections. To a degree. It would be a bi-relational effect if women could force men by threat of torture to have an erection.

I think you are missing the point about rape. It isn't sex. It's violence, primarily. Women are just as capable of abusing others violently as men are.
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Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 1/7/2014 8:05:12 AM
I generally avoid generalizations. And I know better than to presume I understand the challenges someone different from me faces. I rarely witness racism, for example, but I'm a white male. This was brought home to me when I bumped into a black friend at a store. When I checked out the cashier asked me "will that be all sir?" I hung around with my friend as he checked out and the same cashier at the same point in the transaction stammered and stuttered and couldn't bring herself to call my friend "sir". My friend is not one to complain about his lot in life but when I asked him how often that kind of thing happened to him he just grimaced and said "every day." I never would have known had I not witnessed it.

I have been passed over for promotions and job opportunities in favor of a female candidate before, but I never felt gender was the deciding factor. In my current job I serve as chief of staff to 400 seasonal employees, 35 year round. I hire, fire, promote, demote, discipline, give or deny raises. And I field complaints. I strive to be fair at all times but I won't claim to be infallible. Every now and then a woman has complained about not being paid as much as a man in the same position who started at the same time, but in each case she had taken extended periods off while he kept working, and number of days on the job is a major component of our pay scale. I keep hearing statistics about women being paid less than men for the same work but so far have never witnessed it. Maybe if I were a woman I would be better tuned in to that, like my black friend and racism.

It was a sad reality check here in WV when Obama ran for president. During the primary season I heard multiple examples of people in this traditionally democratic state struggling between racism and sexism as they pondered who to vote for. In the primary Hillary won by a landslide, yet in the general election a large number of Hillary supporters switched to McCain and he won by a large margin. Apparently here, at least, racism trumps sexism.

As I think back on those I've had to fire, the number of men vs women is pretty even. Men seem more prone to be fired for saying or doing the wrong thing in front of paying guests or their coworkers. Women who I've let go have been for drug use (the pill problem is huge in this area) or stealing, for the most part. I don't know what to conclude from that.

Much of the work here is physical and involves a lot of customer service. (We're an outdoor adventure resort with rafting as our largest activity) Women often start with better people skills than men do, and men are often more comfortable with the physical demands, but there are exceptions on both sides and everyone must be good at both to do well.

I've also noticed that both genders tend to behave better when in the presence of the other gender, and strive to make sure there are men included in the housekeeping department and women on the grounds crew, positions often dominated by one gender or the other.

Sure there have been times in my life when I've felt unfairly discriminated against, most often because I'm single and childless so it's presumed holidays don't matter to me, but I assume everyone at some point feels like they were treated unfairly and don't lose a lot of sleep over it.

So there's my ramble for the day....
Women have it easier than men!!
Posted: 1/7/2014 1:39:01 PM

Then again, Banks in Ontario and Canada have only male CEOs.

I don't know how to explain the bank thing.

Because it's still true that you just don't give women the money.

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