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Joined: 3/20/2013
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Fridge running cold....ideas?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Thought it was fixed but it isn't!!!

The fridge gets pulled out monthly and the floor cleaned, the sides of the fridge wiped, the tray beneath the fridge to catch the drips emptied and disinfected and the coils cleaned so I don't think that's the issue - when all this started, I checked all these were clean and they were.

I think it might be the thermostat or the actual temperature control dial. The dial runs from 1 - 9, 1 being the lowest setting. Until all this started, the fridge was always set to three. A tiny adjustment down to about 2 3/4 means any meat in the fridge has had to be thrown away because it's not staying fresh. Moving the dial back up to increase the coldness, results in the partially frozen food for items with a high water/liquid content.

I've popped off the dial itself to check that's all clean which it is and I've tried the other suggestions here too. The seal is definitely forming a tight seal. Again, it's something which gets wiped over at least once a month when the fridge is routinely emptied and disinfected. I've tried wiping the seal with soapy water as one contributor suggested with no change and I've tried the thin layer of vaseline around the seal too but neither made any difference.

So it seems, not only is my fridge emotionally unavailable but it has a tendency to be frigid too.

For now, until I figure this out, the fridge is set to the slightly higher setting as I'd rather have the ice crystals than food going off.

** I'm not ignoring any suggestions but keep getting caught by the restriction of not being able to add a post if already having 2 out of the last 10.
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Fridge running cold....ideas?
Posted: 6/21/2013 4:26:26 AM
I looked up why Air conditioners get iced up, since leaving it unplugged seemed to help temporarily. According to what I read, this can happen for another reason I hadn't thought of, which again requires a service visit: the coolant needs to be recharged.

Over time, Freon (or whatever is used these days) can leak out of the compressor and pipes, and the system has to work harder to get cooling at all. That can cause ice to form, apparently, contrary to what one would normally think.

One temporary thing to try, which wont fix anything, is to put the stuff that is icing up in the upper front of the fridge shelves. The way most refrigerators work, is that the freezer is on top, and the cold air in the lower section just falls down through vents in the rear. Thus the stuff at the back of the fridge, and in the "crisper" bins at the bottom, get the most cold air. If you put stuff there that you don't care if it gets icey, the problem wont go away, but it might be less annoying.
Joined: 8/1/2006
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Fridge running cold....ideas?
Posted: 6/21/2013 9:03:04 AM
OK I will post in order to help with the post limit restriction imposed on the OP.

I am not sure how your fridge is set up, since it doesnt have a freezer, but keep in mind, in a closed fridge, cold air sinks - warm air rises.

This is why the foods in the crisper, or closer to the bottom are freezing. The temp can vary as much as 2 degrees C. Until you solve the problem, you may want to try to re-arrange your goodies.

Which brings me to the next thought: Many fridges have a small fan that runs and circulates the air INSIDE the closed fridge whilst it runs. The reason for this is to avoid the cold refrigerated air FROM sinking to the bottom, much like what sounds like is happening to yours. The fan keeps the air inside circulated, thus maintaining a balanced temperature top-to-bottom. If the fan is dead(which does happen,tho not a common occurance), or not blowing/circulating air from the cold vents for another reason, this may be the problem.

Check when running and see if you can feel if a fan is running AND it is blowing the air inside when the fridge is running.
Joined: 6/3/2013
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Fridge running cold....ideas?
Posted: 6/21/2013 9:16:07 AM

I think it might be the thermostat or the actual temperature control dial

Well I'm glad you did some trouble shooting first, but there is is hope in fixing it yourself & getting the additional personal satisfaction were most would have cry uncle by now. lol

imo,Go on the internet to do the following advice as there are many blogs on repairing & trouble shoot a frig. They will tell & show you how, and you will need a multimeter to test in see if you have failed temp sensor, defroster sensor, etc. And if there is a open or closed circuit. It is not that hard if you take your time & make sure the power is turned off.

Check when running and see if you can feel if a fan is running AND it is blowing the air when the fridge is running.

Another good point in the balance of air. Simple but very important.

So it seems, not only is my fridge emotionally unavailable but it has a tendency to be frigid too

Well to fix that is would take more then a dozen multimeter s ! lol cheers
Joined: 2/27/2010
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Fridge running cold....ideas?
Posted: 6/21/2013 12:49:28 PM
Is it possible to replace the spring in your thermostat so it doesn't keep happening? Super cheap if you can. Any second hand parts stores around?
Joined: 11/10/2012
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Fridge running cold....ideas?
Posted: 6/21/2013 5:57:43 PM
As a former appliance service tech, who did warranty for all the brands, I can tell you it could be trickier than you think. Those Maytags had bunk-ass evaporator fan motors that would intermittently fail, causing all kinds of fun problems. You may have an intermittent problem, or a combination of things. Or an intermittent AND combination issue.

1. Make sure your inside light actually goes off when the door is closed. Sometimes the switch activation was off by a hair- the light would stay on! heat from the see?

2. Set both fridge and freezer dials to mid, or 5/10, for starters. leave it for 48 hours.

3. Sometimes the Styrofoam block in the escutcheon( that housed the defrost timer and cold control) would shrink and allow too much air(leakage) from the freezer into the fridge.

4. Can't remember if those things had any condenser fans. Probably not, but if so, and they failed, it may cause some weird symptoms.

5. Leave some(air) gap behind/around/overtop the fridge-the condenser may be encased in the fridge shell, and needs to conduct heat outward to the air to dump it properly.

6. Maytag used to have a technical assistance line, that you'd pay for assistance, although really meant for service techs who weren't warranty-authorized. I don't know if it still exists.

7. Best to call someone who specializes in the Maytag stuff, and are known to have good reputations.
Pay them.
Joined: 3/20/2013
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Fridge running cold....ideas?
Posted: 6/27/2013 5:59:27 PM

1. Light goes off when door closed. Yes, I emptied it and shoved a teenager inside for confirmation ! (briefly).
2. No freezer - it's all fridge but will try setting the dial to mid range over the weekend as I suspect any produce will be frozen like a Canadian February.
3. No freezer so air leaking from freezer into fridge is impossible (for me).
4. ?
5. There's about 6 inches from the top of the fridge to the over head cupboards and about 4 inches to each side and behind it.
6. Maytag weren't very helpful due to the age of the fridge and basically told me to buy a new one.

On a happier note, I fixed the lawn mower :-)
Joined: 11/10/2012
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Fridge running cold....ideas?
Posted: 6/28/2013 5:16:22 PM
Sorry, I did notice at some point after I'd posted that your original post mentioned the "all-fridge"(no freezer) Duh.

People have mentioned replacing the cold control. Makes sense to me, unless those things have fans(one) to circulate the cold. Because you're having food freeze, your sealed system works-(no refrigerant leaks, and compressor is obviously working) You have a minor issue. It would be worthwhile to change the cold control yourself to see if that's your problem before buying a new one.
Good luck.
Happy Canada Day weekend to my fellow Canucks
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