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Finding love when your older, is it possible? Really? Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Just like with so many other things, what the question and experience of finding love when older versus younger is depends on the person. For some it's different when they're older versus when they were younger, and for others it's the same. The things to be concerned with, or the things that a person takes into consideration, can be different when you're older, but again, for some it might not change much.

For me...though I am wiser in some ways, nothing has really changed. Nothing is really different. Except for some of the things that I'd need to think about or be concerned with, which have to do with people being in a certain place in life in ways that are definately different than for a 25 year old, for example, as an older person looking for someone. But otherwise I thankfully obeyed my intuitions about some things when younger even though I didn't fully understand them then yet. And my motivations and intentions were originally what they should be then, so nothing has changed in that area. Also my understanding of the experience of a good kind of love and connection was thankfully already on target in the beginning. So for me, I'm still looking for what I've always been looking for, and what it'd "feel" like would be the same. But for the question of if it's possible - as soon as I think that I'd say that it's less possible when you're older, I think of the ways that make it more possible or less possible for a younger person...the things which count in to adjusting that probability statement are different for a younger person than for an older person, but there still are those factors for who knows how that probability calculation would come out.
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Finding love when your older, is it possible? Really?
Posted: 7/23/2013 9:56:41 AM
I fell in love and got married at 60, I think attidude is more imporant than age.

You seem to put a lot of stock in a couple's hopes or dreams being different than a young couple.

One's hopes and dreams aren't rated on a scale of better to worse, they are what individuals and their partners need for their own situation. Maybe some want to travel together, some want to grow old together. Maybe some want to live a swingers lifestyle.

IMO whatever it is you want out of life, you can achieve it, but you have to think outside of the box you are in.

Our hopes and dreams are like many yougner couples, we hope to have children and a small happy home to call our own. Maybe it we have extra money, do a little traveling.
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Finding love when your older, is it possible? Really?
Posted: 7/23/2013 5:58:50 PM
I think that "older" being a relative term, individuals may or should have a better chance of finding love. They have more life and relationship experience than the young'uns. I know it's an axiom, and not always true, but the blessings of age (yes there ARE) is wisdom, experience and being so much more in touch with yourself and knowing what's important. I consider life a continual learning experience, and while I don't always enjoy the lessons, I have the choice to find a way to grow from and through them and squeeze a drop of learning so that my future decisions are better ones.

I know that of all my early childhood memories, I was in an environment where it was mostly "older" people...actually people MY age now! I totally enjoyed it, wow they had great stories, and I enjoyed hearing about how they came to be who they were through their life experience. It gave me, at the time at a VERY young age, a whole different perspective about "older" people. I am still so thankful I had so many "older" people throughout my childhood...I loved being around them. They were so much more interesting than the kids my age. And they were so much more open, I could ask them questions, and they were more than glad to share.

So finding love when you're older? I wouldn't even ask or say "really"?
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Finding love when your older, is it possible? Really?
Posted: 8/3/2013 2:20:41 PM

I'm 46 and not expecting to ever fall in love again. All those same, wonderful feeling are there, but are not returned. Most people are too busy, married, raising kids at this age and do not find me either attractive or interesting. I gave up. Life's not better...but it hurts less.

I feel the same way at 43. I was happy and my outlook was good until 42. I just have come to the realization that is pretty much over for me. People are busy with career, kids and the one's that I like, dislike me. I am giving up too.
Hoping life will get better and I can transition into a single, sexless life.
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Finding love when your older, is it possible? Really?
Posted: 8/3/2013 2:31:35 PM
Finding love at any age is not only possible, it will happen! I know at my age my drive mentally and physically are still at a great level and there is no way I ever think love is not possible. Keep looking, writing to people and just live. We all wish it was easier and quicker but one day you will find that someone and you will look back and understand there was a reason for it. Only takes one!
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Finding love when your older, is it possible? Really?
Posted: 8/5/2013 11:31:29 PM

If you meet someone and you both are in love a prenup is a fair thing to do. If the person is concerned with it, then they are not the person for you. If a man had a problem with that prenup I would pass. I don't feel love has a dollar sign attached to it.

I could not say better than this.

But people view love with a different meaning and most boil down to love myself more than first ask would I, should I, want to love other and willingly to be in a vulnerable position.
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