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Joined: 3/8/2012
Msg: 76
Insulting my IQ...(e.g. who did you vote for again ?)Page 4 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Back in '79 my blonde date said she had a 20/20 IQ. When asked about mine, I replied, "I have no idea."

So she asked, "You're on a deserted island with Lynda Carter and Bo Derek. After discovering a bottle with a genie inside, each of you are granted one wish. The two women wish they were home with their love ones. Poof, poof, they're both gone. What do you wish for? To be home with your love ones or a large luxury yacht that will enable you to travel around the world?"

"Neither! I would wish for Lynda and Bo to be back on the island with me. Dah! What man wouldn't?"

My gorgeous date thought my quick reply was 'dim-witted'. She dumped me when she learned I had voted for Jimmy Carter. She had the hots for Dan Quayle at the time. That's when I learned 'NEVER' discuss politics or IQs with a woman who has a fantastic body.
Joined: 6/11/2014
Msg: 77
Insulting my IQ...(e.g. who did you vote for again ?)
Posted: 4/13/2017 6:55:11 AM
ummm, 20/20 is usually vision. And a data company.
Bo Derek is a beautiful woman but you should have taken the boat :)
Joined: 9/7/2016
Msg: 78
Insulting my IQ...(e.g. who did you vote for again ?)
Posted: 4/13/2017 8:41:21 AM

first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e

Google is your friend
Joined: 10/3/2015
Msg: 79
Insulting my IQ...(e.g. who did you vote for again ?)
Posted: 4/13/2017 9:10:59 AM

Google is your friend
Yes, it is.

There is still at least one other way of finding out the answer without using Google nor any math :-)
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 80
Insulting my IQ...(e.g. who did you vote for again ?)
Posted: 4/13/2017 10:30:20 AM
wasn't 20/20 also a TVshow w/ ba-ba wa-ta? :) Thanks, O, I was thinking, "isn't 20/20 hindsight?" Don't remember if I answered the question about the other 50 questions asked, they were both general (what's your job, how many siblings etc) but in the hands of a smart person, they could come to conclusions like if you were a middle child or from a broken family or whatnot. I doubt she went off a cue card with them, likely was just curious. she read every prior post I had at that site (2,000 of them, oy) and wished to see my baby pictures when she arrived. Its nice to have someone show interest :)

Speaking of beautiful actresses of the past, a comicon fan friend of mine on FB took a recent photo with Loni Anderson from WKRP in Cinncinati. Wow does she still look amazing.
Joined: 6/11/2014
Msg: 81
Insulting my IQ...(e.g. who did you vote for again ?)
Posted: 4/13/2017 11:37:45 AM
Were you a cute baby? I wasn't at all, then I was a giant beach ball baby.. I mean like giant
I mean I wouldn't join Mensa as they make you write a test
Basically I find answering 12 to nearly every question /ratio works.
But I'd rather an IQ test than say a trust building exercise
" sorry but you are going to fall as I daydream.."
Joined: 12/3/2016
Msg: 82
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/13/2017 11:46:34 AM
So sorry for the off topic comment but... I cant resist

have owned two 2 seat cars , a Fiat X/9 and a Mazda RX7.
what year was your RX, and do you remember which rotary engine it had? I LOVED mine.I also at that same time drove a two seater stang... took out back seats, roll cages it, and put 450lb of stereo equioment in the back...4 10's, 4 12's... the wall of death we called in.

Cant be a taxi with a two seater eh? lol
(Sorry for the car talk, but NO APOLOGIES to the ladies...I know MANY who are car buffs and know their stuff!).
Joined: 8/25/2015
Msg: 83
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Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/13/2017 6:23:04 PM
Ugh... IQ tests sound like the kind of things that would attract socially inept geeks. It's kind of snobbish to boot.
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 84
and yes apologies for the gearhed talk
Posted: 4/13/2017 7:15:25 PM
Babies are like puppies, aren't they all cute? :) I know I was big enough to need a C section, and was record weight for a week until a bigger baby came out of someone's oven.

Wow, 4.10 rear gears to go with a 2.95 first gear on a WC T5? Even a tall tire probably drops that to 3.9 or maybe 3.73. Practically can skip and launch in second. Unless the 4.1 is a reference to the stereo equipment, that's one thing about cars I don't know. Rotary engines are wonderful little buzzsaws when the rotary seals hold together, but man, the gas mileage...ouch. Still, a wonderfully balanced car, almost perfect for an LS swap, and i'm even sick to death of LS swaps. But it was great when Japan was having a supercar war and the mighty 2JZDET was born to fight all.

I always thought of the 13B like the 426 hemi, in that neither engine was real great below 4,000 RPM, but wind either one up like an alarm clock, and all your money invested paid off....
Joined: 12/3/2016
Msg: 85
and yes apologies for the gearhed talk
Posted: 4/14/2017 5:58:06 AM
I was referring to the stereo...4 10" subs and 4 12" subs..

But yes! I ran 4.10 gears, not the usual preferred 3.73 for street. I could burn out in second easily, and rolled out in fourth gear once without stalling. I could burn rubber repeatedly as I hit each gear.
Ready for what I did?
-.030 bored, ball peaned, blueprinted
343 stroker kit. Edelbrock performer RPM intake and aluminum heads. MSD ignition. ram air induction with a K&N filter. x303 cam. TKO T5 tranny. Line loxk. DECH suspension with Koni asjustables and specific profressive rate springs. pan hard bar. g load brace. Strut tower brace. 6 pt roll cage. RCI racing seats(the recaros wouldnt fit) and 5 pt harnesses for both . 24 lb injectors. Max shorty ceramic coated headers. Flowmaster exhaust. SVT differential cover for those 4.10 gears. Aluminium sub frame connectors welded thru the floor, with the seats permanently mounted to the sub frames. Grant removeable steering wheel. For the stereo, 2 Phoenix gold 12's, the rest all soundstream, 2 12s and four 10's, all running off of a phoenix gold outlaw 1800 watt amp for the bass and a soundstream reference 600 watt amp for the mids and highs, all custom built permanently,into the passenger area/ back seats and trunk. Optima batter with it relocated in the trunk with the stereo geae.
I xloxked just under 12 seconds in the quarter.
I ate other stangs, Porches, vettes and a viper too. I even holeshotted and beat an FZR 1000 lol
We have the perfect road here called the DVP. I nwver deove 'dast' but that road at 4 am was rhe road of all roads.

Boy do I miss driving!! Esp that stang, it was scary fast

For paint! It was deep purple thatbwas blendes in with the front end, which was pained in House of Colors Mirage! That paints like $600/pint.
A car show accident wrote off my front end, so I repainted it an 8th time in another deep purple, but this time I axded ghost flames that were in the shape of horses heads flowing sown the side and 24kt flecks in the clear coat. Rubber was Goodyear Como TAs on Weld Scorpion rims. Spent just over 5k on rims and rubbed, and another 5k just to install the parts included.
That lumpy cam? Made her sound psycho, ans straight h pipe no cats made her one loud, snarky beast.Just knew something was under that hood.

What year was yours and what engine did you have in it, gto?

Geeze...sorry OP!
Ive totally railroaded the threas, sorry for that!
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 86
and yes apologies for the gearhed talk
Posted: 4/14/2017 7:37:03 AM
that's a good combo, the early 347's would smoke b/c the wrist pin was in the ring lands, but now they've got it right. the factory 303 cams were always popular when they came out, along with the GT-40 intake and heads. Ah, the good ol' days when that stuff was new and carb people were still scared of it. i'm not surprised you were laying rubber everywhere, and the suspension setup you had is righteous. I'll eventually be going stroker 351W on my mustang (solid roof, no T-tops so might as well, the original engine and T5 are long gone). But I got pulled over twice a year with that grabber orange paint (got a pic on my profile, the black pickup is what i'm driving now, wow good gas milage is a wonderful thing!). at first I didn't like the original Cabernet Red, too dark, I like the Jalapeno Red of the 1985. But now i'm really liking darker color cars :) I like traveling long distance, and the odds of getting pulled over increase...but I still love custom paint on cars. I pinstriped on my rear spoiler, "i get my gas from eating rice" just to cut down on the kids trying to street race me, i'm old enough to not really want that kind of drama and attention anymore, y'know? showing up in a 5.0 makes enough of an impression, I don't need to be putting 5 alarm systems on the car, too. i'm a low key type.

I like more than 15mpg and long drives, so I prefer highway gears, had the factory 2.73 (once, coasting down every hill home, I pulled a ridiculous 30mpg). Especially in the snow, yes, I drove this sucker year 'round. as long as I didn't get caught on an uphill stoplight, I could keep the momentum going. maybe sideways at times, but I traveled the 30 miles of hills and got to work before my boss did, even if it took an extra hour. i'm looking at a 1968 4-4-2 now with 3.0 rear, its an automatic :( but its a switch pitch converter, how I would have done it back when I was a kid. we'll see if someone snatches it before I do this holiday weekend. some rust, cracked windshield, but the price is right and it has a transplanted 455 with under 10:1 cr so I won't have to mix my gasoline. couldn't build it for the price they're asking, so its real tempting....or I could put the $4500 into what I have. choices, choices, right?

that does sound like a killer mustang you had, must have showed well and gotten some awards. that's the type i'd love to show up with, its the "hassles" from everybody else i'm just not keen on. I could get in my mustang, go places, park, and it would still be there. only got broken into once. that's the kind of car I've grown into liking, won't impress the fanboi's, but the grown ups might notice it. or not, I can do without attention these days, i'm really learning to like that now. I guess i'm reaching old phartism :)

we used to have a great highway nearby for autobahning, Route 11. If you've ever heard of Callaway corvettes, they were built in our state and Sledgehammer hit 2oo on that highway. but then we got a bad winter, frost heaves, and that was that. it was supposed to be a highway connecting two highways together, but the budget fell out so it basically starts nowhere and ends behind an ice cream parlor.
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 87
and yes apologies for the gearhed talk
Posted: 4/14/2017 8:54:01 AM
I will say, as I reflect and wait for oil to drain out and be replaced at 201,000 miles, highway gears are part of my problem--I naturally do 20 mph over the speed limit on back roads and in residential areas in the off hours on the way to car shows and such, and highway gears allow that easily enough. Which of course attracts the po-po, and I just want to drive and be left alone. If I was winding out at 3,000 rpm like the old days, I might just do closer to the speed limit. well, maybe.

last night went to a car show, and had a nice 2 hr drive home, highways where I only do about 75mph, and a lot of pikes in between, where i'm doing....slightly less between the stoplights. Luckily the pavement buckled this winter, so that's slowing me down. but its nice to just get away from things, keep driving on with the stick shift and watch the industrial/commercial scenery go by, places abandoned, buildings redone to house other businesses and guessing what they once were built for. Homes with the curtains open and the lights on at 9pm, wondering what family life is like there. I can see why people sing songs about driving the open road, what the hell did people do before cars and pavement was invented? they didn't even have a radio dial to turn to find local stations and see what's going on in the 3 states I drove thru last night.

wait, what the hell was the topic again?

oh yeah, testing IQ. let's be nice and rewind back to that. people tend to all look at the world differently. I remember a piece of art back at university, a round table with a globe in the middle, and Styrofoam display heads on the circumference. each painted a different skin colour, with holes drilled thru the eye parts so you could see the world thru their viewpoint. simple enough, but still interesting.

I don't think an IQ test should really test how smart a person is, but just how they think. I'm arguing w/ a friend who went down to florida to sit on a beach and then do the malls when it rained this week. personally, I think that could be done up here for less than the price of hotel and airline (this is a coastal state), and she wouldn't be complaining about missing her bed. i'd rather do whatever down in FL I can't find at home. she'd rather be at the beach.

we all approach things differently, and so long as we are made happy as a result, great. I may not need someone smarter than me, but as long as we share common sense or dollar sense or she has the knowledge and I have the intelligence to apply it, then its like business partners--we get along or we compliment each others' weaknesses. Assuming neither person lets ego get in the way of doing so.
Joined: 8/29/2016
Msg: 88
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 10:47:46 AM
As a the only criteria for a job, this socalled IQ test lacks a lot. I would think this would be the final decider after a battery of tests and resumes and qualifications.

However, as a story that someone you just met is telling you, it's as good a start to conversation as anything else and a whole lot better than some other things people do. Like whip out the checklist and start asking questions about past relationships, kids, and house ownership.

GTO... have you ever driven out west? Like I-10 El Paso to LA or through Wyoming / Montana? Highway 101 San Francisco to Portland? Those are some really great drives. I'm thinking about driving down the Florida Keys next. I just have to double-check when hurricane weather begins (September?) and avoid that.
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 89
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 11:20:54 AM
i agree, it does well as a story, and its fun to meet someone who can teach you something new. I don't remember where i heard this bus stop story originally, but i always remembered it as a way to think outside the proverbial box.

the only time i drove outside of the upper east coast was in Wisconsin, and unfortunately at night without my glasses. a bit of squinting was needed, and to add insult to injury, it was a gf's four cylinder with automatic. so, push down on the gas, and wait. passing was something you began before you realized you had to do it, in order to have enough "Steam" built up to accomplish it, and of course, that requires being able to see far enough down the road to realize you were going to need to pass someone :)

as you may know, out in the farmland the road seems to run straight a long time, then take a right angle turn around the corner of some farmer's property. i'm told the whole idea of a dragstrip being a quarter mile in length (1320 feet) comes from the fact that "forty acres and a mule" computes to a quarter mile of length along one side of the crops, and thus it became the official measure, tho now some tracks run less distance.

i would love to do some of the roads you mention. The run from Vegas to Cali is famous, as hot rodders would use it to get away for a weekend. As a kid i rode with my parents on PCH1 on the California coast, even came along a wreck, some kid stole his brother's hot Camaro to race, just like in a B grade movie. My roads out here are curvy and hilly, for example:

on a moonlit night, its you and the car passing rolling hills of farmland. street lights only exist at the intersections. and when the foliage changes, the world looks like a bowl of froot loops cereal. pinks and oranges and gold and reds
Joined: 8/29/2016
Msg: 90
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 12:45:21 PM
Oh, you need to drive those routes and in something with pep and road-touch (whatever that's called in carspeak). I hit 120 mph without realizing it on I-10. Fortunately, by the time highway patrol noticed, I had coasted down to 89. I've driven parts of the East Coast. A friend I was visiting told me to be careful because an inch on a New Hampshire map was NOT 25 miles with plenty of time before the next exit.

I never knew that about the dragstrip but it makes sense unless drag racing originated in the spacious west.

Well, if we ever meet, we won't have to do the IQ test. :-)
Joined: 12/3/2016
Msg: 91
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 1:15:59 PM
Ok, ok...
Can I ask you both questions?
Now that Im the dedicated co pilot and navigator...
and you two both sound like you love driving...
can either give me...
your five fave road trip...'driving' songs?
I have "Radio Love" as one of mine.
High music IQ can matter roo!
Joined: 3/22/2016
Msg: 92
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 1:42:26 PM
Favorite driving song would depend on the mood. Nice casual drive rolling through the hills and just sight seeing no particular place to go Chuck Berry. When I got in my 85 Camaro well now that called for some serious tune age "highway to hell" "shoot to thrill" Added a few pictures of the baby I sacrificed to raise my daughters had to decide which was more important. I didn't want my teenage daughters stealing her so I sold it instead.
Joined: 12/3/2016
Msg: 93
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 2:18:51 PM
^^^Add to that Thunder. Sorry, big AC/DC fan, finally got to see themwhen I worked security at the SAARS concert.
Anything by Pantera works. Oh and 'Fuel' is an awesome traxk.

Wjwn I deobe I was only really im one mood... driving mood lol
And with all that stereo, tumes were a big thing for me while driving...
oh yeah. gto. 4.10s on 92 octane minimum meant many expensive trips to the gas station. I xould go thru four refills after a day of funning it up.
What was cool...was Sunday mornings. Id get up early, go have my coffee from my ba,cony, and look down to see my ex.... cleaning the rims, getting ready for the shine n show. Lotsa 50s music at those...but not my kinda driving music!
If youre driving with 4.10s , with a Hayes adjustable clutch and a B&M Ripper shifter? You need rock!
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 94
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 2:19:09 PM
Yes, I like road feel, and driving old cars gives a lot :)

Out here, if you see something up ahead, its close up. otherwise it would be hidden behind a curve or blocked by a hill. I remember back in school a friend went out to I guess Arizona, saw a stoplight down the road and kept hitting the brakes thinking it was coming up. But it was very far down the road, they weren't used to being able to see that far.

thanks for the compliment, driving out in the areas you spoke of is on my bucket list. Hopefully when I do what i want done to one of mustangs, I take a long trip in the wintertime so i don't miss a car show. My state is so small only one highway has an exit 100, and then you're in the next state. I dated a woman from Minneapolis and couldn't imagine the highway exits were in the 200's. Even New Hampshire is big by our standards, you miss an exit here, there's a another one soon after it and you can almost double back on the side roads to the one you missed.

More trivia--dirt roads would be dragged with a "comb" behind a horse or tractor to be made smooth after the rains etc, so the "main drag" was likely the road into town since that's where the crops were sold. And "Drag race" may refer to the road recently dragged and relatively smoother. the only other surface back then for racing were the abandoned airplane strips built for patrolling the coast in WW2.

I'll go with Nestaron and say the road music depends upon the trip. back in my industrial/house/trance days, I made the mistake of listening to trance music on the way to Boston. not the way to stay awake, but the Chemical Brothers wasn't too bad. Driving home from work after a long day, i'd tune in "Afternoon jazz" from a local NPR station. laugh, but college radio way down at the left side of the dial was interesting b/c there was a wide range of music types that would come on.

My problem with any rockin' music is I have to set the cruise control so I won't get pulled over. Saliva's "Broken Sunday", Orgy's "Blue Monday", Foo Fighters "All My Life", Offpsring "Gone Away" you get the idea--you just want to start passing traffic and the next thing you know you're whipping and getting pulled over. And there are times something like DMX "Party Up" comes on and you just want to roll slow and go, "yeah, you're checkin' me out, I know it."

for laughs, you may like or hate these two:

(bet you love the video if not the music, i'd love to try one of those body suits one day)

as lame as it sounds, sometimes Johnny Cash is good for toasting down the highway, y'know his folsom prison--I sing for the man in black stuff, not the later religious stuff. that's the closest i can get to country.

But oh yes, with a stick shift, I totally agree, rock music was made for rowing a long handled Hurst short throw with tight gates, and feel the back end slide out from under you in response. always said, the next best music to a woman's orgasm is the secondaries of a Quadrajet kicking in....bwwwwwuuhhhaaaaaaaaaaa-chirp!

uh, ahem, back to our regular scheduled programing.
Joined: 8/29/2016
Msg: 95
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/14/2017 5:59:52 PM
Musically, I'm into a different drummer.
Like Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (with cannons!), Star Wars music, Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on Paganni, Angry Birds theme, Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture...

Occasionally Johnny Cash and Abba.
But no one wants to drive with me then because I sing... badly.
Very badly.

I'm not sure we can even call it singing.
I also listen to (and sing along with) 'filk' music.
But that's a subgenre of a subgenre.
Joined: 8/21/2015
Msg: 96
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/15/2017 6:28:50 AM
doubt it has anything to do with IQ

maybe about loyalty, and where your priorities fall?
Joined: 6/6/2015
Msg: 97
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/15/2017 7:44:16 AM
Lots of people are looking for a unicorn. Good luck with that.
Joined: 12/3/2016
Msg: 98
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/15/2017 4:22:02 PM
^^^ or lookin for rheir intellectual counterpart. The more imtelligent you are, the more importance intelligence becomes, and if you really are 'smart' you might wanna test to see if the other person is up to speed.

I have a nifty word problem I use to identivfy the sharp knives
Joined: 3/12/2010
Msg: 99
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Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/16/2017 8:32:36 PM
The strangest question I was ever asked on a job interview:

What is a torque wrench, and what is it used for?

Bear in mind that I work in IT, Information Technology. A really strange question for someone applying for a job it IT.

And yes, I did know the answer. My father was an auto mechanic. I grew up hanging around dealership service departments and auto repair garages.

I used to have a blurb on my profile here, but I long since took it out, it never once got a remark or a question. Something along the lines of:

A very nice spring night. A 1970 Challenger convertible, with a 340 V8, headers, and turbo mufflers. The top down, driving back from Freeport to Houston, late at night, on a 2 lane blacktop road. The moon is full. The sound of my exhaust is bouncing back at me from the barns and farm buildings. Not driving too fast, just pushing it a little, just enough to hear the exhaust, to feel the acceleration push me back in the seat.
Joined: 12/3/2016
Msg: 100
Testing my IQ...
Posted: 4/16/2017 9:35:43 PM

A very nice spring night. A 1970 Challenger convertible, with a 340 V8, headers, and turbo mufflers. The top down, driving back from Freeport to Houston, late at night, on a 2 lane blacktop road. The moon is full. The sound of my exhaust is bouncing back at me from the barns and farm buildings. Not driving too fast, just pushing it a little, just enough to hear the exhaust, to feel the acceleration push me back in the seat.

Sounds like someone missed their calling.
You should be a writer.
I dunno but I could imagine this being narrated... by David Lee Roth lol
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