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I met another guy and lost all interest in him. He then began to chase me again. Over a two week period i constantly flaked on him telling him we would hangout out that day but i always made an excuse not to. I was honestly not interested in him anymore

Okay... you're not looking so good so far. He wasn't ignoring you before this, be wasn't contacting you As Much + you found interest in someone else. Miss Poca-Hottness, I think you're too me-me-me. :)

We went out to eat then back to his house and i ending up sleeping over and having sex with him.. :/ That was on friday and he hasn't contacted me AT ALL since then.

Have You? It's a two-way street. You've already had 2 dates under your belt, and a long history of texting and whatnot.

Almost like he's getting revenge for me blowing him off so much.

I don't think it's to that degree -- although could be possible. You were being a real a-hole to him before, when he wasn't that way to you. It's more likely he's off the "I won her back" high, and is repositioned himself to think "Okay, miss me-me-me should initiate contact with me for once."

Needless to say i am PISSED and feel like telling him off. Should i contact him? Why would a guy do this?

You should have contacted him a day or two after, cordially. You were f-ing with him about going out for so long; merely f-ing isn't going to convince him otherwise. Again, communication is a two-way street. You're just as guilty as he is for not contacting the other person.

But think if the situation was a LITTLE different: You go over there with this lack-of-interest that you've had, he doesn't exactly "win" you over, but, meh, he's OK and mildly entertaining. You have some drinks, and you end up having sex, but the sex was "meh". Not the most horrible, but not your cup of tea, really. So you don't spend the whole whole night, and drive home around 4am, and, well, you're not interested in him. But he does text you "hope you made it home ok", since you didn't leave in the morning, but late at night. You text back that you made it home alright & thanks. But that's it. Would you be so mad that 4 days later he didn't try to initiate anything again, when you're not interested?
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He's Ignoring Me After Sex??
Posted: 3/11/2019 7:18:08 PM
you also are ignoring him, but all up in your own head about it. you are 19: so where do you come from, that the 1950's "Used for sex mentality" arrives? if you believe that, than you have a career opportunity, and shit can ssxual intimacy until u reach about forty or so, you'll be able to retire as a wealthy relatively young woman.
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He's Ignoring Me After Sex??
Posted: 3/22/2019 9:11:57 PM
chased it, hit it and quit it. You were a bit of a challenge to him and once he made the conquest he was gone. Dont contact him for any reason...... You were in it as much as he. Went back to his house and I assume had willing sex. He owes you nothing. If he made promises to see you again he lied. It was a one night stand. Men do it all the time. CHalk it up to experience. He didnt want to pursue the relationship. .. If you dont want casual sex, hold out and if the guy is interested he will get to know you first.... I can only hope you used some kind of protection.
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He's Ignoring Me After Sex??
Posted: 3/23/2019 12:17:02 PM

I can only hope you used some kind of protection.

Yeah, Let's hope they did. Not like they're going to say I've got herpes :) At least you would have something to remember him forever... ;)
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