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So, you say he's a GOOD guy? Not a sadistic control freak?

Could have fooled me!

How would you know he's a sadistic control freak? You read two paragraphs, and heard one perspective.

I'm a 21 year old female, so I get horny and I have no problem being open about it except when I am actually horny, then I get very shy and suggestive. The guy I am with right now just does it for me. I don't know why, I don't like his looks really, he's kind of annoying but he could touch me on my ankle and I'd melt. He knows this, so when I do my shy horny hinty things he usually catches on and does what he needs to do. When he doesn't, I get so upset. I could cry like the pain is physical. He proposed I be direct, just tell him how I'm feeling and to take care of it. So even though it took s'much courage, one night I say quietly, "can we have sex tonight?" and he gets OFFENDED. Says that was a ****y thing to say and pushes me off of him. I explain that I wasn't trying to be ****y, and he says "well you can be ****y without trying". All I wanted was a lil action from my boyfriend, where did I go wrong?

It sounds like he's upset and doesn't want to have sex, but the way he's going about letting you know he's not in the mood isn't very gentleman like. It sounds to me like he needs to work on expressing his boundaries a little better. That's just my perspective from the limited information we have.

Also the talk about F ing and S ing, him. Does that make you feel bad the way he talks to you, or is that sort of thing a turn on? If it bothers you let him know, so that your making clear what your boundaries are.

Last thing that I can tell you is that it's important for any couple to have activities and common interest outside of sexual intimacy. If you have a strong foundation outside of your sexual activities, and a true connection, then your relationship will flourish. If not then the relationship will depend primarily on how good the sex is.
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