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Joined: 9/10/2014
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And that's where we differ on our views, I am not the sum of things that happened in my life, in fact I spent a few hard years not being the sum of things that happened to me or that I made happen. What I am, is the result of working through my problems, understanding myself and building boundaries to help me lead a life I am comfortable with, considering the things that I have at hand to work with.

My friend Paul A. Sp. put it very accurately this way: "Lelenc, is the sum of a woman better than her whole?"
Joined: 8/16/2014
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What does moving on mean?
Posted: 9/18/2014 2:33:48 PM
It means there is no future where you are in life, and saddling up and moving on and upward is required. Not always easy, but necessary for living in the time we have. Happiness can be allusive but obtainable.
Joined: 3/16/2014
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What does
Posted: 9/19/2014 10:56:14 AM
There's been quite some input about when "moving on" has happened. If you're still unsure, try some of the examples, either stand-alone or combined. For example:

Your Msg 45 - Your newfound self-reliance regarding vehicle maintenance can be combined with:

Molly Maude's Msg 6 - Spending time together, go on outings....etc.

Go over to his home, change his oil, if they are a 2-vehicle family, change her's too (never pass up bonus points). If those pesky comments about not moving on don't stop, then you'll need to try something else.
Joined: 9/10/2014
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What does moving on mean?
Posted: 9/20/2014 3:39:47 PM

Think of how many crappy relationships one would have to go through if moving on meant you have to be with someone other than the ex. LOL

Perfect logic. I like this.
Joined: 3/25/2013
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What does moving on mean?
Posted: 9/21/2014 1:12:55 PM

Amen to that, Seakytten!!! I agree!

As long as you live your life well and try to help others and are happy......that's all that matters.

My own ex tried the "I'm with someone and you aren't" stuff with me.....and I pretty much told him I can do MUCH better without him.....and that I do NOT need him or anyone else in my life as I am happy the way I am.

I work, go to school, handle my farm, and my clients. I come home happy and not having to worry about what kind of mood he will be in when I get home or wait on him hand and foot as he refused to help around the house.

Besides.....the one he left me for......left HIM! - didn't even last 2 years......just remember.....what comes around goes around and paybacks are a total b*tch!

And the irony of all ironies.....he has asked me back 5 times in the 9 years I have been free of him. My way.....never. I would sit in a chair tied down and take the worst beating someone had to give me before I would ever consider it. ex has NO jurisdiction in your life and neither does anyone else for that matter. If and when people ask you about the "why aren't you married" or "why haven't you moved on" ARE free to let them know it's really NONE of their business!
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