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 vlad dracul
Joined: 4/30/2009
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Witchhunts ... where will they end ?Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Just as a wee exercise in delusionalism gonnae point me to where i used your username? Think youve been guzzling the delusional juice again eh? Lol now i cannae
help this. I know that you know that you made a complete arse of yourself lol so here is 'secret dossiergate' and the follow up.
See you are not the only one who can go through previous posts (although in your delusional mind that is something that you do not do). So here in all its glory is


"News from the field I take it and you’re quite the reporter, Tatler at its finest no less...have to admire the dedication, it must take a significant amount of time and effort to scrutinise other posters history and such, your little jotter must be bulging at the seams with the gossip...(~coughs~)...dossiers of posters you have under surveillance or at least believe you do, even big brother would be quite put to shame, it all appears rather obsessive to me although suppose everyone needs some sort of ‘hobby’ eh...then again maybe it’s more of a full time occupation, or is that pre-occupation, ever thought of trying something a bit more productive...knitting maybe."

Who said that? Was it a) me? Or b) someone delusional who made a complete rear end of themself and now wants said waffling to vanish into the memory hole? And 'it all appears rather obsessive' to you? Lol x 10 helloooo delusionial obsessive pot its drac the kettle here.

Now who could have written this one wonders? And it is a belter where the accusation of me using underhand comments is made. They 'dont care for that'. Seriously? Especially after what they wrote about 'secret dossiergate'

" really can’t be doing with underhanded comments though, never much cared for that approach, seems quite disingenuous to me, it reminds me of the school playground, children bleating on about he said this, she said that, catty indirect remarks...if you wish to address a poster then do it directly eh, no need to spit the dummy out however if that’s how you wish to carry on will try to oblige although prefer the direct approach myself, besides wouldn’t be up to your standard at sly jibes and don’t exactly have your knowledge of other posters activities, not that I’ve that want either..."

You have bammed yourself up big time hen eh?
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