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Is college worth it?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Getting into the trades is a wise investment too. Plumbers, welders, electricians, etc. can make well over 6 figures in Canada. I know welders that have their own company that make well over 250 grand. Many professionals don't make that kind of money.

So yes, go to trade school/vocational school and learn cooking or welding or business management or a multitude of skills and be well on your way to success. And never stop learning.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 10:13:01 AM
College has lots of pluses. To some degree it helps develop critical thinking skills, some majors more than others, helps a person become a better reader and writer, helps expand a person's horizons, helps develop life skills and confidence, is a filtering mechanism that makes a person more selective for employment and is a great way to spend the transitory period between adolescents and adulthood.

Get a degree. You will have a road that will lead you to the professions or trades if you want. Learn to respect yourself and others will have respect for you. Just avoid debt and high tuition schools unless you have money to burn. Example, u of Miami is now about $1,750 per credit hour. Even their resident halls and meal plans are more expensive. That is outrageous, especially for something like a history degree.

Of course, a degree does not guarantee common sense nor reason. Witness mungo and the white supremacist.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 10:22:37 AM
Donald Trump has a college degree , right? guarantees "class"..

.. see? pure needs a college degree to come up with such a precise and descriptive comment..although my farmer Uncle who only completed Gr. 8 could be heard uttering this epithet as well ..also one may brag & feel superior about travel, etc... it depends on the person really
I actually think that college may be a little outmoded in the internet age..people with a curious mind & a thirst for knowledge can often learn more than someone who goes to a traditional college and goes through the motions required to get the 'sheepskin'.
Quite a few colleges now offer courses online, even some for free..e.g. Coursera..
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 10:30:01 AM
^^^^ Isn't there an issue with Donald Trump University?

I can't follow all the b.s. regarding who is running in the U.S. but I'm laughing more about the comments about his small hands/small penis. Juvenile humour at times is good. And just so you know, a university degree does not automatically mean you are intelligent; it means you passed a whole pile of exams and paid dearly for the honor.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 10:31:50 AM
Mongo has a graduate degree? Does he have class? Class is something a person develops...or doesn't. ..on their own and has a lot to do with the people you surround yourself with.

A degree does not guarantee intelligence, but the average graduate has an iq of about 110, while the overall average is somewhat less than 100. Generally, intellectually curious people are more likely to seek higher being higher iq makes sense.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 10:36:34 AM

In my experience it is definitely worth it for snobs who want something in order to feel that they are superior to others; they can look down on people who did not attend or gain a degree.


Nobody attends classes whilst raising children and working, spending hard-earned money on an education and obtainment of an earned degree, to wave it over somebody else's head.

If you reject college or the cost it, don't pay apply for admissions and don't pay for it.

the need to feel superior to others fills a deeply held need for many people.

That'd be quite an expensive feat.

A way to instantly bond with other superior people and reject inferior ones

Who the hell wants to date a self-loathing reject?
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 10:43:17 AM

Getting into the trades is a wise investment too. Plumbers, welders, electricians, etc. can make well over 6 figures in Canada. I know welders that have their own company that make well over 250 grand. Many professionals don't make that kind of money.

I agree.

My son chose to go to a Vocational high school school to learn one thing...and finalized a shop in another. It could change, again. He is bloody brilliant and very wise to attain a trade so if he chooses to go to college, he will have something to sustain him and already a business/work record by the time he graduates, like his sister.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 11:02:28 AM
Chicano Studies is more about theory one can stuff away, somewhere; it's cultural perspective and is applicable to professional within those communities where qualification is required.

My approach to education was to study theoretical applications to my real life and work experiences that having an adult student education provides (yes, to polish them). And, yes, it opened doors for me that no secondary education could do. Many adults that return to school have a focus and purpose and have or are carving out a life for themselves.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 1:06:12 PM
A full 70% of jobs do not require a college degree. Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers - that's most of it.
That said, there are more employers that just want you to have a degree because they ignorantly think it means you at least have the ability to stick to something for 4 whole years, while other employers understand that you just partied for 4 years and learned the minimum you had to in order to graduate.

Give me someone with real life experience any day.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 1:30:07 PM
"A full 70% of jobs do not require a college degree. Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers - that's most of it."

Many trade jobs, electrician, plumber, HVAC, ect., require an apprenticeship to be employed in the trade. I work in Manhattan, and other than service jobs, there are many employment positions that require minimally a BS and often an MBA. To advance in such employment positions, one must have an MBA.

Many entry level jobs "may" hire someone with no higher education and in smaller operations may advance these people into positions of management. It is a rare case, when employed by a major corporation, that someone with no higher education would make it into a supervisory or management position, and certainly not to upper management. The plain fact is that when competing for employment, a person with higher education stands a better chance of obtaining the position than a similar applicant with no higher education.

In this ever more competitive employment market, one must bring their best tools to the interview.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 1:30:43 PM
As with most open ended questions, this one leaves something to be specifics.

I know many people with multiple degrees who don't work in the field they have their degree/degrees in. Many people (myself included) changed majors a time or two. Some younger (and even older) people don't really have a clear-cut idea of either what they're really, really GREAT at or what they'd like to do as a profession.

As some have said there are professions where not only a degree but other professional credentials are REQUIRED. I DO think college as a rule is way oversold, I'd like to see more emphasis in entrepreneurism. Let's face it many of the great business people dropped out of college to start their own business, Gates (Bill) and the guys who started Google as just a few examples. Oh and Steve Jobs, if I am remembering correctly.

I think whatever your chosen area you have to be willing to learn by books and experience both.

So is college worth it? That's a highly individualized question and answer.

I've told a few I was thinking about putting my MBA up for sale on ebay, small down, takeover payments......for some I get that blank look like the plane flew over the hangar. Oh well, I get a giggle out of it.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 1:31:19 PM
Well as an"employer", it's been my experience that college grads are generally far more competent than non grads, including grammar skills, mathematical aptitude (many non grads can't even do simple fractions) and work ethic...for what it's worth.

But yes. If you are going to be the next bill gates, you can probably skip going to college. Good luck.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 1:47:41 PM
there is a fancy term called "confirmation bias" that likely applies..if you put out lots of time & money, to attend college it is likely difficult to admit to others or yourself that it may not have been worth it..One wants to believe they made a good choice.
You said previously that "your people" are superior in intelligence & achievement..there's a few outside that, I think Bill Gates may be goyim?
according to your profile you yourself are not a college are you unsuccessful, then?
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 2:03:07 PM
Chosen people has nothing to do with superiority. Jews agreed to accept and be bound by God's instructions and rules and commandments. As tevya said talking to God, couldn't you have chosen somebody else?.

Regardless, college is not for everybody, and certainly not necessary for the trades. But for white collar work, pretty essential.

I don't think lots of debt for college is worth it, but it's also not mandatory. Going to college has lots of benefits though, if you can avoid the debt, some I mentioned above. The confirmation bias is to those who choose not to go or can't go, and trying to justify the decision to themselves. In the trades, monetarily, there probably is no benefit to college, so long as you have decent reading comprehension abilities and can do the math necessary for your job.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 2:32:08 PM
Is college worth it?

That, of course, depends.

A lot of people go to college to 'find themselves', to party, or because their parents want them to go to college.
I believe people should NOT go to college until they know who they are and what they want.

I think people should go into college knowing what they want to do in at least a general sense.
They should have a plan for minimizing costs. I took all the AP tests I could find, never bought a textbook - especially when the syllabus said '80% of the grade will be tests and class participation, one semester I lived in a van in the parking lot across the street from the gym.

caballero - Snobs feel superior to others no matter if they have a college degree or not. Most of the people you mention began college then dropped out once they discovered their passion or realized that their entrepreneurial instincts were correct. I suspect a few had backup plans before dropping out.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 6:24:11 PM
Ah yes, Bill Gates, Steve many school dropouts do you think they hire, anyway? Betcha for the big jobs, they want a college education on the resume.

hey, let's ask Bill Gates:

hmm, even Bill Gates says....don't be a dropout like me. I think we might call that, "Straight from the horse's mouth". I mean, if anyone should oughta be the guy who walked down that road, right? seems like a guy that smart, and with experience, might just have the final word on what he went thru.

what does Steve Jobs say?

I quote:"Not once in Jobs’ famous Stanford commencement address did he tell the students that the previous four years was a complete waste of time. Instead he offered this advice: “Do what you love. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” None of this is incompatible with attending college. On the contrary, college opens up a world of people, places, and possibilities that lead to transformative, world-changing ideas and innovations"

If one has no clue what they would do in school then yes, as others have said, go to school....a trade school. there's plenty of jobs out there, IF you work hard and don't think life owes you a dime. As you get older, you can always go to college as an adult student. When I was there, I met a few, returning to get a nice degree so they could be paid what they should have been getting paid for their seniority and experience.

If you aren't slated to go the college path, that shouldn't be a negative reflection. I used to work w/ a lad who tried it, didn't like it, became a bar a restaurant. The restaurant was owned, of course, by an entrepreneur. Who by his nature kept an eye out for new ways to make money, and brought him along on some hot new investments. Last I heard, the guy was doing OK.

there's many ways to skin the proverbial cat.

oh, and Steve Jobs son, is he following the path the source of his genes took?

"There are plenty of jobs available at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. At the time of this writing, they are looking for a deputy director of strategy planning in the HIV department. The candidate needs to be an “excellent communicator” along with “proven strength in structured problem solving with the ability to synthesize disparate information and critically analyze any situation.” Oh, one more qualification. Solving enormous problems require what Gates calls “critical path thinking,” so don’t bother applying unless you have a college degree, a master’s or doctorate, and an MBA.

It should be noted that while there is a small chorus of high tech dropouts who suggest college is a waste of time, millions of other young people see the value of a college experience. Among them, Reed Jobs, Steve’s son. Reed attends Stanford with the stated intent of becoming an oncologist. Reed doesn’t seem to be misinterpreting his father’s advice.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 7:07:50 PM
Read a tech billionaire's synopsis that all he learned at Harvard was how to chug beer while standing on his head in the snow..
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 7:20:48 PM
Arubas90- Daynadaze has some fantastic things to say in post #4, I agree with it all.
Be smart about it, don't go into debt, ask yourself what you REALLY want to do, narrow the list down to a top 5 and then look into what fields are forecasted to GROW.
You will never be happy if you hate what you do, that's true degree or no degree, but in today's world, I still believe a degree IS worth something, but like anything else in life that is WORTH obtaining, you have to work to achieve success.
Also, really and truly, success should be defined by YOU and no one else, so my best advice is to soul search and ask yourself what you TRULY want and whatever that is, go for it, make NO apologies, live your life on YOUR terms and be happy!
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 8:36:11 PM
Right? My education was not a shrewd financial investment, but my field of study interested me tremendously. Consequently I love my (moderate paying) work. Some people study to build a career they end up hating, but that pays well, so they're okay with it. I'm way too undisciplined for that.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 8:37:25 PM
You went to Ball State right?
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 8:45:05 PM
^ It must be really weird inside your head.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/4/2016 9:13:21 PM
Take it from the military. If you have a college education, you can become an officer. You can be technical, bad ass, analytical, whatever, you will move through the ranks and be someday a captain or even a general. With no education, you will not become an officer. Period. Correct me if I am wrong, but how many stories do you know of a sergeant eventually becoming a general? I could be wrong so please tell me.

Many people with college degrees can get work worth a sh it. That is a clear fact. Perhaps colleges need to modify the curriculum and get rid of some the calculus or advance math that 98 percent of people never use in real life. Perhaps some of that stuff needs to be moved up to more specific careers. Same thing if I am getting an engineering degree why do I need to study evolutionary psychology. It would be for an entry level person a waste to time.

However, I have seen people that had college degrees, that could not get those jobs, then they became plumbers, electricians, fast food workers and eventually move up to management. College gives you that special car that allows you to break that glass ceiling. If you are a freaking genius, then it doesn't matter. Your credential is that first you got somehow accepted to Harvard, and then that you we so freaking good that you dropped out for better things. For every ten of those geniuses, there are thousand upon thousands of those that dropped out and got nothing.

My advice is, still graduate from school.
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Is college worth it?
Posted: 3/5/2016 7:50:19 AM
Yep on the above:

On a side note, the military used to be a stepping stone to the middle class:

sign in, maybe "maverick" your way up to officer rather than ROTC in, but for sure get benefits like subsidized college loans, home loans, VA benefits afterwards, etc.
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