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Please explain "occaisional smoker." (Too tired to spell!) Smoking is smoking. Goodbye to you if you smoke!

I really don’t like people who are so judgmental.

But to answer you, as if you were really asking a question: Most of the occasional smokers that I have known tend to smoke only when they are drinking.

And I am okay with that. Life is short, everyone has flaws, having an occasional cigarette when you’re out drinking is far from the worst flaw that I have had to put up with. Far, far from it.
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smoker who lied on profile
Posted: 6/20/2016 12:32:28 PM

Smoking is smoking.

I used to be that 100% absolute, too.


Please explain "occaisional smoker."

I came across a woman's profile who had "occasional smoker" listed.
Then in the text portion she explained that by "occasional smoker", she meant that she smokes ONE cigarette per month when out at a bar with friends.

IF that was true, she is not a complete "non-smoker" but she would barely qualify as a "smoker" either, in the common use of the term.
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smoker who died on profile
Posted: 6/21/2016 7:00:05 AM
Sounds like little white lies to me. I don't like it, but whether or not it's a deal breaker or not is something you'll have to decide for yourself.

Keep in mind that nobody is perfect, this includes you.
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smoker who died on profile
Posted: 6/21/2016 2:33:06 PM
Nonsense, Hemingway...
I'm a perfect me.
No one is better at being me than me.
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