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Shall we play??????Page 95 of 98    (58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98)
it is not by chance
her new lease
brought joy
and laughter
in abundance
as her gifts
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/11/2013 8:53:25 AM
we fed the ducks
she laughed as I died inside a bit more
enough said
black symphonies
shiver the taints in my soul
pitched to meet my pitch
I forget
I remember
I breathe frost
seeking a dragonfly


Joined: 3/14/2013
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/11/2013 2:21:41 PM
letting go can be easier for some than others
I have a warped view from so much death and dying
they are the ones that get to say goodbye
when we get left behind

I have always enjoyed
the little puzzle pieces you share
like reading the novel of Longte
when they all get put together
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/12/2013 7:28:14 PM
M8t welcome stranger

Answers bewilder some
but Indonesia breathes life again
and death
Guiding a lost one back on track
saving thousands instead of filling pockets
Bali dies
Papua dies
Sumatra Sulawesi Java Borneo all dying
Helpless before individual greed

Puzzles may be unsolvable
unless you are here
Prepared to bust a gut
for the only answers are here
never in cyberspace
Joined: 3/14/2013
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/12/2013 8:55:43 PM

Ive been reading you for years
usually in the haiku when you post
but I go and come back with new names
even when I move from coast to coast

sometimes there are answers even in cyberspace
for when I stop looking things smack me in the face

but Im one to see all the details and forget the picture is under my nose~
Joined: 7/19/2008
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/12/2013 9:13:24 PM
too often the correct details are buried forever
they never surface
because in every story there are actually three sides
truth is owned by independent bystanders

yet they are seldom asked

Bali Jakarta Aceh Yogja Jayapurna Manado
back into the washing machine
stone and steel are implacable enemies
ecosystems lose

Tanjung Puting now
best reserve in Indonesia
their newly planted rainforest being decimated
national parks cannot be felled for palm oil?
how much money do you have?
palm oil conglomerates have enough
goodbye Tanjung Puting
open eyes see nothing too often
40 Javan rhinos left
too many rich limpdick Chinese
a bullet is cheap
list is endless
not enough fighters
Joined: 3/14/2013
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/12/2013 9:37:56 PM
it is the greed of men that make us weep
and for this there is no end~
Joined: 7/19/2008
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/12/2013 11:02:05 PM
there is an end to tears
if we want
if we are prepared to fight
Joined: 3/14/2013
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/13/2013 7:20:24 AM
there is no end to the greed of man
that breeds in the light of day
disguised as another
slowly stealing the will and energy
to be able to continue
and when solace is found
that monster comes like a thief
through any door it can knock down
like its been there all along
waiting in the shadows
of yesterdays dreams
Joined: 7/19/2008
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 5/13/2013 9:46:26 AM
How far do you throw the lifeline?
Too far and hauling it back is beyond you
Not far enough is useless

I was asked
"Why did you go back to help after what was done to you there?"
Only one real reply is possible
"Its a bit like waking up in the morning
You dont ask yourself why you woke up
You just do it because its the natural/right thing to do "

Huge developments with wildlife conservation in Indonesia soon
Watch this spot and come join us
Joined: 7/19/2008
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 5/15/2013 12:25:27 AM
naja sputerix

cool green uncertainty
opposing coils of fight or flight
shimmering fragility
hooded now it pierces night
felix rolls in agony
Attila begging for new sight
convoluted destiny
contradictions prove the right

Cats are environmental vandals
Truly savage predators of anything smaller
Often kill for fun
Bit like humans really
We get so many calls about them bring home snakes birds and lizards
Been to one house 5 times to try to save the victims
Begged the owners to keep it inside
This time it took on a spitting cobra
Wont be doing that again

Happy news is that the cobra will survive and be released after recovering from bite wounds

Joined: 3/14/2013
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 5/15/2013 6:16:21 AM
we have a very strange cat named Tebow
(thinks hes a dog- plays fetch- eats table food-)
we try our best to keep him in the house,
had his claws removed to stop his destruction
and he can still catch a mouse,
when he manages to sneak outside
it amazes me the things he can catch,
birds snakes bunnies frogs insects
but for the neighbors dog he was no match,
the $400 vet bill wasnt enough though
his limp didnt even slow down his meow,
cause under the shaved patches of fur
Mr. Houdini still packs a sneaky pow~
Joined: 5/6/2013
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 5/16/2013 1:06:47 AM
Hi Longte,

I like your poetry. Very deep and your words connect.
It makes me want to curl up in a ball and die...and that's a good thing.
At my age, I have lived my life. and its not 33.
Joined: 7/19/2008
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 5/28/2013 2:02:27 PM
Hi Quartze and M8

This was my recent speech at a wildlife conference
Fairly long
But possibly interesting to some
First I would to say thank you to the organizers here
Your invitation to address this gathering was both welcome and unexpected

I will not be playing games here tonight
Just like in the old days with the fur seals etc we have hard decisions to make

Some of what you see and hear might be upsetting
But those of you who know me accept that as normal for me

The slide show behind me will continue to display some rather beautiful animals while I talk
Every single one of these is listed as critically endangered
Most of them will be extinct before any of us here in this room die
Most of them will be extinct because of us
All of them could be saved by us if we care enough

Can you hear this sound???
Its not so easy to hear it is it???
That is because it no longer exists except in memory
The last one was officially killed in 1937

Smallest of all the tigers, the Bali Tiger, was a subspecies of the also extinct Javan Tiger
Only a few old people will remember the sound of the last female tiger roaring out her mating call in desperate hunt for a mate

Last confirmed sightings of the Javan Tiger were at a market in Malang where tiger cubs were sold. They were probably the last, and that was1995.

Its too late for them.
They are gone forever and there is nothing we can do about that

Now listen to this sound
Still faint; but slowly growing stronger

Because of their beauty they had been ripped from their trees and sold as part of the pet trade In 2005there were about 10 wild Bali Starlings in existence. Due to the efforts of avery determined group there are now about 200 Bali Starlings living free. Theirnumbers are increasing steadily and because of their location their future looks promising

We cannot afford to allow any more extinctions, especially when it is usually within our power to prevent them

Without data it is not easy to promote wildlife welfare to multinational wood chippers or resort developers etc

Activists can say things like; "Used to be lots of those birds here"
But that means nothing without proof

We need to be able to say "In December 2007 our survey team recorded the following animals between GPS co-ordinates xyz and abc" Those types of figures are actual figures that can be used to influence share holders of those companies

Every single sighting helps us compile data

You may be living in splendid isolation in Tabanan now and enjoying the wildlife that pops in for a visit

Please let us know about them. In five years time someone might be trying to buy out what you thought was National Park that surrounded you to build a huge resort complex

Nobody can stop development
But we can influence the placement of wildlife corridors and refuge areas

There are legal quotas for the collection of wildlife here. Now they use anecdotal evidence to show the quotas are working. But are they really working?

It is fact that almost every hunter of any species has to travel further and hunt longer now to get the same animals as five years ago
But the quota remains the same because it is based on animal numbers not distances traveled or time consumed

With your help we can prove that most species are diminishing in number
When we can prove that we can fight to get collection quotas dropped

Indonesia is the most diverse country on Earth as far as both flora and fauna are considered. Our rainforests are magnificent and our climate encourages growth. That combination has given us some of the most beautiful animals in existence. Our oceans that once teemed with fish are becoming deserts because of what we do. Yet our responsibility to those oceans animals and forests is only just starting to be understood

We know so little about so much and continue to destroy our environment at a growing pace. If you look at the number of species of animals from Indonesia that are either recently extinct or have the classification of critically endangered you will be shocked

Every single class of animal here is under varying degrees of threat

We all know about the cute and cuddly ones and dolphins etc and many of us fight hard to protect these with growing support from the public

But what about the rest?

Amphibians are not cute and cuddly and are definitely being wiped out at a much faster rate than any other group of animals. They are so sensitive to environmental changes that they are our first warning signs which show ecosystem changes that could claim many other species including humans.

Birds are vanishing.

We all know that and sometimes, like in the case of the Bali starling, we do something about it, Habitat loss and degradation have caused most of the bird declines, but the impacts of invasive species and capture by collectors play a big role too. At present 122 Indonesia birds are listed asunder threat of extinction and 19 are listed as critically endangered

Remember when we were young and went fishing? Lots of fish of all shapes and sizes and it was rare to catch nothing. Now those same secret fishing spots are virtually devoid of life

Over 20% of all fish species were deemed at risk of extinction in 2010

Invertebrates make up the biggest group of animals by a huge margin and about 30% are rated as at risk of extinction. This impacts directly on every other group because invertebrates are often near the bottom of the food ladder. Without a food source other animals cannot survive

Now we come to reptiles. It is very easy to see that most of us dont care about reptiles. We see them and kill them just because they are scary. We kill hundreds of thousands of them every year just to support thefashion industry. We export turtles to China by the container load knowing that most freshwater turtles are highly endangered. We turn a blind eye to the continual harvesting of totally protected reptiles for the pet trade.

Snake skin farms throughout Indonesia use wild caught reptiles because its cheaper to catch them than to grow them. In 2010 over 5000 protected Green Tree Pythons were tracked from Papua to various farms where they were then called captive bred and were legally exported.

Mammals are many and varied especially here but if we take primates as an easy example about 50% are listed as at risk of extinction. In general, over 20% of all mammals including marine mammals are listed as at risk.

Did you know that there are at least five cat species just in Borneo? With our rainforests disappearing faster than ever, how long before more of our wonderful animals vanish?

Things get a little bit off track now because here we will talk about plants
Animals can move or be moved. Plants dont have that option, so when we develop or destroy an area we usually destroy the plant life too
All ecosystems need plants and that includes all of planet Earth because plants create oxygen through photosynthesis and also provide the bulk of our food and medical supplies
Without plants insects and most other animals cannot survive so plants also need protection

While it is easy to want to help elephants dolphins and orangutans,who will look after the rest? We can show you pictures of clouded leopards,tarsiers and lorus to pull at your heart strings, but we would much prefer you to understand that all Indonesian wildlife is part of a circle of life and all of it needs protection so that the cute and cuddly ones can survive.
If we save a tiger but kill the plants the tiger will die. It will die because its prey cannot survive without plants. So when the tiger has no food?? That is why saving the circles is so important

Being proactive regarding potential wildlife problems is the only way that really works. We can do this using Education Rescue Relocation and Information


One of the most important things in regards to protecting any species is records. Any discussion regarding protecting either a species or an environment needs facts

If there are no factual statistics on the presence of a species in an area, how can their increase or decline in numbers be presented?

Cold hard facts are the only way to slow the ever increasing deforestation of Indonesia. Without those facts any evidence is only anecdotal and by the time an EIS is done the forest is usually gone

So we consider accurate records and surveys of animal populations to be our primary objective
We need your help in this so that eventually we have a virtual map of Indonesia showing wildlife populations and dates that can be used to compare future numbers.

Then we have Rescue and Education which really go hand in hand.

Without Education, Rescue is a waste of time, which is why a childrens education program must stay as an integral part of our work.
That program teaches respect for nature so that hopefully the next generation will understand a lot better than we did when we were young

Older people are set in their ways, so our program is designed to give kids an insight into how wonderful and in many cases unique Indonesias wildlife truly is.
We must always emphasise the importance of both ecological and environmental impacts on wildlife.
Our teaching programs for various ages must always remain free for any teachers to download

Rescue is simply that. If you see any animal encroaching on humans or injured we must safely remove it.

Relocation becomes vital whenever an area is being cleared for farming or resorts or housing etc. We must try to learn about developments before they happen and spend a few nights out there catching and relocating the wildlife to safer areas. Most of you can easily help us with your local knowledge about developments here

Rehabilitation is a tricky subject as far as we are concerned.This is because it seems enormous sums of money are spent on trying to rehabilitate just one captive animal while a similar amount spent on saving a small ecosystem would have saved hundreds.

We actively join with other groups to help put animals back in the wild and any injured wildlife we get, we bring to those groups, because they have the ability and training to do this better than we can in some instances. Reptiles are a different matter because we know a great deal about them and can generally treat them ourselves

Shut your eyes now if you wish

These photos may be distressing to some
Or open them and ask yourselves why we allow this to happen
Do you remember when baby seals were clubbed to death in Canada to provide fur for the fashion industry
That practice was seen as barbaric and was quickly stopped by the general public
We stopped it through publicity by using the fact that baby seals are cute
I know many of us here tonight were involved in helping stop that

But how many of you feel the same about reptiles and are prepared to help?
While I say this reptiles are dying all over Indonesia to supply the skin trade
The majority of them have been wild caught because it is far cheaper to catch wild reptiles than it is to grow them

Does anyone complain about this?
Of course not, mainly because reptiles are not cute and cuddly

The European fashion industry buys 95% of the python skin market, with the main importers being Hermes, Gucci and Prada buying 75% of these skins. This is a $1billion industry killing our wildlife to make people look pretty.

Python skins are sourced mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore is still the largest trader and pretends it actually cares about wildlife, But in truth Singapore is a major clearing house for illegally processed skins from all over Asia. Examples of this are easy to prove. Ring any skin supplier in Singapore and ask how many skins they have that are pre CITES. CITES has been place for over 10 years and is the international law regarding trade in animals. Every single Singapore supplier will state they have plenty of pre CITES skins. Yet every skin they showed me was fresh? Their other trick is to sell complete skins as part skins or sew three blood python skins together and call it one retic skin

Reticulated python, 350,000 skins,100,000 Burmese python skins, and Blood python 80,000annual exports.

But every year many shipments of illegally smuggled skins are also confiscated by authorities

Add to this the number of skins that are turned into finished products in Indonesia such as belts and bags for direct sale to tourists and it is easy to understand how unsustainable these practices are becoming

If you ask any snake catcher they will tell you they have to travel further to catch the same number of snakes as they did only a few years ago
So wild snake numbers are definitely dropping
We pat ourselves on the back about our reptile export farms
But how many of those exports were really captive bred at the farms?

Jessica Lyons and Daniel Natusch of the University of New South Wales — tracked pythons from their point of capture in Indonesian New Guinea and Maluku to breeding farms in Jakarta where the snakes are exported for thepet trade as "captive-bred". They found that 80 percent of snakes exported annually from Indonesia are illegally wild-caught, revealing high levels of fraud in Indonesia's reptile export market.

"Extrapolation of monthly collection estimates provided by traders revealed that at least 5337 green pythons are collected each year," Lyons and Natusch write.
Green tree pythons are one of the few reptiles totally protected in Indonesia

There are hard questions to be answered here and our answers may shock you but are still very valid

It is easy for various international agencies to say "Indonesia must stop all Wildlife Product Export/Collection etc"
But those same agencies never seem to provide viable long term solutions

So everything is up to us now and you must understand that solutions will not be easy

Can we afford to stop all skin and pet trade here?
Probably not is the only answer regardless of how that sounds

The skin trade and pet trade in Indonesia is huge and employs many people
Indonesians have been involved in these industries for far too long to be able to totally stop them now

To try to stop these without offering a replacement industry would not decrease illegal activities. Eco tourism can work to a certain extent, but only in some areas

Sustainable farming of wildlife can work if the controls are good enough

Too often wildlife organisations try to do exactly the same thing
This creates potential problems with both money and man hours being wasted all too often
Both money and man hours are very important, so to waste them is not good for the wildlife

Where we have groups such as Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre, who are definitely the world leaders in promoting the survival and increase of the Bali Starling, it is pointless for us to attempt to set up a similar operation. Therefore we will assist them anyway we can, with whatever is required in each instance. Sometimes this will be assisting in fund raising for particular projects; or supplying man hours where we can

This type of co-operation is the future of wildlife rescue in Indonesia. We must all learn to do this because every group has its own strengths and weaknesses. In a time of conglomerate greed and falling monetary assistance, we must ensure that every rupiah is spent in the most advantageous way. Our groups all exist to help wildlife. So competing between ourselves is not what we need to be doing

We must never forget that every ecosystem is a circle and maintaining the strength of each system requires us to look after every single part of that circle


This is not directed at any particular restaurant
It is directed at why we permit all such restaurants to continue without controls

""a unique restaurant which offers various foods with ingredients such as meat of cobra,python, salvador, monkey, turtle, and bats. The kind of foods that we offer is widely believed to have medicinal value for our body." direct quote from their webpage

We have deliberately not included the name of this restaurant which is widely advertised and supported

Lets look at their menu for a moment
You can watch all of these living animals get chopped up and cooked while you enjoy a cold drink

Cobra and Python.
Many people dont like snakes so eating farmed snakes cannot hurt our environment?
Most of those snakes were living free last week
The cost of breeding snakes is far greater than the cost of catching them

is actually varanus salvatori or many other species of large lizard that we all love seeing around our waterways and forests
As above these are all wild caught

Turtles are among the most endangered reptiles in Indonesia

Mostly large fruit bats are used

Various species of live wild caught primates imported from Java

Remember this please
We are supposed to be a civilised country yet we allow this to happen?

Would we allow the same restaurants to sell cats or dogs?

Look at who really owns Indonesia now

Malaysia own the Palm Oil plantations that devastate our rainforests
Canada owns the gold and other minerals they destroy our heritage to extract usually using cyanide in the extraction process to kill every living thing in our rivers
Canada also exports to us the asbestos sheeting that is illegal to sell in any western country to help kill our kids by giving them asbestosis

They give us one rupiah and take billions every day
How long before we stop this?

Have I wasted enough of your time yet?
Or will you think about what Ive said tonight?

We are on the verge of mass extinctions and only we can stop them from happening.

If you want your children and grand children to see what we have seen you must all become more active

Please help us to save our future

Copywrite {C} Wildlife Rescue Indonesia 2012
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 6/19/2013 8:01:46 PM
Cute Baby On Board

Beautiful Baby On Board

What a load of rubbish???
If Im a suicide jockey it just makes that car a logical target?
If Im a car jacker it tells me nothing really
[Where is the RICH BABY ON BOARD sign for me??]
Wicked witch of the West surely deserves

Beautiful and Cute simply dont cut it
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 1/29/2014 8:36:18 PM
Dusting off another one

Limitations Unbound

She hides in the shadows
Behind the walls
She whispers the spells
Which bring on the squalls

Of the waves that tower
And the winds that spin
To the rain that freezes
And the heat that burns the skin

She’s is talking to us
Yet we do not heed
All the words she speaks
In the nature we need

She is Mother Nature
Both wrath and con
From beauty to beast
Her actions live on

It’s time to answer her
By turning this earth around
By turning it green
Limitations unbound………….

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Shall we play??????
Posted: 2/2/2014 6:25:46 PM
we can't save it all
accept suffering
accept the things you cannot change
or you will go insane

as I am going......
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 2/7/2014 7:54:54 PM
I will never accept it
For I will do my part
See, It's what we all need to do
At least it's where we start
Nature is what we leave
To the future of our kids
If we all gave up
They live in rocky grids
If each person could a little
Just even once a day
Our future destination
Would never have to decay.......

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Shall we play??????
Posted: 2/7/2014 10:24:42 PM
A Fairy’s Tale

Awakened in the darkness
Shadows dancing off the leaves
The scent of man
Amidst the breeze
My vision is blurry
My thoughts twisting
The need to run and hide
Yet my body resisting
Rustling from behind me
I slip down within the petals
Hidden from the man
And the cage of rusted metals
He seeks one of us
To gain position of the helm
He is nothing without a fairy
To take over the realm
I twirl down the stem
Landing silent in the dew
For I have been through this before
Another plight of déjà vu
Scanning for my opening
Through the thick of weaving grass
Bursting into a full run
Taking flight through the contrast
Lifting higher into the trees
Between the moss and limbs
I twist and squeeze
Calling out to the flock
With a mental impression of speech
Praying my warnings be heard
And to my flock they reach
Then the thunder of wings
Coming from all around
Thousands of fairies take to the night
No more moonlight to be found
Although we are tiny and frail
Together we hold the power
To protect ourselves
And enemy, devour
As locust on the field
The man can not win
For he is the one who commits
The original sin
With hair flowing backwards
And our swords drawn high
We descend in formation
Down from the sky
With every little blade
We have taken him down
And once again with pride
We hold the kingdoms crown……

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Shall we play??????
Posted: 9/27/2014 9:44:56 PM
when all else fails
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 11/5/2014 10:06:10 AM
been far too long since I played in here

heart stolen forever by gliding delights that shimmer in moonlight
they growl
those queens
far to regal to be anything else
in the whispering bamboo they wait
silently until approached
hell hath no fury or is ever so confidant

but needs must
so I move her
incubate her eggs
watch babies vanish

wait for another growl
in whispering bamboo
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 4/12/2016 11:08:16 AM
Adults Only
You have been warned

It was so silly really. Just a little game we played between a young woman and ?a much older man. ??
Tease him?? Of course I did; sometimes knowingly; other times with that built in ?teasing we women are so good at yet hardly realise we are doing.
The first ?time we actually really talked sensually on line I thought I would die I was so ?embarrassed, but I let it continue and let him foster his useless dreams. ?
Everyone likes a nice fantasy so it was great fun to play with words and know I ?was leaving him feeling hot and hungry for me. ??But things slowly changed as I began to look forward to our talks and the ?messages he would send me, all the while replacing him in my dreams with a much ?younger man. Such simple things as the way he understood how much I love the ?energy of storms and the warming caress of body oil being smoothed into me. ?
Did I ever think we would meet?? Of course not; forgetting that he had already ?shown me he always keeps his promises. This was simply a pleasant way to pass ?the time and dream of a much nicer world where I was truly treated like a ?princess. 
Telephones are such strange things in that they let us be in contact from ?anywhere on
Earth so to hear his gravel rough voice was neither strange nor ?unpleasant. But his next words, inviting me to look out the window, shocked me ?deeply for there he was.
A small man with a crooked smile and happy eyes ?leaning against a car with an aura of expectation surrounding him. Truly dazed ?I walked outside knowing it was him and yet not understanding how it could be ?him. Inviting me to come with him he spoke quietly of a restaurant and dishes ?I only dreamed of eating.

Such a night of splendour and chaos as he filled my ?wishes to overflowing and my mouth with temptation after delicious temptation, ?seemingly satisfied to watch me devour it all. ??How nice to out with a man who just wanted to enjoy my company with no sly ?gropes or pinches. Someone who appreciated me for more than just my body. ?

Maybe not even my body for he suggested nothing sexual all during dinner but ?simply made me laugh and talked of things and places I longed to see?We danced together as we wandered along the beachfront back to his car. The ?first time I knew how much he really wanted me was simply an accident as I felt ?him hot and so very hard against my thigh as we moved together. To be wanted ?so much without a single word being said immediately made my pulses race. ?Teasing him I deliberately brushed against him knowing it would drive him crazy ?and when he drove me home suggested a friendly kiss would complete a perfect ?night. A gentle kiss with hidden promises of so much more was all he gave me ?as he leaned forward to prevent me feeling him again. ??As I turned to go I pretended to slip so he was forced to grab me to prevent my ?falling. Oh my god, the size and power of him forced against my buttocks almost ?made me come then and there. Instead, I suggested a day swimming tomorrow and ?wandered inside without a backward glance; but I could not wait to get into bed ?and play with myself while I remembered. ??

Time and tide wait for no-one so we lay on the beach and he coated me in suntan ?lotion before diving back into the water to cool off. In mid afternoon we went ?to his hotel to rest for a while and get changed before dinner that evening. ??Pretending I had been sunburnt I asked him to gently massage me with body oil to ?prevent any marks. Strong fingers moved over me so delicately as he worked the ?oil deeper and deeper into me avoiding any too private spots. Rolling onto my ?stomach I told him to undo my bra so he could cover everything and I listened ?closely as his voice cracked when he replied. Down my thighs and calves he ?worked his way moving back and forth ensuring every inch was covered. My inner ?thighs were next as his thumbs worked on the muscles there kneading them and ?slowly moving higher as we both began to gasp. ??It was so good to know I was in complete control and he would do anything I ?wanted him to. To know that it was me who was going to be spoilt here.?My fingers pulled the side ties on my bikini bottom undone as I tried to get ?more comfortable. Feeling his fingers working their way closer and closer I ?started to push back until I could feel them grazing against me whenever he ?moved. Desperate for more I pulled the bottoms out of the way and looked over ?my shoulder to show him it was ok to touch my bum and rub the oil in there. ?That single trickle of oil he let slide between my cheeks was what threw me over ?the edge?His fingers massaged my bum while his thumbs slid ever closer to my ****. ?Each time he slipped a little closer until I nearly screamed at him to touch ?me. When he finally slid so gently over my lips I couldn't help but shudder and ?try to slide against him until he knew exactly what I wanted. At this time I ?believed I was still in charge of everything and could stop at any time. That ?did not last long as he barely touched me before sliding his fingers into the ?perfect position to stimulate me like no-one else has ever done. All I could ?feel was ecstasy as he slid his hands under me to lift my buttocks and lightly ?touched my lips with his tongue before letting his lips snuggle against me, ?sucking me gently while his tongue caressed my clit. ??It was not supposed to be like this was my last thought before screaming into ?the pillow as my first orgasm hit me hard. He knew exactly when to stop sucking ?me and when to just lick up all the juice that was pouring from me now so ?that I could catch my breath again. How long he tasted teased and licked me I ?have no idea but I felt like I was on a roller coaster as I peaked and dipped ?time after time. ??This was so different to anything I had even dreamed of. How many nights in ?the past had I gone home hot and horny after my boyfriend had demanded his quick ?suck or fuck and then gone out with his friends leaving me alone. ??This was a man with me now and everything had changed as he only wanted me to ?come time after time never caring about himself at all and I began to understand ?the difference between "having sex" and "making love"?

Often we had teased each other about tightness and tightest places but that had ?been fantasy. Now it was reality as his tongue tried to slip into my butt and ?I came again just because I had never thought anyone would ever really do ?that. I admit I had thought about what it must feel like after our chats ?sometimes but that was only letting my imagination wander. To tease each other ?about it was one thing, but to actually feel his tongue pushing inside me and ?licking me there blew my mind. ??It was so naughty and so dirty to even think about it but I could not help but ?move until his tongue could open me up and slide inside me. It was so tight he ?could hardly get inside at all until I knew I really wanted to feel this and ?reached back to pull my cheeks apart for him so he could slip that tongue ever ?deeper into me. It was so tight and so good to feel him there.
One finger in me and his tongue able to push inside my butt and lick me while I held myself ?open for him?If he thought anything else was going inside my butt he was crazy, but oh my god ?his tongue felt so nice?
Lying beside me now on the bed he guided my hand to hold him. That is when I ?realised this was not a game anymore as he was there so hot and hard so full of ?want for me. So that I could be in control at the start he rolled me on top ?of him and let me guide him inside me as his head pushed me open wider and ?wider. So deep and so hungry I looked into his eyes as he kept sliding ?further and further inside. After I was totally relaxed he wrested control ?from me once more by rolling us both over. Now he lifted my buttocks from the ?bed and drove home deep inside me while I came again and again. Every moment I ?expected him to grunt and come with me but I could tell he was holding back to ?let me experience everything he could give me?I felt his thumb lying against my butt and pushed back against it until he ?understood what I needed. Lubricated with my juices it slid into my butt so ?easily and he let it slip in and out with beautiful timing as I gasped through ?more new sensations. With his tongue in my mouth all of my holes were filled ?with him and I could feel him getting closer to coming every moment. Because ?we had no protection I begged him not to come inside me and tried to pull away ?from him. I said this even though I knew it was my safe time and was that ?really a subconscious thought driving us into what happened next?? For a moment ?I thought it was too late but then he slid free and lay beside me panting ?heavily. ??When I touched him and tried to give him a handjob he just smiled and moved my ?hand away while he started to play with me once more growling that there was ?still one hole left to fill. I looked at him lying there with a little drop on ?the end of it and it twitched and pulsed as I looked at it, so I slid down his ?body to let my tongue lick it off while I stared into his eyes?Even then I knew what was going to happen and could have stopped it by simply ?taking him deeper in my mouth and sucking until he came, but something inside me ?told me to let him do anything he wanted to do.
Although I knew it would hurt ?and not be any fun at all, I thought it would reward him for giving me such a ?wonderful time. So I just gave him one more long wet lick, then, turning my ?back to him, moved against him like a happy cat stretching under its masters ?hand, until I felt him hard and throbbing between my cheeks?

While we had talked of my butt before, I knew I had never experienced anything ?like he had talked about during our fantasy sessions, and I could not forget how ?wonderful his tongue had felt inside me. Expecting him to just shove his ?hardness into me I was really shocked when he bent over me once more and began ?to lick me totally clean. My juices had covered both me and him but he simply ?did not care as he washed me clean and slid his tongue into me while I held my ?cheeks apart again loving every moment and knowing that soon he would be ramming ?something much bigger deep inside me. Opening me up more and more he kept ?licking me until I begged him to stop. ??While he was thousands of miles away, my butt was safe and it was only talking ?and teasing. Now was so different because I really wanted him to do this; to ?take me until he came and filled me up?Once more he whispered to me that he wanted me open and hungry to feel him ?pushing into me and would never deliberately hurt me. Lying behind me I could ?feel him start to slide into me. His thumb had felt nice inside me but this was ?so much bigger as it slowly pushed my ring wider to let it glide into me. Even ?just the head was far too big and it felt like it would split me wide open as I ?trembled knowing it was far too late to want to stop now. So slowly it felt ?like a caress he slid into me inch by inch. Resting between tiny movements to ?let me get used to the size of him plundering my tightness. ??Massaging my lower back to help me relax, he filled me more and more. Opening ?me up to let all of him inside my tight little butt as I moaned. So different ?and so full and so shocking as I let him do this to me. . Slowly he began ?slipping in and out; much more slowly than when he was in my pussy.
Every ?motion was so slow and beautiful that I reached between us to feel his balls ?full and heavy as they touched my clit each time he went all the way inside ?me. Not expecting to enjoy this I could not believe it when I felt the first ?tremors. It was starting to feel nice and I realised I was pushing back now, ?trying to force him even deeper into me. Unable to help it I started to play ?with myself in time with his movement, longing for him to explode inside me as ?we came together for the first time. ??So full so deep and so unexpected as the first wave washed over me and I ?prepared for a huge orgasm with both holes clenching furiously. That ?was the primal moment for then I felt him grip hold of my hips and slam deeply ?into me while growing even larger inside me and the heavy bursts of his come ?making me more and more slippery as he drove right up inside me while I screamed ?and screamed. ??Deep inside me I felt him still hard but slowly softening as he curled in behind ?me and snuggled in close until we slept in total exhaustion.
Truly it all ?started as just a silly game between a young woman and a much older man.??

Truly it all started as just a silly game between a young woman and a much older ?man. I was tired and angry after things had happened between us that had been ?very avoidable. A few weeks later we started talking again and somehow or other ?sexual innuendo draped itself comfortably into our conversations. She said ?things I knew she did not mean and other things that I knew shocked her even as ?she said them. But all of that was ok as we grew together and became more ?comfortable talking about any subject. Although she was a very self assured ?young woman there were so many things she had yet to learn. ??
A plane ticket and a hire car. Simple things that in themselves do not mean ?much but put together can lead into many openings. Her voice betrays her shock ?that I have just appeared from nowhere but I feel sure she senses my hunger as ?she accepts my invitation to dinner. So hard to just dance with her without ?letting her know how I felt when she brushed against me by accident and my god ?the torment when she slipped and her buttocks pressed against me until I nearly ?took her there and then.?A beach and sand with warm water and a hot woman are a lethal combination as we ?both found out. I was forced into jumping into the water all the time to try ?and camouflage my arousal until we walked back to my hotel to rest before dinner?

Sunburn. Oh how I now love sunburn. That one request to help sooth her with ?some oil was what changed everything involved in our relationship. Until then ?it had been teasing talk but nothing else. How could I possibly have resisted ?her invitation to help ease her discomfort?? In the beginning it was easy as I ?softly massaged the oil into her shoulders and smoothed it into her belly thighs ?and lower legs. Then she rolled over and undid her bra so I could access all ?of her back?
That curve of a womans back narrowing to her waist and flaring out into her ?buttocks is natures finest creation. Longing to trace her curves with my tongue ?I tried so be hard to good and massage the oil into her calves and the back of ?her thighs. That whisper of cloth as she undid her bikini bottoms and ?motioned that her butt also needed oiling was what finished off fantasy and ?brought reality to us both. With trembling fingers I could not help it and let ?a dribble of oil slowly roll down the crease of her buttocks leaving an ?irresistible trail behind it.?Seeking to stop the oil being wasted my fingers followed it to find a hot and ?pulsing piece of perfection waiting there.
Such a wonderful thing is a woman ?when when she is aroused and knows exactly what she wants. While my fingers ?slipped under her my thumb began to slide inside her tight little pussy until I ?felt her pushing back to welcome me ever deeper inside her?Her scent demanded to be tasted and her reaction as my tongue slid inside was ?simply wonderful so with fingers and tongue I began to control everything and ?let her ride from one orgasm to the next. Flicking my tongue over and into her ?butt brought an instant bonus as she shuddered and came instantly. The most ?precious moment was when she reached behind her and pulled her cheeks apart, so ?I could slide my tongue deeper inside her, while my fingers filled her until she cried out 'No more no more'?After resting for a moment or two my needs grew so much.
I needed to to let her feel me split her open and welcome me into her.
With her half closed eyes and her growing knowledge that this was how love making should feel, carefully we learned about each other as she rode into another orgasm and gasped against my mouth as she came?
Needing to come I moved on top and slid deeper into her with my hands under her ?lifting her up and wide open to my thrusts. Some moments are pure magic and ?that is when I felt her wriggle until my thumb slipped inside her butt letting ?me feel every motion through that thin membrane and she moaned into my lips and ?tongue as she exploded again and again?Then, horror of horrors, she demanded I stop just as I was ready to fill her up?
Shattered I lay beside her and pushed away her offered hand knowing that was ?never going to be an adequate substitute When she licked me I really wanted to ?slide into her mouth until I came but knew she would not come again if we did ?that, and then she actually shocked me a bit, by rolling against me until I was ?hard against her tightest hole. How tempting to just push into her then and ?there and ram myself deeper until I came, but I wanted to see if she would also ?enjoy this type of loving?
Needing to be inside her and feel her coming with me I slid back down until her ?lips so wet and full of juices were before me. Teasing and tormenting ?her I licked every inch of her until once again she pulled her cheeks apart to ?let my tongue get full access to her beautiful tight butt. No hesitation from ?her now at all as she opened up more and more while I tried to prepare her for ?something much larger that would soon invade her tightness?Lying close behind her I lay my head against her and felt her pushing back until ?it forced her open and began to slip inside as she gasped and shuddered. Even ?after opening her up with both my tongue and fingers she was so very hot and ?tight I nearly exploded before my head was all the way inside her. Holding ?still I let her get used to this very different feeling before slowly slipping ?in a little deeper. Massaging her lower back to help her relax while she is ?filled more and more Every movement offers new feelings to us both as we rock ?together until I am finally buried all the way inside her?Wanting and needing her so desperately I long to drive myself deep into her as ?fast and hard as I can, but knowing that she will love this if I am patient I ?keep my motion long and slow until I feel her pushing back harder and harder and ?her hand plays with my balls before slipping into herself?
Her breathing changes rapidly as she gasps down air and starts to tremble while ?both her pussy and butt clench hard and she shakes as a massive orgasm pushes me ?over the edge too. Oh my god the pure bliss of relief as I send blast after ?blast of come deeper and deeper inside her while she screams into her pillow?Too tired to move we lie together with me still inside her, and dinner forgotten?Truly it all started as just a silly game between a young woman and a much older ?man.

From our balcony high above the city we watch the twilight gathering in the day. ?Distant thunderclouds roil and shudder as we gaze and wonder where to go next. ?In the glass elevator we seem suspended over chaos as modern nightlife writhes ?below us. Seafood beckons as per usual so we wander quietly content into the old ?city. No raucaus blasts of neon here sundering the night and nerves. Instead ?that glow as from old gas lanterns flickers as it bathes us and guides us along ?unknown paths to where an elderly gentleman beckons us forward into a restaurant ?we have never seen before. Chillie prawns, assam crab, tom yam soup, freshest ?fish with ginger and garlic, and wonder in your face. Between courses we dance ?casually wrapped into each other. Dessert is offered and refused with only ?fruit slices left to consume. As I feed you mango I feel you moving gently and ?sense your finger creeping onto my lips, warm and wet from the centre of you. ?While you glaze my lips with your precious juices you feel my tongue reaching ?for every trace and slip your finger into my mouth as I gasp in delight. With ?your other hand you push your dampened panties into my top pocket so that your ?hot scent will drive me even crazier with each breath I take. Waiting for the ?bill you slip my hand under your short black flared skirt to tease me ?mercilessly knowing I can do nothing here. Walking, or was it running, ?back to the hotel you let your skirt flick up just enough to offer quick ?glimpses of paradise but nothing more as you avoid my clutching arms. Outside ?the entrance you stop.
Demanding now that we wait for a few minutes you whisper ?promises to me to try to quieten me down. Lightning turns everything white as ?the storm arrives and we dash for the lift. We kiss harder and harder until ?everything pauses as you have hit the stop button. Leaning forward against the ?glass you push back against me. Silhouetted in every bolt of lightning you, my ?goddess, hover over the city seeing everything and nothing as I start to ?understand your need. Releasing myself I lean forward to feel you hot and wet ?waiting for me. Sliding forward as you begin to open under my pressure and your ?lips welcome me in. First just the head then the entire length of me slipping ?through your deliciously tight entrance. My hands glide up under your top to ?wrap and trap your beautiful little breasts with those magnificent nipples. ?Feeling you pushing back I force myself deeper and deeper while you shudder ?through one tremor after another. So warm and tight as you open up more and ?more with each thrust and each burst of light. We become part of the storm as ?we all rage towards completion harder and faster. Knowing that if anyone looked ?up they would see every detail of you impaled on me seems to drive you over the ?edge and I feel you start pulsing into your release. Unable to help myself I ?grasp your hips and drive myself deep inside you as you utter a soundless scream ?and fall back into my arms

?Feeling your tongue and lips nuzzling me I awaken hard and eager. Kneeling ?beside me you look into my eyes as your tongue slides along the length of me and ?your lips suckle briefly on the head. When I try to move my hands and hold you ?so I can slip deeply into your mouth I understand something has changed. Above ?my head is the old iron bed frame with its twists and turns you sometimes grasp ?as you drive through orgasms. Quietly as I slept you have secured my wrists and ?now you look at me with a devilish grin and suck me in just a fraction more. ?Leaving me rigid and unfulfilled you move like a cat beside me slipping your ?breasts past my tongue as I try to reach them. On your knees now you cup and ?gently squeeze one breast letting me watch the nipple get hard and beg for my ?kiss. Your other hand slips between your legs and moves slowly but deliberately ?while your smile gets deeper. Your scent is everywhere. Hot and rich it washes ?over me as I struggle to touch any part of you. In silence you swing one leg ?across me so that my eyes are looking into the core of you as your fingers ?spread your lips to let me glimpse paradise. Holding your lips apart you lower ?yourself just enough to let my tongue barely reach your button and taste your ?need. Each time I try to hurry things you simply raise yourself until you are ?just out of reach. Every few minutes you lean forward so I can feel your lips ?breathe on me and one quick flicker of your tongue. So hot and open now you ?push down against me to let my tongue slide along the length of your openings. ?Letting it slip inside just long enough to tease me you bathe yourself with it. ?Your hand reaches behind you to let me watch two fingers slowly slip through ?your lips while I look on in frustration. They begin to move faster as you let ?my hungry tongue just reach you. Coated in your juice you let your thumb rest ?against you and pretend to slide it in and out before pushing back against me ?and driving my tongue deep in there instead as your thighs grip my head and you ?explode once more. Leaving me still tied you lie against me happily satisfied ?and tell me to wait until later for my reward?

Who moved the mirror the first time does not really matter?But he kept on opening up new things to me?Who has not wanted to watch themselves making love?I am not particularly beautiful; except to him; and he has grey in his hair but it felt so right?So right to touch him where he slid in and out of me so I could imagine what it looked like?So right to find the mirror much closer to the bed and the candles and massage oil waiting?How good am I at massage?I have no idea because it is him who massages me until I am ready to collapse?Now I could turn my head and watch every movement of his fingers as they caressed me and kneaded away any aches and pains?As well as feeling each motion I could see him getting closer and closer to my nipples; to my navel; to my hungry pussy
?If you have never felt your lovers tongue sliding into your navel you have missed something sublime?So erotic to watch too as it touches and tastes you and you know that same tongue will soon be teasing you in the same way?Instead of our usual position he rolls me onto my side so I can see my entire body reflecting back in the candlelight?Feeling his tongue slipping down my back I bring my knees up towards my chest to leave everything exposed to him?And to me in that wonderful mirror?Ignoring my butt he flicks his tongue over my lips several times until I can see as well as feel my juices leaking ?
My clit is trying to push its way out of its hood and I can see his tongue reaching for it
and almost come just from knowing what will happen when he finally holds it between his lips and licks it?
How long is a piece of string?Time seemed to stand still as he gently kept me boiling but never let me really explode?I remember holding my cheeks apart so I could watch his tongue try to slip into my tight little butt and open me up while I trembled just above?I remember watching as his finger slid into me while he kept licking my lips?I remember my fingers holding myself open so he could really get his tongue deeper and deeper?I have held him and touched him and licked him and sucked him until he came?But I have seen anything as right as when he lay behind me and prepared to fill me?
My lips were wet and full and he just lay there for a moment so I could get used to the fact that he was going to make love to me now?Feeling his hardness starting to push me open I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it?But I couldnt close them?Couldnt block out the sight of him gently slipping inside me?Through my lips and pushing past my muscles until he was all the way inside me and I could see his balls resting near my clit?

Who invented this?
This love making where every single part of you feels like it is on fire and you gasp through little orgasms one after the other?This love making where you want him to come so much it hurts?Where you almost want to die as you feel his hands grip you and you watch him start driving into you harder and harder?When you watch yourself buck back against him and feel him start to come just as you explode and drown the sheets as you pulse again and again?When through slowly closing eyelids you can see him still there?Softer now but still holding you and still inside you?
Exactly where you need him to be as you curl into sleep?????

Excited to be flying away again I had not understood how long this flight would be?Thank god we had one row of three seats to ourselves so I could lay down after our meal and try to sleep?With my head in his lap I squirmed around trying to find a comfortable spot?A lovely young stewardess draped a light blanket over me and tucked me in so I was feeling both loved and lazy?Hours later I wakened to feel him hard against my cheek while he still slept on?Unzipping him in the darkness I nuzzled him as softly and quietly as I could not realising my skirt had ridden up?and the blanket had fallen to one side leaving me half exposed?With him deep inside my mouth I could not say a thing when I felt his fingers reaching down and teasing me through ?those silky soft panties he had brought for me last trip?Somehow he must have undone the side ties as now he could slip across my lips and touch me at will?Kneeling beside him now I began to use my mouth and tongue to really get him going and tried to tease him as much as I could?without actually letting him come?One of his hands was behind my head gently holding me there while he started to drive deeper?Two fingers from his other hand helped hold me open just enough and tormented me until I was pushing back hard and trying to get?them inside me?Leaving me for a moment I felt his hand moving all over my buttocks like the most delicate massage but was so happy to feel one finger back at my lips and after opening me like a flower it slid inside me so softly and gently it was as if an angel was touching me?Every movement was absolutely perfect and every touch helped bring out the devil in me as I pushed back wanting more and more?Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god. How did he know how to play me so wonderfully?How did he know all those secret little spots to caress until I wanted to scream out my joy?
Just as I started to come I realised?
One hand on my head?One hand massaging my bum?One finger driving me into a huge orgasm?
Helpless now I buckled up and came with a gush as I tried to pull away and see?
Helpless in his grasp as he held my head and kept caressing me while another hand replaced the blanket?He would say nothing as I burned with embarrassment for the rest of the flight?
Thank god it was still dark as we circled Singapore before landing?Just before we reached the door to disembark I noticed that stewardess again looking at me with an inviting smile?She lifted one finger to her lips and licked it before murmuring Please come again as I blushed and passed her?Blushing because I knew that next week I would be on the same flight back home?
But alone this time

it was all so simple really. No strange stories or anything else like you have in fairytales?Just a big bath and candle light with bubbles and a bottle of wine?Such joy to have someone wash my back. Firmly and surely while I lean forward and just enjoy every sensation?A mouthful of cold wine and a quick kiss while he starts to shampoo my long thick hair?Fingers massaging away the work and daily grind and turning it into something wonderful?Now more and more massaging as the conditioner is added and finally the wonderful rinsing to leave me feeling alive and so very fresh??Lying back against his chest I can feel him hard against me and I smile knowing this will be a great night as he cups my breasts lazily?and gently toys with my nipples until they are hard and long for his kiss?More wine, more bubbles and lots more hot water until he turns me around and bends forward to nuzzle me open under water?Then with tongue and fingers he pushes me over the edge to leave me gasping and trying to hold his head down there as I come hard?He coughs a couple of times and holds one of my hairs up for inspection?Those huge bath towels are just so good as he wraps me in one and uses another to dry me off before laying me on the bed?I cannot understand why he went back into the bathroom before he returns with the wine and a couple of other things in a bag??Warm and dry while still wrapped in that towel I let him touch me and feel him pushing my legs apart just enough?Another glass of wine and the touch of something strange as he spreads his shaving cream all over my groin?I feel so vulnerable and open yet know I must trust him in this as I have in so many other things?He massages the cream into me gently until I feel I must explode and he finally lets me come just to relax me more??Cut throat razors can be frightening things but he seems to know what he is doing as he bends close over me ?That touch of cold steel against my burning hot lips makes me gasp but he holds me firmly and slides it across me perfectly?Teasing my skin and spreading it exactly right he removes every trace of hair from my lips. Carefully he trims all of it away from my hood?and looks up at me with a smile. So very delicately he cuts a design in the hair above but refuses to let me see it??My fingers slip down my body to the tuft of hair that remains above my slit and everything feels so different now. So much softer and much more sensitive?as I touch yourself all over and feel how clean and fresh my lips are. Unable to help myself one finger slips inside as I moan happily.?Teasing myself, I feel his breath as well, and look down. His eyes are fixed on my ****. Greedily watching every movement of my fingers as they slide in and out of me. When his eyes feel me watching they look into mine and his smile begs me to continue playing with myself. Licking my lips I open them and pretend he is coming in my mouth while my fingers move faster and faster. Coming Coming Coming as I shudder into a really nice orgasm knowing that he is watching everything ??As his eyes meet mine again I raise my fingers to his mouth and watch him lick my come from them?So many new things he is offering me and I cannot get enough of them as I wonder what is next?Looking for any stray hairs he uses his tongue exactly the way I would have wanted him to, to caress me and let me feel safe again?Lying between my knees he looks at me while his tongue slips inside. ?Deep blue eyes that suddenly look hungry now as I cannot help but begin to tremble and raise my hips up to his mouth.??So smoothly sensual his touch, as it always is, but with so much more smoothness now as he keeps finding new places to tease So many more nerve endings are open to him now that I feel like a quivering mess that just will not stop coming?Fingers begin to tease me too as I push back trying to drive one up inside myself and realise his thumb is against my butt?One finger slips inside me and keeps time with his tongue and lips lapping on my clit. His thumb is right at the entrance to my butt yet he does not try to push it in. He is waiting for me to open up and push back against him ??So wet and so wanting this. So needy as I position my butt and slide his thumb, slippery with my juices, all the way inside in one movement ?Fingers inside me Thumb in my butt Warm lips and tongue licking my clean shaven lips?Perfect harmony as he lets me control the speed and depth to exactly what I want.?He pulls back to watch me as I start writhing against him. doing myself with his thumb and fingers while he watches me driving my hips up and down until he bends forward again and sucks my clit harder than he ever has before with his lips while his tongue licks it?No wonder I lose touch with reality and almost black out I come so hard??Exhausted I roll onto my side and feel him curl up behind me as I realise he has not come yet and must be desperate by now?Weakly I reach for him and slide him between my lips to get him wet enough to slide into my butt, because I know my butt is so tight he will come inside me very quickly if I milk him with my muscles?My hips move against him and I feel myself opening while my hand moves on him to make sure he slips in properly?So hot now, even though I have come enough, I want to feel him come Want to know he has felt the same joy he has given me?So slippery with his juice and mine, I hold him against my butt and get ready to push back and take him inside?Just as I begin to push I feel him pulse in my hand and he comes hard all over both of my hungry entrances?Murmuring sorry I feel him collapse behind me and my butt trembles slightly in disappointment but there is always tomorrow?Sleep calls and I cannot wait for morning??

Was he now mine; or was it I who belonged whole heartedly to him?
To him; that man who reached into the darkest of my thoughts and made them reality?That man who teased and tormented every single part of me until I came time after time?and collapsed into his arms as we slept curled into each other in exhaustion?I thought to wake him by teasing him until he begged for mercy. So easy I thought.?He is just a man. Such silly ideas we get sometimes as I kissed him gently to waken him then laid my wet fingers against his lips ?and watched his fierce blue eyes capture me and hold me as he realised he was tasting my come, and licked my fingers clean with delightfully delicate strokes while he powerfully moved my body across him until I was spread open before his hunger. ?Never one to waste an opportunity he slid his tongue once over my lips then began to nuzzle contentedly at my inner thighs just to torment me while his hands reached around my back to hold me firmly in place?A touch, a nibble, a lick, a kiss; a flicker of hot wet tongue and I could not help but start coming. Slipping his tongue inside me he must have felt every contraction as I trembled again and again while he licked down each precious drop of my come as if it was the food of the gods. His fingers moved back until they were splayed against me now. Touching me everywhere as he kept his tongue slipping in and out of me and nuzzled my clit with his lips each time I stopped trembling until I had to come again. ?One finger, or was it his thumb, slid just inside me before I pushed back to force it deeper. Oh my god. To feel it opening me up just like he had last night. In and out. In and out.?In perfect timing while his tongue kept the rythm beautifully and his lips suckled my clit and I bucked against him harder and harder and flooded his face as I exploded all over him and lay there quivering on top of him while he slowed everything down and let me relax against him?Rolling us onto our sides he kept his mouth against me very gently while he let me regain my equilibrium. His lower half was still covered by the sheet but I could feel him hot and hard against my cheek so I slid the sheet away to taste him. To just put out my tongue and feel him tremble as I touched him with gentle strokes ?Was that the taste of me where we had come last night? Was that what I tasted like when he licked me? ?I look up into his eyes as I opened my lips and sucked just his head inside while my tongue kept tickling him. Knowing that he wanted to slide deep inside my mouth I shook my head gently to say no and licked harder on his head as he gasped and I knew I was finally in full control This time he would be at my mercy and we would do things my way. Everything was going just the way I wanted it to until he decided to join in the fun as well. Like a feather his tongue began to touch me again. So gently it almost was not there yet so deep inside me it shattered every thought I had and immediately drove me over the edge again?Growling at me now he pushed me away from him and laid me on my back while he ripped the sheet away and towered over me.?Forcing my legs open and way back towards my shoulders he held me open while he licked and sucked me before kneeling up and driving himself right inside?me in one huge thrust. No mercy now as he felt so big and so strong deep inside me and with his hands under my buttocks lifting me into place I was totally defenseless and knew that now there was no stopping. ?Laughing at me as he drove all the way in then pulled all the way out time after time until I was a quivering mess. ?Feelings started deep inside me. Feelings that showed me this was my man and that although he was now just taking me,
and driving us both far beyond where we had gone before, that grew larger and larger, faster and faster, just like his thrusts. ?Opening me up until I screamed as he began to come inside me.
Feeling every drop of his come as it burst out of him and I welcomed it with my own tremors and clawed his back until he bled??..?

He doesnt celebrate birthdays?Not really anyway. Not like when he was younger I suppose?But this was something special to me A day I could give him something?Something to fulfill a quiet fantasy?Madi had been a friend since before I can remember?Sometime very early in our lives we just clicked together and stayed that way?Able to talk about anything and say or do anything with each other?As kids we had even practised kissing on each other but nothing else?Of course we talked about him and she simply could not begin to understand what I saw in him?But eventually even she realised I was always walking around happy and looking forward to seeing him?We had all gone out together a few times and his eyes often wandered across her tight slim body?Much smaller than me, her tiny breasts waist and hips were in perfect proportion and although he never said a word?I knew he thought she looked delicious and there was a slight difference in his love making after we got home?One night she stayed at my place, sleeping on the couch.?After a wonderful session I walked to the bathroom only to see her hips bucking under the cover as she brought herself off?muttering about how could she help it after listening to us in bed?Next morning she was much more quiet than usual until he had left to do some business?Hesitantly she asked about what we had done and feeling devilish I told her exactly what had happened?She smiled at knowing how good he was with his tongue but her eyes opened a lot wider when I described how great that tongue?felt slipping into my butt?Her grin vanished when she realised that he had slid much more than just his tongue in there and I knew she did not believe me?when I told her that that was the orgasm of mine that made me scream and also set her off??A few days later she blushed as she told me that she might have been wrong for her slippery finger felt pretty good in there?She danced with Peter a few times the next night we went out and practically dragged me to the bathroom afterwards demanding?to know what he had stuck down his pants His love making that night was particularly inventive, especially when I whispered to him ?how hot he and Madi had looked moving together?After a long flight to visit me I knew he was pleased to be back but also exhausted so I helped him shower and tucked him into bed?while I prepared for the night ahead by inviting Madi over and sharing a nice bottle of red he had brought with him and telling her lots more?stories about what we had done together??Knowing his habits by now, and knowing Madi was feeling frisky enough to do anything, I easily talked her into coming into the darkened?bedroom to just watch me wake him up my special way??He always sleeps naked as a baby and this makes things so much easier?Lying beside him I very gently kissed him and slowly worked my way down his body with light kisses all over him as I pushed the covers away?By the time I reached his belly he was already hard and his breathing was changing?After blowing on him I just touched him with my tongue and felt him immediately respond by growing even larger?Licks and kisses Licks and kisses Then I felt him sleepily reach for me and roll my thigh over him so he could also feed off me?Madi was crouched at the foot of the bed now watching everything With only his head in my mouth I looked into her eyes and motioned her forward?Indicating that it was alright for her to touch him ?Her tiny fingers barely reached around him as she started to milk him into my mouth while she licked her lips and her other hand played with her nipples ?through her thin top then moved down to undo the button on her tight skirt and flick it away so she could touch heself more easily?Her eyes were hot and hungry now so I slipped him out of my mouth and nodded to her?My god The way she swallowed him while cupping his balls was incredible and he was deep in her throat almost immediately?Peter knew something was happening but not what as I sat up and forced myself against his mouth and he started jerking like he always does just before he comes?I could see she knew too as her lips started sucking and he thrust into her one more time and I could almost see his come shooting into her mouth?So hot to watch and be a part of that I came hard too and collapsed forward?Madi was still gently sucking him and with my face there as well she slid him through my lips for a moment then let him fall between us?Her beautiful full lips, looking bruised now, were open and a single drop of come was escaping. Unable to resist it my tongue darted out to capture it and somehow ended up licking her lips and sliding into her gasping mouth ?Soft and pure yet so delicious as she tasted of his come plus her own special taste?We both hesitated for a moment and then understood how nice it felt so kept kissing. She was completely on the bed now and pulsing with unused energy?as she had not come yet I knew her fingers were busy so I gently touched her nipple
Wow what a reaction She hunched forward somehow and my mouth touched another womans nipple for the first time
No wonder Peter loved doing this I thought as I examined each aspect in turn?If I lick it this way she gasps; this way she moans; a gentle suck gets a grunt and a bite almost makes her come?So different and yet so easy to understand because her breasts, although smaller than mine, enjoyed the same things?My hands somehow ended up under her butt lifting her up towards me as she helped by moving forward too?No chance to even kiss her beautiful little navel?Only a single gasping cry from her as my tongue slid into her as if we had practised this one thousand times?Trying to remember what Peter did that made me explode was just the start as I found her clit and flicked my tongue across it?How magical to hear her grunt and taste her coming on my tongue and the throbbing inside as she came?How magical to feel her tongue now trying to tease me too?How scary to know that Peter was watching and had not said a word as we pleasured each other?How strange to feel hands rolling us onto our sides but not trying to stop us at all?How frightening to know that you have offered him a present and he might enjoy it too much?Lying behind her he must be touching her because she jerks a few times then settles into a different rythm and I also feel his fingers touching me?Between kisses he must be doing something right as she shudders again and again?Now he is right behind her and looking ready to slide into her while I start to wonder if this is all too much?Her pussy is wonderfully tight But her lips are much larger than mine and look puffy as I lick them ?He looks huge as I hold him and rub him between her lips gently to let her know what is about to happen?As I watch he slowly splits her open and she stops licking me while she gasps and tries to push back to force him deeper?Gently in and out as I am watching every movement?Seeing her lips being forced open and in as he slides in and watching them seem to grasp him as he slips out again?His fingers touch me now; knowing that I am being left out while Madi is too far gone to do anything more?Touching me; gathering my juices; Holding me open so Madi can see me too.?Slipping back to my butt and lubricating it with my own come?His thumb rests against me waiting?Waiting for my response?Shyer now, I hesitate for a moment, before slowly pushing back and feeling it glide deep inside me?Madis gasp is loud as she responds to this sight by trying to milk him dry and driving him deep into her until she screams and comes all over my face?When we both recover we are lying side by side with her breasts touching mine and him still behind her?Caressing each other we begin to learn more about ourselves and each other while Peter keeps playing gently?Her gasp lets me know things are changing and my fingers find her so wet but empty and his hardness pressed close to her butt as one of his fingers loosens her up?Knowing I have to watch this I give her a reassuring kiss and slip down so that I can see every detail?
Oh My God So that is what my butt must look like when he teases it open?He has slipped one finger deep inside her and she is not too sure about this. I can tell that by her reaction so I gently nuzzle her clit?I can watch every movement as he glides in and out so I slip a finger into her as well?Now I know what Peter feels because I can feel each detail of his finger in her butt through the thin membrane and I am not suprised when she starts gasping for more?His thumb looks huge as it forces her open and she squeals this time as she comes again?I help to hold her cheeks apart as he lies himself in the cleft of her buttocks Sliding back and forth as I guide him through her lips to get him wet?and momentarily let him push slightly into her butt before slipping him out again She is so small and tight his head looks impossibly large as it begins to spread her ring and I remember exactly how I felt when he stretched me open?This feels so wrong and yet so right as I help my lover open up my best friends butt for the first time while she trembles in both lust and fear?My tongue touches her again as her hands pull me hard against her and I hear her gasping cry as she comes again and collapses between us with still not even his head all the way inside inside her ?He moves quietly away?She lies there barely moving while twitching her butt to get his attention?From behind he strokes me again as holding my legs open he plays with me for a moment and I can feel his hunger while she moves into position leaving me sandwiched between them as their plaything?As much as I had wanted to watch him coming inside her I feel great relief that he has saved this for me instead ?His breath is on the back of my neck as he nibbles and kisses me, then I feel her mouth touching my pussy again and her fingers opening my butt for him She is so small I have to lean forward to return the favour with my tongue?When he gasps I know her talented mouth is wetting him ready to invade my butt and I try to relax as I feel her guiding the head into my tightest place and she groans as she watches it splitting me wide open?Her eyes are open in shock as she tries to understand how something that big could slip in there so beautifully?I force myself to relax and feel him, hot and harder than ever, slide all the way inside me in one smooth movement?She moves up to kiss me and say I never knew I never knew before moving back to lick my clit and watch him driving deeper and deeper as she fingers herself as well until I slide my thumb straight up her butt so she can also enjoy this?I feel her thumb entering me and then gliding in and out as we all build up a perfect harmony until I cannot take any more and force Peter all the way inside until I hear him groan as he comes with me. Spurting inside as I try to get him deeper and deeper to milk every drop and we all collapse as Madi gives one last lick and drives herself into a frenzy??.??

What is left for us now?For we have played in places few others dare to go?We have pushed our boundaries as far as I think either of us wants and yet?Yet it has been simply the beginning?The beginning of ruin ?or the beginning of something that will engulf us both and drag us screaming with ecstasy into tomorrow?There are dreams and there are nightmares?Who dares to imagine where either one may begin or finish?or for that matter just how entwined they could become in the racing of pulses and glorious temptations?You would think, for it is always the same, or so they say, that after the first explosive eruptions of joy in finding each other we would have relaxed, settling into complacency exactly the same way they do?They, the doomsayers, who only wish that everyone elses life was as boring as their own as they slide into oblivion?Will anyone ever read this?That is probably a much more important question as far as posterity is concerned than his thoughts about it?Apart from the beginning, his additions to my journal are few and far between now?But I can feel him in every line; just like I can feel him inside me even when he is far far away?The reflections of mirrors and the reflections of minds lie in places that seem to be similar?But appearances may be deceitful?Our appearances changed so rapidly and into this kaleidoscope was added our outward contempt for normality?while inside we coveted every single moment together and truly desired nothing more?In so many ways everything was reversed?Here was I, quite happily admitting to be a young woman, and there was he, striding across my world, greyer now but still really a child?A child who loved each moment of life and tasted them all as they fell onto his tongue?
Maybe one thousand pages could be spent trying to find the secret to his tongue?It didnt look anything special; so maybe there was no secret?Yet; he could just lick his lips and I would immediately be wet and wanting?

I long sometimes to feel cold?To feel that kiss of ice and the burning sensations that accompany true cold?But where I, we live, there is no ice?There are none of those mornings when you want nothing more than to snuggle into your lovers arms and drag his heat into you?Where you dont want to make love?But where you draw every morsel of warmth from him you can and silently hope that he will get out of bed to make breakfast and feed you morsels while only your head pokes out from the blankets?Once, he took me there, actually that is wrong, he took me a lot more than once; but still, one night I saw it?Whispers of light as delicate as his touch that turned an everlasting twilight into the sweetest magic imaginable?It was as if sunrise and sunset had saved their best for this frozen land we were briefly visiting?Far too much to draw into myself as so many colours bled into each other and danced into my memory to float there forever?So I live in Aurora and have seen the Aurora

?In our rainy months the heat is destructive?There is a reason they call this suicide season?Do I get hot and bitchy just like everyone else. Most definitely
While he glories in it?Picking me to carry me into the rain until we are both soaking wet and there is no alternative but to follow his lead and jump in the puddles?as we dance our way into something only his mind could conjure up to break my depression?Our rain hurts?Huge separate drops that pummel you into submission as you try to drag some air into your lungs?Relief relief relief as you scramble into the drying hut and are nearly deafened by the rain exploding onto the roof?His backpack is small but holds so much Bit like him really?A cold towel?A wonderfully decadent cold towel sliding down my body to dry me off and oh so refreshing?Amidst the lights from the village and the roar of the rain he played?Played me like a soloist in Madison Square Garden would bring everything out of a piece of music?Nothing sexual?Or even sensual ?At first?Nothing but the touch of that towel caressing me as he stripped me naked?Nothing but the cool touch as he laid me down and drew patterns on my body with something hard and round and coldly fresh?Rain pounding as so did my pulse while my head twisted towards him to welcome his kiss?Wonderful wonderful kiss as he left me a rapidly dissolving ice cube to tremble upon until I crushed and swallowed it?enjoying every touch as it slithered down my throat?Hard and round and ice cold I can feel it sliding over each breast and dipping into my navel?Nearer and nearer to the centre of my heat until my hand tried to push it down there while he resisted my every move?Tormenting me without mercy while feeding me more slivers of ice as the rain poured down?
Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God, that tongue of his slid into perfect position to tease me open ?Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God, Hard and round and icy cold I can feel it now?Lying against me?Far too big but so tempting to try as it lay across my lips?There Yes There as his mouth seeks me again?Colder than usual until he slips another ice cube inside me and holds my clit between his lips while I convulse again and again?Then the joy and total pleasure of drinking the icy lemon tea while the rain offers us a lullaby

She still joins us even now
As he lays beside me and watches my fingers start to play
Watches in silence as I cup my breasts gently and slide my thumbs over my nipples
Feeling them hardening
Feeling every instant and every motion
So hot and lazy in the low light from the candles
Maybe I can blame the wine
or maybe not
My breasts feel full and I glory in my touch
and in the knowledge that he is watching everything
Tracing my ribcage my fingers pretend they are his tongue
One finger licked
My navel is not beautiful to me
But he glories in it
Fingers splayed I stroke my belly
Opening my eyes I watch him as he devours the finger now gliding around and into my navel
Lips form silent words I cannot understand at first
As my left fingers glide lower my right hand cups my breast harder

Then I understand
"Tiny little girl"
Momentary confusion followed by total understanding
Madi has joined us
Oh My God I have missed her
So warm and so small and tight all over
Those small hands
Barely big enough to cover even part of my breasts cup me now
Wondering if she has gone too far
Her other fingers follow mine down my body
Touching my thighs
So gentle
So demanding
A thumb on my lips and a finger on my lips
Begging me to open
Begging me to accept this
Eyes closed my tongue licks her thumb as it slips inside
Thighs spasm as her finger strokes those lips too
Her hair brushes my nipples sending me into another place and time
Memories beckon me far far away
Memories of the first night where we learned so much
Memories of those tiny fingers gently opening me
Teasing me as we found that immortal rhythm only lovers understand
Circling my clit without touching it
Spreading over my lips and cupping me gently
One finger just inside as I get wetter and wetter every moment
Deeper now her thumb in my mouth
Deeper now her fingers spreading my juices
Her lips on my lips
Tasting me
Teasing me even more open
Her hard nipples brushing my stomach as she feeds off me
Her leg swung over me
Slim and muscle lean she hovers
Letting me gaze into her
That still virgin butt
That delicious slit that begs for my tongue
Hungrily demanding that I lick her as her tongue slips deeper into me
Opening me
Oh my god I need this
Need her
Need to let her know that after tonight her butt is ours
Her lips, her fingers, her tongue
All faster now as my butt gets her attention
Hot and wetter than ever before I feel her thumb
Feel it probing
Looking for a way in as I writhe there helpless
Its in
Sliding in and out
My fingers... Her fingers
My thumb... Her thumb
While I know he watches in silence
While I gasp and force her deeper into me
Begging to scream but knowing I cannot. I bite
Bite hard into his shoulder as we both explode

Reaching for the impossible I begin to understand
As the last shudders leave me trembling I understand
Maybe yes
One day
But not tonight
Clutching my pillow tight against me I know why
Three more lonely nights until he returns
Are her dreams as savagely intoxicating as mine
Are her sheets as wet and crumpled as mine
Will I ever be brave enough to ask her

You, with your things like homes and mortgages, can never understand how much I hate him.
Only sometimes of course. But truly hate him with a passion even I dont understand at times.
I too have a home and a scooter, a small business, and a man I periodically lose.
At 2am the phone rings and we untangle ourselves long enough for me to reach it.
Even moonlight cannot dull the look in his eyes when I pass him the phone and he has gone
Still wrapped together he is gone
Still holding me closer than before and kissing me goodnight, he is gone
His eyes, his body, his now delightfully delicate love making are still there; but he is gone
I hate him for that
I hate the phone for doing that
I hate the airline that takes him away
I hate the answers which are never answers. That leave me with more questions than will ever be asked.
And he is gone
To places unconnected to me in any way possible he is gone
It becomes like talking to a mirage
Who I am seeing and discussing things with and holding and carressing exists; but he is gone
Days pass with only silence
For his places are hot and wet
Not for him the cities with their boisterous contentment for the desperate
No... his places are the stuff of nightmare for most of us
Where he glides, insatiable, through clearings and up jungle gorges of fragile complexity
only few can begin to understand

4am is a strange time
4am on 18th May he called me
Tickets waited for me
Hollow metal tubes with strange protuberances and tired smiles waited
to hopefully take me to him where mystery awaits

On an island of green where the grass is long and sharp and hides a multitude of unseen terrors he beckons
Ragged and wiry he beckons and I stumble forward once again to where he crouches

No tiger or leopard this
No gold filled ruins or thunderous waterfall
Just a pupae
Plain grey pupae moving under its own volition
2000 miles and 5hrs jungle trekking for this?
Sometimes I hate him

Minutes pass in silence while I seethe inside thankful for mosquito repellant and wait

In a corner of my vision something moves
Clumsy iridescence hovering insanely
Then another and another until the sky itself appears to be a liquid rainbow

I cannot move or breathe

Predators dash into this kaleidoscope
Hungry winged spitfires
Urgent and bewildered at far too many offerings
Still they come
Emerging from greyness into fantasy
Briefly, hesitantly omnipotent solely because of their numbers
As I gasp for breath and look around in bewildered confusion
Fascinated but torn apart

How can I compete with this

He knows
He understands me far too well

Standing behind me he reaches for me
Holding me close against him gently he whispers
I come here every year alone
Eden was just like this and now its yours too

As a thousand colours weave their magic all around us he starts
My neck is hot and sweaty
All of me is covered in a sheen of bitter perspiration
Yet does he care as he nuzzles my neck and earlobes
Does he care as he holds my breasts through my cotton shirt
Does he care as he plays me like a Stradivarius

Eyes wide open I gaze
Seeing nothing and everything in wonder
Every part of me is alive
My nipples are hard and demanding his touch
My pussy is dripping
Yet the only skin contact is his lips on my neck
I push back
Harder and harder until he cannot fail to know
My jungle pants are impossible
But he simply doesnt care
Never even bothers to undo a single button
Stroking me softly in tune with the life surrounding us
Building me up higher and higher
Helping me to understand too
Holding me
Teasing and tormenting me
Delaying me for so long I want to scream
His teeth
Nibbling at first
Then biting into the back of my neck as I quiver
Oh My God
Tremors explode as I do
Gasping and screaming I come as he holds me tight surrounded
by 10.000 butterflies

Sometimes I love him

Thats a strange word to both of us I feel
We never discus it or talk about it
He has loved before
and cried
Perhaps I have loved before
and also cried

But this
This is different
Do I miss him when he vanishes for weeks on end
To reappear sometimes gaunt and haggard
Sometimes dancing back without a care in the world
Do I miss him when we talk on line from some obscure destination he found himself in
Do I miss walking on the sunset beach hand in hand
Do I snarl with jealousy when I see photos of him in Bangkok or Singapore

Only answer is Yes

Would I want him to stop his life and be only here with me
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Probably not
Would he ever do that if I asked him to
YES I honestly think he would
Have you ever seen a wild owl in a cage
It feeds and breeds and eats out of your hand
But its eyes forever look at lost horizons we cannot even imagine

43hrs now until he returns
How I hunger
My scooter is ready to drive to pick him up
My sarong
Slightly bigger than normal and so very dark is ready
That is all I will wear
All I will wear on my scooter as the engine matches my pulses
All I will wear into and out of the airport
Praying his flight is not delayed
Walking and waiting clenching my thighs together so I do not drip on those cold grey tiles
When I greet him he will know
When I coil around him he will know
When he climbs close behind me on the scooter he will know
When I go too close in a corner and he holds me to keep his balance he will shudder and know
Is it possible
Possible that if I lean far forward and lift my butt slightly
Is it possible
That with my clit touching the vibrating seat we can
Can release him from whatever he is wearing and let him slide into me
I need this
I need to feel him inside me
Inside me as we cruise serenely down the highway
Inside me as we turn onto the mountain road
Inside me as the motor revs and the corners cling
Inside me as we reach our secret spot
Where we slow and in the majesty that surrounds we are so together again
Helpless in the want and need we deserve after so long
Will lift me higher so he can go deeper and deeper
Will I scream and beg for more
Will we ride home on a come slick seat that cushions my butt perfectly
Will he hold me gently and caress me softly afterwards

I need that

Do I love her
Thats a strange thing to ask you know
Why strange
What is love
Its certainly not suburbia or the chaotic cities humans crowd into
Moths to a flame they seek so desperately
But seldom find anything but dishonour

Is love the fat padres and rabbis demanding ever more opulence

Life has given me so much
Taken too much too
Watch the final scenes in Bladerunner and you may understand
Or at least begin to

Do I love her

I watch her too much
Perfectly imperfect beauty
As if before is in any way still recognisable
She too wandered and wondered
Now she grasps and gasps her way through wonders others cannot see
Cannot even begin to comprehend or even imagine

Through the gossip and jibes in her village she strides now
If before did exist she was more hesitant
More compliant with custom
Possibly that remains when Im absent
But I truly dont think so

After making love she sleeps in royal abandonment
Luxuriantly exhausted in a mess of sheets and me
Other nights
Yes there are other nights
She sleeps much more casually in her ripe nakedness
A plum to be savoured by only my eyes in the moonlight

A cotton sheet frames her body
Hints of breasts and shoulder in every languid sleeping movement
Such slender perfection
I watch her sleep
Contented with that
For now at least

She too wandered and wondered
Now she grasps and gasps her way through wonders others cannot see
Cannot even begin to comprehend or even imagine

Through the gossip and jibes in her village she strides now
If before did exist she was more hesitant
More compliant with custom
Possibly that remains when Im absent
But I truly dont think so

After making love she sleeps in royal abandonment
Luxuriantly exhausted in a mess of sheets and me
Other nights
Yes there are other nights
She sleeps much more casually in her ripe nakedness
A plum to be savoured by only my eyes in the moonlight

A cotton sheet frames her body
Hints of breasts and shoulder in every languid sleeping movement
Such slender perfection
I watch her sleep
Contented with that

For now at least she is a languid cat
That secret smile as she thinks I didnt see her waken
Watching me
Giggling as she realises I am also awake
Stretching oh so casually so that just one nipple appears from under the sheet
Watching my eyes
Knowing exactly what I have seen she curls into herself
Offering me her back
Knowingly expectant
Fingertips on her spine I gloat
Her underarm sends tingles into my tongue
Rolling her onto her back I lay beside her
Ignoring her nipple I nibble and kiss those wonderfully perfect breasts as she gasps
Lifting her thigh so she is defenceless
Languid cat just smiles
Gliding across her lips I yearn
Feeling her slowly opening I moan
So perfectly tight yet yielding
Opening more and more as I slowly slip inside
Her fingers move
Cupping herself as I work my way deeper and deeper
Middle finger stroking her hood
Other hand trying to force me deeper
Eyes staring at me now
Teeth clenching to match her pussy as it clenches and milks me

Relaxing she rolls on top of me
Whispering, Your wet spot
as she dribbles all over my belly

And you asked me if I love her
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 6/22/2016 5:38:54 AM
Reams and Reams of fantasy alone
Destroying me is but already shown
I am one who is not tempted by meer faceless figures
To have a touch of rapture is what i need delivered
one that makes me cry with the grazeing of his skin
One that looks me into the eyes making my heart melt within
A wonderous one to show me what love has to hold
for i have never experienced true love left unfold
I will wait forever for one just as I envision
I will not tempt fate with a sinsational sin
i am not what others view in the pictures
I am more than what perception delivers
I am soft and kind yet hard as steel
I believe with my mind full of hate and misdeal
I believe in nothing but what I see with my eyes
Captivating spirit tempted only by sunrise
Inviting a friend is enough to endure
one as me with a hastey heart yet so pure
Living and loving only one man in life
Never knowing of anything else but bitterness and strife
To have and to hold is something I will never say again
I Do... is to me torment years from saying the phrase of sin
Never again will I surround myself with another
Never again to give myself in whole only to lose slumber
Never again will I fear the eyes of a beast
never again will i fall to my knees in tears and blood of defeat
I will never again be succumbed by fear and hate
I will never let another in to tear down my steel gate
To who does catch my love and hold true
I can promise nothing in return for I am me and you are you.............
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 6/22/2016 5:43:40 AM
I'm standing in hell
Surrounded by my reflection
Everything I've done wrong
Is staring back at me

In this prison of mirrors
There is no vanity
In this prison of mirrors
... There is only misery

I'm standing in hell
With reflections staring back at me
They say misery loves company
But when I close my eyes
I feel them coming for me

In this prison of mirrors
There is no hope
In this prison of mirrors
There is only insanity

I'm standing in my own personal hell
I'm a hollow shell of what I used to be
I cannot sleep, for the fear
They will take my soul away
Every new day, their faces change
But mine is the same

In this prison of mirrors
There is no hope
In this prison of mirrors
There is only insanity
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Shall we play??????
Posted: 7/29/2016 12:09:40 AM
Hi Bubbles
Insanity can be fun so long as it hurts nobody

Seven times she reached for me, seven times I held her hands
in broken visions to run free and wander into stranger lands
Cold and hard she seems at first my mistress and our destiny
black her eyes and sunsets thirst, no question of equality
While I dream of offers left, a life of whimsy and no rage
so dubious the gifts I heft, yet still I turn another page
to wonder in the thunder of the beauty in her night
to taste her as I plunder and whimper in delight
my knowing of her treason may scent that fatal bloom
are passions rites a reason i still avoid her room
Fears will blind in places her empty tears of morning
buried without traces I welcome every dawning
Wrap her in her violence, coiled upon her burning shore
I respond in silence, quoth that raven, nevermore
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