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Do men just live to impress women?Page 9 of 9    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Belle, your main photo could almost be used as an advertisement for one of those really old telephone operators.

The ones with the big board of wires and plugs where the customer called the operator, often by winding a handle and asked to be connected to someone else.
She, (the operator was always she) had a fabulous voice, was cheerful and knew everything about everybody as she could listen in to calls.
Many were shared lines so neighbours could listen in to each others conversations as well.
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Do men just live to impress women?
Posted: 3/8/2015 10:07:23 PM
hmmmm, I like the way you think Oz

I might buy parts to recreate the imagine as a phone operator, just for kicks, lol,
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Do men just live to impress women?
Posted: 3/8/2015 10:35:52 PM
Make sure you wear a little black dress.

I think they all wore LBL's
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Do men just live to impress women?
Posted: 3/8/2015 11:15:04 PM

I don't care about what any particular individual (in the forums) feel or think about what I post?

Great then. As I said before, I don't read and/or reply to your every post. And if you don't care, there's nothing to worry about. No need to go carpel! :) I did read your previous posts in this thread before your summary -- which yeah, I understand, regardless of what one's time is worth to others, to ourselves it can be high, medium, low, etc. But my point is, it's not the reason why you expect/demand a guy to pay every time. Otherwise, you'd be applying the same principle to gal-pals who want to hang out with you, just as much as a guy with non-platonic intentions/aspirations. It'd be dependent on the time-frame and the value of your time (kind of like Uber -- Never order Uber on NYE @1:00AM!).

Who wants the burden of another person's liberation? If we see having fun, and paying for it, not as the ends, but the means to our favored end (ie, a date is the journey we take to our destination, getting laid town), then we're going to be a burden on our date.

Sooo... a guy should pay money as the means to complete the journey (date), to get laid as the ends. So to avoid burdening the date and to complete that journey to get to get laid in the end, you should pay for the date. Or an escort (a bit more money; but less time spent - which, if one's time is valuable, can mean a lot to them).

he knows what his goal for the evening is. he just isn't sure how to convince her she wants to end up with sticky thighs.

To be honest, a lot of guys aren't trying to pork the gal on the 1st date, or even 2nd date, thinking about how to get her thighs sticky that evening. Not to say almost all guys wouldn't mind that! I just think that immediate sense 'goal' isn't necessarily on his mind, unless he isn't that into her, but wants to make the most out of that said 1st or 2nd date to at least get some action in to make up for his 'valuable time' + money. I would say it'd be a goal not to Botch that opportunity when it seems possibly ripe to occur... but a relatively decent guy's main goal for a gal he has Real interest in is to garner her interest & comfort-zone if he's in that section of the dating phase. If he isn't that into her, he'd be willing to sacrifice that to push the envelope on "taking a stab at her"... where if he Is into her, that's not going to be his focal point in-the-moment... garnering her Interest in a solidified way would be.

Essentially, if he just wants to bang -- the goal of the (first) date itself is going to be centered around porking her.
If he is really liking her -- the goal of that date itself is going to be centered around garnering her interest, etc.
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putting my finger into the hole and hearing the sounds made
Posted: 3/9/2015 9:45:17 AM
Ah, the rotary phone, where you could listen to the dial ratcheting and guess the number.
My father had ours for over a decade until I was old enough to read the bill and notice he'd been paying $9 a month to rent the darn thing all that time. Probably the most expensive one not gold plated :)

in my own personal experience, my dates that occurred "unnaturally"--that is, there wasn't so much of an attraction/ connection of personalities, but we were able to stand each other and our goal was to just not be so alone in life--tended to result in more money being spent. Like spending money was the cover for the fact that, if we weren't out having a good time at a fun place, we'd probably notice that we could interchange the person next to us for another person. That probably sounds bleak and draconian, but on dates where I spent little money, it usually was b/c we two people really hit it off and could sit on a couch together and still have a great night, doing not a whole lot more than just enjoying the others' presence.

You're right, not everyone's plan is to hook up on the first date. But it might be a "sooner rather than later", while the other person might be seeing sex as a "let's wait and see." their goal is to have a good time making a good connection and feeling that connection...and then, it might lead to sex, or it might lead to friendship. More of an evolution than an oriented path. Speaking generally, some of us fellows may be more goal oriented, and not willing to just hang and talk and not care whether it led to something or not, just enjoying the moment and let Fate decided the future of the relationship.

and don't get me wrong, any finger I might be pointing at others results in three fingers pointing back at me :)
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putting my finger into the hole and hearing the sounds made
Posted: 3/9/2015 12:44:48 PM

That probably sounds bleak and draconian, but on dates where I spent little money, it usually was b/c we two people really hit it off and could sit on a couch together and still have a great night

True... but I would think that's a post-1st-date thing where you already hit it off, if it's on your couch. A coffee shop thing would be good for a 1st date -- nothing taken out of any real funds. Only a Really Poor college kid is going to b!tch about buying even a not-as-good-looking-as-expected gal a coffee or tea.

However, I think more ideal/common 1st date situations for the non-cautious would be going to a bar to get some drinks and an appetizer around happy hour or early evening... which wouldn't be as much as a full-blooded "dinner and drinks" evening on a Saturday night, but it's going to still going to rack up expenses on multiple dates. Enough where a guy, if he's going out on dates that pile up over time -- he's going to want her to Like him, and not be doing that out of back-pocket-option boredom, attention, half-hearted semi-interest, etc. He knows he's going to run into that now and again and can't cry foul (thus, don't make your 1st date too much)... but just as much as one should say to a guy "Be more selective when going out on a date," one should also say to a gal "Don't go out on a date with a guy just to get your feet wet in the dating circuit, unless you actually Mean to contribute a good amount to the bill if you're not that into him (which is to be likely)... and don't go out on a 2nd outing/date if you're not that into him, if you want him to pay. Coffees or ice cream or meanial things don't apply, though -- but there's still the don't waste his time or yours if it's past the 1st outing/date."

Guys though can't b!tch IRL about it, or let it get to them that much... but they should be aware of situations where he's going out several times and if those bills are piling up from non-fancy outings... as too much expenses over time can be an indicator he's going about things the wrong way (landing dates with gals who aren't that into him walking into it, or after meeting him if blind from online).
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impressing the woman!
Posted: 3/14/2015 12:22:16 PM
if he starts out trying to impress me he better keep doing it long after we do the mattress dancing or i'll have to have a firm talking to his "boys". hee hee
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