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Joined: 11/9/2014
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Daddy's Girl

Daddy. Did you think about what he was telling you to do?
Daddy? When you signed the dotted line
Did you know who you were signing me over too?

My Daddy
I was supposed to be able to trust you
You turned off the lights and left me
Daddy? When you let him father me
Daddy did you know what you do?

Your can never answer me.
The place I have gone is beyond your eternity

Did you know the man that strapped me down?
Did you know the chemicals I swallowed
Did you know what they were doing to your angel girl
Daddy's Little Girl?

Daddy. Did he wear a coat with you so gleaming
That you just didn't see who he was
Or please don't ever let me know
Please don't ever let me know
You knew what he was doing.
That would be a blow That would be a fire all consuming.

I wake up in dread. I can't fall asleep.
You are dead. I can not use speech.
How can I heal a broken heart like this
Daddy how could you betray me?

I don't even know the opera began I was sitting and losing my name
I was all dressed in velvet with the groom on my arm in the room that made me insane ...

So Why tell me why? Where were you then
Tell me Daddy why didn't you see.
Please don't ever let me know
Don't ever let me see
That you knew how long shame has betrayed me?

Daddy did you know..

Daddy did you feel
Did you have any other view
Than the man that was you
Did you ever think
Daddy's girl has some feelings too?

Tell me Daddy?
Daddy. Did you think about what he was telling you to do?
Daddy? When you signed the dotted line
Did you know who you were signing me over too?

That babies bones I wnt to keep
That medicine that made me sleep
The catatonic state they induced
The orderlys touching my chair

The Doctors with the grey hair
Oh yeah oa horror scene
THat's what you signed onto me

That's what you did man you threw me away
That's what you did man you made me portray
A lie...

The lie is DEAD.

and so are you.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 12/3/2015 4:25:47 AM
You never listen
because you think you are always right
You think you can fix everything
Skirting round words
and superior you be
You have but one song to sing

Your conspiracy forgot about me
you think you've given me shelter?
Your vanities gave room for me
But I had no clean water

Aha. You saw a need and came in
But it had to be a glorious deed
You never could come behind instead
Do give me the courage I need

You doled out clothes and gifts for free
I know we assumed they were
but all the while you tallied that
It was your thing to insure

Yes you are marvelous
You are wonderful
that's all your friends can see

Tell them now
Why you are so good
because you pity me

Oh yes, you are the ultimate one
You did so much for me
But I regress I must say under your thumb
I never felt like I was me.

So you can shape your dreams my sis
Okay you are the best you win
I will just live on with this
The scars are deep within

Your relish your gravy and all of your cream
You threw it at my back
and He held onto it beyond the grave
oh Carol you had the stack

You think that now you are still right
but you believe a lot of lies
I've tried to show you what is true
but you just run and hide

So you go on oh yes please leave
Your fortune was never mine
You had the tools you got the pride
In a world that is sublime

You have a mask that is green
Your husband never loved you
He charted off to things obsecene
And you had laundry to do

But now he's gone and you've cashed in
So you can continue on your road
No farewell for you my friend
Go carry your heavy load

We know you like the burdens there
They put you lofty high
While you undermine with care
And my well always ran dry

So take another charter trip
Around your holier than though
and when you leave you may as well
Take a curtious bow.

Well **** you now I never thought
THat blood would wound this way
You are blind you petulant child
and Now I have nothing to say.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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The American Dream
Posted: 12/3/2015 5:01:31 AM
The American Dream.
The American Dream died with a boom
We hid under the desk in our classrooms.

when you die
. Nothing adheres to your soul
Don't you know?
Death has no cash
We take nothing to Sheolle

In death we have no need for your oil
So why do we value it here?
Why do we grieve over the soil
With the sun and the sky to love us

The sky will be there above us
For the generations we scold
Or will we become like dinosours
What do you suppose was their gold

That gold. Old gold we fashion
We stylize with our tools
Is worth nothing
When will you see?
When you die..
you take nothing with you.

Nothing but you and me

Now Google translates
So there is no Babylon
There is no need for your towers.

There is no need for your trip to outer space
There is nothing out there but a higher power

When will you see it
The firmament
That was alive for a thousands of years

You kill my life
My american dream
With all of your instilled fears

Did they reach the sky
We may never know
Did they tell us a lie ?

No it was true

America had a dream
A dream... about me and you.

Our forefathers dream
So crystal clear
It was written upon a stone

But man advance
Like a bull in glass
and told God to leave him alone.

He gave us 613 to live for a thousand years
Reduced it to ten
Hoping then
we would see
and when

He sent his SON
to give us ONE
and we are still blind

America you've gone back on your dream
and betrayed a begotten mind.

Time to wake up
He calls upon us
With rumbling ground
and a wave

The plagues will come
The walls cave in
The world undone
The word gone

Because we don't see
No humanity
In a world that is free?


You will not know
What is real
Until you abolish time

I will not know
All that is real
Until the end of mine.

The chapters wrong
That constant verse
playing in your head
Shows no grace to your God
With an American Dream

That is DEAD.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 12/3/2015 1:18:07 PM
You ****en cronk nosed mother ****ing Geek
You need to eat every word you speak
You need to grasp your life and find control
You beat up hag you are getting old
You funked up ****ed up piece of shit
You don't know when it's time to quit
You can't stomach your own spit
You think I give a ****ing shit

Go **** you snot nosed mother ****ing geek
You threw your wife out into the street
You picked up a woman you began to hate
Crawled back and she said it was to late

You geeked up ****er loser tramp
You called on me for the amp
You set up the show to flatter him
You got out without the bones in your skin
You funked up ****er piece of lard
You think you are trying so hard
Your wish is just to retaliate
Your mind is warped with deafening hate

Go **** you snot nose shitter geek
You threw your kids out on the street
You gave it up for in the sheets
Now you want a square retreat?

You geeked out slut you fucker man whore
You came for me over and over
You stalked me dead into the night
You made me question my insight
You took up all your vanities
You bragged about your fantasies
You aged because your full of shame
You had to create your false names

Oh **** you snot nose scanner shit
You threw your towel now you should quit
The spell I cast has no mercy
Now put that in your treasury.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 12/4/2015 5:48:46 AM
Posted: 12/9/2009 1258 AM
I see the man on the street with the tattered shoes on his feet
praying for heat
And the boy searching through the viles at the corner of the street
I see the girls at the door of the clincs cause they haven't enough to eat
for themselves let alone another one
another one another one

I see the shows on tv. the empty bowls and their faces of pain
I see their tears as I change the channel again
after all what could I do
It's only me, only me.

I see the men under the bridge renamed almost criminal,
hobo, bum, he is beat his life is a box on the street
I wonder if there are children there
but I turn my cheek
I turn my cheek

I've seen the child with the memories of a slain father
Gathered him my arms for hours
I couldn't console him for the life of me
What's it destiny

I explain to myself that it's just society
I rationailize, justify why it's this way
But when I get on my knees to pray
I know in dispair and dismay
That that's not what he's gonna say
I'ts not destiny... IT'S ME

It's me and every tine I look away
And I says it's just the way the world has become today
going back to the mundane
and shaking my head
shaking my head

Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 12/4/2015 6:03:04 AM

"The Love Poem"

Words and ryhmes with words sublime
Yet he is
Screaming at the door

What you are and what we were doesn't matter any more

Silly poems and candles illuminate the dark
What adventure steals away your heart
Why oh why have you fallen
Youre burried in your rut

Excuses hindering abusing the word but

but only if
but only if

just supports your fantasy

and only if
and only if

Keeps you owning meee...

Pen in hand you ink out all you feel
Will I find an open door to something real
Or is that just a bitter and cruel joke

I remember promises and all the foolish
Empty words you spoke

What you are and what we were doesn't matter anymore...

With words that rhyme those words that hurt
don't matter like before

Why can't I just say good bye?

God knows I'll ask him
To help me try

but only if
but only if

Don't spare your fantasies

and only if
and only if

You had never lied to me.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 12/4/2015 6:04:00 AM

Im here Im here too
Come back end the crash time
Gimme some beat
Something to work with
Something sweet...
I hear mad words
And their floating in my head

I hear your expertise
I hear your disease
I hear your anger my friend

I know why your actin up
What brought u to end
I know why it's crunch time
And your down with the rest.

Cuz you think your the best
Cuz you know your the best

Im here, I'm here too
Come back in the aftermath
Gimme some candy
Give me something sweet
Come on now.
I'm keeping to my side of the street

I'm here, I've been watching
All along
You just never invited me
To sing your songs
To sing your song

So.. Okay
It's okay, I know why your acting up
I know whats in your heart
I knew I remembered when
That was the day it was over again

I'm here... I'm here too
Come back and cud you give it up
Stop being a pretender....
Ahhh..BECAUSE I'm all set ...

I'm at a session, dumping on her
Sittin in your shyt
You'll have your own forshuaa
You know when it's your day to quit...

Ha.. I see the big show
Under your belt...
And you never let me show you
How I felt..

I'm here, I've been watching
All along
You just never invited me
To sing your songs
Yo sing your song

Come on sing
Say it
Say it

You wanted Chill
You wanted to slow your roll
And I'm sitting here still ..
You re outta control.

Sweet music it doesn't stop
Soooooths me for days
I'm not talking til your done, done...
I know Im gonna do me too
Yeah know the score
Do you want some more?

Come, Cuz I'm here too.
I'm saving something special for you
And there's nothing but truth
Come over here I'm not through

I'm here, I've been watching
All along
You just never invited me
To sing your songs
To sing your song.

m.mizzoni 2/12/2012
Joined: 11/9/2014
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The Stalker
Posted: 12/4/2015 6:05:49 AM
Where there is smoke there is usually fire
I don't just follow my hearts desire
I don't ignore what I know in my gut
When a man is talking out his butt

I don't ignore the obvious clues
And then just let my self get used
I look OH YEAH, I investigate
I don't wait until its to late

I didnt grow up on the Wimp side
of the tracks
OH YEAH.. I watch my own back
I look and follow that inner guide
I know when a man has something to hide

I knew you were untrue
I knew that I was being HAD
By the likes of you

I knew your storys were so LAME
You lied to me about your wife
How exhausting is it for you to
live this double life?

I knew you lied about your nites
About your the girls you found online
I knew when you were picking fights
that you were NOT just "ONLY" mine

I knew when you tried to explain
That you were just a liar
But all your lies were just in vain
You've set your pants on fire

So yeah I stalked
I followed my intuition
AND YEAH it was such relief to confirm my
own suspitions.

I knew I wasn't crazy to put my trust in me
It's not my fault that your the pig that made up
lies for me

So YES I LOOKED I invested some of my sweet time
and combed the web and found you out
That you weren't really mine
So now I know what your about


So call me stalker, yeah my friend
At least you know now in the end
That I would not perpetuate
That I'm SMART ENOUGH to investigate

And you know what I found outright
and found out by "mistake"
I guess I always knew deep down
You were ONLY on the take

I guess I always had the right idea
And when ur lies became so clear
when I knew that I was right
Was when you put up such a fight.

I guess it was just to hard to keep up
with ALL OF your lies...
When one begets another
The shyt begins to fly...

Oh no my friend that is not
Something I would avoid
Now Im so glad that your gone
Just like a HEMORRHOID

So go ahead now talk about me

To stand up to your stupid lies
And confront you to your face
What she found when she
STALKED you on Cyberspace...

Oh yeah, I am A STALKER
because I'm NO ONES FOOL...
You need to rethink your whole game

So your the one that made mistakes
You can not ever blame me
I'm the girl with enough grace
You shouldn't underestimate me...

and did it for my own good
I found how you lied to me

So now you just go find the SKANKS
That will not care anyway
They'll use you just like you use them
For your "good times" and play

But this is what i know for sure
will happen soon one day...
That while your f&cken one of them
You'll know the MISTAKE YOU MADE

THe only thing that I'll give you
Is that when your back was to the wall
You couldnt worm your way out
and confessed to f&cken them all...

SO call me stalker if you want...
I will admit it with out fear
I was SMART and now all you've got
Are sluts that just don't care

THe one thing that I know is true
That keeps me from your dissing
Is that when your f&cken all your whores.

SO YEAH.. I STALKED.. And believe me now
I'm so relieved and done
All you had was LOSER GAMES...
but I'm the one that WON.

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Posted: 12/30/2015 12:30:18 PM

When I left the prison.. the anger was gone.
I left it there behind the dull walls
I left it there strapped up in that jacket
I left it there within their padded halls

I found the sky again
I breathed the freedom
I rocked beneath a bow
and my soul was restored

When I left your prison the anger was you
I left you there behind the lies
I left you there with your treasures plenty
I left you there and I took flight

I found my God again
I stood my ground
I breathed you out
I was free from harm

When I found myself the walls fell down
I find my spirit is still in light
I found His love in the arms of many and
I got through those darkest nights.

I see the daylight in you
I sing a song that is me
I give Him a place to dwell
I find my eternity.
Joined: 11/17/2014
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Posted: 1/4/2016 6:56:46 PM
Broken window serenade.
Diamonds and gasoline.

We're here then we're gone.

Same as my daddy and his daddy before.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 1/11/2016 11:45:25 AM
There you go. There you go. Flipping cards
There you go running hard
Where they fall it's just chance
But oh my love.. how you do this dance

There you go. There you go. Stack the Deck
There you go a train wreck
Smut the loser lost again
But oh my boy.. now you'll lick your chin

In a web the players legs twisted and fall
Chopped at the knee she gains her place
Putting your shit away up on the wall
You know what to say to save your face
She shopped at the dollar store
and tries to get shit for free
You use her toothpaste and shower stall
to hop again to one who's waiting at three
She knows when her pills are almost gone
That you are acting up again
In a web the player tangled has no friends

There you go.There you go Holding your Ace
There you go with no grace
Where they fall it is all chance
But oh my you do this dance

There you go There you go. Where are you?
Your phone is dead I see read too
Chit in your head gunning over n over
But Oh my boy now is the arms of your lover

In a web the players arms flail at the hearts
Cheated by three he gains his pace
Putting your bets counting on memory
You know how to pose with that poker face
You don't call her but the phone is dead
Your thinking of things to say
While spades and clubs are hitting your head.
You use your eyes you know that look now
And you turn your cheek to mock a sullen brow
Oh you're an actor again
In your web you player you've got no friends.

There you go There you go chasing a cab
You've got a little cake but you are still mad
You don't want to go home to the control
But you ask yourself am I getting to old

There you go There you go It's not all bad
**** I come home your always mad
There you go There you go. it's a chase
Running and hiding again it's okay
this time...
You'll come in first place.

Come now let's play.
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Ode to an Alias
Posted: 1/15/2016 8:32:12 PM

You opportunist freak zero in on your target
Read the cards and weep Piggie go to the Market
Your atrophied and getting sweat on your brow
Oh my Geek friend maybe I can caution you for now

Your swallowed up reasoning is making you shake
And all the girls ran after you til you fathered your mistake
and your pity pot is full and your sympathy is grand
You clenched your fist twice and you lost the hand

Your knees are shaking toes tapping up on the table
You hold her in your mind and then made her disabled
Some night you'll awaken and the dark's the last you see
With a white sheet and a white flag you'll wave at me

Maybe that will be
The last thing you see
When your soul's in flight
Heading for eternity
You'll have to find an answer
For what you've done to me.

You hedonistic rhetoric calendar Geek
How do you ever put yourself to sleep
Do you beat it flipping off on your mouse
Stroking in the shower cause the wife is in the house

You bleated out your haunting struggling voice
Like a minister who comes to give you one last choice
Your daunted by the lies here you told under oath
Darkened cell captured in a bottle and a loaf

Your egomania will never come to roast
You take out your plastic and become a reverent host
The curtains drawn and centered up on your stage
Is a wrath you have never known striking out rage

Maybe that will be
The last thing you see
When your soul's in flight
Heading for eternity
You'll have to find an answer
For what you've done to me.

Joined: 11/9/2014
Msg: 39
Ode to the Queen
Posted: 1/20/2016 6:55:24 PM
She pretends ignorance the subject denied
No dead sister for their daughters
She would never remember her for us
She hides something with her silence

She took the chance took my child away
She carefully examined the list for years
All to comply I did it dutifully damaged
Giving way to exhaustion from tears

She took that babe wrapped her in shame
Bundled her up and threw her away
I was almost there to the finish line
And Auntie sent me to hell again

With sublime words she explains
Her actions were all done in vain
There was no reason for what she did
I was the one in extremes of pain.

She left the baby at the door step
My precious daughter her choice
To leave her is a dusty playground
While she stifled that mother's voice

Late the cruelty came back to me
The worker she told me her stance
I see her in her mansion and why
She left my life to chance

I was almost there in compliance
I had done all that I was supposed to do
She left Jessica in the wind
And gave me a hard bone to chew

While Sis sat in a palace
She was given all that was good
I was given ultimatums
and all the advice as I should

She claims she was involved
Cared for the baby at night
But she would not take any blame
When the truth was brought to light

I don't ask why she had to hurt me
Had she not turned a blind eye enough
She is an emotionless robot
Who believes being stoic is tough

Why did she deny me a chance
She ripped the child from my arms
Sent her to a drug house
Where my baby was driven to harm

Later in years the girl remembers
She knows she was beaten neglected
While the lady in the mansion with treasures
Acts like she was not affected

She carries on her social agenda
With a daughter that has never known pride
She wears a mask and an apron
Where the devil lives and he hides

She was vicious the plight to remember
How she was so harsh and punished me
I spent a lifetime trying to forgive it
But the loss felt like an eternity

The workers they told me of her scorn
They told me her of her malicious tale
It was then that I realized above all
The woman was projecting I fail

In all of the things that could've killed me
I never knew such unwanted pain
I'll never forget the betrayal
Living under her reign

For she was the Queen of my Demise
and she took a piece of my daughter too
Her husband defiled in disguise
But she did things outright taboo

She gave the nod to the eldest
Her obsession was easy and plain
While she cast away the youngest
With a label that gave her grave pain

How does she sleep I do wonder
How does she live with the lie
Her mansion is cluttered with belongings
But her heart has already died .
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Msg: 40
Robins ( birds of a feather )
Posted: 1/24/2016 4:58:00 PM
You're hopping up and down the coast bringing your Rob Roy
You got one hand on a deck and the other on a****br>Your enormity of absurdity is getting a black eye
You reek from your sweaty brow and we all want to cry

You whore boy scooter man emotionless your fame
You petition for the attention and from it a whore is made
This feeding id explodes on you you've got egg on your face
But you always gave a shitty grin when you left my place

Your dreaming without out focus it's all at the head of your****br>Your stacks are getting lower and your wallet isn' thick
You've played enough and lost now you are looking for escape
Come now Mr.Super Chit get ready for your parade

Yeah you flirted boyishly with stupid wigga clerks
You used your charming vocals with a gesture at her purse
She I'm sure felt less neglected in her home
Cause some Raw Freaks inspecting her she' never alone

****er now oH Daddy ****s that was your internal name
With camera and cologne you wore the devil's cloak
Two boys always straddling you they made her run away
Tales of wives with old wives tales were not much of a joke

What a load your sales pitch gone it's measure by your****br>You escaped the bosses eyes and had her punch your clock
****ing her in the parking lot was your best excuse
Little ones with no Mom never get enough juice..

Oh Mr. Liar ****tard Robbin you Geeky little bird
You played your game and still came out smelling like a turd
Your kitty meowing in the hall behind the cellar door
You make sure clean towels there before you mop the floor

Split the pill and it might fall like litter to the ground
You told the Judge a pack of lies and pigs pushed me around
The blue boy there with gruff hair would be puddy in my hands
A stranded light scolding him when he soiled his pants

He had no law came back raw she passes him a note
He listened to a very few words and came back with no vote
Oh yeah I guess that means that the old lady should decide
But she has two new boy friends now and another on the side

Pity him when I tell the truth that scowling little Dog
He likes his tags but it's no crime if I choose one as mine
I'd Google him again and then see another alias
His pent up****inside his mouth cause he can get no ass.

Line them up you Street Hag lover you bone fide baboon
Eat my crumbs and kneel down with your finger in your nose
When I tell my side my **** it will bring you to your knees
Oh please yes I remember dates and your ****ed up disease

You shook my head and pulled my hair and ripped up on my neck
I curse the cards I curse your luck your mud upon the deck
To your wife her precious life I should never have believed
Yet Geek man freely watches on and sneaks out when he leaves.

to be continued....
Joined: 11/9/2014
Msg: 41
Posted: 1/29/2016 1:16:20 PM

Freezing, left out
There is your intent
Words now
Pray with no defense
Your mission done
Me now
Scathed you circumvent

You're playing
Ring around the Rosy
My power only
To wish you dead

You're singing
A song too familiar
My wishes only
My hunger is fed

I couldn't care now
When you beseech me
It will all fall upon deaf ears
I do not bare now
When you deceive me
I am sheltered and with out fear

Screaming, pent up
There is your reward
Vile now your spewing
No one there to guard

Wrenching your guts now
Your disgrace is your map
You'll be crying
It is dying in your lap

Aha I will await now
The news will come
That day we will celebrate
For I have overcome.
Joined: 11/9/2014
Msg: 42
Ode to The Watcher
Posted: 2/6/2016 2:36:13 PM
You are unconscious
The anger is pain underneath
How dreadful the pain?
how vulnerable are you?
You identify with the pattern

The Watcher is gone

Suffering thoughts severes the art
The golden days are gone
You will never be whole again
That is the lie

The Watcher believed

He made a man of it
Couldn't see inside
Wretched in emotional pain
He wrapped her insane

The Watcher is silent

His Ego was all it had
Powerful taught to a child
You will never be the Watcher
I am going to steal that from you

You couldn't give it up
You are invested in the pain
Oh Unhappy self
Is who you are

The Watcher eats Fear

Leap into that unknown
Risk losing him
Risk the attachment
This peculiar pleasure
To be unhappy
You've never made it conscious
You live with him there
No one can do it for you
You can not be with them
Alone your light is dim
You can only embrace him
Separated again this fire
Burns again to teach you fate
Provided you could go beyond the mire...
But for you it is to late

Your sense of self
Sabotages you, you can not
Heal the pain
It is you
You don't know what else to do
You create a lable
Give it a name

The Power of your presence
The Watcher dies at your feet
You can not break away
You are broken Face your final defeat

It is life energy it is in a trap
The pain happened in the past
The living past in you
That's who you think is who
but nothing will remain of you
When you find yourself

The power that is
Died with the Watcher
Your responsibility to the truth
Transforms it to himself

You are in the light
But you fall into darkness
You can not fight the bodies there

They are your demons
For that moment
That turns to an eternity unawares
Joined: 11/9/2014
Msg: 43
Ode to An Adult Child
Posted: 2/8/2016 7:07:02 AM
Yes you were enchanting your motives were pure I saw that everyday
It was sickness and memories haunting you still kept you blinded any way
I know what you lived through I was beside you but you didn't see the storm come
You were perfected like Christ Resurrection you were promised a life that was won

and you were deliberate though had you no name for it you were compelled in a spell
You gave a grave gaze and your skin was hot there your face contorted your eyes swell
For all you sought out was to validate nothing because none of that was really you
I knew your intention then not to mention when I was the one battered and buttered too

But backed to a wall or corner you with a truth that could absolve all your pain
So you rallied for permission to put me in a category so no one would think your insane
You got it fair one, yes you won when you won but you still were not satisfied then
You balked at my door and you swept up my floors and stole my dignity again

You maintained a name oh the martyr was sweet she almost created a saint
You thought it unfair when I gave her a name for the social commentary so quaint
You get away with all that you do because you can gather them there
You think your chagrin but the ones who are smart can see that you don't really care

You think you are sly and your covert in trying to make yourself smell like a rose
Aha Tell the truth and your afraid you will choke it is easier to make me a joke
You have to justify somewhere inside why you make your achievements known
The words will slip by when you send them their gifts oh yes we know what you own

You protest why now no one questions it your story is tried and true never overblown
But all you believe and your dismissal of me was so blatantly cruel everyone knows
You just can't nullify all the things that you try all the people that get in your way
Your with baited breath because of fear instead of love that would make your day

Aha I write a poem. it's a place to let go it's a way I can return to my universe
Aha I say a prayer it's a way I have now to unburden the pain back into verse
You can read this long after I'm dead if you are here still chanting your bonua score
I don't have to die with a reason why you have all cast me out long before

So don't look at me dead to just keep shaking your head and think I lived in misery at all
For I came back a long time before you had written me off the writing was on the wall.
And I come back I am standing you did not chastise me for not you are gone still
You can say quietly make sure you whisper your deceptions will seem less real.
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Death Dance
Posted: 2/27/2016 1:38:28 PM
I know what I did
At your death dance party
Why you are mad at me
I know how I stole the show

You worked so hard
On the scripts we know
I swooped in with a song
You felt terribly wronged

I know what I did
At your death party march
I know why you hate me
I got to be blamed named

What did you get?
Let;s not forget
You got it all
Praise be
let me take the fall.

I know what I did
Your death party sucked
I borrowed a dime
Threw you off off track

I told the truth
while you had to hide
Go away now
Swallow your pride

Swallow it whole
Your death party songs
Getting slowly old
before you are wronged

Your death party dance
Set up for auction
The bidder takes a chance.
You''re begging for action

Romance wouldn;t do
let's make a victim of you
Better yet try harder
You can be a martyr.

It's my turn to do dishes
It's my turn to prance
But you've cut off my knees
So I can not dance

You kept it in terms
Numerical perfection seen
Waiting for the day the hour
The child has turned eighteen

Perfect timing in your book
Found in your journals
He came up from the tide
And you had to jump hurdles

Then he called on me
Collecting my sweet promise
I kept his secrets safe
Until darkness fell upon us

Now your dead sympathy
You can not resist it
Your priceless reward
Knocked down your sister

You can't afford it
Don't let anyone else play
You can't keep the lies
Unless he dies anyway..

I spoiled your death party
So now your acting out this way
Took away your spotlight
I had too much to say

It was your stage your party
Make the spot red
It could of been your birthday
But you chose to die instead

I know what I did
Made a promise to a him
So when you came screaming
The drama wouldn't end

You cried out God have mercy
Mercy on me
There in your insanity he
Doesn't even own his agony

I know what I did braced you
Told you the troll was fond of you
Yes agreed that after 16 years
You might want some fun too

I know what I did
but you sold the foundation
Painful as it was
All it was was an infatuation

When he ran happily into the sun
That's when the narcissist
Came undone
Yes. That's what really hurts

You can not have eternity
If anyone else has a plan
You've mapped out your security
tied up all their hands.

He called coming
Up for the sandy shore
Called me because he knew
I had been there before

Preparing to return
I had no envy coming
Home to a wife
Giving way to empathy

He begged me twice
To keep hush his illness
I didn't know your wrath
But now I can risk it

The plot didn't thicken
He was just to sick to fight
The drama would be deadly
Lasted through the night

The party never stopped
So she could always perform
Death dance for him over and over
Keeps her looking warm

The party never ends
Without her death mask on her face
Pointing all her fingers
Leaves no scars of disgrace

I know I passed the gauntlet
But that's not the verse
For your death party dance
That you had rehearsed..

I took the light away
and he was already gone
It was honestly deliberate
Act 1 scene two robbed

The sash the pageant of pity
The empathy you don't know
What it was because my sis
I think you have no soul

I know what I did
I know why you fear me still
Because I hold a secret
He didn't write in the will

But your little troll
Haunts you still..
You threw away a marriage
Said it was God's will

Yes because you trust
A reflection of you
The kind of insanity
That your coffee brews.

Maybe your next party
Should be eloquent with tea
You can discuss in honesty
How you ruined me

I know what I did
I didn't just listen deaf
I told the truth for him and me
and now you want me dead.
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Your Love
Posted: 3/3/2016 3:13:54 PM
Your love. All it did was burn my lips. Tempting me all the time
You could fix a mother born a narcissist who married a fool
He was drunk instead of being your father he was sunk
Before he ever set sail we had to recite and remember unsafe rules
Your love All it did was critique me. Luring me one more time
You could fix the damage done with another bottle of rum
He was drunk instead of caring about you
His eyes glaze over when you cry

Your love. Had a price tag and it wasn't due to the end
You could fix a daughter who was forgotten in walls turning blue
She misbehaved but that war was never won you were the one
You had to pay that was the bottom line it was pain but it was true
Your love. All it ever did was scold me nothing told to me I didn't know
You could find the reasons that made sense but you couldn't make it rhyme
He was drunk and loved the solitude he found you rude all the time.

Your love. All it did was cage me enrage me teaching me to be good
You couldn't fix my broken wings so you chopped off my reflexes instead
He was drunk and he craved some of the attention no cops and it's okay
Your love did a number on me blindly I lead with my heart not my head.
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Cairn or Suicide Song
Posted: 3/14/2016 10:33:09 AM
Cairn or Suicide Song

A pile of rocks
To mark the tide
Of stumbling blocks
Strewn by my side

Amount to this
The troubles steep
Create no bliss
The sea is deep

A pile of rocks
My tomb is marked
I watched the clock
The ship embarks

I watch it go
And I am lost
The pile of rocks
Denotes the cost

And then I see
Upon the ocean
The glimmers of
My hearts devotion

Reflecting silence
Comes to be
Inner violence
These stones are me

The pile of rocks
That's in my way
Is grown of stock
From yesterdays

These stones I wear
Upon my back
Are burdens there
From endless tracks

Upon the sand
My footprints laid
I take no hand
Against yesterdays

But take a vow
To master the tide
The ebb and flow
To no longer hide

To bury deep
And dig the hole
These troubles steep
To free my soul.
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Cairn or Suicide Song
Posted: 4/20/2016 8:11:30 PM
I'm sad that you're gone.

Thank you formthenpieces of you that you left behind.
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Cairn or Suicide Song
Posted: 4/22/2016 2:57:50 PM
I'm here again... Thank you for your kind compliments.
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Cairn or Suicide Song
Posted: 4/23/2016 6:56:05 AM
I'm glad to see you back too.

Thank you for opening your mind and letting us share what comes from it. Plus what comes from your heart.
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Posted: 4/23/2016 9:39:43 AM
you never had to struggle
you meet no one there
you can not care
because all that means
nothing to you
no kindness

you tell your lies
and you eat
cake is your distraction
it looks bad on you
that's why
he never tried
to open your thighs
said no for years
but you had no struggles
you served him well
but you never tell
the truth

You choke on your cake
you try to relate
but no
you will never know
having no kindness
it's all a game
you polish your name
but I see through you

I don't wonder I know
into the dark dream
you're gone
you can not awake
or give up your cake

I don't pretend I know
into the dark dream
you're gone
you can only take
keep eating your cake

I tried exposed the lie
you withdrew
discarded me too
that protects you
like your cake

he was wishing for death
it's no mistake
you rallied the rest
taking his best

you baked that cake
That's all that you ate
and now it's on you
I can see through you

you are hideous there
but no one knows how
Discarding his love
you graze like a cow

You judged him rare
bet on your vows
he tossed you out
Where are you now?

Eating that cake
make no mistake
you signed on the dot
he blew up your spot

so bake another
move straight away
you've got your cake
at least for today.
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