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Kudos for going to therapy!

One day I'll do it.

I need help seeing the forest from the trees :)
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Jimmy Jack
Posted: 6/26/2016 9:28:39 PM
Jimmy Jack put it back before you have a heart attack
Read that right heed your fight get it straight and fall back
You don't have a prayer tonight going to get your gun
Help me now he's full blown cause now he thinks he won

Let him win poor Jimmy Jack he doesn't know how to lose
Let him think it's his idea then he can't refuse
Call the cops or 911 he has lost himself in a stupor
Beat me down I can't obey I'm not a willing student

Jimmy Jack put down the rake your wisdom's falling short
You can't put your plan into place go to hell and rot
Summers here your turning green because I get the boys
You throw down your deck of cards and then break all your toys

Stubborn boy don't you see that you are just a fool
Your ears were big and red head tot they bullied you in school
It's not my fault you present yourself like a wounded man
No one will come and chase you now with nothing in your hand

Jimmy Jimmy don't you see you lost awhile ago
You struggled there flipping maps with no place to go
You raced at lunch to whore her there and came on her face
Now she will not talk to you your eating her disgrace

Jimmy Jack now just go home and jack it off again
Your feinding now for biker chicks so you can be a man
Sit back down you loser boy you'll never read like that
Take a bow and leave me now and go chit in your hat.
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Uncle Triggers
Posted: 6/28/2016 9:53:23 AM
Uncle Triggers
There in the dark he would shake me wake me and i would freeze
Another minute please let me escape you and let me sleep
I was in peace a sweet gentle dream with her and you shook me
I knew you had the book where we were going down and down we did
Your leading me I am in twilight and full of fright and fear
Little limbs fall and you mummer strange mumbling in my ear

We descend then into a fire of your desire and I am but a tool
Smoke fills the room as I sip another taste of your poison water
Your will is thrust upon me as I take it it goes through me it is pain
You must think about the drunk that left me here his daughter
There is no mother she is in ashes now she can not rise to stop the abuser
Little girl cries silent weeping her soul is leaving as you use her

There on the blackboard I write a symbol it is to remind me as I drift away
Splitting off yes shattered mirror I am no longer in that flesh
From the ceiling I watch his demons and witches calling her body numb
The pedophile smile the dumb down child she doesn't know who she'll become
Satan channel through me you did save me you were the darkest angel there
For no one else could witness the rage there so I placed it in your care

A calm wave over me lost the body the fear is held there as I split
Perchance to find her my alter ego so the child's soul can forget
Sometimes she does come and plays the fantasy it it a game for a Dr.
When she leaves me I can not hold back then the tears come in a flood
I know I don't know but what I do know scares me more so than I can say
He rapes my spirit he rapes my love light like a sacrifice in my blood

m.b.fedele mizzoni
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Waiting on Auntie
Posted: 6/29/2016 8:40:09 AM

let the drugs do their work change your brain then they won't say your crazy insane
you know just drop the pill and wait sitting still see how the master wants you to behave
you know they want you to lie they trapped you in a room there's no escape be brave
you can choke this all down deal with the loss and then carry on it's okay for today
we won't list the details you can just come derailed and then get the attention
we won't talk about the truth it's just gets in her way she is holding you in detention
sitting on the bed back very straight do not lay down she lays in wait to punish you
coming on in with her vicious grin she has the strap you better not talk back
they make you walk the book on your head teach you how to talk and walk up the stairs
the demons live there down that path way but she doesn't care she keeps her domain
paddled and prodded then I'm applauded I have complied and spoken their lies
she locks the door demanding eyes on the floor militant stance I sit there and cry
my prison is this there is no safe room he comes to the door to rape me again
she turns her head socialite instead this little nothing can't ruin her head she wants me dead
she talks on the phone I hear her fake drone they don't know they interrupt she is corrupt
then like a snake she turns to bite make no mistake this was my plight she bores down
talks through her teeth she won't let me speak demanding I lie so she gives up nothing
grounded I stare I lose my heart innocence trance she is the devil doing her dance.

mary fedele mizzoni
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Posted: 6/29/2016 11:25:27 AM
Insulting minimizing trivializing what happened to me
Thinking she can cure my ills by passing me a twenty
Clinging to my abusers her relationships are sick
Best when she could she shut me up with distracting tricks
Always asserting authority like she was a queen
Judging my inequity always a nightmarish dream
Lofty stance she comes over barking at my door
She seems to get satisfaction by sighting I'm a whore
Came to cast her opinions of relationships I had
While her husband went about and treats her like a cad
She is stunted lacking empathy giving me her words
Opened up with sympathy when the same happens to her
She says no it was alright to meet him in his bed
Massages condoned by the witch that plays in her head
I could never counter her with a sustainable attack
Because she had the beast that would cover up her back
Supporting her in daydreams that become reality
Suffering not humanity because she wants to be me
Narcissist I know this sis is more deranged than me
The golden child who can't go wild she has me to condemn
Discarding me insanely so she can still pretend
Relationships like humanoids she reeks of depression
She can push that all down in when she makes her impressions
Golden child you can not cure because your in denial
Distorted girl you wish that he was at your beckon call
He did not need you much until he knew of his sickness
Forbid me now oh wicked witch I won't make you confess
But I won't tell your evil lies to protect you there again
You are lost without a heart and without a fair amen.
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Bed Time Prayers
Posted: 6/30/2016 11:10:45 AM
here is one I wrote today on my blog:

Bed Time Prayers

Eden was your perfection
None of it mirrored me
I was of your conception
But not a part of your insanity

Yes that was a mansion
It never felt like my home
I was but a stray orphan
Better off left alone

Yes Dad was a distant narcissist
He wanted to sell mother's ring
They would fight in Italian
Never teaching me any thing

I just knew fear in the night time
Dramatic screams through the floor
I used to get angry under the covers
Dreaming of demons and lords

Yes fantasy and imagination
Helped with those spurts I grew
So Gen Jayne could hear my
Mom scream and I could go see God

They gave me beads to pray with
Memorized but garbled I'd go
With chanting that did not a thing
For my broken little soul

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Signing With The Devil
Posted: 7/3/2016 10:28:50 AM
I'm not adding to revelations
I just want a place to feel safe
Thoughts about here and after
Make me feel disgrace
Why do I sit and worry
My heart is stirring still
What need would you neglect
If I turned over my will?

I'm not finding stimulating conversations
I just want a place where I can rest
Dreaming about a blurred past
Makes me feel confused
Why do I want to remember
My sides are integrating used
What would you do to stop me
If I told the unadulterated truth?

The truth didn't come from forbidden fruit
The truth doesn't change over time
The truth in prophecy is getting dusty
The truth means you will always be mine .
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Posted: 7/13/2016 8:30:46 PM
Jezebel came to me like a thief in the night
I did not know what she took bound in rope
She came to slay me and eat me and fight
I recoiled laid back and held on to hope

Yet hope was how she held me captive
She abused me with my very faith
I did not see the wounds she inflicted
Until they festered and it was to late

Her heart was full of vengeance
She came bearing gifts and things
Yet tugged on me like I was a puppet
with tangled and broken strings

She was devious with her plan
She wanted me at her command
and I was to blind to young to see
Her rage and anger was projected on to me

I held a beacon for her to lead her to escape
Her lies were so blatant her image so fake

I held a truth about her that would set her free
She needed my silence more than she needed me

I held a prayer for her incessant in my heart
While she scoffed at me boldly to tear me apart

Yes, Jezebel came and she twisted my words
Her smear campaign was tired and absurd
She needed me to guard her and I could not
Because her lies were evil and for naught

She does not care she laughs in the wind
As for now she thinks she has won
Poor golden girl she is completely lost
But when she finds herself she will become undone

She has to be right perfect and complex
If one does not worship her she looks to the next
She is seeking the validation of her will
A delusion an illusion that that makes her ill

Poor Jezebel no do not hide your pity
She can not dance or sing with her being
You see she is trapped in a cage well built
With no empathy and never feelings of guilt

Jezebel she will continue this way
She will justify what she thinks will work
She will come and steal your breath away
And delights when you are in the dark

She hides from you what should be yours
Then tells you it is your mistake
She rides on you to shake your faith
And then she will mark your grave
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Feed Me
Posted: 7/15/2016 2:47:42 PM
Can't put that pain into words
The weeping searing into your ears
Your belly empty and
Your family dying
Huddled when the temps fall below
Shuttled into taking a rain shower
It never comes again
No dance can bring you home
Lost little ones the grieving is in your eyes
Flies surround you your water is filthy
Boil it for Ma she has a swollen belly again
What she gives birth to
Is the disgrace of a race
It is the monument of our failure
His black face His skeletal hand
Reaches out to the bowels of humanity
There with an empty bowl
He should remind you of me
This should not be and it is
That starving in a nation below us
But there was no strife to have one
How will they ever control us
To take care of everyone?
They say black lives matter they do
No one can erase their history
And for the Natives that we slew
There is no repentance
But this hunger here
At your back door
Should be a resounding bell
From the pit that they shovel
No one can undo that
which is already done
But why can not we as a people
Feed every one?
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The Break Up
Posted: 7/15/2016 3:49:47 PM
The Break Up

You planned the date perfectly
Don't hesitate to nod
I know how you manipulate
and that you are a fraud

I think I know that idiot grin
When you think you've won
But you never really win
Because I am all done

It hurts me still to know you
You came on to me so strong
Your motives appear to be true
But you got me all wrong

You and Cathy sit over tea
The venom I am sure is thick
You decide what you think of me
But you are the one that is sick

I don't care I just give up
I'm in a better place than before
It's easier to just abandon this
Than to set myself up for more.
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Curse 33:33
Posted: 7/16/2016 3:58:00 PM
The pain you shook upon me is on you
You die and there is nothing but truth
The shackles you bound me with are yours
The lies you hoarded over me are doors

You have no gateway now it is over
You pretend but I expose you
You can not save yourself with your things
The devil has come to rip off your wings

You will be there as darkness surrounds
You will be haunted by words resounding
The truth will smite you and your face
Then Satan will bring you to that place

There you will feel what I have felt
Genuflect to him the scale tilts
You will know your transgressions upon me
You will burn in hell for an eternity

Owning my life as you have parades
The truth will spark your charades
You will have not one thing to hold
Your body withered a heart that is cold

For now is the time you see you
In the light that the light bearer brings
He will shine upon all that you hide
Your belly will churn and burn inside

For now is the day that you recall
You will know the truth as you fall
Then talking through your rotted teeth
You will give up your chance to speak

For you will be shrouded in guilt
Leaving the house that he built
You will now have to account
For the torment that I had to surmount

It was all at your hand you witch
For my innocence I bore your switch
Yes they will be bloodied indeed
As you walk back and find my need

There will no longer be a label
You will no longer judge me unstable
For the wrath that Satan brings near
Will fill you with all of my fear

That child you abandoned for gold
Will no longer be belittled and scolded
She will hold up the light then
There is no escape for you in the end

Her battered and body abused
You will watch how your husband used
The flesh of that young demure girl
The truth in it's horror unfurled

You will have no place to hide
All that you push deep inside
Will usurp all your devious plans
Your destruction in front of all men

Yes and I will stand by his side
The Angel that gave me a place to hide
While your wickedness was to blame
Yet you let me bare all the shame

Oh Uncle It is good you are dead
The beast has now conquered your head
You lie there defiled as you should
With nothing to cling to that's good

She thinks she is coming to join you
She drives to your grave to mourn you
In death she will be deafened with hate
For Satan has sealed her fate

Satan did watch as you abused me
He knew of your perversion to used me
He counted the tears that I wept
As you molested me as I slept

He will drug you with the same drink
You will be baffled by what people think
You thought you had everyone fooled
But now you must eat the devils food

You see now he does not relent
Christ gave you reason to repent
But you decided to be intoxicated
So now be the one that is hated

Up from your dust I shall rise
I will no longer be the one to despise
For all that you are pointing to
Will fall back and make you turn blue

Your death will be a second round
Satan has locked down and found
That you allowed that 11 year old child
To be given up and exiled

She will stand firm on your grave
For all the lost souls that forgave
That perverted pedophile damned
You can not veer off the plan

You will pay for your disgrace
When you see your makers face
He will reject you as you have me
And will kiss you good bye eternally
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The Moon's Sister
Posted: 7/18/2016 7:13:01 PM
The Moon's Sister

Oh moon tell me about your sister
You are the shining light
When did you leave her?
What made you give up the fight?

Did you rape her and harvest her gold
Then when all of it was sold
You wrote symbols on a paper
You let her populations grow?

You did watch that harvest
As you butchered the bodies of slaves
You wanted your perfect machines
So you tortured them to their graves

They huddled in masses of fur
With their blood upon broken ice
While designers parade upon twigs
Coats that cost more than my life

It's all a distraction a shiny thing
When you look in the selfie mirror
Or when the new idol starts to sing
They are blatant in their honor

So what if it was always Satan's
That when he fell he stayed 7000 years
He created each creature in repentance
Is that what you want to hear?

If he made us in his image
Would it matter of blood lines?
Or a castle or shack that you live in
What color is shed by the divine?

I don't ask for forgiveness
My deeds have already been done
If I don't believe in Him
I'll be cast out by the son

The moon was raped by a mad man
Her foliage and water expelled
So all she can do is remind us
That we are still all under a spell

The Sun is an angry Deity
He knows we will die without him
He knows we know about nothing
Because he belongs to Satan

mary fedele
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Posted: 7/19/2016 9:45:42 AM
There is no path to find me now
I was wandering in fog for seven years
There was no unlocked door
I've been showing you the truth
Foolish child get up off the floor ...


You ate forbidden fruit so
He acted out of rage and the
Sweet woman realized
Her heaven was a cage

She gave you deserts
She laughed at your quirks
She laundered your clothes
A promise to grow old

She waited on you
She propped up your head
She gave you your parties
With love til she's dead

But up from the same dirt
You fought with her angling
You didn't care that she was hurt
You kept her dangling

The ladies had gossip yes plenty
Although the wifey put up a front
Sick twisted stories of gluttony
Whispering about your want

She brushed off your lies
Fluffed you up polished your shoes
You didn't love her
But you knew she did love you

You explained to the ladies you paid
To the ones that answer your ad
That you wife was mentally ill
She had run off with a cad

You used to the two boys like orphans
With an affliction inflicted by you
You were more charismatic
Feigning that you had passion

They were perhaps suffering not
It's just that Dad wasn't home a lot
Sis and Mom worked hard
But you liked to call them retards

Then without even a flinch
Though it was the first time we met
You blurted out disgusting names
That I still can not forget

It did gain you a wealth of sympathy
Immediately sounds like the good guy
But true colors usually come true
Yes, you have a sty in your eye

I knew how twisted your drama
When you balked at the normal
Your eyes glaze over rejecting
You start to behave formal

You see you made me feel wrong
For watching your song and dance
You were wanting to believe
That you could put me in a trance

I felt very betrayed by that story
It was complicated but weak
Now that the truth has been saved
We are waiting for your speech

You put yourself in that forum
The one you wore masks to each time
Then held an oath as a mockery
To try to destroy what was mine

So maybe I'll bring you there again
Or maybe I will just wait
For the day of tribulation
Where I am on the scales of your fate

Or maybe I will become Christian
And turn the other cheek
To try to again forgive you and
Then I could go back to sleep

No it was not Jesus who woke me
It was a demon dressed in your suit
He was telling me to read the bible
Because he was in your pursuit

The detectives sat at the table
With humility I took my part
Telling me through tears it takes years
And I can't let you own my heart

So no I do go with fair warning
But I have this story forever on my lips
No brow beating pig could stop me
NOW Gaze upon your eclipse

Yes my Soldier will stand behind
He obscures all of your light
With truth in my words I blind you
And I can talk into the night

Yes, Those last days at the round
Where the oath takers were bound
They wrote the rules of passion and
They destroyed your saviors crown

You narcissist troll do you get it
The truth can not be changed
Just because you are trying
To hide that in you that is strange

I can now have the power
You see it is given to the weak
You can not stifle my writing
Or ever gag me from my speech

For I can tell this story
Without ever saying your name
And when the trumpets blare your number
You will know you have lost the game

She will still be cooking
She will still keep that immaculate home
But your boys will know your affect
And you will be left all alone.

mary fedele 7/19/16
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Lucifer's Lamenting
Posted: 7/26/2016 6:57:44 PM
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Lucifer's Lamenting
Posted: 7/27/2016 9:21:59 AM

Oh Father why did you make me?
You gave me desire and pride.
Yet with these demons I hide.
Yes, I wanted to be like you
like you made me.

Oh Father why did you name me?
You said I was your most beautiful.
Yet now I am only shameful
Yes, I have conceit but that's how
you made me

Oh Father why do you blame me?
Cast me out the Earth is mine
I wanted to be like you divine
Yes, I can have the world
like you made it

Oh Father why am I famous?
They bleed and worship me
I didn't tempt Eve at the tree
Yes, I ate it I wanted to know
how you made me

Oh Daddy why reject me?
Did I not treasure my free will?
Yet you abandon me still
Yes, I wanted to rule above you
and make me

Oh Father why give me this end?
Why did you give me this place?
When I beg to see your face
Yes, I want to belong again
and make it

I can not touch the sky
Gravity has me bound
And I live underground
In a pit of despair
I can not breath the air
My words are fire
Now all that I desire
Is to be with you again

I can not be your son
For I am but an angel
You make these beloved ones
Then send me to strangle
To destroy what is good
For here is desolate
I am separate
From my Father

Why me?
Why did you let me know freedom?
Why me?
Why did you give me the choice?
Why me?
Why I have the rebellious voice?

Woe is me I have to guide the lost souls
I have to watch them suffer too
I have to count their tears
While instilling anger and fear

Woe is me I have to set them up
Like faded dominoes I play
I have to cast them out too
Throw them all away

Why me?
When they say you love them so
Why me?
Why do I buy their souls??

Why did you say you love me?
Why can you not love me now?
They say you promise forgiveness
Yet here all these creatures bow

To them I have taught nothing
I represent their selfish deeds
Lost they come to me to fulfill
Their deepest wanton needs

I offer them nothing
There their demons are within
They just need to name me
To belong to their sin.
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Chit Chat
Posted: 7/28/2016 5:19:56 PM
A pleasure to chat with you
Can I be on your show
Honored to be with you
To have the opportunity

Let me introduce myself
I run after you in echos
I'm in your radio and
I belong to your church
Your dull as get go
But I still want to get
To know you

I am a remnant if you will
The antagonist since the
Beginning of time
I'm in your headache
I swim in your pool
I'll wear the flag
That belongs to your school

Aggravate me
Aggravate me

I will give you a lot to do
Someone please discover you
Get your numbered tattoo
And a chip in your hand
I will expose you so
you'll know yourself
Come with me now sit down
Put your book up on the shelf

Before you made robots
You were born as my slave
I will hypnotize you
As you weep at my grave

Before you built a pyramid
My aim was for pure gold
He founded a rainbow
6 thousand years ago

They planted the seeds
Then they ****ed with dna
They made you in a test tube
There is no reality

They are filthy rich while
They starve in poverty
Building a universe
Where they live for eternity

They have all been told a lie
They all are forsaken
No ones precious drops of blood
Will be able to save them

You are in my house now
You are in my domain
If you tell the truth now
I will tell them your insane

I've been pushing hard for
Your availability
Funny how you all are so

Attracted to me
Attracted to me

I am prowling like a roaring lion
It's easy to devour you in the grass
I wear the sheeps' clothing
While you show off your ass

False prophets know nothing
They think they can convince you
Go to church and pray amen
But I still own you

Don't mention anything contrary
To abortions or prayer in school
Distract me from your controversy
I like you better as fools

Feel a quickening?
you are in the end times
Hold onto hope if God bless me and yours and mine
When you turn around be bold my friend
The truth is my work in the end

Yes, the truth is mine
I can hold it up to you
If you want to be ridiculed
That's entirely up to you
If you can not be humble
Then try to save your face
You may like it now
But make no mistake
You won't like it when
The locks on the door
You belong to me now
Get back down on the floor.
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Posted: 8/3/2016 2:19:44 PM
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Taking the Mark
Posted: 8/4/2016 11:41:20 AM
I can do my thing
and it may mean
I took the mark

That's what they say
they are smart
and they won't take it back

Give them their bread
Give them their circus
Give me my sex
Give me my six pack

I made the choice
It was my will

I took the mark

That's why I was born
Better for it or worse
I never embraced it
I was lost and
I am straying still

So I took the mark
Culture brought me there
It maybe irrelevant
I don't care

Be my brother
I'm alone with no another
Become one
with multiple lovers

So I took the mark
Buzz me with a word
Yes label me tag me and
I will be what you will

Nothing I say matters

So I took the mark
Fell into line
Is this fight a civil war?
My life is not mine

Do a good job
Educate me
and I won't stray far

So I took the mark
Let myself be "dumbed" down
Like Marley she is over
The boy in me is drowned

With stylish acceptance
They take the mark
Giving their symbols
to the Lord of the dark

She takes the mark
You take it too
Accounting for accountants
So they can bury you

Give them their bread
Give them their circus
Give me my sex
Give me my six pack

and don't take it back.
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Line #4
Posted: 8/6/2016 8:50:15 AM
Line #4
The walls of the arena crumble
That they just reported

The arena was built that way
That the truth had been distorted

To fall and blame it on a crisis
Torment leaves them in confinement
Camps are cold and dark now
No more choice or discernment.

Prostituted by government
All are medicated delusions
Succubus she stole us
But she gave us an illusion

Time passes here transparent
I can not even explain
Degrading They hint for my future
We all pass away in pain

Sacrificed for a Furor
An army had gone thinking mad
The truth was hidden in writing
In the Masters room in black

The tables were all lined up
Sorting the remnants of the score
There was wealth and riches that
Did not matter any more

The paper was for fools
The art was coveted
They prized these pieces of
left the people for dead

There were stacks of plastic
Bins and coffins
Blue would take it to your door
DNA sampling puts you in

Line #4

Shaking you shed your clothing
The showers are stark and cold
They put a strange talc all over you
From the infants to the old

In line I am separate from family
You are in line #4
Only your older brother
You know no one from before

Militant marched to your doorway
Systematically numbered you go
Confiscate your device no need now
There is one implanted in your nose

In the foot ball field as counted
All swabs for manipulating DNA
They keep all your abortions
For experiments with new clay

The arena is full no entertainment
But figures of authority
To the pulpit goes Dignitaries and....
You get to sit next to me

We are in Line #4
Perhaps the first to be heard
The questions telepathic
You can not lie but a word

Beg for peace or your life now
Reject all but what they follow
Perhaps you will not die like cattle
But that's not something I know.

I'm just in Line #4 now
Hoping for some water and bread
Many here are dying because
They are not being fed

Oh subtle segregation degradation
Have pity for what you did to the man
The man is doing to me now
Captured fate it is in his hands.

A hell that is paid seven fold
You had best hope for death now
Because Line #4 is too long
And the handlers are making us bow.
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3:00 pm
Posted: 8/11/2016 7:41:12 PM
3:00 pm
and cursed well
within the hour
a response
to wit the spell
working with demons
in it's perfect timing
within his heart
a stirring
and cursed well
hatred embroiled
a deep fear
and I sort it out
now without regret
more to pay yet
a wicked spell
cast without doubt
within the hour
yield my power
a soul to vet
the victim here
I spare him not
to his end
amen amen
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What If?
Posted: 8/23/2016 3:57:42 AM
What if you are right?
I'm lost in you tonight
I feel your warmth
you seduce me
I need it now
What if?

What if I stay the night
I'll wait to watch the sun
I feel your heartbeat
you fulfill me
I need you now
What if?

What if I play the game
I'll wait til you call my name
I love your sounds
you complete me
I need it now
What if?
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In God We Trust
Posted: 8/23/2016 7:43:37 AM
Rows after rows of exams in the spirit council
There is a questionnaire for every one me too
The people were tagged tatted and chipped
They stood haggard tattered and shivering
This was as Dante's hell of betrayal
In God we trust
he turns us to dust

Rows after Rose makes the symbol and bows
Counted they march in a formation saved
They were tatted and numbered and phased
They stood signing over their souls
Scattering off spring gender coding
In God we trust
yet turn to lust

They fall out into other camps and we march
They are orphaned and led to the yard
Physicians decide which ones to probe
The rest they must disrobe
Piling their garments by dark and white
In God we trust
We must
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Puppet Strings
Posted: 8/23/2016 1:45:09 PM
I'm gonna pull your string
You are going to unravel
I won't have to say a thing
Baby it's going to happen

I'm gonna push your button
You are going to spark
I will be staring at nothing
Oh Baby you are done

I am gonna pull your string
Then you will be exposed
You just keep abusing me
Because you think no one knows

But they will see without doubt
Your narcissist dance is over
Yes I will call you out
Oh Baby you are done

I'm gonna pull that string
Your beat up story unravels
I won't have to say a thing
Oh yeah.. it's going to happen

You've got no place to hide
I've got plenty of time and
The truth is at my side
Oh Baby get gunning

I'm gonna pull your string
and I won't have to say a thing...
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Posted: 8/24/2016 8:50:49 AM
No hell below underground in the vortex scrambled
Systems failed the herd is deep we must see ourselves as cattle
Yoga formation helps us move captive on the moving trucks
Bread through the bars but no mercy for thirst my body hurts

No heaven above I'm scarred by love lost is my youth
Systems divided and logs on the paper we are just plastic
Now we breathe deeply try to dose off gently yet panic consumes
Dead except for us in the camp they're in a pile of cremated ashes.

The scriptures are science Oh God please forgive me
No Master can hate us we follow the morning star
The allegory painted enslaved whole nations yet
We are the victims by far
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Posted: 8/24/2016 5:56:37 PM

Love and lust
you spoil me
For that that was inherent in me

Stimulate me
you took me free
and tried to destroy me

Avenge me
Vengeance is here

Smash the stillness
I will be heard
let it stand as a mountain of wrath
a statue of fear

upon rising serpents
let them eat you
consume your soul
you may grow old


I see your remaining days
as nothing
a quiet tedious collection of hours
you will find no new love
ever lost
every day the same
you may as well have never have lived at all
just waiting to die

Heaven and hell here
I won't be judged
for this earthly deed
to avenge myself

Who goes to hell?
Secular imaginings
reflect your primal fears of death

Ignore hell
the reality of torment is now
it is yours
forever for what you did to me
never forgotten

Satan be saved before you.

On your death bed
you can not repent
Stole my innocence

Engaged in cruelty
You will pay the price

So fear not death
but every day you breathe

You can not leave
in shades of grey
The truth be told

before the judgement day.

I don't want it
but I hold this part of you
you lead me there
on my bed


Hang your head
hear your demise
It is not a simple delusion

Tell the story
this day forward
vengeance is mine.

I am the nightmare that visits your darkest hours
the phantom who calls you in the middle of the night
I am in your room
There is no peace in your sleep
blood red runs deep
the hill is steep

and you are falling.
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