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There's a third, but I can't for the life of me recall the title. Jodie Foster portrayed a young woman who suffered mental problems and had grown up alone way back in the hill country.

I believe the name of that movie was Nell, and yes it was very good.

The movie and book "Sounder" about a black share cropper accused of stealing and son coming of age.
"Soldier Blue" Custar's last stand.

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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/4/2015 2:33:50 PM
Crash, yes that was a really good one, as was Nell.

Freeway, with Reese Witherspoon, that one moved me to cheer.

The Perfect Storm, the scene of Mark Wahlberg bobbing out in the open sea as the camera moves back, that was stunning.

Saving Mr. Banks moved me. Through the whole first part of the movie I hated this woman, she was ridiculous but as it moved toward the ending, I started crying, hoping for her to get past all that childhood pain. That's why I like to stick movies out, so many times I've been bored or annoyed by a movie only to find the ending special & moving.

The Magdalene Sisters moved me to deep anger, the mistreatment of children or genders riles me to no end.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/4/2015 3:37:40 PM
The movie 'After Life' wasn't "moving", but it will make you think.

In a holding area after death, each person has to choose one memory from their life that they want to keep and that memory plays over and over for all of eternity for them. It's interesting to watch the processes the characters go through in trying to decide. "Social workers" there help them decide and recreate the memory to be "filmed" for their eternal play.

It makes you wonder, "What memory would I choose?"
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/4/2015 3:40:20 PM
^^^^ Is there a time limit how long the memory can last ?

Even the best memory would make you insane living it over and over but do forget it each time you start over ?
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/4/2015 3:43:56 PM
In the movie? It's for eternity. You can only take one with you. I'm not sure if you make new memories in the 'new place' or if the 'new place' is just reliving that memory over and over. One guy picked a moment of orgasm with a female 'working girl' in a country he was stationed in. He had no problem deciding when he sat down for the interview. When you think of it, that might have been a smart
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/4/2015 3:50:07 PM
No, I mean can the memory only be one day, one hour , 2 hours ? What's the time limit on the memory ?

It repeats for eternity but how long can the loop be ?
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/4/2015 7:23:57 PM
I'm not sure. In the movie, some of the memories picked were being held by a mother, flying an airplane through clouds, the feeling of being a child with a first trip to disneyland things like that. They seemed to be those "a moment in time" memories. I'd have to watch the film again ... or you can and tell me :) It's in the foreign section. It never says where the 'next' place(s) people would go, just that that would be the only memory they could take with them.

One guy said his life was "unremarkable" and could not find a memory to pick, so he spent most of the week (the amount of time they have) watching video of his life that they gave him. Another was happy he only had to take one memory with him, as he didn't much care for this life. They had to review their lives and decide.

The film is interesting. It seems very boring/slow, but I think that is purposeful. That lack of movement and scenery change makes you start to "feel" like you are there observing with them if you hold out long enough to "get into it". It starts out with a catch (for those who tend to "think"). When they let in the people for the day, she says to them "You died yesterday ... I'm sorry for your loss."
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/6/2015 9:37:14 PM
Castaway with Tom Hanks. Not sure why but I've watched this movie a hundred times. The ending is similar to Bridges of Madison County.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/21/2015 8:07:30 PM
Blood Diamond
500 days of Summer (because I seem to be the "Tom" in most of the relationships I've had)
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/25/2015 8:17:24 AM

Mask - Cher, Sam Elliott, and Eric Stoltz (this one is really old)
Also based on a true story (think I'm starting to see a pattern here - Ha!) - I've seen this movie so many times and IDK.....there's just something about it - not sure if it has to do with me always rooting for the "underdog" or what but anyway, just imaging what this kid had to deal with (having a horribly disfigured face, living with his junkie mom, suffering from debilitating migraines, having everyone stare at him everyplace he went) and despite all that - he had such a pleasant, positive attitude.

Yeah, this one got to me too .
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/27/2015 10:44:34 AM
An emotional piledriver of a movie, is - AFRERSHOCK - which makes people sort of speechless after it ends.

For a thriller, -Empire of the WOLVES twists and turns a bit

CLOUD ATLAS, which continues the themes of indicated with other notables as Inception, and Interstellar, which question the reality we accept as "normal" despite the fact we were born into a constructed reality shaped by specific values, handed down to us, the plebs, by a patriarchal elite. Why are we so blessed a life form living on a rock in some obscure part of the universe, where wealth is power used to engineer the rest of the species?
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/27/2015 4:57:59 PM
films that move me most push the envelope. they utilize film as an art form in ways previous directors didn't. my all-time favorite, 'apocalypse now' certainly took chances, which i admire, because it's a gutsy film. not to mention the ingenious soundtrack.
bob fosse has to take the lead in manipulating film to see where it would take him. i love the brilliant 'cabaret,' for its gender-bending brashness and his obsessive attention to detail. no other film can touch it for style, expression and composition.
'all that jazz' also inspires me. another fosse film, you can practically taste his obsession with sexuality, form, choreography and, of course, death ~ his ultimate production.
i haven't seen anything recently that grabs me the way fosse and coppola did. but i love film, so i'll keep watching. and hoping.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/27/2015 8:35:22 PM
"Pan's Labyrinth" Definitely a movie in my top 5 of all time. Spanish language with English subtitles.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/28/2015 3:44:44 AM
Sling Blade - Despite his up bringing Karl developed the right morals and dealt with them in his own way.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/28/2015 6:52:48 AM

"In a holding area after death, each person has to choose one memory from their life that they want to keep and that memory plays over and over for all of eternity for them. "

are these the people going to hell?

I looked that "movie" up and it was an animated short.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/28/2015 9:26:37 PM
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, that was a good movie, a novel idea, I really had to think which way I would go if that were available.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/28/2015 9:33:15 PM
The movie "Lucas" is one that I can really relate to. It came out in 1986, it stars Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 3/29/2015 12:13:10 AM
Msg 42:

It doesn't say if they are going to "heaven" or "hell", just that wherever they are going they can only take one memory with them. There are many subtleties woven into the film beyond 'just' making this decision.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 7/1/2017 1:31:47 PM
Mask - Is based on a true story and stars Cher
Awakenings - is based on a true story and stars Robert De Nero & Robin Williams
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Movies that move you
Posted: 7/1/2017 6:51:24 PM
Tear jerkers are a difficult genre for me. I take some things to heart. I absolutely can NOT watch movies where children die or are sick. The same is true of movies where animals die.
I guess I see too much of children dying/being sick at work, to watch movies about it.

I have watched some sad movies that really moved me.

My favorite movie of all time is Fried Green Tomatoes, but I cry almost every time I watch it. Try to make it through the scene where Ruth dies without crying.

The Bridges of Madison country REALLY got to me. I was still married the first time I watched it and it should have told me something that I wanted her to leave and be with Clint Eastwood's character. I literally stood up in my living room and yelled for her to get out of the car during the scene at the stop light.

Another one was The Green Mile. I read the book first and this was THE best adaption from book to movie I have ever seen. When they have to execute him, I almost couldn't take it.

Schindler's list was heart breaking. Knowing this was based on a true story made it all the harder to watch. The choices Liam Neeson's character has to make, I can't imagine it.

The next one goes a way's back, but Savannah Smiles was SO good. The way her kidnapper's wind up feeling about her, and her them is truly touching. I didn't want her to go back to her parents. I didn't want them to have to go to jail.

Then there is the standard, at least for me, that ALL tear jerker's pale in comparison. The Champ broke my heart. When he dies after the fight and Ricky Schroder is begging him to wake up, I swear, not a dry eye in the theater. I cried until I felt sick.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 7/2/2017 10:28:20 AM
Not sure about moving me, but my favorite movie beyond a doubt is Dances with Wolves on so many levels. Next in line is Hatari. A movie equally suited for adults and kids - a rare combination.

And of course Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Brilliantly written and the finest example I know of that shows a movie CAN BE outstanding w/o special effects or blood/gore mayhem of some type, or sex.

^^^^ It's also a movie that many Forumites could stand to watch several times till at least some of it sinks in...
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Movies that move you
Posted: 7/3/2017 3:41:03 PM
The Green Mile.

I haven't seen it for years, but I remember it being very depressing. Good movie though.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 7/9/2017 10:18:07 PM
Most recently:

The Eagle Huntress. It's a true story of a 13 year old Mongolian girl who became the first female eagle hunter in her people's history. It's breathtakingly beautiful, the story is amazing, and it's a fascinating glimpse into a culture most of us know little about. This deserves to be as popular as Wonder Woman - this story is for real!

Also, earlier this year I saw I Am Not Your Negro, words by James Baldwin. And Hidden Figures. Both films really had quite an impact on me. Powerful stories well told.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 7/10/2017 6:36:04 AM

They all have such clearly defined personalities that eventually lead to what happens to each.
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Movies that move you
Posted: 7/10/2017 6:50:42 AM
There are lots. To try and add some that I haven't seen listed -
Boys Don't Cry
The Ice Storm
Rabbit Hole
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
We Need to Talk About Kevin
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Children of Men
Seven Pounds
The Iron Giant
Dear Zachary < that movie will wreck you

I can think of loads more but this is a decent list off the top of my head.
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