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Despite President Obama holding terrorism summits the JV squad ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh continues to grow.
In the last 18 months its estimated the radical Islamist terrorist numbers have swelled to over 30,000.
As terrorists legally enter the US President Obama frets about Global Warming.
Its estimated that upwards of 50,000 travelled to Paris for the carbon burning affair.
50,000 hot air whack jobs who could have fought and defeated ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
However one Hollywood environmentalist stuck around North America to comment on warm winds in Calgary Alberta; "I've never experienced something so first-hand that was so dramatic. You see the fragility of nature and how easily things can be completely transformed with just a few degrees difference. It's terrifying, and it's what people are talking about all over the world. And it's simply just going to get worse," said DiCaprio.

"We were in Calgary and the locals were saying, 'This has never happened in our province ever.' We would come and there would be eight feet of snow, and then all of a sudden a warm gust of wind would come."

Uhh... Mr DiCaprio it's called a Chinook and has been happening here for centuries or at least prior to your entrance to the world. We kind of enjoy the warming especially in January and February.
Ignorance is no way to go through life son!
DiCaprio and Obama are tough on Chinooks but soft on ISIS.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/10/2015 11:53:26 AM
food for thought: the Middle East might become too hot for people to live there:

that's Fortune magazine reporting, but one can google for other sources. The Pentagon always runs war scenarios where lack of drinking water causes issues in India/Pakistan and Israel. So, yes, it might seem like it isn't a pressing issue now, but what if it does change the issues of the future and there's something we could do now about it? might prevention be worth a pound of cure? especially if new technology for it creates new jobs and industries?

(after all, that's usually one of the reasons why leaders go to these summits, to drum up some business contracts on the side. surprising, but they do shill sometimes b/c "What's good for GM is good for the country")
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/10/2015 12:12:35 PM
gt0, it's not surprising at all.
In fact it is what the Global Warming scam is all about - "MONEY".
A lot of 1% ers learned a new way to fleece the flock after the "global cooling" (remember that one back in the 70's) thawed.
You've got to give Al Gore credit, he figured out how to become the worlds first carbon billionaire. Make a documentary with slippery facts and mis-truths and the lemmings will follow.
Genius considering it's all about a natural phenomenon what an inconvenient truth.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/11/2015 9:33:01 AM
Yes ISIS quite j,v. In the killing game next to the SS, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, many others

maybe one day they will graduate to the varsity team.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 9:22:16 AM
Did the jv team just graduate?
640,000 students in LA are out of school today after an email was received saying a bomb in a backpack will be detonated in a school.
The email was sent from a Frankfurt Germany account according to the Reuters report.
President Obama talks tough but nothing happens.
Meanwhile, Commissioner Bratton says NY was also threatened similarly and concluded the threat non credible.
With the LA school superintendents actions, LA now has to sweep more than 900 schools before children return.
ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh is winning and President Obama needs to bench himself to the varsity bench in favour of someone more competant.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 9:29:20 AM
Let me tell you about my childhood.

Every spring someone would call in a bomb threat one or two days a year and we'd get half a day off. Sometimes the guy would get caught, sometimes he wouldn't. It never even made the local paper, much less national news.

But go right ahead and pretend this is all Obama's fault. Heck, he might have been in the Okanagon in the 70's making those calls. You should look into that.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 10:38:33 AM
You say it never made the local paper or national news... Guess what - 640,000 students held out of school all at once is local, national and world news and ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh is loving every minute of it.
As for President Obama, look up the roots of ISIS and tell me he isn't a part of their mercurial rise.
Go on, cross that "red line" but be careful of the "enormous consequences".

As a result of Obama's indifference to the jv team the whole LA school district is shut down do to an anonymous threat. Matters not whether it was ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh or some German keyboard tough guy loon they're winning either way. The scary thing is now they know how major organizations will react and they can play this game over and over again all the while terrorizing large populations without ever firing a shot. It's a jittery nation after killings in France and San Bernadino.
The jv squad has obliterated that thin "red line" of the "abdicator in chief".
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 10:47:31 AM
Sure. Let me see, Daesh (and it's interesting that your initial beef was that the administration wasn't calling them ISIS) was created in the mess W created in Iraq. Then when the Syrians rose up against their dictator, Republicans criticized the President for aiding the Syrians struggling for democracy. Because of domestic American politics, the Syrians couldn't defeat the Syrian army, so Daesh moved in. They used the vacuum to create a quasi state in Syria.

But it's all Obama's fault. And of course an email from Germany is Obama's fault too.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 11:24:33 AM
Now how did I know you were going to go there...
Do you really know who ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh are and how they went from jv. to sr. terrorists. Does Bush shoulder responsibility... yes some but it was Obama who directly allowed ISIS to flourish with his red lines and pull out. ISIS became big league when the Sunni Generals left Iraq to join the Syrian insurgency providing leadership. Why did they leave Iraq? Because the US pullout in 2011 allowed Maliki(Shia) to purge the Sunnis generals out of the Iraq Army. This combined with the US (Obama) led support of the insurgents in Syria, led to the rise of ISIS.
Obama stupidly did not learn from the Bush mistake in Iraq.
But what about Jimmy Carters role in the region? Remember it was his policy's which led to the downfall of the Shaw of Iran and the rise of the Shia mullahs.
It's just a matter of how far back, with this, you want to go. Perhaps the Barbary wars?
There is only one current American President setting policy now and he has proven himself to be the real jv.
Joined: 5/29/2005
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 5:08:12 PM
Really? Jimmy Carter brought down the Shah of Iran?

And here I thought the people of Iran rose up against a brutal dictator and his secret police. And uh, I'm not sure if you noticed, but Daesh moved into Syria because there was room there. You know, when the people of Syria tried to bring down their own dictator. But apparently you're a big fan of dictators and not so much of popular uprisings.

I don't even know where to start on how the US withdrawal from Iraq (which was scheduled under Bush btw) meant Daesh went to Syria. Let me know what planet you're sending your dispatches from, and is the weather nice there?
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 6:03:40 PM
Half you need to read more or should I provide you with a history lesson?
Read how Carter policies allowed Ayatollah Khomeini, who at the time was in exile in Iraq, to spread dissent in Iran.
Read about the meeting in 1979 in Guadalupe between Carter, President Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the former president of France, Helmut Schmidt of Germany and James Callahan of Great Britain. Carter told them the U.S. was going to support Khomeini instead of the Shah of Iran. Then when Carter cut funding to the Mullahs they revolted against the Shaw.
The rest as they say is history.
Thank you Jimmy Carter.

As for the US withdrawal of troops why did Obama not listen to all the military advisors and leave the recommended 16-24000 troops. He failed to negotiate a deal going down to 10,000 then 6000 and Maliki knew he was not serious and that so few American troops would threaten the peace in Iraq. The deal collapsed and Maliki ran wild over the Sunnis. The generals ran to Syria and many others joined the Radical Islamist Terrorists.
Weathers fine hear must be a Chinook blowing but you must be like Leonardo DiCaprio and think its global warming blowing the terrorists to strength.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 6:11:51 PM
Oh Jesus Christ.

Look I was alive then. I remember when Khomeni came back to Iran from FRANCE! He'd been there for years.

The only reason he ended up leader was because they had a successful, quick revolution and there was nobody in charge. Lots of disparate interests, most secular. Khomeni was the choice because he was a compromise.

And it's not spelled Shaw, like GBS. It's Shah.

I don't even know why I bother. You clearly get all your information from weird, right wing conspiracy nuts.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 6:34:19 PM
He was in France for only 1 year. He was first exiled to Turkey for 1 year in 1964 then starting in 1965 spent 14 years in Iraq and it wasn't Jesus Christ who sent him there.
He spent all his time in exile stirring up dissent in Iran through the distribution of cassettes of his lectures against the Shah (spell check over ridden)rule.
When the Shah left Khomeini returned and the adoring crowd was estimated to be upwards of 5 million people.
He opposed the Iranian provisional government of Shapour Bakhtiar. There was no compromise which led to his leadership like you claim.
He said..."I shall kick their teeth in. I appoint the government."

Your knowledge of middle-east history is as bad as your knowledge of historical quotes.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 8:57:53 PM

Your knowledge of middle-east history is as bad as your knowledge of historical quotes.

Your own ignores most of what actually happened.

Carter didn't cause the Iranian revolution. A LOT of other things led to it.

Here's a link with a much more complete review of everything, especially including everything you left out in your rush to exclusively blame people who you have on your hate list:

Note the lack of any mention of your claimed cause, and the long list of much more logical (and factual) reasons why it happened.
Joined: 4/13/2013
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 11:15:59 PM
Igor, when did I say Jimmy Carter caused the Iranian revolution.
I did not what I did say is that he played a role and his policies helped lead the fall.
That you can not dispute. Now refute any statement I made about Carter.
I don't hate Jimmy Carter I think he is a great man. He was however a failed President and Iran was to him what Iraq is to Bush and ISIS is to Obama. And Vietnam to Kennedy and Johnston for that matter.
They all made mistakes, all that matters now is who cleans up the current mess.
Will it be Hillary, Trump, Cruz or Biden?
Time will tell.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/15/2015 11:57:44 PM
Here is a great article on some of the mistakes of the Carter administration. It speaks to the confusion with the Carter policies and how they tried to play all three sides (The Shah, Khomeini and the Iranian military) in order to keep the Soviets out. Also it talks about the fear of Khomeini that the Iran military had.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/18/2015 2:11:23 PM
30% of Republican primary voters nationally say they support bombing Agrabah. Agrabah is the country from Aladdin. #NotTheOnion
— PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) December 18, 2015
Joined: 7/24/2015
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/18/2015 2:46:22 PM
^^ You are venturing down a road that you should probably should not go down about America's dumb electorate.
I can cite examples of Democrats and the same kind of stupidity all day long. Or people voting for George Bush because he is a Texan or he is white.
Really, what's worse, what you mentioned above, or the fact that 95% of the black population voted for Obama?? That is almost stastiscally impossible for one person to get that many votes from one ethnic group. IT was clearly about skin color
How dumb is that to vote for somebody on skin color alone???
In your book though, that's what America is all about.

You are big on complaining about republicans. What actually are you unhappy about?? Paul Ryan?? Mitch McConnel??
Obama has for t he most part gotten most everything he wants.
Are you in a ****ing, chastising, and complaing mood because of the thought of Trump becoming president??
The Washington establishment should be worried about that.

Whether you like it or not, there is going to be a Republican nominee. I'm sorry to share this with you but Obama won't be able to change that.
You do a lot of complaining about Trump.
Who would you like to see as the Republican nominee??
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/18/2015 3:01:14 PM
"The scary thing is now they know how major organizations will react and they can play this game over and over again all the while terrorizing large populations without ever firing a shot. It's a jittery nation after killings in France and San Bernadino."

>>>hmm...which political party made certain to whip up the fear of terrorism? Hint: they just had a debate where they focused on it. So does that make the GOP as culpable as "some German keyboard tough guy" in helping out a terrorist organization?

I remember a bunch of Latinos campaigning a while back to go on strike and not show up in schools...did that accomplish anything for their agenda? Maybe they should have had the GOP help in selling fear. If the best ISIS can do is shut down a school, that would make them a JV team. Even a crazy white teenager killed more than the death toll in SB. Sure ain't matching what the Nazis accomplished.

Iran's fall was inevitable, like it is for any dictatorship.

Voting on a basis of skin colour is crazy? Like all those Republicans who like black Republican candidates but won't vote for them on account

actually, the funniest thing that could happen is if Trump got in...b/c he wouldn't get much of his promises accomplished (build a wall thru sovereign territory and then get the Mexicans to pay for it? Get the Navy to end the darknet it created, that terrorists talk on? so on). He'd actually be forced to perform, and would fall down on the job. and then his supporters would get an awakening.They'd cry, then they'd cry for his blood at being let down.

after that, it would stop being funny. but, its totally a case of "Be careful of what you ask for, you might end up getting it."
 vlad dracul
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/18/2015 3:24:55 PM
To be fair i would say loads of folk no just republicans are a bit ignorant to the world. Although this survey was done in 2002 the participants are probably now parents of bairns.
Even posters on here seem to think england fought ww2. But to be fair the bbc treat scotland as a region rather than a nation. But a lot is made of the democrats being the workers and minorities party. If that is the case then i think the inner city uneducated would probably win in the 'where?' Stakes.

Most shermans i meet are over visiting their ancestors land and it's brilliant talking to them. They love their history and i know quite a bit about edinburghs history so they lap it up. But i have had said to me 'oh scotland, thats in england isn't it?' So c'mon shermans get looking at atlases. There is a whole world away from east west 22nd street avenue boulevard.

"Take Iraq, for example. Despite nearly constant news coverage since the war there began in 2003, 63 percent of Americans aged 18 to 24 failed to correctly locate the country on a map of the Middle East. Seventy percent could not find Iran or Israel. U.S. Students Improving in Geography, Study Finds (2002) Survey Reveals Geographic Illiteracy (2002) Nine in ten couldn't find Afghanistan on a map of Asia. And 54 percent were unaware that Sudan is a country in Africa.

Remember the December 2004 tsunami and the widespread images of devastation in Indonesia? Three-quarters of respondents failed to find that country on a map. And three-quarters were unaware that a majority of Indonesia's population is Muslim, making it the largest Muslim country in the world.

"Young Americans just don't seem to have much interest in the world outside of the U.S.," said David Rutherford, a specialist in geography education at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. (National Geographic News is part of the National Geographic Society.)

New York City-based Roper Public Affairs conducted the survey for the National Geographic Society. In total, Roper carried out 510 interviews between December 17, 2005, and January 20, 2006. The average respondent answered 54 percent of the questions correctly.

The 2002 project also surveyed 18- to 24-year-olds in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, and Great Britain. The U.S. trailed every other country in that survey, except Mexico, which did only slightly worse. (See the 2002 results. Even for U.S. geography, the survey results are just as dismal. Half could not find New York State on a map of the United States. A third of the respondents could not find Louisiana, and 48 percent couldn't locate Mississippi on a map of the United States, even though Hurricane Katrina put these southeastern states in the spotlight in 2005.

Many young Americans also lack basic map-reading skills. Told they could escape an approaching hurricane by evacuating to the northwest, only two-thirds could indicate which way northwest is on a map. Perhaps even more worrisome is the finding that few U.S. young adults seem to care.

Fewer than three in ten think it's absolutely necessary to know where countries in the news are located. Only 14 percent believe speaking another language fluently is a necessary skill. Fewer than one in five young Americans own a world map.. Three in ten respondents put the U.S. population between one and two billion (it's just under 300 million, according the U.S. Census Bureau). Seventy-four percent said English is the most commonly spoken native language in the world (it's Mandarin Chinese).

Although 73 percent knew the U.S. is the world's largest consumer of oil, nearly as many (71 percent) did not know that the U.S. is also the world's largest exporter of goods and services, when measured in terms of monetary value; half think it's China. And what about India, which features prominently in the job-outsourcing debate? Forty-seven percent of young Americans were unable to locate where their jobs may go on a map of Asia.

On a positive note, since 2002 the percentage of young Americans who use the Internet for news has more than doubled from 11 percent to 27 percent. Respondents who use the Internet were found to do better on the survey than those who do not."
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/18/2015 6:57:41 PM
vlad, my grandbabies have made that trip, lol! And I have loverly pics to prove what a grand time they had. I've a bit of Scots in my blood, but more Laplander (now *there's* a grand group of survivors). Also once was owned by the smartest dog in world who was definitively Scots.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/28/2015 8:47:09 AM
ISIS might indeed be a JV team compared to Boko Haram.

Just for fun, Sy Hersh's latest claim about the Pentagon, Syria and Obama:

and for more fun:
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/28/2015 12:22:07 PM
Democracy now?

Joined: 4/13/2013
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 12/28/2015 1:20:10 PM
ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh is definitely the Varsity squad to Boka Haram. Remember it is Boka Haram who has sworn allegiance to ISIS and receives coaching tips from the ISIS leadership.
While the world sits back and calls the Extremist Islamist Terrorists names (DAESH) they continue to expand.
While losing ground they captured previously in Iraq, which the American backed Iraqi forces originally lost, ISIS has frotified in Libya and through it's associations is fighting in several other mid east countries including Yemen, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia With recent attacks in France and the US it showed it can reach out and strike anywhere. Now it's threats to Israel and Saudi Arabia and the question is could this be the game changer they so desperately seek?
ISIS wants an end of time apocalyptic war with the destruction of Israel as a stated goal.
It's only a matter of time before direct attacks on Israel and Saudi Arabia become real.
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ISIS not ISIL had a Good Week!
Posted: 2/12/2016 4:41:43 PM
Another terrorist attack on US soil.
Looks like a lone wolf radacalized Islamist in Ohio.
He targeted a restaurant owned by a Jew then attacked with a machete.
He was shot and killed by police.
FBI called in to investigate terror ties as he was on an FBI known list.
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