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Joined: 8/8/2012
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I am truly saddened by the above post.

Although, it has opened my eyes to the notion that Miss Allison introduced...that the moderators had to deal with vile individuals with disgusting behavior on a daily basis. And for what? Not for pay....not for recognition or respect from admin....or many forum posters....but because they cared for this website. They are better people than I, as I would not do it.

I have been given permission to post that I received a private message from Miss Allison with regard to the fact that she was deleting her profile out of respect for Mark as she did not want to distract this memorial thread from what it was created to be.

Thank you again Miss Allison for allowing us to see a different side to Mark and the challenges you both faced and I know he would be touched by your reason for self deleting.

With that said I must add....

I was very fortunate that I did get to know Mark on a personal level. The person in the profile is the man I got to know and a side of him you only get a glimpse of. The kind....heart of gold....give you anything you asked for side.He came into my life at a moment where I could not have felt more alone and gave me laughter and hope and asked for nothing in return. I can only hope I gave him the same.

Your memory and the love you freely gave with remain in the hearts of those that loved you.
Joined: 3/24/2015
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RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/24/2015 6:14:07 PM
^^^ kj, I think you were lucky to have the opportunity to get to know him personally. I loved his straightforward style, pure texas (I lived there a couple of years, it rubs off on you). you never had to guess where he stood on anything. it was so easy to imagine sitting at a bar with him somewhere, just having a great time about nothing in particular.
Joined: 8/8/2012
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RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/24/2015 7:15:59 PM
Yes, Ms. Motown....I was very lucky. But the funny thing is....the way you described Mark were some of the same things he said to me about you. He told me he loved your posts. That crazy man would contact me by text, email, pof message or phone (and sometimes several of these ways at the same time) just to tell me to look at this or that thread and read one of your posts because you made him laugh so hard.

And it was easy to imagine sitting in a bar with him having a good ole' time about nothing in particular...but you knew that it was only a matter of time before nothing in particular was gonna turn into SOMETHING! And it would definitely be memorable. He had a natural charm that can't be taught. :)
Joined: 9/15/2013
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RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 1:03:09 AM
Why was he banned? Wasn't he a mod?
Joined: 12/1/2014
Msg: 99
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 3:21:27 AM

Why was he banned? Wasn't he a mod?

One could also ask why his Gold profile still exists? Don't they have to be paid for? If so that means someone is paying to maintain a dead mans's profile. That is a bit perverse.

I've smelt a rat since this thread was started. Anyone else feel that way? We all know the OP is a Loonie, that says something to start with.
Joined: 8/8/2012
Msg: 100
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 3:49:01 AM
Alright there....Mr. Australia!

KJ here is starting to get really angry which does not happen very often!

Let me start with the fact that his profile still exists because he did not delete it himself and his loved ones decided not to ask admin to remove it as Mark loved Pof and would have wanted it to remain. He has never paid for an upgrade.

The only loony here is you....the man who hates cats that thinks he can now smell rats. Pffft!

As to whether he was banned or is none of our damn business. Period.

To the vultures who would only come in here to denigrate the memory of a lovely man...I say...piss off!
Joined: 5/12/2015
Msg: 101
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 5:47:44 AM

One could also ask why his Gold profile still exists?

His profile remains because when he was a Mod, he asked for an upgraded membership and got one. Glad to have helped.

If so that means someone is paying to maintain a dead mans's profile. That is a bit perverse.

See, yet another example of you presuming something and knowing nothing.

We all know the OP is a Loonie, that says something to start with.

Damn, now you've gone and hurt my feelings with all that personal knowledge you have about me.
Joined: 3/24/2015
Msg: 102
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 5:48:28 AM

Anyone else feel that way?

no, but you must feel incredibly special.

if the topic of this thread displeases you, then put a sock in it and shove the fuk off, buttercup. it's not a soapbox for your insane complaints. go hijack someone's cat thread.
Joined: 1/30/2012
Msg: 103
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 8:44:14 AM
I smell rats all over the place in the Forums. As in Rat ******ds. I do my best to ignore them but occasionally I have to speak up.

Why on earth would someone/ANYONE for that matter, post the announcement of the "passing of", a fellow POF user and long time Forums contributor, as well as a Mod, if it wasn't true? Does anyone have proof to the contrary? Can anyone prove he is still living?

I for one, believe the info provided. I see no evidence to believe otherwise. For me, there is sufficient evidence provided by those who appear to have known him personally , so "in good faith", I take their word for it, that "cowboy" is no longer with us.
After a period of time you learn who you can trust here in the Forums.

Do I personally know import from uk? Ms Kj? No. Do I believe them? Yes.
There are Forums regulars who post consistently. They have integrity. I would be honored to meet many from here. Others, (with a rat like smell) I would walk to the other side of the street to avoid them!

So in conclusion, without proof to the contrary, in "good faith", I accept the loss of "cowboy". Whether or not I met him in person, I appreciated his direct approach in the Forums, and I do miss my "go to guy", for questions with Modern technology and computers.
Enough said!
Joined: 2/19/2011
Msg: 104
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 8:59:46 AM

Why was he banned? Wasn't he a mod?

Because my dear young pup, nothing is perfect in this world.
Such as a mod can be banned
and aholes can mar a lovely tribute thread
but we good people carry on thinking only of the good

Lovely words Kj and Allison! :)
Joined: 12/1/2014
Msg: 105
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 6:27:12 PM
Gee some posters got their panties all in a twist over their imaginary friend.

Anyway me being an upstanding and compassionate POF member and everything , I would like to submit some amendments to Cowgirls profile for due consideration:

1 / Change the title to HEY LOOK AT ME! I'M THE DEAD GUY!

2/ Insert somewhere in the narrative something like No need for all you vulnerable Ladies to worry about me using POF to find you and moving cities to move in with you so I can sponge off you anymore, because I am Dead

3/ First date suggestions can now be Can you please bring a Coffee to the Cemetery However please don't bring your Cat, the **stard might be disrespectful and piss on my Grave.

No need to thank me of course for these more than helpful suggestions. I am so happy to be of assistance in aiding the grieving process of your imaginary friend.

Oh I forgot .Back in 2010 in the UK Forum a regular poster died and they started a tribute thread. Cowgirl deleted it because he deemed it disrespectful. How ironic!
Joined: 7/14/2014
Msg: 106
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 7:00:36 PM

Rob, what purpose does it serve for you to say this? What are you angry about?

It's not as though anyone's dragged you into the thread, if you have issues with it why not just ignore it?

It's one thing to go after someone who can at least challenge you, but a deceased person? Really? Makes you look pretty desperate for attention I would think.

So how about just leaving it alone if for nothing else just plain decency.
Joined: 11/7/2012
Msg: 107
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 9:39:18 PM
He was such a cool dude, we spoke a couple times, although all of them were to warn me about something I'd done or talk about his horse, lmao

Very strange, I don't feel like he's dead, I feel no coldness in my body nor emptiness, he totally went under my radar. May he rest in peace.

Kisses and hugs for every time he let my crap slide, which were many.

*mottley laugh*
Joined: 2/25/2013
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RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/25/2015 11:16:03 PM
^^^ same here, though I'd wondered where he went a few times. I figured he'd had enough and dropped out.
Joined: 6/19/2015
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RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/26/2015 6:57:34 AM
I have refrained from posting in this tribute thread but cannot hold back any longer.

This post will likely get my profile deleted but in the interest of truth and calling out liars I feel it is necessary to post these things.

First off I do apologies for adding to the people dirtying up this memorial to cowboy. I do so only in the interest of truth and facts. And frankly, this post would not get the proper attention elseward.

In Miss Allison's tribute, she states:

Sadly though I think a lot of people confused my dislike of some of his actions as a dislike of him as a whole.


All that being said, I have to say I liked Cowboy more than I disliked him.

I have to disagree with those statements. They sound more like guilt and damage control. Read on for proof as to her disdain for the man...

Back in the "Are there any active moderators?" thread Miss Allison was being bashed and she contacted several of her "friends" in offsite emails and sent them a link to just a few of the screenshots she saved from confrontations between her and other moderators. Halcyon Skies, one of Miss Allison's supporters, posted that link in post No. 56. (Why did she take and save these screen shots, let alone publish them?)

Here is the page link she posted:

There are two screenshots where she brags that she initiated cowboy's removal as a moderator. Look at the captions she placed under the screenshot of a personal note cowboy sent a forums poster. (Why was she making a private message public? Not cool lady.)
Cowboy sending emails pretending he was a mod when he wasnt
When people posted reports in the report thread cowboy would send emails such as this one, pretending his was a moderator. Claims he was only trying to debate it but it is clear to everyone clearly he was emailing with a false authority and there was no debate. Just the facts as he saw them.

And then there is the screenshot of the note Miss Allison sent to the site owner. This is where she really brags about bringing down cowboy. The caption she placed under that screenshot...
The email that led to Cowboys Final Days
I have removed Bigfish's response but trust me when I say it was golden.

Did you get that? "Bigfish's response... it was golden" Please tell me, if this isn't vindictive bragging what is???

So, the way I see it, Miss Allison's memorial is either guilt or damage control (or both) as it is obvious she wanted cowboy terminated from the site. That is not something you do to someone who you think loves the same thing you do and is trying to better that thing.

Again, I apologize for dirtying up this memorial. But the truth must be told. And don't forget... once it is anywhere on the internet it is out there forever. So be careful of what you post here and anywhere on the net because if you do, the truth can and will come back and bite you. Just as she used it to bash the man known as *Cowboy*.

I am fully prepared for my personal elimination by the masses that will surly now report me.
Joined: 3/24/2015
Msg: 110
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/26/2015 7:28:19 AM
"surly" or surely??

But the truth must be told

OMG, dramatic much? it's just a little internet forum. why are you dredging up this ancient history?

the moderators got into a pissing match, so what? who in their right mind expects everyone to agree with everyone else, particularly on the internet? you can dredge up these little snippets from the past, but they are just crumbs of all that was said and done between these people. there is no way you will *ever* know all of it. besides, i'm pretty sure that if *cowboy* really wanted to find a way to keep posting here, he could have done it without too much difficulty. the trolls do it all the time. he let it go. why can't you?

do you really think these people were any more perfect or less prone to argument because they were moderators? gawd let it go already. go have a beer and dance on the back porch, it's Friday. let it fucking go.

Joined: 4/9/2015
Msg: 111
RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/26/2015 7:31:02 AM
Ugh...who cares?
Have you no common sense...than to carry on an old argument or sully up a memorial post with this type of 'nonsense'.?
The man has passed on and has a daughter, that may be reading this thread and people that loved and cared for him.
This is a place people come to for a diversion from their real life.
Let it go....already!
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