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Local phenomena or site-wide?Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

You know Im a fan Joe! Although..

Where are the Pom poms?

The other stuff was meant to go over MOST peoples head so don't worry about it. :)

As for the RE debate between Belle and Sactownromantic, I will have to take BOTH of your sides and non of your sides with the respective examples given, since it is dependent on jurisdiction at home and abroad. Where I own, I own completely without taxes but it is a condo so rules are different than owning land.

But ironically, if Belle is talking about RE in NYC, she is mostly correct that ones doesn't own it individually, in most cases. That is because at least 85% of NYC real estate are Coops.

What that means is that you buy shares in a building, kind of like buying stock, and you get to live in an apt that your share purchase allows. So you actually DON'T own the apt. You are just a shareholder and you pay monthly rent called maintenance for the upkeep of the property.

I mean what is the purpose of paying 200k for the right to live in a crappy 1br apt when you can just rent a 1br for the same price if you have rent stabilization?

It is usually cheaper to rent here and ownership is more for capital asset investment. So perhaps that is what Belle meant?

And in one of the Long Island counties( forget which one) if you get behind on property taxes they will take your home and sell it and NOT even return the difference , so they basically stealing your equity. A 400k home will have about 15k in yearly taxes so it is easy to fall behind .:(

Owning in NYC a REAL home (mostly in the boroughs) also comes with insane responsibilities that it is a PITA. Hard to evict if renting it out. Need to hire licensed contractors for everything. Need to keep sidewalk clean which is hard to do when thousands walk down it everyday throwing trash.

Heck, if a stray cat lives on your property and someone puts food on the property LEGALLY you can't remove the food because of companion animal laws of NYS , but you are now responsible for its well being. Trust me I use to do that to get animal abusers in trouble. I would have one of my gals put food right on the property, but within 3 feet of the entrance(city property). Then the mean idiot would come and kick the food away or remove it and I would jump out and tag and bag the guy!
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Local phenomena or site-wide?
Posted: 7/28/2015 11:53:42 PM
I have seen a few profiles like that, but it is their prerogative and it dose not always necessarily make them racist or anything.. Sexual attraction usually comes into play to a degree with dating and some people genuinely are not attracted to some skin colors or races and primarily on a site like this people are not gonna take the time to message propel they are not attracted with no possibility of meeting, dating and so on cause most of us are on here for either, a relationship, starting up something that will possibly lead to a relationship, sex, or all of the above and if they are not gonna waist the time if they are not attracted to a certain race just like if they are not attracted to people for any other reason i.e too big, too skinny, to bald, too short, too tall, ugly, ect. I can not be upset if someone is not attracted to the race I am or any other physical trait I have.. Sure its still a forum of shallowness and in some of the profiles maybe the wording is too harsh "if your this race I will block you" "dont even think about messaging me" and so on but I'm sure a lot of it has to do with simply not being attracted to the skin tone or only attracted to people of similar race. That is actually very common I thought most people were more likely to be attracted to people within there own race the most or sometimes exclusively that dose not necessarily mean they dont get along with or like other races in every other way. Still sometimes there are exception like when someone is usually attracted to X, y, or z but found someone with one of those traits they they actually are attracted to.. Attraction is sometimes also complex, its not all just looks all the time for some it can be personality, style and so on. With all that said Yeah of course I know that some people it dose not matter about the attractiveness of a person they dont want to talk to some people of some race because they are raciest or maybe they dont want to deal with differing cultural values or bringing home someone of a different race to their family and dont want to explain it to them lol..

My personal views I have preferences on what I'm more or less attracted to.. I am not very shallow but I do have preferences but I will and have dated out side them.. For example I like women with short hair because it shows more of there facial features and if they can pull it off it makes them look different from the common long haired women that most have, and highlights some other aesthetics that I like, like ears and draws me into the eyes more, but Ill date people with any length hair, I prefer women to be taller since I like legs a lot and other reasons but Ive dated plenty of short women, I prefer women that have a style of dress that highlights other features Im fond off, legs, feet, lips, eyes, and so on but Ive dated tomboys that dressed in nothing but baggy sweatpants and when it comes to skin color I actually always have been rather attracted to black women, not so attracted to Asian women and I'm sure I'm in the minority on that one lol and I'm part Asian my self so thats more odd.. White women I tend to feel neutral about, depending on the exact shade it can help or hinder the over all level of attractiveness to me. Overall I just like soft, shiny skin regardless of color and I have seen women with every kind of skin color look either really good or really bad. Sorry I went further into all this then I intended to o_O my point is I have preferences on what I find attractive and some of them also apply to skin color and other features which is largely due to race but I will easily date outside of any preference I have because I can also be attracted to various personalities and they can still be attractive in other respects even if they dont have all my favorite things or are not from the 2 races I tend to find most attractive. Some others however can not bend much it seems and it is there right, but yes sadly some of it is because of racism but I do not believe everyone who rather talk to someone of a certain race on here is because they are raciest - it could be they are just not attracted to that race.

Anyways to wrap up this overly long post I have actually messaged a couple black women only to get a reply back "didn't you see on my profile I said no whites" I did look at the profile but I must have missed that part but the only other time I did that she actually did start talking to me for a while and mentioned I had guts to try anyways and explained she just dose not usually talk to white guys because she normally finds them not as attractive. we talked for a long time and even meet but she and I had differing ideas and I lost interest shortly after meeting because she wasn't very interested in anything long term when that is all I was looking for at the time.
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Local phenomena or site-wide?
Posted: 7/29/2015 1:06:54 AM
One aspect of this apparent "phenomenon" to appreciate:

surges in any particular kind of membership, will always follow whatever new advertising the site puts out. If, for the first time, they just started advertising in a place in your area which is by chance, frequented by the more racist people, you'll see a surge of racists. It doesn't mean RACISM is on the rise.
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